Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard Completed novel

Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Have a Trial Marriage with Husband Demanding Extra Effort, 试婚老公 要给力

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Chapter List
Chapter 1: The Flash Marriage Wife Chapter 2: Striking Back at the Cheating Couple Chapter 3: Suspected of Creating Hype Chapter 4: The Hidden Marriage Relationship Chapter 5: Wedding Night Chapter 6: Returning to the Position of Top Model Chapter 7: Han Yufan, You are Ruthless! Chapter 8: Pictures and a Video Chapter 9: I Definitely Won't Apologize to You Chapter 10: Determined to be Reborn Chapter 11: Cure Hatred Chapter 12: Securing a Spokesperson Deal Chapter 13: I am on Your Side Chapter 14: Putting on a Good Show Chapter 15: The Number One Shameful and Stupid Model Chapter 16: Give the Contract Back to Yurou! Chapter 17: The Viral Indecent Video Chapter 18: A Victorious Battle Chapter 19: Let's Get Married Immediately Chapter 20: Han Yufan's Choice Chapter 21: New Manager - Lin Wei Chapter 22: I Will Not Attack Those That Don't Attack Me First Chapter 23: Frozen for Three Years Chapter 24: The Two Get Scolded, Tangning Benefits Chapter 25: Spoilt Little Wife Chapter 26: It Was All Small Attacks Before Chapter 27: Announcing a Comeback Chapter 28: Precious Little Wife Chapter 29: Tianyi Entertainment, Leave the Entertainment Industry Chapter 30: Sharing the Stage with Mo Yurou Chapter 31: A Mysterious Present Chapter 32: The Fight to be the Main Lead Chapter 33: Lin Wei Chapter 34: She Would Sell Me Out Chapter 35: Han Ruoxue's Bullying Chapter 36: A Desire to Control Artists Chapter 37: Eliminated Chapter 38: Turning The Tables Chapter 39: Getting Even Chapter 40: Negotiating With Han Ruoxue Chapter 41: Gaining The Right to Voice Her Opinion Chapter 42: Killing Mo Yurou With Overconfidence Chapter 43: The Eve of The Shoot Chapter 44: Playing Her Cards in an Unexpected Way Chapter 45: Stepping on Tangning Chapter 46: The True Oriental Trend Chapter 47: A Magazine With Two People Chapter 48: Return in Low Spirits Chapter 49: I'll Give Myself to You, Only You Chapter 50: The Eve of the Magazine Release
Chapter 51: The Ultimate Attack is Not Far Chapter 52: No Mentions Chapter 53: Becoming The Backdrop Chapter 54: Karma Chapter 55: Taking Over Tangning? Chapter 56: The Invincible Married Couple Chapter 57: The Last Gamble Chapter 58: Another Way Out Chapter 59: Have The Guts to Think, But No Chance to Speak Chapter 60: All Your Contracts, I'll Look At Them Chapter 61: Mo Yurou's Comeback Chapter 62: The Torn Invitation Letter Chapter 63: Being Tricked Again Chapter 64: The Couple Share The Stage Chapter 65: Careful Preparations Chapter 66: Prevent Tangning Chapter 67: The Bright Night Gala Chapter 68: Unexpected Discovery Chapter 69: In The Same Frame Chapter 70: Being Set Up Chapter 71: Securing Evidence Chapter 72: Han Ruoxue's Panic Chapter 73: The Fatal Statement Chapter 74: My Heart Will Hurt Chapter 75: Mo Yurou's Explosive Reaction Chapter 76: Personal Manager Chapter 77: Returning to the International Stage Chapter 78: Capturing the Adulterers Chapter 79: Standing Side-by-side Chapter 80: Outdated Old Model Chapter 81: Damaging Tangning's Spirit Chapter 82: You Also Want Tangning? Chapter 83: The Battlefield for Taking Down Mo Yurou Chapter 84: Make Mo Yurou Pay Everything Back at Once Chapter 85: The Awards Ceremony Chapter 86: Mo Yurou is Pregnant Chapter 87: Special Contribution Award Chapter 88: I Won't be the Only One That's Miserable Chapter 89: Let's Announce Our Relationship Chapter 90: Did You Get Hai Rui to Voice Their Opinion? Chapter 91: I'm Already Married Chapter 92: You're Not Worthy of Being Compared to Him Chapter 93: Han Yufan, Get Lost! Chapter 94: Clearing the Injustice Chapter 95: No Longer Owe Each Other Chapter 96: Not as Important as You Chapter 97: It's Time to Fight Back! Chapter 98: So Good That She was a Bit Jealous! Chapter 99: You Lin's Betrayal Chapter 100: Mo Yurou's Precautions
Chapter 101: Who is Your Husband? Chapter 102: Attracting Attention Chapter 103: Bite Back Chapter 104: Deflecting Danger on Someone Else Chapter 105: Taking Note Chapter 106: These Two Have an Unusual Connection Chapter 107: President Mo is Angry Chapter 108: Yang Jing Makes a Move Again Chapter 109: Standing in Too Many People's Way Chapter 110: Hold a Grudge Chapter 111: When The Time Comes, There Will be a Good Show Chapter 112: Why The Rush? Chapter 113: The Things I Like to Watch, You May Not Enjoy Chapter 114: See You on The Runway Chapter 115: The So-called Fairness Chapter 116: Only be Number One! Chapter 117: No Longer Retreating Chapter 118: A Good Show Chapter 119: Involuntary Chapter 120: Doesn't the Madam Not Want You to Interfere? Chapter 121: My Lover Chapter 122: Tomorrow, Let’s See How She Gets Crushed Into a Paste Chapter 123: Putting Up a Last Struggle Chapter 124: Does She Not Feel Shame? Chapter 125: Forever Blacklisted Chapter 126: I Definitely Won't Be Absent Chapter 127: I Can Put My Life on The Line Chapter 128: Big Boss Also Has a Time When he is Controlled Chapter 129: Can You Fight Better Than Them? Chapter 130: Sealed With a Kiss Chapter 131: God Will Deal With Those That Are Evil Chapter 132: As Long as Yang Jing Has The Guts to Play! Chapter 133: Husband and Wife Chapter 134: With Someone Warming Your Bed, Would You Still be Cold? Chapter 135: Worth Fulfilling Chapter 136: The Climax is Yet to Come! Chapter 137: Being Kicked Out Chapter 138: Humiliation Chapter 139: Yep, Inseparable Chapter 140: It Wasn't My Daughter, It Was Tangning! Chapter 141: The Biggest Counterattack Chapter 142: Tangning Has Someone Backing Her! Chapter 143: Depends on Who it's With! Chapter 144: Who Was That Man? Chapter 145: Don't Dote On Me So Much Chapter 146: I am a Vengeful Person Chapter 147: I Never Beg Others Chapter 148: Did They Expect Him to Let Them Go? Chapter 149: Slapped in the Face by Tangning Again Chapter 150: Destroy Those That Get in the Way!
