Chapter 876 - Without Desire, one is strong; without love, one is strong

Chapter 876: Chapter 061: Without Desire, one is strong; without love, one is strong

Ling Jing stubbornly refused to let Su Peizhen leave. If she could really forgive him, why didn’t she put all that down?

He and she had a good time together, didn’t they?

He didn’t forget. He didn’t believe that she had forgotten. The two of them were so compatible. Whether it was on or under the bed, they actually had a tacit understanding, didn’t they?

They really loved each other, didn’t they?

“Is it so important how it started? Isn’t the process and the result more important?”

Su Peizhen turned her head to look at his eyes. The lights in the room weren’t very bright. But she could see Ling Jing’s eyes clearly.

“To me, yes. The process and the result are important, but the beginning is also important.”

… ..

Su Peizhen sat in the designated driver’s car. When she passed by the Jiangxin Park in Rongcheng, she found that someone was setting off fireworks there.

It was Christmas today. There were many people celebrating outside. She asked the driver to slow down slightly. Her gaze was a little blurry as she looked at the fireworks outside.

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When she left the private room where Ling Jing was, she heard Ling Jing suddenly say five words when she closed the door.

“Peizhen, I love you.”

His unusually low and hoarse voice was full of pain and confusion.

At that moment, Su Peizhen’s footsteps stopped there. In the end, she still left without looking back.

In the past, she would not care about some external matters, and she would not care about the gazes of others.

But this entanglement with Ling Jing allowed her to see through many things.

In fact, if it was just that misunderstanding the other day, she really wouldn’t take it to heart. She could understand a person’s impulsive decision.

She could more or less see Ling Jing’s personality after spending so much time with him.

But she really couldn’t forgive Ling Jing’s motive in the beginning and those hurtful words he said.

She didn’t like to dig up old debts. But similarly, she did not like others to dig up old scores.

She was able to maintain this connection with Su Qingsang because Su Qingsang could let it go. If she could, she naturally could.

Many people liked to say that the past was the past when they talked about things that had nothing to do with them.

But they did not know that sometimes the hurt could not be let go.

Closing her eyes, Su Peizhen emptied her thoughts and threw Ling Jing to the back of her mind. She did not think about anything.


Kyoto, Japan.

Su Peizhen stood in front of the simple wooden door in front of her. She turned around and glanced at Xiang caiping.

“We are about half a month late. The maple leaves here are almost all gone.”

The glazed courtyard was a relatively small scenic spot in Kyoto, Japan. It opened twice a year. Cherry blossoms were appreciated once in spring and maple leaves once in autumn.

Su Peizhen and the others arrived late. It was already past the opening hours, but they could still vaguely see the red leaves all over the mountains and the shadow of autumn.

The weather was good today. She had been in Japan with Xiang caiping for three days.

Two days ago, she had brought Xiang caiping to Tianlong Temple and Qingshui Temple. Xiang caiping had already been to Japan once before, but that time, Su Qingsang had brought her to Tokyo. There was also the hot spring in Nara.

Su Peizhen had brought her to Kyoto this time, but she had never been there. She had been very excited along the way.

Of course, she was excited not because she could come to play, but because she could come with her daughter. This made her happier than the last time she went to Europe alone with a ginseng group.

“Mom, it’s already past the open season here. I don’t know if they will let us in. Wait a moment, I’ll go and ask.”

“She, it’s fine. It’s fine even if she can’t. Anyway, since she’s here, just treat it as a workout and walk around.”


Su Peizhen went up and knocked on the door. After communicating with the people inside very seriously, she pointed in the direction of Xiang caiping.

After about five minutes, the people in the temple finally relented and agreed to let them in for a visit.

The low-key and simple wooden door had a picturesque early winter scene inside. Although the maple leaves were already ruined, they could still be seen as a fiery red.

Xiang caiping looked at the beautiful scene in front of her, and her mood brightened up.

“This place is really beautiful.”

“Yes, it’s very beautiful.”Su Peizhen handed a bag to Xiang caiping. “There are places here where tourists can copy scriptures. Do you want to copy?”

This temple was the most unique. Not only was the scenery beautiful. Another unique feature was that this place would provide the guests with scriptures to copy. The tourists would write down their wishes and offer them to Buddha, asking Buddha to bless their wishes to come true.


Xiang caiping was not religious in the past. However, ever since she recognized her daughter, a series of things had happened. She began to believe it.

They went up the stairs and Su Peizhen brought Xiang caiping up to the second floor.

Besides the beautiful scenery, there was also a table for tourists to copy scriptures. Xiang caiping was very pious, and Su Peizhen only used it as an accompaniment. Seeing her like that, she sat down.

She did not believe in Buddhism, nor did she understand Buddhist scriptures. Looking at the words on it, there was a strange but familiar feeling.

She knew the words, but when they were combined, she did not know what it meant. She glanced at Xiang caiping, then picked up a pen and started to copy.

One stroke, one stroke, one sentence. Slowly, she became focused. She didn’t even know that there was an extra person in the room.

