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Just now, those people had taken quite a bit of advantage from Li Tian, and the boss had also taken quite a bit of advantage from them. However, after those people had eaten a good meal, the boss would definitely sell a lot of things at this place, if it was in the past, the boss would definitely not sell so many things, and even the current owner would know that this moment was not bad, so he personally picked up a jug of wine and sat opposite Li Tian. Li Tian knew that the boss would want to talk to him, so he made the boss sit down at the table.

It was all given to him by the owner. Tonight, Li Tian had spent a lot of money on this place, so it was natural for him to give him a few dishes, even if he wanted to give him some dishes, it would be given to him, because normally, there was no such good business in this place. Li Tian looked at the boss's big stomach, the boss was the chef and owner here, for such a small shop, it was basically the same for these small restaurants, if they could find a few more chefs, they would probably not be able to make ends meet.

Looking at Mister's expression, you probably don't eat at our place, I'll tell you the truth, of course our place is pretty good, don't think that the food here is not clean, honestly speaking, the food here is definitely very clean, even much better than the food in those big restaurants, those big restaurants only look good on the outside, in fact they aren't new, in order to maintain their height, they might buy some breeding stuff and directly mix you in, anyway, you guys can't even eat them, just look at the things here, they are basically all different sizes, how could you choose these things? "Because of this reason, if you want to eat some good food, you have to come to our place. Drinking our place's original bar is much better than those bottles, these things were just brewed, they came out early in the morning, and were transported to this place in the evening, it's much better than those bottles of wine, although the price is a lot cheaper, but the taste will definitely not be bad, I've been working here for many years, and also sold a lot of things, of course, I know these things very well, they definitely won't harm any of the customers, otherwise, my business here can't be so good, you can be assured that there won't be any problems with eating here."

Speaking of this matter, the boss was actually very angry. There were many people outside saying that the food here was not clean, and they even said that the food here couldn't be eaten. The boss really wanted to smelly and beat them up. Some of them were spies sent out by the big hotels, and it was too good to see the sale on their side. Therefore, to slander them, some of them were the neighbors, and the so-called 'peers are enemies', which was said for all of them. As long as the boss was in a bad mood, then their sales would be much better, and they would be able to sell food all around here. If they could close down one or two stores, there would be a lot of customers here, especially the stevedore workers just now.

And those fishermen, they are all regular customers here, as long as this place closes, they would at most mutter a few words, and tomorrow they will go to another restaurant to eat, they are not loyal, and because of this, they can live here very well, so they only have this idea, as long as I can make this place close, the remaining matters can be slowly discussed, as for the future, Li Tian did not think, it is just a small restaurant, but actually can look like that, it is really hard to do anything for these people, it seems like those fishermen aren't simple, it's just not good to live their lives, it's just not that they should be able to discuss, as to not think about it.

Li Tian smiled and nodded his head, then told the boss a few funny things. The boss was smiling at the moment, and although the boss was watching over a restaurant, honestly, although he did not relax, he still had to go out to buy things in the morning, which was when the fishing boats came back. If you went too slowly, the good stuff on the boat might not even reach you, so the boss would definitely want to snatch them away as soon as possible, so other than the boss, there were two waiters, the boss's wife and son. The boss did not want the boss's son to do this kind of work, but it was really too dangerous outside.

The crime rate in this city was very high, so it was better to stay at home. Since there were more officials going in and out of the city, and the security was slightly better here, the boss would not allow his son to go out to work, especially for those who could not afford to eat, as he would be able to do everything he wanted to do in the city. Since there was no way to go out to work, he dismissed his son from the shop and let his son work here.

Of course, the boss had his own concerns, as this place was not a safe place, and there would often be a fight going on around, especially amongst these competitors, who would do anything to achieve their own goals. For these competitors, if they could kick the boss out, then that would be the happiest thing, and now these guys clearly understood that if they could leave this place empty, their customers would at least have three levels more each day, because the boss was not a scammer.

If those people did not come, they would have made a loss. Just as Li Tian was speaking, a few people wearing flowery shirts walked in, these people did not look too good, they should be here to collect protection fees, and every time Li Tian came out to eat, he would be able to bump into these people, they were gangs by the sea. The boss would pat Li Tian's shoulders, telling him not to make a sound, the boss would personally go and take care of them, these people only dared to come out at night. As long as the officials were not happy, they could send these people to the prison with just a phone call. However, if they pointed it out, there would be no one else in the room, although Li Tian was sitting here, but these people did not care about him at all. Li Tian was just a middle class person, he had not been sent to the prison by such a strong middle class person.

If you didn't give them money, they would have to give you some money. If you didn't give them money, then you wouldn't know what these people would want to do, and because of this, the boss usually lives a very careful life, and if you spend too much money, then it's not a joke, so the boss is very careful when doing these things, and he can't give you too much money. If these people want 500 yuan, then you can only give them 300 yuan.

The boss's son had brought a kitchen knife out, and every time these people appeared, the boss' son would want to fight them with all his might. Li Tian quickly went up to suppress this young lad, and it seemed like this young lad was also relatively young, if he had grown a bit more in terms of social construction, he would probably not be so impulsive. If you wanted to use a kitchen knife on these people, do you know what was hidden in their sleeves? People's sleeves were filled with steel tubes. If you could feel it, one steel tube could easily kill you. This kind of thing was definitely possible, so it was better to be honest about these things.