Chapter 151: Does the President Want to Order a Wedding Ring? Chapter 152: Let's See Where She'll Find a Male Lead Chapter 153: Did Big Boss Commission This? Chapter 154: Replaced Chapter 155: He Doesn’t Answer to Just Anyone Chapter 156: Their Relationship Chapter 157: Perfect! Chapter 158: Cannot Afford to Offend Chapter 159: I Shouldn't Accompany Your Craziness Chapter 160: A Broken Relationship Chapter 161: Mo Ting the Wife Slave Chapter 162: Hai Rui or Star King, Your Choice Chapter 163: She Liked Him to Death! Chapter 164: Is Tangning Crazy? Chapter 165: Highlights Chapter 166: Losing 400,000 Fans Chapter 167: Retaliate Against Lan Xi Chapter 168: I've Thought Long and Hard About How to Deal With Tangning Chapter 169: Forced Chapter 170: Who Does the Back Belong to? Chapter 171: I'm...Being Blackmailed Chapter 172: I Will 'Use' This Assistant Well Chapter 173: Tangning Arrives Chapter 174: Do You Want Me to Come Personally? Chapter 175: When Facing Hai Rui, She Still Needed to Kneel! Chapter 176: What Else Wouldn't Tangning Dare to do? Chapter 177: Are You Married? Chapter 178: Who Are You Married to? Chapter 179: Do You Want Others to Know Who I am? Chapter 180: Being Spoilt! Chapter 181: Do You Want to Come With me to London? Chapter 182: She Had Known a Long Time Ago That Lu Che's EQ Wasn't Very High Chapter 183: What an Idiot! Chapter 184: My Body and Mind Are Both Going to Suffer Chapter 185: A Legend Chapter 186: Lan Xi is Really Closing in Chapter 187: So, Tangning is Being Defamed Because She Offended You... Chapter 188: Let Me Bow Down to You! Chapter 189: Embarrassed on the International Runway? Chapter 190: This is Your Glory Chapter 191: Lan Xi has no Right to Trample you Chapter 192: Taking the Blame Chapter 193: Kicking Off a Good Show Chapter 194: Because of Guilt Chapter 195: I am Leaving Cheng Tian Entertainment Chapter 196: What an Awesome Face Slap! Chapter 197: You Have a Wife Slave at Home Chapter 198: Completely Controlled by his Wife Chapter 199: Be Careful, I Might Not Want You Anymore Chapter 200: I'll Take Care of What Happens Outside Our Home, While You Take Care of the Inside
Chapter 201: One Step Away Chapter 202: Tangning's Exact Words? Chapter 203: You Lied! Chapter 204: Seeing her get an Injection Makes my Heart Ache for Half the Day Chapter 205: Right Now, You Only Have One Choice. Come to Hai Rui! Chapter 206: Who Will You Get to be my Manager? Chapter 207: Send Cheng Tian a Contract Termination Letter Chapter 208: Official Contract Termination Chapter 209: More Insider Information About Tangning? Chapter 210: How Embarassing Chapter 211: I Can Officially Boss You Around Chapter 212: Do You Feel That My Body Isn't Flexible Enough? Chapter 213: I am Han Xiner Chapter 214: Face Slap Chapter 215: Did You Think He Would Understand Your Hinting? Chapter 216: Messy Heart Chapter 217: You Still Want to Go Home? Come Stay at my Place Chapter 218: Someone's Husband Chapter 219: Was President Mo the Back-View Dream Man? Chapter 220: From Now on, Let Boss Control You Chapter 221: The Endorsement Might be Snatched Away! Chapter 222: Your Manager is Indeed Mighty! Chapter 223: With You Around, I Wouldn't Dare to Get Sick Chapter 224: If it Was Internally Set, Just Say it Chapter 225: When a Couple Works Together, Work is no Longer Tiring Chapter 226: You're Not Sleeping With Me? Chapter 227: Because It's a Perfect Body Chapter 228: Just Because You are the President, Does That Mean You Can Cheat? Chapter 229: The Couple Were to Appear at the Airport Together! Chapter 230: I'll Fight for you and Help you Drown Out the Crowd Chapter 231: Tangning Isn't a Poison, She is Truly Amazing Chapter 232: How do you Plan on Punishing Me? Chapter 233: Manager by Day, Husband by Night Chapter 234: My Manager Forced Me to Wear it Chapter 235: Only I Can Hear Her Sing Chapter 236: We've Found the Culprit Chapter 237: I Also Want The President to be My Manager Chapter 238: Are You President Mo's Girlfriend? Chapter 239: Frightened to Death! Chapter 240: Guessing Their Relationship Chapter 241: I Am Determined to Support This Coupling Chapter 242: I am Mo Ting Chapter 243: Why Must You Torture Me Like This? Chapter 244: I Want to Hug You Chapter 245: Selling Point Everywhere Chapter 246: Super Interview Chapter 247: Can We Grab a Shot of Boss? Chapter 248: Are You and President Mo Living Together? Chapter 249: Are You a Spy From Star King? Chapter 250: If Hai Rui Can Support Her, Can't They Also Step on Her?
Chapter 251: Two Types of People Chapter 252: I Can Dig Out My Heart For You, Do You Want it? Chapter 253: If You Share a Stage With Zhen Manni, Don't Lose Chapter 254: How Many More Times Can I Help Tangning? Chapter 255: This Declaration of War is a Bit Too Ruthless! Chapter 256: I Simply Hope That Tangning's Marriage Was Worth it Chapter 257: This Time, We Have a Good Show to Watch Chapter 258: Instantly Beat Zhen Manni! Chapter 259: Wifey Chapter 260: I Want to Wear my Wedding Ring Today Chapter 261: So...Who Was Considered the Winner? Chapter 262: Tangning is the First One! Chapter 263: I Will Make You Return to Nothing Chapter 264: Same Stage! Chapter 265: Junior Sister Got Told! Chapter 266: Is President Mo Going to Sing? Chapter 267: I Won't do Anything to You! Chapter 268: I Sweetly Accept my Fate Chapter 269: Why Don't You Go Save the World Then? Chapter 270: What Do You Like The Most About Me? Chapter 271: Meeting the Elders Chapter 272: If You Were Me, Would You Want You? Chapter 273: I'll Do All I Can to Please You Chapter 274: When Has President Mo Ever Lost? Chapter 275: Isn't This Too Perfect? Chapter 276: Isn't She Just a Model? Chapter 277: This President Quan is an Experienced Swindler Chapter 278: Whatever My Wife Says, Goes Chapter 279: Investigate Hua Rong Studio Chapter 280: So What if we Reveal our Relationship? Chapter 281: We Are Working Together Chapter 282: Tangning, Do You Really Have Three Men? Chapter 283: Blame Taker Chapter 284: In The Future, We Will Also Have Kids Chapter 285: Your Wife is Very Fortunate Chapter 286: Isn't That Too Cruel? Chapter 287: I Have so Many Anti-fans. What is he in Comparison? Chapter 288: She is Not Selling Herself Chapter 289: Which Screenwriter Wrote This? Chapter 290: She Actually Had a Date With Quan Ye? Chapter 291: If Tangning Sees This, She Will Feel a Lot Better Chapter 292: Must he be Such a Wife Slave? Chapter 293: He Had to Personally Speak up Chapter 294: If he Doesn't Come, he Will Face the Consequences Chapter 295: The Heir has Released Another Photo Chapter 296: My Cheeks are Hurting on His Behalf Chapter 297: Boss Has Revealed Your Relationship Chapter 298: Don't Let Tangning Find Out Chapter 299: I Want to Take Over Hai Rui Chapter 300: To Go Up Against Mo Ting, I Need Some Weight Behind Me
Chapter 301: Who's to Say You Aren't The One That Will Want to Sleep With Me? Chapter 302: I Am Also New at This Chapter 303: I am Just a Model Chapter 304: Wife-doting Capabilities Chapter 305: You Are The Most Precious Chapter 306: Could the Mo Couple Please Hand Out More Sweets! Chapter 307: Has Lu Che Made a Move on You? Chapter 308: In Future, Don't be so Silly Chapter 309: When he Comes Across a Jackal, he Will Become the Devil Chapter 310: No One Can Bully Tangning Chapter 311: It Was Only to be Polite Chapter 312: Wifey, You Have Suffered Chapter 313: They Can Bully Me, But They Can't Bully You! Chapter 314: I Want to Buy Your Loyalty Chapter 315: Wait For a Good Show Chapter 316: I Can Give Up Anything! Chapter 317: The Human Body is Just a Shell Chapter 318: I've Truly Become his Fan! Chapter 319: So, Was Lin Chong's Fate Considered Miserable Enough? Chapter 320: Mental Torture Chapter 321: Tangning and Mo Ting: Together Forever Chapter 322: You Will Suffer Tonight! Chapter 323: Refusal to Continue Filming! Chapter 324: Mo Ting is Much Scarier! Chapter 325: Fox Chapter 326: I Dare You Try and Take My Seat! Chapter 327: Degree of Black-belly-ness Chapter 328: Changing Actors Chapter 329: First Appearance Chapter 330: Rehearsal Chapter 331: I Don't Share Any Scenes With Him Chapter 332: Tangning Acts Without a Script Chapter 333: If Only I Knew My Heart Would Hurt So Much Chapter 334: Top Actor and Rookie Chapter 335: You're Not Just Acting as a Pretty Face Right? Chapter 336: I Haven't Doted You Enough! Chapter 337: Giving up on the Career That's Going so Well Chapter 338: Black-bellied President Mo Chapter 339: Beat Ling Ziyi Chapter 340: You Will Definitely Shock Everyone Chapter 341: Keep Your Nose Out of My Business! Chapter 342: Tangning Has Never Been Mediocre Chapter 343: A Good Personality Doesn't Guarantee Good Acting Chapter 344: Can't She Just Focus on the Runway? Chapter 345: Do You Want Me to Step Out and Clarify Everything? Chapter 346: This Time, Their Attacks are Directed Straight for the Madam Chapter 347: I Want You Chapter 348: I'm Not Willing Chapter 349: Tangning is Awesome! Chapter 350: What About the Tang Family?
