Chapter 81: Disaster Mode, ON!

Chapter 81: Disaster Mode, ON!

In the Miracle system, at the portal that connected the 4th planet from the 3rd planet.

Now, the square beside the portal was being heavily guarded. If someone wanted to enter they must go through DNA testing. There was a high tower on the side of the square closer to the portal where the twelve representatives of the permanent member countries were seated.

Han carried his bag into the square, found a remote corner and stood there. About 100 thousand soldiers will enter the extinction domain. The majority of them don’t have alternate dimension storage, so they were all carrying bag of varying sizes, and Han wasn’t really conspicuous in the crowd.

However, this situation did not last long. Many fighters held a photo of Han and were looking for him. After all, his head was worth a billion GC which was without question an enormous share of wealth for young espers. As long as they could kill Han in the relic, they can live the rest of their lives comfortably.

Han didn’t try to hide because of this. The world has always been this way, whatever should come will come eventually, and there’s no way around it. Prior to coming to the A-19, Han was already clear of the situation he would be facing.

Time passed slowly. After about an hour, all contestants finally gathered, and those representatives of the 12 permanent member countries sat on the high stage, looking at those present young people from above.

Because the Milky Way Meet was held on Mang Republic’s territory this time, it was Prime Minister Doyle who was asked to give the speech.

First, there was obviously a speech encouraging young contestants to fight bravely, but when Doyle got to the most important part about rewards, everyone at the scene raised their ears and started to them listen carefully.

Doyle with the goatee said with a smile, “Now, we will get to the rewards which you guys all care the most about. As everyone knows, A-7, A-19, A-21, these three extinction domains have always been the battlefield for you young people. Where the young espers of Milky Way spread your wings and get recognized by the entire Milky Way!”

“Besides fame, we also prepared generous rewards for you guys!”

“The rules stay the same, all blueprints, pedigree, intelligent tools, must be handed to the Alliance, the rest of the loots will be divided equally between you and the Alliance! Things like plants and minerals, regardless of how much you bring out, they all belong to you!”

“Among the 3 relics that only allow young espers to enter, A-19 has the highest output of goods. Everyone here is extremely lucky. From the first day this relic was opened, as long as they got out of there alive, no one has returned empty-handed!”

Everyone began to get excited, taking such a big risk to enter the ruins, honor was one thing, but more people came here for the benefits. As to the distribution rules, to be simply put, the most important output needed to be handed to the Alliance, the second most valuable output will be divided between the Alliance and the contestant, and the least important ones will be given to the espers.

With a sudden change in tone, Doyle said seriously, “Since things like blueprints, even if you take it out of the relic you will have to hand them to the Alliance, you guys might think that it’s meaningless to even go look for these.”

“But if that’s the case, then you will be very wrong. As long as you can bring out the blueprints, any future profit that comes with the blueprint, you will earn 2% of it. In addition, the final ranking for this exploration will be based on the quality and quantity of loots that you can bring out.”

“According to the latest rules of the Alliance, the rewards of this exploration event are doubled.”

“The first 300 soldiers will each receive a frigate as reward! The top 100 soldiers will gain a destroyer as reward! The top 30 soldiers will be each rewarded a cruiser! The top 10 will each be rewarded a battleship! The top 3 will each be rewarded a Dreadnought ranked battleship! The first place esper will be rewarded an aircraft carrier!”


This time the atmosphere became thoroughly boiled, the soldiers were screaming as if they got chicken blood injected into them.

The reward specification exactly doubled! Last time, Ke Lake came in 9th place and was only rewarded a frigate, and if he’s ranked 9th this time, he would’ve gotten a battleship!

Battleships were the absolute main force of all major imperial fleets, costing a few hundred million or even more than a billion GC!

As for the Dreadnoughts rewarded to the top 3, it was the enhanced version of battleship-class starships, one ship could carry one hundred thousand crewmembers, and it costed tens of billions of GC!

As for the aircraft carrier, among the 13 thousand human nations in the entire Milky Way, no more than 30 were in possession of one. The majority were under the command of the 12 permanent members, and its cost was not less than 50 billion GC!

The Milky Way Meet this year was actually preparing to reward the first place esper a powerful aircraft carrier? That was no longer a matter of money, because carriers required the most advanced technology out of all the battleships. Only the 12 permanent members could manufacture these high level ships. Although other countries also had carriers, they were all given by the 12 permanent members.

Han smiled, if you take out a blueprint you can earn 2% of the profit, this was equally amazing. In theory, if the blueprint was for an advanced piece of artillery, then if people manufactured it and sold it in the future, you could earn probably around a few hundred thousand GC for each unit, and if they make ten thousand a year and make billions of GC of profit, then you can earn a hundred million as well. It will be the same digits of earning every year from then on.

The Milky Way was really a place where profit comes first. Every pressure exam, billions of young soldiers put their lives on the line just to get into the finals, totally disregarding the risk of dying just for this enormous potential profit.

