Chapter 191 - Everything Is Connected, All of Which Meets His Expectations

Chapter 191 – Everything Is Connected, All of Which Meets His Expectations

Translator: Makisima from wangmamaread

Proofreader: Hieu

Freya didn’t look at me.

She should have noticed me. But where her gaze fell was a void.

For me, she looked as if staring straight at the air.

Freya reached out to the void and her hand disappeared. No, more accurately, her hand was sucked into some place.

In other words, her hand was sucked into the void and disappeared.

There must be something about that space that the human eyes couldn’t see.

Freya looked at me.

After that, she muttered to herself.

Although I couldn’t hear her from where I stood, I could tell what she said through reading her lips.

“Come here.”

She said something like that.

Freya’s body was gradually sucked into the void starting from her wrist. Her eyes glued to me and Violet-san.

In this way, Freya disappeared.

“She seems to have disappeared.”

I speculated carefully.

Violet-san seemed to be saying that “I knew it already.” She tapped on my feet.

But I noticed something.

How to describe this feeling? It was similar to what I felt at the Holy Ground.

The Holy Ground could suck people’s magic. However, that void did not suck magic. Besides, I could hardly feel the presence of magic here.

Though, I felt that something had been sucked into the void.

I carefully observed the void where Freya disappeared, but found nothing. So I jumped directly into the void.


I dived into it like a swimmer in a competition.

Just in case, I did not forget to change into Shadow Mode.

Violet-san followed me by sticking to my feet.

Then I was surrounded by white light.


I fell into a space with white walls, white beds, and white ceilings.

There were pods all around, arranged at regular intervals.

The space was like a research center.

Freya stood in front of the pods.

I looked down at the pod closest to me.

“This is……”

There was something in the shape of a human in the pod. It seemed to be a failed test subject, a mixture of human and demon possession.

It was a white-haired woman who had stopped breathing.

The thing in the next pod didn’t even have a shape of a human, but a pile of organs.

Next, and the next, were all failed test subjects.

Each one was a failed test subject having no life at all. They seemed to be preserved here as some samples.

After observing countless failed test subjects in pods, I found a common point.

They were all women, and it looked like they all had similar facial features.

In a pod was a woman named Olivie who I once fought against at the Holy Ground.

In some other pods were mixtures of Violet-san and someone.

The orc in the next pod was…

Then I saw the pod in front of Freya and found that a human looked completely the same as Freya.

Freya stood stiffly in front of the pod.

“They are all connected to each other…”

I said to myself meaningfully.

We seemed to have found some incredible facilities. I’m not sure what these facilities are for, still, I must first pretend that I knew something. This was very important.

“So this is the rebeginning of Diabolos… the continuation of the story a thousand years ago… but this is something that can be easily understood after looking through history.”

Violet-san shivered as she seemed to agree with what I said.

“Everything is connected, the past, present, future. Everything seemed to be within my expectations.”

Here I should also have an air of knowing everything. As a power in the shadows, everything was within my expectations without exception.

When I patted on my coat letting out the sound of “basa”, I heard a noise and the space distorted.

“I had just wondered how an uninvited visitor could come into this space… Now I see. You are the man called Shadow.”

A voice came from the distorted space.

“I didn’t expect you to come here so quickly… but to see that you’ve already known all our secrets.”

At this time, a man appeared.