Chapter 459: Time Travel

Chapter 459: Time Travel

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The isolated ancient battlefield had made everyone lose their breaths. Bugs and square-faced corpses filled the whole ocean. The powerful pirate group, Dragon Gate Flying Feather, were also beaten into a bad condition after they broke into their territory. There were dead bodies marked with their emblem in the ocean.

"There is something wrong here!" 9527 was holding a bunch of equipment and yelled, "We arrived at the front side of the universe, but we couldn’t detect the signal of the Dark Net any more! What happened?!"

"Because we have traveled through time." Pluto said slowly.

"Time?!" Everyone looked at Pluto as if this mysterious guy knew something.

"Yes, time." Pluto glanced everyone around and said heavily, "The so-called Dark Net is a kind of code name referring to four different periods. The East represents the present, the West represents nirvana, the South represents the prehistoric era, and the North represents the beginning."

"Didn’t you find it? What brought us into that thing is the Blood Time Ring, not the Blood Dimension Ring. We just crossed the time. As for the Dark Net, there was no such thing during the Nirvana Era. The Dark Universe hasn’t existed yet."

"The time we just experienced was 1764.335 trillion years ago."

9527 was shocked and confused.

Han looked at his empty hands, the Blood Time Ring had disappeared after they travelled through here.

"What the heck! We travelled through time?"

"This is freaking awesome!"

"Nirvana Era? What was there during that time? What are those square-faced men and those bugs?"

Something unexpected happened. After knowing they traveled though time, everyone seemed excited and kept asking Pluto questions instead of feeling panic, as if they came here for a trip.

"I want to open your brain and see what’s inside!" 9527 said frustrated.

He had no clue how these goofy guys found such a horrible thing exciting! How the heck was traveling through time exciting? It’s all messed up!

Pluto said slowly, "They are not square-faced men, they are the King Kong clan--the strongest force during the Nirvana Era. In terms of those bugs, they are the enemy.

"Let’s go, we are going to meet with the King Kong Clan. Ke Lake, I need to know which city around here the King Kong Clan is staying at."

When Ke Lake was about to fly into the air and check, Silver Fox jumped out and pointed at the direction for everyone. He had the plant energy which could lead them to the city where the King Kong Clan was.

Walking over thousands of bugs and dead bodies of King Kong Clan warriors, Han’s team was approaching the city of the King Kong Clan along the coastline.

Han kept asking Pluto all along the trip. Interestingly enough, although Pluto was very impatient and was resenting to explain the details to other people, he did explain everything to Han, which made 9527 a bit angry.

According to Pluto, before the existence of the Dark Net, the insect clan and the human race were the two strongest races in the universe, and the strongest force from the human race was the dignified King Kong Clan.

The King Kong Clan was famous for their courage, but they also had an obvious flaw—their straightforward brain. They tended to keep fighting without having a strategy.

When the crew saw the city of King Kong Clan, they all lost their voice.

The city was actually built on the back of a beast. From the coastline to the snow capped mountains at the far end of the horizon, the beast\'s body was thousands of kilometers long.

The beast looked like a leopard with wings who was now lying on the ground with his eyes closed.

A steel city was built on the beast’s body. Streets, walls, and houses were all casted with steel so that they could be kept from collapsing whenever the beast moved.

The square-faced King Kong Clan hung down thousands of ladders from the city, the surrounding prairie were full of their tents. Millions or even tens of millions of warriors gathered beside the beast and the steel city.

"It’s an prehistoric star beast, before the time that the transition engine was invented, all intelligent creatures traveled through the universe with the help of the giant star beasts. Unfortunately, giant star beasts perished in later years and only some lower-level small star beasts were left. Many of those have lost their ability to transition-jump space." Pluto explained slowly as if he knew all of this before.

Everyone was following Pluto to the city of the King Kong Clan with suspicion. They met a sentry on their way. After seeing a group of strangers and a child from walking with them, the sentry yelled out and sneaked back to the city.

The square-faced boy didn’t say anything. It was, indeed, like what Pluto said, this little guy wasn’t sensitive to what was going on around. He didn’t even show excitement or closeness when he saw his fellow from the tribe.

Nobody stopped them while they were walking, although more and more warriors from the King Kong Clan started to follow behind them. Han started getting a bit nervous, yet Pluto still kept walking ahead and completely didn’t think about whether these warriors would attack them.

Han saw the Flying Feather Dragon Gate group outside of the tented camps. They seemed to be in a fight with the King Kong Clan.

There was a fortification built with metal outside of the King Kong Clan‘s tented camps, which looked like the barricades used during the ancient war. Jin Dragon Gate was yelling outside of the barricades with his surviving minions. However, the King Kong Clan didn’t really take them seriously in the camp.

