Chapter 457: The Death Star!

Chapter 457: The Death Star!

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The brink of death felt strange and magical. The past flashed across Han’s mind and he felt at peace.

Suddenly, a powerful energy entered Han’s body and set off a wave of motion. It was the Dragon Energy from Black Egg. Dragon Energy was the highest level of energy in the universe!

An unprecedented situation had happened. The changes in Han’s body were breathtaking.

The reason for Han’s gradual death was unrelated to his action of igniting his life energy. It was more because Han had ignited many types of energies at the same time.

Dark energy, Source Energy, Plant energy, Golden lineage energy from the Beasts in addition to Soul Power and life energy!

These different energies conflicted with each other and attacked each other in Han’s body. Ultimately, it led to cellular failure within his body.

Now, the situation has changed again. Dragon Energy had also joined the chaotic battle between the energies.

Also, the Dragon Energy from Black Egg was not pure. For some unknown reason, Black Egg possessed the lineage and energies of the four different major types of Dragons – Evil, Sacred, Destruction and Mystic.

Thus, there were more than ten different types of energies within Han’s body!

Was there anyone who had ever achieved that before Han?


Absolutely not!

And there will never be!

This was the perfect example of chance and coincidence!

The magical mixed Dragon Energy from the four major types of Dragons instantly suppressed the six energies within Han. Black Egg then input Dragon Energy with all his might into Han. The energy index of Dragon Energy rose at an insane speed and suppressed the other six energies.

The gentle plant energy was the first to give up. After just a few minutes, the energy from the Dragon Spirit Grass was absorbed and suppressed by Dragon Energy.

At this moment, there was a change in the Dragon Energy because the plant energy had been infused into the mixed energy of the four major dragons.

The Red Source energy and Dark energy were also forcefully integrated by Dragon Energy. Dragon Energy then turned into a strange mixture energy comprised of seven types of energy.

The energy from igniting life energy was suppressed and became silent. In the end, only the energy from the Golden Beasts continued to resist.

The insanely strong Dragon Energy swallowed the residual Golden Beasts energy in one gulp and peace was finally restored within Han’s body.

There was a spiritual connection between Han and Black Egg. Thus, there was no conflict between Han’s Soul Power and Black Egg’s Dragon Energy. The burning of life energy had ceased and the entire process seemed like a complex and special chemical fission.

Ultimately, all the energies returned to the zero-degree brain region of Han. Han had acquired an unique energy system which no one could surpass.

Plant, human, beasts, dragon…the energy system of four races, all connected!

Han sat up as if he had woken up from a dream. He found Yuan Yuan and Black Egg lying in his arms. Black Egg was weak but peaceful, he looked up at Han and pushed his chubby head into Han’s chest.

This was unimaginable in the past. Black Egg was so arrogant, and he always looked high and mighty. Now he was sleeping in the arms of Han like Silver Fox? He seemed to be sleeping well too. It was incredible.

Yuan Yuan could not shed tears or he would have been covered in tears. The catastrophe which Han had faced caused Yuan Yuan to be filled with anxiety.

After Han finally calmed Yuan Yuan down. Yuan Yuan began to tell Han the happenings. As a top-level robot, the electronic eyes of Yuan Yuan could record images. He showed Han the real body of Black Egg and his actions where he desperately tried to save Han. Han was deeply touched.

Han stroked his fingers gently across Black Egg’s back. He smiled and said, "It’s all thanks to you."

Surprisingly, Han did not question why Black Egg was a dragon and such a peculiar type of dragon. If it was someone else, that might be the focus of their attention.

But Han did not care. Was it important what Black Egg was?

Of course not!

Even if Black Egg was an ordinary kitten or puppy, Han would continue to like him and care for him. Thus, Han did not care what Black Egg was. He only cared about what he did.

"Master, you have levelled up in your sleep." Yuan Yuan suddenly recalled and said to Han.

Then, he showed Han another video which contained the happenings after Black Egg had saved Han.

Colorful lights burst out of Han’s body. The lights were brilliant, after which, eight stars flew across the galaxy.

Han had achieved the eighth star which symbolized the super warlord!

Han had looked forward to this day for a long time. Unfortunately, Han’s experiences were so absurd that at such a glorious moment, Han was asleep.

"Yes. No wonder my body is so light. When we get back, I need to use the 9527’s testing machine and see what my energy index is." Han smiled and said to himself, "Oh yeah, Yuan Yuan, don’t tell anyone about Black Egg’s matters. After all his appearance is kind of strange. It would be bad if it scared everyone."

Yuan Yuan nodded obediently.

Kind of strange?

Han’s words were stranger!

The genes of the four major dragons had appeared together on Black Egg! This was not strange, it was a miracle of nature! It was a stranger and stronger genetic mutation than even those who gained a third eye!

"This feels nice." Han held Black Egg in his arms. Yuan Yuan, who was missing a leg, sat on his shoulder.

