Chapter 62

Chapter 62: I Am a Man Who Rides the Waves

The season for the Festival of the God of War is has arrived.

I walk through the bustling streets of the royal capital. Everyone’s faces are different from usual.

The people going to and fro are of different races, different nationalities, and different occupations, but all share the common goal of enjoying the festival. Though they’re not talking to each, and may never meet again, everyone seems to be bound together by a curious sense of unity.

That’s what festivals are.

And I, well, I don’t hate this atmosphere.

If I had to say why, it’d be because I can do that.

Where a large number of people have their attention focused on is precisely the greatest stage.

Festival of the God of War.

“There’s no choice but to ride this big wave, right?”’

I can finally enact that item from my to-do list.

By that, I am referring to: Entering a tournament as a mystery entree and making the audience go “Oi, oi, that guy’s definitely going to die” to “Wait, that guy is that strong?!” to “Who on earth is that guy?!?!”!

In order to make it happen, I’m going to need everyone’s help.

I make my way through the crowds, heading for the royal capital branch of Mitsugoshi Co.

With the mentality of ‘it’s my friend’s shop so it’s ok,’ I ignore the line and go directly into the store.

The place is enveloped in the flurried air unique to peak business hour, but it is not long until a pretty attendant spots me and approaches.

“This might sound like a lie, but I’m friends with the owner here.”

“We have been informed.”

I am doubtful for a moment whether she’s actually been informed, but quickly realize that she has indeed.

I am brought to the room from the last time, the one with the fancy chair. I sit in that fancy chair.

Umu, this chair really does make me feel like a king.

A cup of 100% apple juice is prepared for me.

They sure know their stuff. I am in the apple juice faction rather than the orange juice faction. This chilled juice is delicious in the heat of summer.

Chirinchirin, rings the sound of summer.

“Oh, wind chimes……”

I look out the window to see wind chimes hung up, beyond which is the blue sky and a large cumulonimbus.

“Please wait for a brief while.”

I nod. The attendant lady goes off to call for Gamma, and another one arrives with a large fan and begins fanning me. While wearing a summer one piece with high skin exposure.

“I’m feeling slightly peckish.”

“We’ll bring something immediately.”

While staring at the cumulonimbus, I make up my mind to come leech off this place if I ever find myself troubled for food.


The moment Gamma hears of her beloved master’s visit, she delegates what she’s working on to her subordinates, then hurriedly makes her way to the ‘Chamber of Shadows.’

She has on a thin, black dress, with matching summer-like white heels. After spraying herself with a refreshing perfume, into the Chamber of Shadows she goes.

“Excuse me.”

Her master is seated on the Throne of Shadows with legs crossed, staring at the sky. Is his sharp gaze looking at the cumulonimbus, or something else altogether?

Gamma cannot tell.

“I have one request.”

So saying, her master turns his gaze towards Gamma.

Gamma’s heart thumps at his gallant as ever eyes. The completely out-of-place thought of whether he notices her different hairstyle springs unbidden into her mind.

“Anything you ask for, my lord.”

“I want to participate in the Festival of the God of War with a hidden personality.”

So says her master.

That instant, the gears inside Gamma’s head whirl at incredible speeds.

She is putting her full effort into trying to read her master’s intentions, and to grasp their underlying reasons.

But…… she only comes up blank.

Why is something like this necessary?

She cannot solve this mystery no matter how hard she thinks. And so Gamma raises her voice while swallowing her shame.

“That’s…… may I ask why?”

Her master’s eyes leave her, and look toward the sky.

The moment she feels her master’s eyes leaving her, Gamma feels like her master had lost his interest in her. Her eyes begin to shake.

“The reason…… can you not ask it?”

Her master’s eyes seem to be looking off somewhere in the distance.

Gamma hangs her head and bites her lip.

When Gamma had heard about her master fighting against Aurora the Witch of Calamity, she had wondered: if it had been her at the scene, would she have been able to read her master’s intentions?

Gamma has no confidence that she could.

Among the members of Shadow Garden who had been present, not a single one of them had been successful. But in the end, it was proved that their master’s decision had indeed been the best one, and that no one had been able to stand in the same place as him. But, if Gamma had been there, it would have been her duty to read his intentions.

Gamma is the brains of Shadow Garden. Her intelligence is why she is here.

So if she could not do it, then there would be no reason for her being in Shadow Garden.

And yet despite that.

Again, she has struck out.

“I’m sorry…… it’s something that I can’t tell anyone.”

Gamma cannot read her master’s intentions, nor his emotions, nor anything at all.

What an unforgivable disgrace.

It would be so much easier to just do as she is told, without thinking anything.

“Very well, I will not ask. All shall be as my lord wishes.”

Gamma kneels with bowed head to hide the tears of frustration leaking from the corner of her eyes.