I already knew that you wouldn't be able to control it, and that you were almost tricked in the past, and this is the only situation we have now, so you better behave and be honest with me, because if you still want to continue to stay here, you better forget about it. If you still want to do this kind of thing, then don't blame me if I beat you to death, I don't want you to continue working in this place, you should go and do your own thing. Do you think these people are all good men and women? Besides, they've solved a lot of difficulties for us. Without these people, do you know how much protection money we would have to pay every day? So these people are very useful. If they don't have enough funds, their subordinates will definitely go somewhere else, and even if they want to protect you at that time, they will have no way of doing so. If this place has more gangs, do you know what the result would be? What can those gangs do to us? "You don't know anything about this, so you'd better be honest and don't go too far on this matter. Otherwise, I won't let you off."

Li Tian never thought that the seemingly loyal boss would actually say such words. In fact, this was a very normal thing for the boss to say, but since he was able to say such things, it meant that the boss had a clear understanding of society. The current society was just like this, if you did not give these people protection fees, how would you know what kind of things the boss would do next? So the money had to be handed over to someone else. If you didn't pay honestly, you didn't know what would happen next. What if there was a fight in this place, what if all the tourists heard about it?

Many people would not come here anymore, even though they were dealing in workers, it had nothing to do with the tourists. As long as the tourists did not come here, then the entire city's economy would collapse, and once the entire city's economy collapsed, would it benefit them? If you don't even know this, then all these years you've lived in vain. And because of this, the boss doesn't like the temperament of his son, because the temperament of his son is really too good. If his son doesn't change this, who knows what his son will become in the future, so when the boss talks about this matter, he wants to push his son into the sea and let him roam around in the sea. He knows how difficult this world is.

For the current situation, there were many things that were difficult to solve. For example, if this fellow was exposed to the darkness of society, how would he be able to persevere in the future? Was this the end of it? If this matter really ended like this, then there were many things that were easier said than done. However, this matter could not end like this. Even if this fellow left this hotel, would he not be able to meet him anywhere else in society? Therefore, Li Tian patted the old shopkeeper's arm. Don't let this guy be too calculative, this is how society is now, even if you can't enter this place, you would still encounter this in other places.

It was also because of this thought that when this happened, Li Tian also picked up his own wine cup. Everyone should just drink here, and not care about the rest of the things that happened, because we couldn't care less about the things that happened, especially the people who were collecting protection fees outside, the old shop manager's son was extremely angry, he drank up the entire wine cup, and in the eyes of his son, when encountering such things, we should fight back and not give them money. Today's turnover was around 6,000 yuan, if not for Li Tian's 2000 yuan, then it would only be 4,000 yuan, and not 1,000 yuan. Therefore, this amount of money was also very small, if he were to give them another few hundred dollars …

The boss really did not have much money left. After all, the boss's family of three were all in this place, and it was for this reason that the boss did not become rich in the recent years. According to the surrounding shops, the boss must have bought a house somewhere else, otherwise how could he continue working here? Towards these rumors, the boss did not know what to say, because the boss truly did not have much money. Under these circumstances, the boss was still diligently working hard, Li Tian admired the boss, if Li Tian managed to do business in this way, he would have to close this place long ago. He did not have the time to continue to wait upon these people, since he could not earn much money, why should he take the blame? Because of this, the boss's son didn't want to do this anymore. The boss wanted his son to continue running the business here, but it seemed impossible now, because the boss's son didn't like this place and didn't want to earn too much money here. The boss's son had his own dream, which was to sell this place.

He then went to another place to live, because this place was not the boss's son's dream, thus after this incident, the boss also felt that his son had gone too far, but if he did not let his son have a dream, then it would be equivalent to killing his son's dreams. When the son had finished speaking, the boss really did not know what to say, that night, the boss had already closed the shop, and at the entrance of the pub, the boss met another table, and drank another cup with Li Tian. The surrounding scenery was also pretty good.

As for the big hotels, the nightlife might not be over by now. After all, there were a lot of people who came out to those places and wanted to eat supper, but they would definitely not come to this place, if they were willing to come to this place, then they would definitely not be disappointed. However, since those people had their own places to eat supper, they would always look for more expensive places, such as restaurants that were open 24 hours a day, which were the places where they would eat supper. If they were asked to come to this place, they would definitely not come to this place. It was precisely because of this that when Li Tian was doing this, everyone was extremely shocked, but when Li Tian was also thinking about it, they all realized that it was about to be day time, and those people were about to board the ship.

Li Tian was almost done waiting at this place. Seeing those people come out, he smiled and greeted the few big brothers from last night. Those few big brothers were really shocked. He thought that Li Tian would just be here to take a look, but Li Tian really wanted to board the ship. Since it was like this, then there was nothing much to say, and Li Tian had already paid a thousand yuan in advance, so those people had already started to finish his breakfast. Last night, they had drank quite a bit, if they did not eat some food in the morning, then there would be no solution, so these people started to untie the ropes, eating while working.
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