Chapter 351: Why do we Need to Prevent Tangning from Getting Married? Chapter 352: They've Come to Provoke First? Chapter 353: The Entertainment Industry Has Always Been This Realistic Chapter 354: Do You Still Feel Innocent? Chapter 355: Abolishing Rumors Chapter 356: As Long as he Wanted it And as Long as She Had it! Chapter 357: Isn't She Just a Joke? Chapter 358: We Don't Want to Appear on the Entertainment News Headlines! Chapter 359: Who Does the Old Man Think he's Bullying? Chapter 360: You've Left Me With No Choice Chapter 361: Tangning Won't be Going Anywhere Today Chapter 362: I am Tangning's Husband Chapter 363: I Got Married a Long Time Ago Chapter 364: Fake Heiress Chapter 365: Married, Right? Chapter 366: If Given a Choice, I Would Also Choose to be Mrs. Mo! Chapter 367: Who Was the Actual Mistress? Chapter 368: A Matter of Capability Chapter 369: Prove my Innocence! Chapter 370: Don't be Like This Chapter 371: I'll Help Make You Famous Chapter 372: Just Another Dangerous Location Chapter 373: I Only Want You Chapter 374: I Can Come Visit You on Set Chapter 375: Wifey, Are You OK? Chapter 376: Accident Chapter 377: Tangning, Hurry Out and Refute the Rumors Chapter 378: The Jinx of the Entertainment Industry Chapter 379: Replaced Chapter 380: Those That Pretend to Sleep, Can Never be Awoken Chapter 381: There is no Storm That I Can't Block Chapter 382: I Need to Look at the Script First Chapter 383: You Can Insult Me Chapter 384: God Sure Loves You Chapter 385: Don't Wear it Then Chapter 386: Old Family Matter Chapter 387: I'm Not Actually Weird Chapter 388: I Will Become the Successor! Chapter 389: Listen to me, I'm Here Chapter 390: Who Said There's No Way to Verify it? Chapter 391: If Tang Xuan Want's to Harm You, Mom Won't Allow it Chapter 392: How Could I Possibly be the Daughter of a Mistress? Chapter 393: I Want to See Tang Xuan's Expression! Chapter 394: If I Go In, Tang Xuan Will Have to Come Out Chapter 395: Is Everyone on Tangning's Side? Chapter 396: I Want to Stick by Your Side Every Day! Chapter 397: Too Humiliating? Chapter 398: 30 Year Contract Chapter 399: She Found Out That You Tricked Her Into Signing a Contract Chapter 400: My Heart Will Truly Break
Chapter 401: She Never Hurt People, She Was Simply Cautious of Them Chapter 402: I Can Only Teach Them a Lesson Chapter 403: You Need to Make up for it Chapter 404: Eye for an Eye, a Tooth for a Tooth. Chapter 405: There Are People Waiting Everywhere to Step on You Chapter 406: The Release of 'Stupid' Chapter 407: Something Outrageous Chapter 408: Vouching for Tangning! Chapter 409: There's Nothing She Can't Do! Chapter 410: How Dare You Help Me Decide? Chapter 411: Make a Move on His Precious Tangning Chapter 412: I Would Go to The Depths of Hell Chapter 413: Mo Ting Will Still Win Chapter 414: How Could He Not Adore Her? Chapter 415: I'm Not Afraid of Anything Chapter 416: I'm Here to See my Granddaughter-in-law! Chapter 417: Only You Can Get Close to Him Chapter 418: Let Me Tell You, I Sell my Skills, Not my Body! Chapter 419: Are You Deliberately Making Her Late? Chapter 420: Came Prepared! Chapter 421: You Were Born For This Industry! Chapter 422: How Did You Lose to Tangning? Chapter 423: You Finally Know How to be Cautious Chapter 424: He is Watching The Live Broadcast... Chapter 425: You Might Get Hurt Like That! Chapter 426: We Must Think of a Way to Deal With Him Chapter 427: Nice to the Nice, Mean to the Mean Chapter 428: Give me a Life in Return Chapter 429: He Still Needed to Analyze Tangning Chapter 430: Tangning Always Made Mo Ting Her First Priority Chapter 431: No Words Could Be Sweeter Chapter 432: Don't Leave Any Marks Chapter 433: Could he Possibly Make Use of Him? Chapter 434: There's Nothing he Can't do! Chapter 435: She Was His Woman, Had He Agreed To This? Chapter 436: 'MoTang' Marriage on the Rocks Chapter 437: We Will Never be Defeated Chapter 438: There Will be a Good Show Tomorrow Chapter 439: We Will Not be Lenient Chapter 440: Ning Jie is the Smartest Chapter 441: What Else Do You Have Up Your Sleeves? Chapter 442: Confrontation Chapter 443: Where's? The Evidence? Chapter 444: I Am The True Victim Chapter 445: When Do You Plan to Give Mo Ting a Child? Chapter 446: She Deserves it Chapter 447: I'm Afraid of Hurting You Chapter 448: Are You Interested in Her? Chapter 449: Preparing For a Child! Chapter 450: Follow The Doctor's Instructions
Chapter 451: Follow-up Exam Chapter 452: No Child, No Filming! Chapter 453: How it Feels to be in a Living Hell Chapter 454: Did Grandfather Scold You? Chapter 455: She Has a Child in her Stomach Chapter 456: No Doubt, This Was The Power of Mo Ting Chapter 457: She Hated Being Threatened Chapter 458: Are You Prepared to Tell Grandfather? Chapter 459: Waiting to Reveal the Truth Chapter 460: No One Can Escape! Chapter 461: No One Can Bully You Chapter 462: Are You Certain That Tangning Can't Fall Pregnant? Chapter 463: Enjoy The Show Chapter 464: There's Something You Need to See Chapter 465: After All, The Person You Hurt Was The Madam Chapter 466: Tangning Was Still The Same Tangning Chapter 467: This Time, The Tang Family Will Put on a Good Show Chapter 468: You Obviously Know That He Likes You Chapter 469: Wife-Chasing Path Chapter 470: I'm Not Easy to Scare Chapter 471: Can You Please Save Me? Chapter 472: Rather Die With Honor Than Live With Shame Chapter 473: Caused Their Own Death Chapter 474: She Isn't Someone You Can Slander Chapter 475: Not Afraid of Destroying Yourself? Chapter 476: I'm Not as Tolerant as You Chapter 477: Do You Want Me To Help You? Chapter 478: You Don't Have Real Actors Chapter 479: When it Comes to Creating Hype, I Must Bow Down to Hai Rui Chapter 480: You Are No Longer The Same Tangning Chapter 481: Even When I'm Not Around Chapter 482: One Fan Against Anti-fans Chapter 483: Problem at The Talk Show Chapter 484: The Road Less Traveled Chapter 485: Sticking Up For Tangning Chapter 486: Her Position is at Risk Chapter 487: Why Didn't You Tell Me Earlier? Chapter 488: Giving Them What They Deserve! Chapter 489: She's...Cheating Chapter 490: Just Because He Has Money, Does That Mean He Should Let You Off? Chapter 491: I've Never Been a Nice Person Chapter 492: I'll Give You One Last Chance Chapter 493: Tangning's Angry Chapter 494: It's Fair For Me To Destroy Them Chapter 495: This Industry Is Too Messy Chapter 496: You Are Quite Brave Chapter 497: She Was Tangning; She Always Got Her Revenge! Chapter 498: Surving in The Entertainment Industry = Good at Managing a Business? Chapter 499: Not Just a Model and Actress Chapter 500: Expert Negotiator
