Chapter 180 - A Small Part of the Abyss-like Plan

Chapter 180 – A Small Part of the Abyss-like Plan

“Oh, Epsilon. Haven’t seen you for a long time.”

Hearing her master who turned his head to her, Epsilon raised her head in a trance.

“Your wound has been cured.”

Master used his warm magic to heal the wound on Epsilon’s chest.

“Thank you very much.”

As her wounds were healed, pain gradually disappeared. It was a healing technique that didn’t waste any magic. Epsilon was always impressed whenever she saw it.

Although it took time to recover physical strength and blood, Epsilon finally breathed a sigh of relief as she looked down at her recovered chest.

Just then, Epsilon noticed.

“— Ah.”

The amount of slime padded on her chest was reduced.

When Epsilon was seriously hurt, Slime was somewhat reduced. There’s not enough time for her to replenish it, and in that case, her flat chest was exposed.

Master must have noticed it when he treated her wounds.

Epsilon broke down in a cold sweat.

“Ah, emm… Ah, well.”

What to do now?

Epsilon racked her brain to figure it out, but nothing came to mind.

“Ah! Did you sneak into here to do some investigations?”

Master looked down at her, asking.

There’s her chance!

“Yes, that’s right! I had to disguise myself in order to spy on the cult!”

“I see. You also had your hair cut.”


That’s right, her hair was cut from the fight with Mordred, but that fact is irrelevant. Actually, she had to thank Mordred for giving her a way out of this situation.

“Yes, yes! Disguise!”

“Oh, Epsilon did a really good job.”

“No, no. You flattered me!!”

She was safe now!

And more importantly, she was praised by her master.

“There’s always a light at the end of a dark tunnel” – it must refer to the current situation.

Epsilon stood up with a confident smile as always.

“Thank you very much, Shadow-sama.”

Then she saluted gracefully.

“You must have noticed that I was in danger and came to save me. I’m really grateful for master’s deep insight and amazing magic.”

“Emm? Well, that’s right. Epsilon, you look very tired.”

“Yes, it really was a dangerous task. Thanks to Shadow-sama, I survived. I will go back and report to Alpha-sama right now—”



“Are you going to report to Alpha right now?”

“Yes, I’m going to do that.”

“Well, hold off on reporting to her for now. Until the embers died… Well, Epsilon, go with me for the time being.”

“With, with, with Shadow-sama!?”

Epsilon’s face turned beet red.

She didn’t expect that master, who noticed the danger and came to help her, considered her as a partner.

Master liked to act alone, and even Alpha had rarely fought along with master recently.

Epsilon’s heart beat faster with excessive surprises.

“Please, please, please let me go with you! I will work hard!!”

“Please take care of me too.”

“Then, what should we do?”

“Keep a high degree of flexibility and act according to changing circumstances.”

“Yes, sir!”

In other words, master wouldn’t explain his plan at this stage.

Master could always accurately predict the future and make a detailed plan. The plan naturally contains a huge amount of information, impossible for ordinary people to understand.

He banned Epsilon from reporting to Alpha, designated Epsilon to be his partner, and came here — there were underlying reasons for all of these.

Epsilon stared at master with great respect.

“Well, Shadow-sama. I just observed a huge amount of magic outside. Do you know why?”

Thinking the magic also had something with master’s plan, Epsilon asked.

Her master kept silent for a while and stared at Epsilon, as if thinking about whether he should tell her the truth or not.

“Yeah, well then let me explain it.”

Epsilon held her breath and listened.

I might be able to grasp on a small part of the plan. Master must be thinking about why I asked that.

“The magic was released by me.”

“As expected… but why?”

“In order to imitate [Black Rose].”

“— What!?”

[Black Rose] was the core of this civil war.

Epsilon understood it instantly.

She did touch the tip of the iceberg.

She had not yet known the whole plan.

However, if Epsilon’s prediction was right – what a distant future her master had foreseen.

Epsilon was so excited that her heart felt numb.

“Well, that’s it. There’s not much to my story.”

“I will support you with all my heart.”

Epsilon clenched her trembling hand, and her eyes, as clear as spring water, were filled with burning emotions.