Chapter 193 - It’s Not My Fault The Shot Went Awry

Chapter 193 – It’s Not My Fault The Shot Went Awry

Epsilon ran hurriedly in the dark forest. She should had thrown off the soldiers of the Cult of Diabolos. But she could still sense the huge mana waves behind her.

“The opponent has much more stamina than me…”

It would be better not to take a long-term battle. After all, Epsilon would be the first to be worn out.

When she was just about to stop, Kai and Omega, who respectively ran from the left and right side of the forest, joined her.

“The sneak attack was successful.”

“We have crippled the Cult of Diabolos… Who is the girl chasing you?”

They looked at the girl behind them as running.

“The Cult of Diabolos is the culprit turning her into that. But Shadow Garden should also be held responsible for her, too” Said Epsilon, and then she stopped running.

Kai and Omega also stopped at the same time, looking back at Emilia.

Epsilon witnessed the death of Olba on the spot. She heard about Alpha killing Emilia in a report. Of course, Epsilon knew that the real culprit was the Cult of Diabolos.

Deep in her heart, Epsilon secretly hoped that Emilia could find peace.

But Epsilon clearly knew this was only a pipe dream before the tragic ending.

“The cycle of hatred must be broken out of.”

The three of them raised their swords.

Emilia, who had caught up with them with an amazing speed, released a huge wave of magic when she was approaching.

“—— Atomic.”

Suddenly they heard a low voice from nowhere, which seemed to reverberate with the abyss. Then the surrounding space was dyed in purple-blue light.


When she came to, Epsilon was lying in the forest. Apparently, she seemed to have fainted even for just a few seconds.

The purple-blue light disappeared, but there were traces of huge waves of magic around it.

“… my shot went awry.”

Hearing the sound of master, Epsilon turned around.

What she saw was her beloved master wrapped in a long black coat.

Epsilon didn’t feel any magic right until the moment she was surrounded by the blue-purple light.

It was as if master suddenly came out of an empty space and shot straight at her. The shot was so powerful that she couldn’t escape.

If Epsilon was the target, she would have disappeared without a trace. Epsilon trembled in fear of such a formidable magic without any sign, and her respect for her master who could easily do this.


Epsilon’s mind was filled with thousands of words to express her feelings, but master who looked back seemed to be filled with guilt, so she swallowed her words.

However, it must be her illusion that master looked guilty.

After all, master just looked at Emilia’s burnt body.

No, not a body.

“She is still alive…”

What an amazing tenacity.

Epsilon understood the true meaning of master’s words “… my shot went awry.” For master who was beyond perfection, he did miss the target so that Emilia was alive.

Master gathered blue-purple magic in his hand and walked to Emilia.

Master must want to give her the last shot.

Master must have known everything. He knew how Emilia grew up under inhuman experiments, and the deep hatred in her heart…

So master, having the same thought as Epsilon, was going to break the cycle of hatred here.

“Please, wait!”

Epsilon rushed to the front of master.

“By any chance, please give Milia to me! We can cure her!”

Epsilon’s voice was shaking. She didn’t want to make master unhappy, which the most horrible thing in this world for her.

However, this was the last chance to cure Emilia, just like how master treated Epsilon.

“I understand your feelings, Shadow-sama. However… she is just a victim.”

Epsilon didn’t dare to look at master’s face, lowering her head in fear.


Master’s voice was unexpectedly gentle.

Then the purple-blue magic was injected into Milia’s body and healed her.

“I will leave her in your care.”

“O, okay!”

Master gently touched Epsilon’s head, which was so warm that she would never forget the feeling of master’s palm for the rest of her life.

Shadow disappeared into the darkness.


“Master’s magic is formidable…”

Kai and Omega’s gaze followed Shadow with their mouth opened.

“Hurry, take her back to Alexandria!!”

Master helped to cure Emilia, but Epsilon was still worried about the residual effects of the experiment. It would take certain time for Milia to fully recover.

Kai and Omega lifted Emilia, while Epsilon opened a way for them. Finally they disappeared deep into the forest.

After a while, words came from the empty forest.

“It’s not my fault the shot went awry.”



Then the forest fell into silence again.