Chapter 501: It's Not The Right Time Chapter 502: Tang Xuan is Humiliated! Chapter 503: This Is Just The Start Chapter 504: Do You Think My Wife is a Pushover? Chapter 505: You Will Have Your Pitiful Moment Chapter 506: Leaked Chapter 507: Acting CEO Chapter 508: Tangning and Tang Xuan Chapter 509: My Tang Baby is Amazing Chapter 510: Am I Just an Entertainer? Chapter 511: I Don't Scheme Against Others Behind Their Backs Chapter 512: I Heard You've Kicked Tang Xuan Out Of Tang Corps Chapter 513: Isn't She Attending? Chapter 514: Turning a Blind Eye Chapter 515: No Matter What, This Position Does Not Belong to You Chapter 516: A Fatal Trap! Chapter 517: Tangning, You Sure Are Ruthless Chapter 518: Taking Advantage of His Drunken State to Act Recklessly? Chapter 519: I'll Greet You On Its Behalf Chapter 520: I Request to Look at the Dashcam Chapter 521: Why Did You Replace Song Yanshu? Chapter 522: A Boundary He Could No Longer Cross Chapter 523: This Was All Because of That One Night Chapter 524: Trying to Survive in This Difficult Industry Chapter 525: Taking Advantage of the Situation to Advance Chapter 526: Godly Acting Chapter 527: No Fans Turned Up! Chapter 528: Retreating From The Industry! Chapter 529: I Would Be Very Disappointed Chapter 530: Grandfather Invited to be a Judge Chapter 531: She Had No Idea That Tangning Was Pregnant! Chapter 532: Tang Corps' Annual Celebration Chapter 533: This Is The Tang Family's Territory! Chapter 534: Isn't This Only Fair? Chapter 535: Provoking Someone That Should Not Be Provoked Chapter 536: Tangning Is Also Pregnant? Chapter 537: You Don't Mind Getting a Little Bloody? Chapter 538: 6th Chapter 539: The Deserved Fairness Chapter 540: I Feel a Little Wronged! Chapter 541: All I Have To Do Is Cancel My Vote? Chapter 542: Yanshu is Getting Engaged Chapter 543: Xu Qingyan Chapter 544: Idiot, Aren't You In Pain? Chapter 545: I Am His First Love Chapter 546: Little Monkey, You're Still As Cheeky As Ever Chapter 547: You Want to Live With Me? Chapter 548: I Don't Think You Are At The Level To Do So Chapter 549: How Many Hits Did You Take From My Father? Chapter 550: Ye Lan Can't Be Dealt With?
Chapter 551: You Can't Just Fire My People Chapter 552: I Dare You To Try And Help Her Chapter 553: He Is Even More Frightening Chapter 554: Was It All Fake? Chapter 555: She Doesn't Look Like She Will Give Up Chapter 556: Let's Raise The Ante Chapter 557: A Retreated Person Still Poses a Threat Chapter 558: Tangning's Out Of Luck! Chapter 559: I Wouldn't Be Playing This Game With You Chapter 560: Mo Ting's Acting Chapter 561: Mr. Mo, Please Control Yourself Chapter 562: Make You Disgusted In Yourself Chapter 563: Please, Let Me Go! Chapter 564: Take a Step Back? Chapter 565: Hai Rui's Chances of Recovery? Chapter 566: Name Removed Chapter 567: All We Need Is Evidence, Right? Chapter 568: The Press Conference Chapter 569: Evil Will Not Prevail Chapter 570: The Video Chapter 571: The Entire Hai Rui Won't Be Playing Nice! Chapter 572: The Worst Form of Punishment Chapter 573: You Have No Right To Make Me Leave! Chapter 574: What Hai Rui Will Do To You Chapter 575: If You Want To Die, Then Go For It Chapter 576: Who is More Hated? Chapter 577: There Will Be Plenty Of Chances For You To Cry Chapter 578: I Want To See Tangning! Chapter 579: I Don't Play Mind Games Chapter 580: Snatched Chapter 581: She Is Indeed An Actress Chapter 582: I Don't Like Playing Games That Have No Ending Chapter 583: You Are The One That Doesn't Want Me! Chapter 584: A Beauty's Misunderstanding Chapter 585: Tangning Is Unpredictable Chapter 586: Awards Ceremony Chapter 587: The Host's Challenge Chapter 588: The Most Popular Award Chapter 589: Unworthy Of The Name Chapter 590: Surprise Everyone Chapter 591: Wifey, You've Benefited Again! Chapter 592: Look At How Powerful Your Sister Three Is Chapter 593: Staked Claim On Tang Jingxuan! Chapter 594: We Aren't The Same Kind Of People Chapter 595: Save The Child! Chapter 596: Even Chapter 597: Effective Chapter 598: You Are My Life! Chapter 599: Battle Between The Experts Chapter 600: Do You Think My Hatred For Her Is Small?
Chapter 601: What's Wrong With Being An Actress? Chapter 602: You Don't Like Me? Chapter 603: Everyone Knows That I Dote On My Wife Chapter 604: Secure The Role Chapter 605: I Won't Allow It! Chapter 606: You're The One That Hasn't Kissed Before Chapter 607: I Can Only Have One Wife. Whereas, Mom, I Can Have None Chapter 608: Villain Chapter 609: I Don't Need Your Life Chapter 610: Hua Wenfeng's Revelation! Chapter 611: Stop running Chapter 612: Chen Xingyan Chapter 613: They Did It Behind Closed Doors! Chapter 614: How Do You Plan To Prove It? Chapter 615: Why Would We Hire You? Chapter 616: You Can Tolerate It, But I Can't Chapter 617: Investigation Chapter 618: A Person's Exterior is Nothing Chapter 619: You Still Won't Allow Yourself To Suffer Any Loss Chapter 620: Don't Judge A Book By Its Cover Chapter 621: Auntie Seems To Have Some Secrets Chapter 622: I Will Take Back What Belongs To Me Chapter 623: Are You Planning To Set A Trap? Chapter 624: Cheating Chapter 625: Ruthless Chapter 626: Prove My Innocence Chapter 627: Doesn't He Know That This Will Also Hurt You? Chapter 628: I've Never Been An Obedient Person Either Chapter 629: Tangning Is Only Ruthless To Her Enemies Chapter 630: Even If I Was To Run, I'll Bash A Few People First Chapter 631: Your Retribution Isn't Far Chapter 632: I Cut My Own Arm! Chapter 633: One Big Show Chapter 634: I've Always Been Ready To Play Chapter 635: Doesn't Hua Wenfeng Feel Guilty? Chapter 636: The Hatred And Grudge Could Never Be Forgotten Chapter 637: DNA Test Chapter 638: She Acknowledges You Chapter 639: If Something Belongs To Me, I Shouldn't Give It Away Chapter 640: Securing Evidence Chapter 641: Do I Need You To Give Me Anything? Chapter 642: Tell Hua Wenfeng To Immediately Disappear From My Sight Chapter 643: Who Gave You The Confidence? Chapter 644: Chen Xingyan Has Another Identity Chapter 645: Second DNA Test Chapter 646: Awoken Chapter 647: She Only Had Hatred For An Zihao! Chapter 648: What A Cruel Scheme Chapter 649: Who Do You Think You Are? Chapter 650: Indecent Relationship
Chapter 651: Who Took This Photo? Chapter 652: Don't You Think He's Biased Towards You? Chapter 653: This Was The Dominance That Mo Ting's Mother Should Possess Chapter 654: Silent Killer Chapter 655: Turn Annie Into An Unwanted Piece Of Trash Chapter 656: How It Feels To Be Truly Bullied! Chapter 657: Embarrass Annie Chapter 658: How It Feels To Steal Something From Someone Chapter 659: I Still Want To Get Revenge For Her First Chapter 660: Baby Brain Chapter 661: The 'Non-lethal' Tangning! Chapter 662: She Asked For It Chapter 663: Secret Weapon Chapter 664: Extremely Awkward Chapter 665: Wait Until After You've Given Birth Chapter 666: You've Gotten Old Chapter 667: Do We Have A Grudge Between Us? Chapter 668: Keeping Her Options Open Chapter 669: Are You Suspecting Something? Chapter 670: Killing Two Birds With One Stone Chapter 671: It's Not As Serious As You Think Chapter 672: He Doted On His Own Woman Chapter 673: It's Not My First Time Disregarding All Relationships! Chapter 674: Settle The Issue The Way That She Wanted To Settle It Chapter 675: She Has No Brains And No Principles! Chapter 676: The Time Was Right Chapter 677: If You Have Evidence, Then Show It! Chapter 678: She Is A Fraud Chapter 679: You Are Scum! Chapter 680: Don't Underestimate The Media's Ability To Trample A Person Chapter 681: I Think I Should Give You A Tooth For A Tooth! Chapter 682: I've Been Replaced Chapter 683: Bearing The Burden Chapter 684: Has She Lost His Adoration Already? Chapter 685: Steal a Little Taste Chapter 686: Investigate In Detail Chapter 687: Tangning's Counterattack Chapter 688: Song Xin Suffers A Setback! Chapter 689: Are You Declaring War? Chapter 690: Doesn't She Just Want To Make Things Difficult For Me? Chapter 691: Face Slap Chapter 692: Only You Are Lying To Yourself Chapter 693: Simply Terrifying Chapter 694: Tangning's Revenge? Chapter 695: Did My Manager Get Bitten By A Dog? Chapter 696: She Also Wanted To See Song Xin's Fate! Chapter 697: You Are Wetter Than I Am, You Should Wipe Yourself Off First! Chapter 698: Then...Can I Kiss You More Often? Chapter 699: Fight Until The End! Chapter 700: Who Exactly Plagiarized Who?