Soon, King Kong Clan sent out some a troop of warriors that almost had the same number of that of the Jin Dragon Gate, as if they were on purpose.

Jin Dragon Gate shouted at them, "You want us to leave? Don’t even think about it! This isn’t settled yet!"

"Brothers, kill them again!"

Soon, the troop from the Dragon Gate Flying Feather were going to fight with those from the King Kong Clan. Pluto said slowly, "Han, stop this battle!"

Han nodded and opened the Void End from his right hand suddenly.


All the superpowers from both troops were deprived all the sudden. Thousand of warriors from the camps far away all went into chaos instantly once they found their superpower was gone.

"What brought you here?" Jin Dragon Gate looked back since he found something went wrong. He then saw Han’s team and started to yell at them.

"Not your business." Pluto replied heavily.


At this time, the barricade outside of the camps was removed by the warriors. There was a middle-aged man with a fur cloak and two black horns on his head. Millions of warriors followed behind him.


After the middle-aged man called out the square-faced boy’s name, 9527 let go of his hand. The little boy looked at 9527 and walked to the man step by step.


The middle-aged man slapped hard in the boy’s face. Han was guessing he might be the boy’s father. It was such a rare thing for a father to greet his son like this, the King Kong Clan was indeed interesting.

The boy looked up to his father, and also slapped him in the face, too. His slap was so harsh that it even changed his father’s face color. Later on, they hugged and laughed together, all the warriors around them were so happy as well.

Qumo pointed at Han\'s group and was explaining the details. He said he was saved by this group of people.

The middle-aged man was in shock. Without saying anything, he rushed to hug every single person from Han\'s group. Although there weren’t many people in Han’s team, more than five hundred people took him over an hour to finish. He was so determined.

Han could see the sincerity from this middle-aged man’s eyes and facial expression.


This middle-aged man finally spoke out two words after a period of silence, which was completely different than his hospitable characteristics. He was leading everyone to the city while holding Pluto’s and Han’s hand on each side.

Jin Dragon Gate was surprised that nobody actually came up to them.

Han said to the middle-aged man after thinking for a while, "We know these people too, is there any misunderstanding?"

The middle-aged man was shock and gave at Jin Dragon Gate an unfriendly look. He said heavily, "Misunderstanding."

Afterwards, the middle-aged man walked to the Jin Dragon Gate and said slowly after checking out his hundreds of warriors that were still alive, "Are you still going to fight?"

Jin Dragon Gate stared at him, "You haven’t told me why you killed my people yet?"

"War, misunderstanding. " The middle-aged man said word-by-word, "Are you still going to fight?"

Han almost lost his patience. How could this King Kong Clan be so stubborn that they kept saying the same thing again and again.

At this moment, Lu Shui Qiulin frowned his brows and took a couple cough. He asked the Jin Dragon Gate, "What really happened?"

"What do you think is going on? We were caught in the fight between these square-faced people and the bugs right after we crossed through the Wall of Sorrow. We were planning to help them, but we were even attacked by them together with the bugs!"

"They killed the bugs, they even killed our people! Hundreds of warriors from our team are dead already!"

"Afterwards, they finally realized we were human as well, they stopped attacking us, but our brothers were gone!"

"We came for revenge, but they sent their people to fight against us right away! It wasn’t a large group, and it was just the same size of our troop. We kept fighting till now and they didn’t even say a single word. Isn’t this ridiculous?"

Pluto said in a distance, "They have said it, it is a misunderstanding on the battlefield."

"And then?" The Jin Dragon Gate asked.

"And then that’s it. If you don’t buy it, the King Kong Clan would keep fighting with you according to their stubbornness. They would send as many warriors as you have. They won’t take advantage of you, but don’t even think about receiving an apology from them."

Jin Dragon Gate was shocked. What kind of race this is? They are as stubborn as rocks!

Pluto said, "It’s up to you. The King Kong Clan never acknowledges their faults nor takes any revenge. Everything is good as long as you take it as a misunderstanding."

Qumo’s father nodded his head and looked at the Jin Dragon Gate. Everything was clear here, they would keep on fighting if you won’t let it go and stop the fight once you accept that it’s a misunderstanding.

Jin Dragon Gate took a long sigh and said slowly, "How could there be such a stubborn head in this world?"

Pluto said, "The King Kong Clan became the most reliable one among the human race just because of their stubbornness. Only they would fight to the end and never give up. Let’s go, as long as you don’t fight with them any more, you’re their friend."


Qumo‘s father reached out his hand sincerely and said in a deep voice, "Friend!"