Chapter 65

Chapter 65: No Need to Rush, Youngster, For Life is Long

The prelims for the Festival of the God of War begin next week. I return to Sid’s appearance to check out the fighting arena and consider all possible developments. Then I hit MagRonald and buy two sandwiches to eat on the way back to my dorm.

While walking beneath the twilight sun, I remember that I had promised to treat Alpha to MagRonald.

But Alpha always seems busy, so we haven’t really found the time. Oh well, I’ll get around to it someday. Alpha is Alpha, so she’ll probably easily live for more than 300 years. And me, I intend to use magic to lengthen my own lifespan to over 200 years. I just have to treat her once before I die. Let’s think long term.

As I approach the academy, the sound of cicadas increase in volume. Twilight in summer is the cicadas’ time. Or maybe not, maybe that’s just my arbitrary impression.

The academy as illuminated by the setting sun is well into the process of reconstruction. At this pace, the reconstruction should indeed finish in time for the usual starting time of the new semester. Previously, Hyoro had cursed it with “I wish it had all burned down,” but I concur. I’m sure the entire student body that wishes for an extension of the summer holidays are of the same opinion.

I walk past the school buildings towards the road that leads to the dormitories.

There are very few people.

The large majority of students have returned home. Speaking of which, Nee-san had also said “we will go home together,” but then I ignored her and went to the Holy Ground. I wonder what happened after that? Would she be back around the time of the tournament proper?

While thinking such thoughts, I throw the last morsel of the first sandwich into my mouth.

At that moment.

“Unpreparedness is one’s greatest enemy, you know?”

The sheath of a thin practice sword touches my shoulder. There is almost no killing intent at all, so I didn’t react to it.

The owner of the sheath giggles, then withdraws the sword. She has honey-colored hair and a gentle smile. It’s Rose.

“Yaa, you back from practice?”

“Indeed. I found myself with some free time, so I went to swing my sword for a bit. Sid-kun, you went to MagRonald?”

“I’m acquainted with the store manager over there. Happened quite recently, though.”

“I also went the other day, with two friends. That place really is very delicious.”

“Two friends?”

“Yes! Natsume-sensei and Alexia-san.”

I don’t quite get the relationship between the three of them, but well, they were together at the Holy Ground, so maybe something came out of that?

“You close with them?”

“I’ve gotten really close with Natsume-sensei. Alexia-san is also a really good person, so it won’t be long before we become close.”

As long as you are under the impression that Alexia is a good person, that means you are not close to her.

“But it’s just that Alexia-san and Natsume-sensei don’t really seem to get along well with each other.”

Rose looks slightly sad.

What to make of the Beta and Alexia pairing? Though I do think they’re birds of a feather.

“It’ll probably sort itself out eventually.”

“I’d be glad if that is the case…… I’m just so worried about whether those two can get along well if I’m gone. From here on, we’re going to cooperate together. Though we still don’t know what it is that we can do, but we hope to make the world at least a little bit better.”

“World peace is important indeed.”

“Yes it is!”

Rose is now smiling brightly.

“Ah, I’m sorry. It’s about time for me, so I have to get going.”

Our surroundings are gradually getting darker.

Un, see you around.”


Despite saying that she has to get going, it seems like Rose still has something else to say.

“What’s up?”

Rose hesitates for a while before opening her mouth.

“Now, I’m going to meet my father. It seems that he might be introducing my fiancé to me.”

“Is that so?”


“Congratulations…… is something that I’m not going to say.”

Rose’s face tells me that it is not something she wishes for.

“I am the princess of Oriana Kingdom. As a princess, I shoulder many expectations while I live. However, in my selfishness, I have betrayed all that.”


“I might end up betraying the expectations of a large number of people, again.”

Rose smiles a painful smile.

“But this time, it is not selfishness. It would be great if I’m just worrying for nothing. But…… if…… if something happens, will you believe in me?”

Un, got it.”

Rose looks down as if to hide her face, then turns around to leave.


I call her back, then throw the other MagRonald sandwich towards her.

“Take it. You should relax your shoulders a bit.”

“Thank you.”

Rose smiles at me gently.


The next day, I am jolted awake by Hyoro’s scream.

“Student Council President Rose stabbed her fiancé and fled!!”

While still in bed, I tilt my head in puzzlement at what drove her to do such a thing.