Chapter 176 - Evil God・Instant Kill・〇〇〇 Sword

Chapter 176: Evil God・Instant Kill・〇〇〇 Sword

Rajta Count slashed at them with his sword.

It seemed that something was guiding Goldoh.Kinmekki and Quinton to avoid the slash that just deprived them of combat ability with just one hit.

“How is it possible!?”

Rajta Count widened his eyes in surprise.

However, he was not the only one who was shocked.

“Is the body automatically… no, did it predict?”

“No, magic is rolling in my body. Is this the power of [Black Rose]?”

Although they were somewhat confused, they still held their sword.

“Is the legend of [Black Rose] true?”

“Are we selected people? I don’t know why, but if we have such power – we can win!”

The two men attacked Rajta Count from both sides.

“Don’t be smug!! Even if weaklings like you get the power of [Black Rose], you can’t do anything!”

Their attack was rebounded by Rajta Count’s sword.


“He is really strong!”

The pressure coming from the count’s sharp sword made their face wrinkle.

Rajta Count’s strength was far beyond a local lord could have. It was no exaggeration to say that he was a strong magic-swordsman well-known both at home and abroad. Even if in the Orian where magic-swordsmen had a relatively low status, it was strange that such a strong swordsman was unknown.

If they were only in their normal state, they would be no match for Rajta Count.

“Quinton, stall Rajta Count for a while…”

“Got it, Goldoh.”

The two, as slaves of Tulpicano, had experienced countless battles, so they could understand each other without words.

But even with the power of [Black Rose], one couldn’t win the count on his own.

But if two of them…


Squealing, Quinton raised his proud sword and sprinted forward.

“Never look down upon me! Will this simply swordsmanship make a difference?”

Rajta Count had been well prepared for the coming battle.

He noticed Quinton’s movements. While he was about to chop him down…

Quinton’s speed increased enormously in an instant.


The black magic spurted from Quinton’s feet.



Then the battle where both sides fought with their swords began.

They fought with each other purely with their physical strength.

In the battle with Rajta Count, Quinton, who was twined by the black magic, gained the upper hand gradually.

“How could it be possible? The [Black Rose] has such great power?”

The power was so tremendous that the floor under Rajta Count’s feet began to crack, so did the entire room in an instant.

Rajta Count had to dodge Quinton’s sword edge, trying to push aside his sword.

However, Quinton had stalled for enough time.


Goldoh’s golden magic began to sweep the battleground.

Goldoh used his fatal skill,[EVIL GOD・INSTANT KILL・GOLDEN DRAGON SWORD], which Quinton had seen several times. It should have been like that.

“This is the…”

The golden magic was gradually eroded by the black magic.

The magic that should have been shaped into a dragon formed a beautiful rose shape.

However, when the golden magic was eroded and dyed black by the black magic, the skill was used.


The magic of the Black Rose was approaching Rajta Count.

“How could it be possible?”

Rajta Count was engulfed by the magic and evaporated completely.

Beautiful petals danced in the air.

The blow was so violent that it attacked through the city wall. Then the silver light from high above the night sky penetrated the hole.

The petals like snowflakes fluttered down and dyed the ground black.

They looked down and only found all soldiers of the [Vow of Black Rose] looking up at Goldoh.

“Goldoh, you did it.”

Quinton patted Goldoh on his shoulder.

“Did these guys win, too?”

“Ha-ha. Hurry up and respond to them.”

“Respond to them?”

All soldiers of the [Vow of Black Rose] looked up at the castle, with their right hands raised high.

The right hands – the mark, shaped like a black rose petal, was carved on them.

“These guys…”

“For some indiscernible reason, we seemed to be selected by the [Black Rose]. Nah, Goldoh, it’s too early to be disillusioned with the mortal world.”


“I don’t know neither what we can do nor how far we can go. But if our strength is necessary for this country ── I want to fight for my country.”

“Quinton, then you lead…”

“I’m not cut out for a leader.”

Quinton lightly patted Goldoh on his back.

“Go ahead. Everyone is waiting for you.”

Goldoh glanced around all soldiers of the [Vow of Black Rose] who raised their right hands high.

Once Goldoh wanted to abandon them.

The guilt made Goldoh’s expression twisted.

But they were desiring for a flag, a flag which could lead them to fight together for triumph.

Goldoh stared at the black rose petal carved on his right hand.

“Then take action…”

What’s more, Goldoh himself also wanted to challenge again.

“If I can do it…”