Chapter 701: There's Bound To Be A Flaw Chapter 702: If Elder Wu Hasn't Plagiarized, Where's The Evidence? Chapter 703: More And More Confusing Chapter 704: Tangning Fights Back Chapter 705: Imminent Disaster Chapter 706: Win Or Lose Chapter 707: Are You Actually Disappointed By Me? Chapter 708: Always Hold Back A Little, In Case We Meet Again! Chapter 709: The Baby Kicked Me Chapter 710: Who In The Industry Would Still Dare To Work With You? Chapter 711: Hurt Her Until She Has A Miscarriage! Chapter 712: My Ning Is Amazing! Chapter 713: Awaiting Labor Chapter 714: The Best Counterattack Chapter 715: A Big Gift Chapter 716: The Baby Chapter 717: Did She Give Birth To A Monster? Chapter 718: How Dare She Betray Me Like This! Chapter 719: Duan Jinghong VS Song Xin Chapter 720: A Sparrow Will Always Be A Sparrow! Chapter 721: Will You Pay Me Back, Or Will She Pay Me Back? Chapter 722: Is Elder Song Still OK? Chapter 723: Hai Rui's Three Major Crimes Chapter 724: Surrender! Chapter 725: Who Could Prove Anything? Chapter 726: Hai Rui Makes A Move Chapter 727: One Of The Most Disgusting People Chapter 728: Tangning, Give Me All You've Got Chapter 729: Duan Jinghong Will Accompany Me Chapter 730: I Really Don't Want To Go To Prison Chapter 731: I Can't Wait Any Longer To Eat You Up Chapter 732: My Woman! Chapter 733: Does Tangning Need You To Defend Her? Chapter 734: President Mo Sure Dotes On His Wife! Chapter 735: I Don't Want To Be Ridiculed By Those People Chapter 736: Dirty The Hands Of Others Chapter 737: Turn The World Upside Down And Disregard Everything Else! Chapter 738: Leave An Zihao Chapter 739: Don't Act Weak In Front Of Me Chapter 740: Cut Off Any Future Troubles Chapter 741: Good Is Always Ahead of Evil Chapter 742: Staying At Home To Take Care Of The Kids Chapter 743: You Shouldn't Force Me To Be Even More Ruthless Chapter 744: Waiting For Me To Become A Joke? Chapter 745: They Will Assume You're Afraid Of Bai Yu Chapter 746: If Something Belongs To My Ning, No One Can Possibly Snatch It Away Chapter 747: Turning Point Chapter 748: The Choice For Male Lead Chapter 749: See How I Destroy Her Chapter 750: Don't Be Impatient, There's A Good Show Coming Your Way
Chapter 751: Great. This Was So Tangning Chapter 752: I Want You Replaced! Chapter 753: Bai Yu Was So Tacky! Chapter 754: Tangning Is Well And Truly Back! Chapter 755: Our Concubine Is Amazing Chapter 756: Finally, There's Something That President Mo Can't Do Chapter 757: Meet With His Manager Chapter 758: President Mo's Revenge Chapter 759: It Was Fine. After All, He Wasn't The Male Lead Anyway Chapter 760: No Other Actor Has Any Business Being Here Chapter 761: Looking At The Photos, Tangning Is The Winner Chapter 762: The True Jun Yilan! Chapter 763: President Mo, Is Everything Alright? Chapter 764: Strongly Request For The Crew To Announce The Name Of The Male Lead Chapter 765: Doesn't It Make You More Attracted To Me? Chapter 766: Prepared To Announce The Male Lead! Chapter 767: The Actor Playing Jun Yilan Is… Chapter 768: This Competition Was Exciting Enough, Wasn't It? Chapter 769: The Leader Of The Wife-doting Club Chapter 770: Are You Interested In Exposing Her? Chapter 771: Bai Yu Is Eliminated! Chapter 772: Payback Chapter 773: As Long As It Makes You Suffer Chapter 774: If They Want To Keep The Child, They Must Be Dreaming! Chapter 775: She Deserved To Have A Miscarriage Chapter 776: The Sick Mo Ting Chapter 777: You Are The Murderer's Daughter! Chapter 778: The Most Stupid Idiot Chapter 779: Her Father Killed Someone, So Shouldn't She Make Up For It? Chapter 780: No Matter How Young You Are, You Are Mine! Chapter 781: I’ll Be More Gentle Next Time Chapter 782 - A Powerful Entrance! Chapter 783: Even If Someone Was Upset By It, Sorry, They Had To Endure It! Chapter 784 - She Has Sacrificed Enough For Me Chapter 785 - Does Mom And Dad Not Like Daughters? Chapter 786 - I Simply Felt Bad For The Child Chapter 787 - Who Do You Think You Are? Chapter 788: You Certainly Live Up To Your Reputation As A Complete Moron! Chapter 789: It’s My Fault For Not Handling The PR Properly Chapter 790: Let Mo Ting Take The Blame? Chapter 791: Tangning And I Are Not In A Marriage Of Convenience Chapter 792 - My Wife Gave Birth To Twins Chapter 793 - Daddy Ting, Hold Onto Our Ning Tightly Chapter 794 - You Are My King! Chapter 795 - I Will Not Go Easy On You Chapter 796 - Tangning Is The Best Example Chapter 797 - Why Go Around In Circles? Chapter 798: It’s Fine As Long As Tangning Likes Her Chapter 799 - Who Do You Think Did It? Chapter 800 - She Thinks That You Are Having An Affair?