Even though Han was sad that Yuan Yuan had lost a leg, fortunately, robots ultimately depended on their logic chips and processors. As long as there was no damage to the core components of Yuan Yuan, all other damages could be repaired.

Yuan Yuan smiled happily while Black Egg weakly hummed. He had no more energy and was tired even after blinking his eyes.

"Everything will become better. Believe me, there’s an old saying on Earth… One who survived great disasters is destined for fortune." Han said to Yuan Yuan and Black Egg.

He walked to the ninth level of the Golden Tower.


A golden light shone down and enveloped Han’s entire body. Next, a light screen was activated.

A blood red ring appeared on Han’s hand. The words on the light screen congratulated Han on killing the Three-Eye White Ghost. As a rare genius of the Golden family, Han was invited to immediately cross the Wall of Sorrow and to reunite with the family in the Western Region. The family would bestow upon his glory and rewards.

Han shook his head. It seemed like the system had identified him as a member of the Golden family because his body contained the powers of the Golden Family. Whatever, Han did not care about the identity of Black Egg, nor did he care about who others viewed him. He was simply Han.

He kept the Blood Time Ring and woke Black Egg up. Han pointed to the rewards on the screen and said, "Black Egg, choose what you want. If it can make you healthy again, everything is yours. I do not want anything."


Black Egg was close to tears again, his small golden eyes blinked. Why did Silver Fox, Blue Star and Yuan Yuan loyally follow Han? It was because Han treated them really well!

Now, Black Egg could also feel the care and concern from Han. It felt good to be cared for by a person. Black Egg wished that he could forever lie in Han’s arms. To conquer the world? When he was with Han, he felt as warm as family. Furthermore, could he live a better life than this if he conquered the world?

Under the encouragement of Han, Black Egg picked a few gems to replenish his energy. Han did not hesitate. He exchanged all the gems which Black Egg chose and was true to his words. He was willing to bring Black Egg to health at all costs.

Black Egg was shocked, he curled up in Han’s arms. When Han asked him to pick some more food to replenish his energy, Black Egg refused. He knew that whatever he chose, Han would exchange for him. He would continue until he used up all the points he had gained from the life and death battle.

With no choice, Han could only flip to the back pages of the light screen. He wanted to see what was the most expensive object on the ninth floor.

When the light screen stopped moving, Han was dazed. This thing…

Twin-Horse galaxy, New Earth.

It was break time, but Long Chuan gathered all the higher-ups to the meeting room.

After everyone has arrived, Long Chuan turned on the light screen. To the shock of everyone, a godly starship appeared on the screen.

"What is this?" Li Yu asked in confusion. "There is no such starship within our starship blueprint collection. It seemed to be bigger than the our largest hyper carrier. But this starship is not a carrier but a gunship. The biggest Phoenix Juggernaut Class space ship we have is like a sperm cell in comparison to this monstrosity."

"Long Chuan, where did you obtain this blueprint?"

Long Chuan looked at everyone and said in a low voice, "I did not obtain this Blueprint, it appeared in my room."

"Just now, when I was about to rest in my room, I found a disc on my table. When I opened the disc, I saw this unimaginable super starship. So I called an emergency meeting."

"Han! It must be Han! No one else would be so secretive. This meant that Han is alive!" Li Yu jumped up emotionally and shouted, "I knew that Han would not die! He must be in some trouble and cannot show himself. But he is watching us from the dark!"

Long Chuan nodded and said, "Yes, that’s what I thought. Obviously, Han secretly delivered this blueprint because he is unsatisfied with the current quality and size of our starships. He would like us to create a starship which is stronger than the super carrier and Juggernaut class.

"Yuan Quan, He Feng, Old Mo. You are all technology experts, would we able to build this starship?

The internet within the meeting room was connected. They all took up the tablets in front of them and carefully examined the data and functions on the blueprint.

"It’s very difficult. The technology is too advanced. I have never seen a starship like this, but we could try."

"We would need to increase the number of robot army. If we want to make a gigantic starship like this, we need to be prepared to use all the resources in Twin-Horse Galaxy."


Everyone took in a long breath. Use all the resources in Twin-Horse Galaxy? One must know that Twin-Horse Galaxy was even bigger than the Milky Way! It was comprised of tens of billions of galaxies and numerous asteroid and meteorite regions!

All the resources of Twin-Horse Galaxy would be needed to make this starship? That’s ridiculous!

Old Mo pondered for a long time before he frowned and said, "I believe in the power of the robots and our brothers. But I think this thing is not a starship but a destruction weapon we have never seen before. Its enormous firepower was not designed for battle, but more for destruction."

Everyone looked at Long Chuan. He lightly nodded and flipped to the first page of the Blue print. He pointed to the words on the page and said, "You are right. This thing is not a starship. It is the Death Star!"