At the square, all soldiers were fired up, maybe because of the attraction of enormous interests, the attention on Han decreased a bit, but that was still not good. Among the 100 thousand opponents, even if there was 10 thousand, a thousand, or even a hundred people that were deliberately wanting to kill Han, that was already enough for him to deal with.

Doyle felt that the atmosphere and moral had been pumped up to a good level. He raised his hands up high to gesture silence, and said in a deep voice, “Now I, representing the Milky Way Alliance, officially announce the A-19 Extinction Domain exploration event has begun!”

“There’s only one road ahead of you guys, and it is the advance bravely!”

“The entire Milky Way is watching you guys! And looking forward to your wonderful performance!”

“Representing the most outstanding espers in Milky Way, I believe that you are all the best!”


When the portal was activated, the giant army of 100 thousand espers entered, following the order of the score ranking of the previous pressure exam. Han was coincidently in the middle, but the ones at the very front are those espers that were ranked low. After all, in the extremely dangerous extinction domain, putting the weakest at the front was meant for them to be used as sacrifices.

But at this moment, everyone has all been dazzled by the bright future portrayed by Doyle, no one could stop them, and they were all fighting to get in first. No one realized that in the past exploration events, the survival rate was never higher than 50%. In other words, out of the 100 thousand participants, at least 50 thousand will die inside the extinction domain.

Han followed the crowd and entered the portal. The technology used to construct the portal was kind of like the transition engine, and it was also setting up a channel between the two points. It was just that this portal, called a star gate, was fixed in position.

The circular center of the star gate was the intermediate point between time and space, like a water curtain, people won’t feel anything crossing, but the scene in front of them will suddenly change.

Han found himself by the side of a deep cave going down, a few meters in front under his foot was a bottomless pit, and above sat four giant sculptures.

The sculptures were over ten thousand meters high, depicting the image of four soldiers. They all inserted the sharp sword in their hand into the cave. With cold eyes, one of them were occupying the north, south, east, and west corners. All the soldiers coming in made the scene reminiscent of ants at the food of four gods, being tightly stared down by them.

What surprised Han more was, the method to entering the relic is was actually jumping straight into the abyss!

He just saw those overly excited young espers shouting loudly, then suddenly jumped into the bottomless abyss, soon disappearing into the darkness.

What should come will eventually come, and now that he was already here, why the hell was he still hesitating?

Han gritted his teeth, went back a few steps, then suddenly exerted force through his legs and started sprinting.

Rushed into the air, Han quickly grabbed something back from his backpack and held it in his hand.


At the same time, he also opened the automatic drug kit that was tied to his left arm.


One hundred thousand young fighters have all entered the star gate, and all 12 representatives were preparing to leave. Each of them had a laptop with them. A number and a map full of red dots on the screen showed the number of survivors in the A-19.

In extinction domains, communication signals were blocked, and the only useable signal was a life signal, which collected the life ripples of soldiers to predict how many soldiers were still alive.

On the screen, the red dots were rapidly decreasing, each red bot represented the life of an esper. Maybe they were killed by dark beasts, maybe they were murdered by other contestants, or unfortunately stepped on a trap in the relic and died. Other than the witnesses at the scene, no one could possible know.

“Isn’t this speed a bit too quick! The A-19 was just activated for a minute, and we already lost 1000 soldiers?!” Prime Minister Owen from the Griffith Federal shouted in a hoarse voice.

Not just him, everyone had noticed that the death of soldiers in this event far exceeded the past exploration events. About 20 thousand espers jumped down the cave, and of those people, 1300 instantly died from something.

“It just passed 3000! Shit! Something’s not right! We must stop those soldiers that got into the star gate but haven’t jumped into the extinction domain yet. There seems to be a mutation inside the domain!”

“Stop those who haven’t entered? Then what happened to the people that already entered? Leave them to die?!”

“We can first investigate the situation to see what’s wrong first, then let the remaining group enter. The situation right now is very abnormal; the fatality rate is exponentially higher than the rate in the past!”

“Stop arguing! Just when you guys were talking, we have already lost 5000 soldiers!”

“That can’t be right! 3 minutes, 5000 people?! Don’t they know that when they just entered the relic, they need to team up and kill enemies instead of starting to kill each other?!”

No one answered, the entire scene was silent.

How did those participants not know that when they just enter the relic, they will encounter the attack of a wave of dark beasts? Based on past experiences, the stronger the dark beasts, the deeper they will hide in the relic, and those that were guarding at the entrance could rarely post a big threat to the huge number of human soldiers entering together.

But this time was apparently different from the past. In just 3 minutes, 5 thousand soldiers were killed, and this extraordinary rate could only mean one thing: a huge problem appeared inside the extinction domain!

But what could be the problem?

“Everyone went in, and 10 thousand people were already killed…” The Prime Minister Pastore of the Gainlead Republic swallowed a deep breath and said with a pale face, “It has only been 5 minutes, and the death rate is already at 10%, I’m afraid that this year’s Milky Way Meet will be an unprecedented catastrophe…”

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