Chapter 801 - I Hate Being Threatened Chapter 802 - Teach Her How To Behave As A Person! Chapter 803 - How Did You Offend Tangning? Chapter 804 - You Misunderstood, But I Didn't Chapter 805 - Let Her Continue With Her Act Chapter 806 - Ning Jie, You Are Indeed Amazing Chapter 807 - She Was Much More Pitiful Than You Chapter 808 - I Won't Just Leave It At That Chapter 809 - Madam, I Discovered Something Chapter 810 - Help Me Set Up A Press Conference Chapter 811 - Get Justice For The Dead! Chapter 812: People Refuse To Believe You When You Tell The Truth Chapter 813 - He Will Be My Manager For Life Chapter 814 - Tangning, Will You Be Kneeling This Time? Chapter 815: Not Only Does She Have A Bottom Line, She Also Holds Grudges Chapter 816 - Continue Living Chapter 817 - A Surprise Should Be Left To The End Chapter 818: Don't Provoke Me! Chapter 819 - You Want To Battle Me On Your Own? Chapter 820 - Either The Best Result...Or The Worst! Chapter 821 - He Can't Step On Us And Become Famous Chapter 822 - Try To Complain? Get A Face Slap. Chapter 823 Chapter 824 Chapter 825 - I Think She Should Save Herself First Chapter 826 - B*tches Deserve An Eye For An Eye Chapter 827 - I Want A Daughter Chapter 828 - Ready To Shock Everyone Chapter 829 - Tangning's Back Again! Chapter 830 - Don't Go Meddling With My Artist Chapter 831 - I'll Forgive The Two Of You Chapter 832 Chapter 833 - The Incomparable Superstar Media Chapter 834 - President Mo's Jealousy Chapter 835 - The Only Person To Directly Advance Chapter 836 Chapter 837 - How Did Ning Jie Do It? Chapter 838 - Her? First Place? Chapter 839 - Let's See If She Would Still Dare To Compete Chapter 840 - Out Of The Two Sisters, Which One Was The Thief? Chapter 841 - My Daughter Is Not A Thief Chapter 842 - The Best Show Of The Year Chapter 843 - Not Tangning's Style Chapter 844 - Did I See Tangning In The Audience? Chapter 845 - Don't Make Too Many Enemies Chapter 846 Chapter 847 Chapter 848 - Don't Want To Make Her Upset Chapter 849 - Cleaning Her Image Was Much Too Difficult Chapter 850 - Will Tangning Succeed?
Chapter 851 - All That Tangning Had To Show? Chapter 852 - Let Xia Hanmo Go Chapter 853 - Save My Manager… Chapter 854 - Definitely Appearing On The Headlines Tomorrow Chapter 855 - Tangning, You Sure Are Arrogant Chapter 856 - You Are The Miracle Chapter 857 - You Are Capable Of Anything Chapter 858 - This Young Woman Was Quite Brave Chapter 859 - She Wasn't The Same Lin Qian Chapter 860 - You Weren't Seeing Things Chapter 861 - Qian Qian, Come Home Chapter 862 - You Know That The Child Isn't Mine Chapter 863 - Tangning, Luo Sheng's Ruined Chapter 864 - Don't Anyone Dare Provoke My Woman! Chapter 865 - Why Are You Doubting Yourself? Chapter 866 Chapter 867 - Based On How I Am Now? Chapter 868 - Without Your Father, You're Definitely Nothing Chapter 869 - Put Away Your Pity Act, We Don't Buy It Chapter 870 - Can She Still Act? Chapter 871 - You Still Want To Act Chapter 872 - I Don't Think My Feelings Are One-sided Chapter 873 - It Appears To Be Related To The Quan Family Chapter 874 - Pay Back What You Owe Chapter 875 - While I'm Still Being Nice Chapter 876 - Show Everyone What It Means To Be A Best Actress Chapter 877 - Premiere of 'Survivor' Chapter 878 - I Am A Major General In The Air Force Chapter 879 - Don't Be Impatient, I Will Definitely Be Back! Chapter 880 - Indeed The Same Kind Of People Chapter 881 - She Was Stunningly Beautiful Chapter 882 - You Are So Fake Chapter 883 - I Have A Family Member Up There Chapter 884 - That's Their Punishment For Leaving Qian Qian Behind Chapter 885 - Learn The Meaning Of Regret Chapter 886 - I Actually Want To Be Her Fan Now Chapter 887 - The Victory Battle Chapter 888 - Who Said That We're Fake? Chapter 889 - My Girlfriend Chapter 890 - Find A Chance To Seal The Deal Chapter 891 - Personally Deal With The Matter Chapter 892 - Be A Part Of The Excitement Chapter 893 - No Longer Her Responsibilty To Stand Up For Her! Chapter 894 - She Was Ready To Show Off To The World Chapter 895 Chapter 896 - The Climax Chapter 897 - Could Tangning Satisfy Him? Chapter 898 - You're Fired! Chapter 899 - She Had Deliberately Set This Trap Chapter 900 - A Huge Face Slap
Chapter 901 - All The Tramps Should Step Side Chapter 902 - I Can't Be Bothered Talking To Another Female Chapter 903 - Don't Blame Me For Not Being Sentimental Chapter 904 - It Actually Bothered Her So Much Chapter 905 - Immediately Leave And Go Back To France Chapter 906 - The Female Lead Has Been Dismissed! Chapter 907 - The Little Actress Chapter 908 - Fighting For Custody Chapter 909 - With Me Around, She Won't Be Able To Take Her Chapter 910 - She Didn't Like To Underestimate Her Enemies Chapter 911 - You Won't Spend Any Less Than Seven Years In Prison Chapter 912 - We Have No Evidence Chapter 913 - This Slap Is Not For Nothing Chapter 914 - Do You Think I'm Wrong? Chapter 915 - You've Yet To See The Truly Heartless Side Of Me Chapter 916 - Only One Option Chapter 917 - He Can't Beat Anyone Chapter 918 - Is Zhou Qing About To Suffer? Chapter 919 - He Was Simply Being Played! Chapter 920 - Go Back To Where You Came From! Chapter 921 - Who Could Xia Hanmo Blame? Chapter 922 - A Vengeful Woman Is Frightening Chapter 923 Chapter 924 - Has Tangning Overdone Herself This Time? Chapter 925 - You're Already Living In My Room Chapter 926 - You Might Be The Daughter Of A Rich Family Chapter 927 - I Will No Longer Acknowledge That I Know You Chapter 928 - No Matter How Bad Things Get, You Still Have Us Chapter 929 - Put Up A Good Act Chapter 930 - If Worse Comes To Worst, We'll Both Go Down Together Chapter 931 - Silly Qian Qian Chapter 932 - Help Cancel The Wedding Chapter 933 - The Smell Of Trash Is Making Me Sick Chapter 934 - Don't Go Easy On Your Enemies Chapter 935 - I Will Always Wait For You Chapter 936 - Brought Trouble Upon Herself Chapter 937 Chapter 938 - I Bet That Woman Is Going Mad Chapter 939 - He Doesn't Know My Measurements Chapter 940 - Definitely Feng Jing's Trap Chapter 941 - I Like Pushing You! Chapter 942 - Diamond Manager Chapter 943 - Another Round Chapter 944 - I Owe Her Chapter 945 - You Guys Can Come If You Want. If Not, Then Get Lost. Chapter 946 - Go Ahead And Suppress Me, Superstar Media! Chapter 947 - Marrying A Pair Of Worn Shoes Chapter 948 - How's It Any Of Your Business Who I Marry? Chapter 949 - Sorry, I Couldn't Control Myself Chapter 950 - Was He Forcing Him?
