Chapter 604: Supreme Pure Yang Sword Qi

Chapter 604: Supreme Pure Yang Sword Qi

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From the beginning of the bright light, the eyes of the three people all focused on the faint light, and they watched as the light became brighter and brighter, and finally became dazzling.

The deep well, which was originally empty, finally showed its true appearance after Yang Chen broke the seal. A huge long sword extending almost from the bottom of the well to the mouth of the well, showing a bright phantom, appeared in front of the three of them out of thin air.

The incomparable sword qi could be felt without even touching it. The sword qi in the sky was vertical and horizontal, and the top of the entire mountain seemed to suddenly become sharper. Those birds that were still dozens of miles away, they didn’t even dare to fly in this direction, as if there was something here that made them feel extremely terrified.

All of this, the three people in the cave were temporarily unable to know, everyone’s eyes were focused on getting the sword shadow, and no one wanted to look away.

Yang Chen didn’t do anything, and didn’t prompt, Shi Shanshan certainly wouldn’t do it, but just admired it from a close distance. However, the two of them didn’t move, but the middle-aged scribe couldn’t bear it any longer and started to attack  eagerly.

With a soft sound, Yang Chen, who had been standing there watching, suddenly a sword tip appeared close to him. It pierced through Yang Chen’s back, and then emerged from Yang Chen’s chest. At the same time, the middle-aged scribe had already pointed at Shi Shanshan.

Yang Chen and Shi Shanshan both stared at the middle-aged scribe with the same unbelievable gaze, and then their bodies fell limply to the ground.

“I will teach you to be good, don’t believe in anyone in the future.” The middle-aged scribe was quite happy. He didn’t know how this two juniors cultivated to the Yuanying stage, and they didn’t even have any experience.

“Boy, go in peace, you beautiful lady, this old man will treat you as a concubine.” The middle-aged scribe said proudly, his face couldn’t hide the ecstasy “You can be fine before you die. See how this old man collects this sword qi. It can be regarded as letting you die in bliss.”

Saying that, the scribe, while laughing loudly, stretched out his hand and pointed at the tip of the phantom of the huge long sword. A drop of blood immediately seeped out from the tip of the scribe’s finger and stained the long sword. The blood originally extends from the bottom of the well to the wellhead, which was very easy to do.

Recognizing a master by a drop of blood, this was the lowest-level way to establish a connection with a magic weapon, which was a few steps worse than the control of the spiritual awareness but it’s better and simple, and it works well. Although it was a temporary recognition of the master, but it can buy time for further sacrificial refining in the future.

The middle-aged scribe was not a guy who doesn’t understand anything. Naturally, he knows that this sword qi has been cultivated here for many years, and it was unrealistic to want to refine it in a short time, so he used this method. As long as the sword qi does not attack him for the time being, there will be hope of being subdued in the future.

As expected by the scribe, as soon as the phantom of the huge long sword saw blood, it seemed as if it had suddenly found its owner. With a flash of light, all the phantoms penetrated into the scribe’s body from where the blood seeped.

When the sword qi entered his body, the scribe’s expression also became cautious, and he stood there cautiously. After a little bit of feeling the sword qi roaming around in his body, after a while, a relieved expression appeared on his face, and a smile appeared on his face.

“Hahahaha!” The scribe began to laugh wildly again, and his mouth began to be maddened by ecstasy again to himself “It has been six hundred years, and finally this old man got this sword qi, hahaha, six hundred years, six hundred years, hahahaha!”

After laughing wildly, the scribe looked down at Yang Chen and Shi Shanshan, who were slumped on the ground. He made no secret of his pride and happiness, and laughed, “I would like to thank you two for solving the six-hundred-year-old mystery for me. I got an answer and a cauldron like a flower jade, this trip has been worthwhile!”

“I forgot to remind senior.” Amid the arrogant laughter of the scribe, Yang Chen, who was supposed to be hanging by a thread with a flying sword pierced through his chest, sat up as if nothing had happened, his voice was calm, where was there any trace of injury?

“This sword qi has been cultivated in the land of metal qi for hundreds of thousands of years. The impurities contained in the metal qi will form a protective shell outside the sword qi. Moreover, these impurities are mixed and impure, and it is very difficult to control.” In the stunned eyes of the scholar, Yang Chen smiled and got up, and said slowly “It would take at least hundreds of years or longer to refine these impurities, but senior have volunteered to use your physical bodies to try them out. Attracting it with flesh and blood saves a lot of effort, thank you!”

Not only Yang Chen, but Shi Shanshan next to him stood up as if nothing had happened, and showed no signs of being restrained. The performance of the two of them made the middle-aged scribe in the Dacheng stage not dare to look westward at all, could it be that everything he saw was fake?

To be honest, Shi Shanshan was also a little strange, Yang Chen has clearly been pierced in his chest, how can he be so relaxed? However, Yang Chen had previously hinted that Shi Shanshan should wait and see the change. Shi Shanshan absolutely trusted Yang Chen and followed suit. Now that Yang Chen sat up unscathed, she was naturally happy.

Hearing Yang Chen’s words, Shi Shanshan couldn’t help but chuckle in her heart. Everything was under the control of this husband of her own family. She didn’t know how this middle-aged scribe, who thought he was in control of everything, was feeling at the moment.

However, it was clear that the scribe had no time to investigate why Yang Chen did not die from the pierce in his chest. He had already discovered the abnormality in his body, and his face became ugly.

Ah ah ah! A shrill cry came from the scribe’s mouth, as if he was suffering some kind of extreme pain, and a large bag would keep swelling up on his body, and then collapsed again. Here and there, here and there, constantly appearing.

Chi chi chi, continuous voices sounded from the scribe, blood appeared from the scribe’s mouth, and then a bright light flew out from the blood, bringing up bursts of blood mist.

The bright lights that flew out only flew a few steps away before being swallowed up by a dragon shadow that appeared from nowhere. This kind of impurity of supreme sword qi was Xiao Tian’s favorite delicacy. It was simply a natural tonic, especially after the nourishment of the flesh and blood of the master of the Dacheng stage, it was even more delicious.

In addition to screaming, the middle-aged scribe could only helplessly watch his body pierced by the sword qi, and the sword qi that flew out was swallowed up by the Xiao Tian. Every shot of sword qi will take away a lot of the scribe’s vitality. Slowly, the scribe’s voice became lower and lower, and then there was no sound.