Chapter 179 - The End of Mob Character

Chapter 179 – The End of Mob Character

Epsilon’s heart began to beat violently

There are sounds of footsteps behind her.

Those footsteps belong to the one who could save her right now.

The one who could overcome and shatter any obstacles in front of his face.

“You are… here….”

She looked at the person behind her with watering eyes.

Standing there was an ordinary black-haired boy.

“Damn, damn it. My feet…”

The assassin whose feet were cut off stopped the bleeding with magic, and turned his glare on the boy.

“Who is this … small fry? Who on earth cut off my feet? Damn it. Anyway, go die!”

After finishing his words, he charged with his sword ready and aimed at the black-haired boy.


The black-haired boy disappeared.

Missing its target, the sword struck on the slate and let out a crashing noise.

“Where, where is – aga.”

A big hole appeared in the man’s chest.

The figure of the boy could be seen through the hole. He was holding the exposed heart in his hand.

“My, my… heart… ha?”

The assassin covered the hole in his chest with his hand, and fell down.

He writhed for a while and then stopped moving. Blood flowed from the now dead body

“Who, just who are you…?”

The only assassin left asked with trembling voice.


The boy threw away the broken heart in his hand.

“Who, who are you?”

The boy, seemingly bored, stared at the man.

“What did you do? How did you get the heart…”

“Like this.”

The boy’s figure appeared before the assassin before the latter even sensed it.

He placed his hand on the assassin’s heart.

“Thump, thump.” The man’s heartbeat grew faster.

“What – how is it possible? When did you… I can’t sense the flow of your magic…”

“Shadow-sama… how beautiful…”

Epsilon couldn’t help but mutter. She was mesmerized by the beauty of her master’s magic.

“You said Shadow-sama!? You, you are —”

The boy watched the panicked man with a bored look on his face.

Then ─

“You, are a mob character.”

He muttered in a low voice that only the assassin could hear.


The man’s heart disappeared.

Blood squirted from the hole in his chest.

The boy squashed the heart and turned around.

“This is… Sha…dow…”

The man moaned, pressing on the hole in his chest.

“Mordred… sama… please be careful…”

Then he fell on the slate and died.