Chapter 951 - Outshined It's Mother Company Chapter 952 - Tangning Wasn't Easy To Fool! Chapter 953 - My Authority Will Not Be Challenged Chapter 954 - Is It Really OK For You To Protect Me Like This? Chapter 955 - Why Don't You Repay Me With Your Body? Chapter 956 - He Had Never Seen Tangning Cry! Chapter 957 - Are We Going To Continue Filming? Chapter 958 - Couldn't She Remain Peaceful? Chapter 959 - When I Leave, I Hope To See You Leave As Well Chapter 960 - I'm Used To Spoiling My Artists Chapter 961 - Otherwise, I Will Help Him Disappear Chapter 962 - Responding​ In An Equally Cruel Manner Chapter 963 - Support Tangning! Chapter 964 - Mo Ting's Heart Ached Chapter 965 - Your Man's Acting Is Honestly Not Bad Chapter 966 - You're The Last Person To Believe In Fate Chapter 967 - If You Want Something, Then Tell Me Chapter 968 - Don't Compete With Me In Ruthlessness Chapter 969 - Tangning, You Sure Are Ruthless Chapter 970 - How Powerful Chapter 971 - Not Suitable Chapter 972 - Unless You Want To Go To Jail Chapter 973 - Where Are You? Chapter 974 - Demand For Them To Return Him Chapter 975 - I Heard You Nearly Had A Miscarriage Chapter 976: I'll Take You To Get Revenge Chapter 977 - Why Did You Have To Bully Qian Qian? Chapter 978 - If You Want To Die, Then Go Ahead Chapter 979 - You Sure Have Guts Chapter 980 - That's What You Call Wife Doting! Chapter 981 - You Don't Know How To Be Cautious Of Your Acquaintances Chapter 982 - Who Would Try To Scheme Against You? Chapter 983 - Did You Enjoy The Little Game We Played Earlier? Chapter 984 - Don't Let That Jerk Go Chapter 985 - Mo Ting, You Played A Good Trick Chapter 986 - At This Moment, I've Lost All Humanity Chapter 987 - He's Like A God! Chapter 988 - You Are Hurting Your Wife Like This Chapter 989 - That's Not Your Concern Chapter 990 - Where Are You Planning To Go? Chapter 991 - I Will Answer You With A Project Chapter 992 - Too Late! Chapter 993 - Death Is Better Than Struggling To Live Chapter 994 - He Never Belonged To Me From The Start. How Is This Considered Stealing? Chapter 995 - Tangning Is The Most Important Chapter 996 - I Admit Defeat When Fighting With You Chapter 997 - You Are The Second Miss Of The Tang Family Chapter 998 - Are You Really Angry? Chapter 999 - I Have No Right To Be Compared To You! Chapter 1000 - Has Her Desperation For Fame Made Her Crazy?
Chapter 1001 - Did You Put On An Act To Trick Me? Chapter 1002 - Mo Ziyan Chapter 1003 - Because You're Too Dopey Chapter 1004 - You Need To Feed Me Well! Chapter 1005 - Couldn't Be Starved For Too Long Chapter 1006 - Have You Been Treated Unfairly? Chapter 1007 - I Hate Being Threatened Chapter 1008 - You're Already Dissatisfied? Chapter 1009 - No Matter How Much She Tries To Copy Her, She Will Never Be Tangning! Chapter 1010 - If You Don't Appear, I'll Force You To Appear! Chapter 1011 - You Just Wait For A Good Show! Chapter 1012 - Maintain Secrecy Chapter 1013 - I'm Afraid You Won't Be Able To Handle It! Chapter 1014 - Rejected Offer! Chapter 1015 - A Replica Is Just A Replica Chapter 1016 - Group Ridicule Chapter 1017 - I Dream About It Everyday! Chapter 1018 - First Performance Chapter 1019 - Isn't It Time You Consider Returning To China? Chapter 1020 - I'll Be Waiting! Chapter 1021 - What Does This Have To Do With Tangning? Chapter 1022 - Are You Really Planning To Give Superstar Media To Me? Chapter 1023 - You Should Have Known You'd Be Dealt With Sooner Or Later Chapter 1024 - Haven't I Returned? Chapter 1025 - She Simply Wanted To Get Revenge For Long Jie Chapter 1026 - What Was Han Xiuche? Chapter 1027 - A Jerk And A Sl*t Make The Perfect Team Chapter 1028 - Divert Trouble Chapter 1029 - If That Was To Happen, The Face Slap Would Hurt Even More Chapter 1030 - Our Time Is Precious! Chapter 1031 - You Sure Have Bad Taste Chapter 1032 - Please Move Aside? Chapter 1033 - Wasn't It Obvious How Embarrassing This Was? Chapter 1034 - Ma Weiwei's Acting Chapter 1035 - What Did Tangning Do? Chapter 1036 - I Am A Parasite On Tangning's Body Chapter 1037 - Daddy Ting Is So Cool! Chapter 1038 - Aren't I Getting Justice For You? Chapter 1039 - His Words Are So Harsh. Isn't He Afraid Of Scarring His Tongue?! Chapter 1040 - That Was Awesome Chapter 1041 - There To Give A Face Slap! Chapter 1042 - Selling Superstar Media! Chapter 1043 - Ning, Hurry And Strike Back! Chapter 1044 - Assistant Lu, You're Too Late! Chapter 1045 - Do We Have To Pick Out An Auspicious Date? Chapter 1046 - A Complete Falling Out! Chapter 1047 - Both Go Die! Chapter 1048 - Long Jie, Hurry And Show Us Your Evidence! Chapter 1049 - Have You Knelt and Apologized Yet? Chapter 1050 - What's With The Act?
Chapter 1051 - What's So Interesting About The Life Of A Performer? Chapter 1052 - No One Would Be Able To Escape Chapter 1053 - You Definitely Need To Listen To What I Say Chapter 1054 - You Schemed Against Me First Chapter 1055 - He Might Not Be Willing To Meet With Me Chapter 1056 - My Ning's New Film Is Being Released? Chapter 1057 - Who Would Jinx Their Own Film Like That? Chapter 1058 - The First Promotional Trailer! Chapter 1059 - Take A Screenshot And Slap Him In The Face Chapter 1060 - President Mo Is So Strict Chapter 1061 - Mo Ting Understood Her Chapter 1062 - Clashing With Tangning?! Chapter 1063 - You Can't Fool Xiuche! Chapter 1064 - Is Something Going On? Chapter 1065 - His Heart Was Breaking Into Pieces! Chapter 1066 - Doesn't He Still Owe My Wife An Apology? Chapter 1067 - No One Can Bully You Chapter 1068 - Give Tangning A Surprise Chapter 1069 - I Trust You! Chapter 1070 - If You Can't Accept It, Then Keep Your Mouth Shut! Chapter 1071 - I've Also Been Down That Road Chapter 1072 - I Want To Speak Up! Chapter 1073 - Those That Deserve To Kneel Should Kneel Chapter 1074 - If Tangning Dares To Appear Chapter 1075 - Are You Kneeling Or Not? Chapter 1076 - Her Name Is Impossible To Clear Chapter 1077 - You Protect Others And I'll Protect You Chapter 1078 - I Did It To Stick Up For You! Chapter 1079 - I Should Put More Effort Chapter 1080 - I Give My Word Chapter 1081 - Escape So Easily? Chapter 1082 - I Must Have Been Possessed Chapter 1083 - Using Death To Prove His Innocence? Chapter 1084 - The True Protagonist Has Arrived Chapter 1085 - He Was Happy To Let Her Dream! Chapter 1086 - Create Some Drama Chapter 1087 - It's Not Clear Enough Chapter 1088 - An Internal Fight Chapter 1089 - He Deserves To Be Angered To Death Chapter 1090 - Kneel And Apology Chapter 1091 - This Must Be Karma! Chapter 1092 - Xiuche's Dead! Chapter 1093 - Handle In Secret Chapter 1094 - The Most Pitiful Is Han Xiuche! Chapter 1095 - Everything Was Worth It! Chapter 1096 - No One's Willing To Help Me Chapter 1097 - What? You Don't Think I Qualify? Chapter 1098 - Not Only Did You Bring Your Child, You're Also Showing Off Chapter 1099 - Everyone Was Bound To Meet A Jinx In Their Life Chapter 1100 - The Socialite World Is Too Deep