After she finished copying, the last blank space was to write her name and wish.

After writing her name, Su Peizhen was stunned for a long time. Her wish?

Thinking about her current life, she really didn’t have any wishes. Her relationship with Su Chenghui and Li Qianxue had eased up, and her relationship with Xiang caiping could be considered close.

Even Su Qingsang, whom she had never liked before, was now reconnected.

There was no need to worry too much about the company, as long as she didn’t seek death. She believed that before she retired, her life would only be better, not worse.

Then she really could not think of what she wished for.

She looked out of the window and saw the red and green mountain scenery. Life was too short. The four seasons changed a few more years, and a lifetime passed.

She closed her eyes and wrote eight words.

—— if you have no desire, you are strong. If you have no love, you are strong.

After she finished writing, she found that Xiang caiping was still copying. She quietly got up and wanted to stretch her muscles.

But she saw the figure sitting on the other side. For a moment, she thought there was something wrong with her eyes.

Ling Jing? Why was he here?

Ling Jing was sitting diagonally opposite her. He lowered his head and was very focused on copying the scriptures.

Su Peizhen inexplicably felt a little uncomfortable. She wanted to say something, but she seemed to be unable to say anything.

The room was very quiet. Ling Jing seemed to be copying very seriously and didn’t notice that she had already finished copying.

There were no other tourists at this time. Su Peizhen got up and turned around. She walked to the window and looked at the scenery outside.

The mountain wind was very strong. It was a little cold in the capital in this season. She crossed her arms. Her feelings were complicated.

Xiang caiping finished copying very quickly. She got up and walked in front of her, asking her where to put the copied scriptures.

Su Peizhen took the scripture from her hand. “Put it in the temple downstairs and worship it in front of the Buddha.”

Xiang caiping wanted to say something, but she realized that there were other people present. She whispered, “Let’s go down.”.

Su Peizhen nodded and forced herself not to look in Ling Jing’s direction. Unexpectedly, Ling Jing had also finished copying.

He stood up and walked in front of them. He smiled at the two of them and nodded again.

Xiang caiping had always been a warm person, so she also returned a smile.

Ling Jing saw Xiang Caiping’s smile and wanted to speak immediately. When he met Su Peizhen’s gloomy expression, he had no choice but to keep quiet.

He went straight downstairs.

After leaving the harmony room and going downstairs, he passed through the hall and arrived at the Buddha hall of the glazed courtyard. At this time, there was a monk reciting scriptures inside.

Although he was using a language that Xiang caiping could not understand, it could not reduce the piety in her heart.

“I’m going to pay my respects to Buddha. Help me put this on the table.”

“Okay.”Su Peizhen nodded. She took the two copied scriptures and walked to the front of the Buddha table. At a glance, she saw the wishes written on Xiang caiping.

— I hope my daughter, Su Peizhen, will be happy.

This simple sentence made Su Peizhen’s heart tremble. She knew very well that Xiang caiping had always been a very traditional and simple woman. But she was still moved by this wish.

Compared to her, she seemed much more cold-hearted. When she placed the scripture on the Buddhist table, she saw the handwritten Buddhist scripture at the top.

She glanced at it and saw her name on it.

— I hope Su Peizhen can forgive me and be with me.


Childish, laughable, and boring.

Did she think that she would be moved by what he did? That she would forgive him and agree to be with him?

Su Peizhen expressionlessly placed the copied Buddhist scripture on the table and took a step back. When she saw Xiang caiping worshipping Buddha with a devout expression, she clasped her hands together and closed her eyes sincerely.

She had no wish in her heart. She only hoped that Xiang caiping was healthy and that everyone she cared about would be safe and happy.

Feeling the slight movement around her, she looked to her side.

Ling Jing had not left yet. He also stood beside her devoutly with his hands together and his eyes closed.

Su Peizhen looked at his actions and thought of the wish he had written just now. Her hands that were hanging by her side tightened, and she quickly looked away as if nothing had happened.

It just so happened that Xiang caiping had recovered. She walked in front of Xiang caiping and motioned for her to leave with her.

The exit was on the other side. Following the corridor of the Japanese-style building, the two of them passed through another room and left the main building.

Coming out from the inside, the cold wind blew on Xiang caiping’s face. “The temperature here is okay. It’s not colder than Rong City.”

“Mm.”She had seen the weather forecast before, and it seemed that Rongcheng would have snow in the next few days.

“I don’t know if it will snow here. If it snows, it should be very beautiful.”

“If you like it, I’ll come with you when it snows here.”

“That’s not necessary.”Xiang caiping patted her hand and smiled gently. “You’re already busy with work, so you don’t have to accompany an old woman like me every day. Next time, if I want to come, I’ll just follow the group.”

Su Peizhen didn’t reply. Xiang caiping’s expectations of her were really too low.

As they spoke, the two of them had already walked up the steps. They heard very light footsteps behind them.

Su Peizhen was still thinking of speeding up her footsteps when Ling Jing, who was behind her, approached them and walked to their side.