Chapter 1101 - Tangning Could Do It! Chapter 1102 - Bei Chendong Was Furious! Chapter 1103 - You Have No Business Here Chapter 1104 - Two Paths To Choose From Chapter 1105 - Your First Film Created A Best Actor! Chapter 1106 - We Will Talk When We Get Home Chapter 1107 - If She Dared! Chapter 1108 - Who Does She Think She Is? Chapter 1109 - She Isn't Very Welcoming Towards You Chapter 1110 - Who Said This Woman Was Brainless? Chapter 1111 - Let's Leave Her For Now... Chapter 1112 - Mrs. Mo Is Indeed An Expert! Chapter 1113 - Hai Rui Was Quick, Direct And Ruthless! Chapter 1114 - A Woman's Heart Is Deep Like The Ocean! Chapter 1115 - How Shocked Was She Going To Be? Chapter 1116 - Give Me Back My Money! Chapter 1117 - That Was Liang Yongyu's Fate! Chapter 1118 - Everyone That Comes In Contact With Me Experiences Bad Luck Chapter 1119 - Strange Tastes Chapter 1120 - In This World, There Was Only Tangning!! Chapter 1121 - Improve Upon Herself Chapter 1122 - What Do They Take Me For? Chapter 1123 - Consequences Need To Be Faced! Chapter 1124 - Were There Still Rules? Chapter 1125 - I Am The Biggest Amateur Chapter 1126 - Nangong Quan's Invite Chapter 1127 - The Mo Family Has Always Been Tricky Chapter 1128 - It's Pitiful For A Child To Lose Their Mother! Chapter 1129 - Look How Tricky The Mo Family Are? Chapter 1130 - Their Enemy's Daughter Chapter 1131 - I'm Sorry, I Said The Wrong Thing! Chapter 1132 - You Should Just Die! Chapter 1133 - Did You Think I'd Fall For Your Trap? Chapter 1134 - I Don’t Need To Dirty My Hands Because Of You! Chapter 1135 - Are You In A Rush? Chapter 1136 - Uncle Qiu Already Passed Away Ten Days Ago Chapter 1137 - Perhaps, This Will Help Change Her Destiny Chapter 1138 - It's Not Worth It! Chapter 1139 - Has Your Anger Been Dissolved? Chapter 1140 - Desires Chapter 1141 - Forever Irreplaceable Chapter 1142 - Not As Handsome As The Father Of The Twins Chapter 1143 - I Will Find Out Who It Is Chapter 1144 - Save You? Why Should I? Chapter 1145 - You Are My Only Hope Chapter 1146 - Heading On Set Chapter 1147 - If You Continue To Insult My Brother, I'm Going To Hit You! Chapter 1148 - It Couldn’t Be Possible Chapter 1149 - I Will Definitely Protect You With All My Life Chapter 1150 - Couldn't Give Him Any Opportunities
Chapter 1151 - I Will Definitely Send Him To Hell Chapter 1152 - The Mo Family Owes Me! Chapter 1153 - Battling Face-To-Face Chapter 1154 - From What I See, You've Already Done Enough Chapter 1155 - How Dare They Bully The Mo Family's Kids? Chapter 1156 - Rich, Huh? Chapter 1157 - Kindness Before Force Chapter 1158 - Paving Every Single Path Chapter 1159 - You’re Doing It For President Mo’s Sake Chapter 1160 - Mo Ting Has Built Hai Rui On The Basis Of Loyalty Chapter 1161 - After All, We're Married... Chapter 1162: Let's See How Hai Rui Clears Her Name This Time Chapter 1163 - No Way In Hell Chapter 1164 - The CEO Has A Good Wife Chapter 1165 - Follow Chapter 1166 - He Was Surprisingly Friendly Chapter 1167 - Letting A Wolf Into The House Chapter 1168 - If You Don't Like Her, Then I Don't Like Her Either Chapter 1169 - I Know How To Take Care Of My Own Daughter Chapter 1170 - Break Ties Chapter 1171 - The Thought Of It Makes Me Blush... Chapter 1172 - Mommy, What’s Wrong? Chapter 1173 - I Never Thought That This Would Happen Chapter 1174 - Maintain Your Composure! Chapter 1175 - Tangning Didn’t Lie Chapter 1176 - You’re Certainly Cruel Chapter 1177 - I Have Faith! Chapter 1178 - Are You That Confident? Chapter 1179 - Can't Be Mentioned In The Same Breath Chapter 1180 - Seeing You Like This Makes My Heart Ache Chapter 1181 - How's That Possible? Chapter 1182 - Other People Have Dignity Too Chapter 1183 - What Do You Have To Be Sorry About? Chapter 1184 - Who Plagiarized Who? Chapter 1185 - They Disappeared From School! Chapter 1186 - Your Grandfather's Dead! Chapter 1187 - If You Want To Report Me, Then Go Ahead! Chapter 1188 - He Began To Cry! Chapter 1189 - Let Her Pick The Younger One Chapter 1190 - You Are My Queen! Chapter 1191 - Epilogue: I’m Interested In Him! Chapter 1192 - Double Identity! Chapter 1193 - I Know What To Do Chapter 1194 - You Don't Care, Do You? Chapter 1195 - You Caught Me Chapter 1196 - You're Different! Chapter 1197 - Mo Ting Is My Father Chapter 1198 - He Was Once Qian Lan's Boyfriend Chapter 1199 - I Don’t Want My Family To Use You Chapter 1200 - Don’t You Want This Family Anymore?
Chapter 1201 - Has Brother Two Been Fighting? Chapter 1202 - She Was Abandoned On Her Wedding Day Chapter 1203 - I Might Still Feel Hatred For You Chapter 1204 - I Didn’t Deliberately Save Myself For You Chapter 1205 - This Is My Fiancee Chapter 1206: I Can’t Get Myself To Trust You Chapter 1207 - Silly Woman, She Was Disturbing Someone's Sleep Chapter 1208 - You're Mine, So I Will Take Responsibility For You Chapter 1209 - Your Fiance Is Really Handsome! Chapter 1210 - After My Anger Subsided, I Would Have Still Stayed By Your Side Chapter 1211 - You Are Also A Person With A Family Chapter 1212 - I'm A Little Overwhelmed Chapter 1213 - You See That? She’s In The Military Chapter 1214: How Much Longer Do You Want Me To Wait? Chapter 1215 - I Won’t Bully You Chapter 1216: My Daughter Won’t Marry Mo Zichen, I Don’t Agree To It Chapter 1217 - Our Wedding Night Is The Main Priority! Chapter 1218 - She Has No Requests Chapter 1219 - The Things I Asked You Today, Can you Keep Them A Secret? Chapter 1220 - You Have A Son Now? Chapter 1221 - She Admitted To It Chapter 1222 - I Feel Like I've Stolen Someone Else's Man Chapter 1223 - I Really Don’t Want To Break Up Chapter 1224 - Do You Think You're A Robot? Chapter 1225 - I'm Not Your Sister-in-law Chapter 1226 - Did You Reconcile With Chen Jingrong? Chapter 1227 - You Should Let Mo Zixi Go! Chapter 1228 - From Now On, Please Take Good Care Of Zixi Chapter 1229 - He Couldn’t Be Snatched Away Chapter 1230 - Is He Legally Mo Zixi’s Son? Chapter 1231 - Your Had Really Bad Taste In The Past Chapter 1232 - His Last Bit Of Mercy Chapter 1233 - Sleeping Together Chapter 1234 - Do You Have Any Dignity? Chapter 1235 - Is Anqi OK? Chapter 1236 - Love At First Sleep Chapter 1237 - I Understand My Heart Chapter 1238 - You'll Know When You Get Married! Chapter 1239 - Mo Zixi And I Are Already Married Chapter 1240 - It’s All My Fault Chapter 1241 - Birds Of A Feather Flock Together Chapter 1242: You Really Can't Judge A Book By Its Cover Chapter 1243 - What A Killjoy! Chapter 1244 - You Provoked Me First! Chapter 1245 - The Same Kind Of People Chapter 1246 - But, You Are A Monster Chapter 1247 - Why Are You Apologizing To Me? Chapter 1248 - You've Lost Against Me Chapter 1249 - If She’s Your Precious Little Gem, Then What Am I? Chapter 1250 - It’s Tiring To Have A Crush