Chapter 460: Dragon Hunt

Chapter 460: Dragon Hunt

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Although Jin Dragon Gate did not like Qumo’s father Quqin, he still reluctantly shook Quqin’s hand and let out a deep breath.

The King Kong clan had the reputation of being the Human Rock. It meant that they were hard and stubborn like rocks. Jin Dragon Gate holding a grudge against the King Kong clan was a bad choice on his side. The King Kong clan had a well-known history of never apologizing to anyone. At most they’ll agree that it was a misunderstanding or a mistake, but nothing more.

If anyone was not willing to accept the King Kong clan’s style of apology, then they simply had to fight for their rights.

The group entered the camp and arrived at the grand hall in the town center of a steel city built on the back of a giant star beast.

Han and Jin Dragon Gate repeatedly exclaimed in awe along the way.

Their journey was similar to time travel, and they were now living the tales that could only be found in history books. Anybody would be excited to see artifacts and the demeanor of the ancients.

Pirates will be pirates. Dragon Gate Flying Feather’s group showed the true side of pirates. They were just involved in a battle of death moments ago, and now everyone seemed to have forgotten about vengeance and took an interest in the King Kong clan’s living environment.

Han was one of the few that was deeply worried. He trusted Pluto as there were an unexplained natural intimacy between them that caused Han to trust him upon first glance.

Pluto led everyone on a very evil path, so wicked that even the rascal Han found present events to be incredible. He wished the Pluto would have given everyone an explanation soon, but Pluto was too rushed to give any reasons.

The Fort of Black Iron.

Opposite of the King Kong clan’s General Quqing were the thousands of members from Han and Jin Dragon Gate’s groups.

Quqing was not a talkative, but he had a little dwarf deputy, whose beard was like a molar rat that scattered on both sides and his small eyes rolled around to give people a shrewd impression.

His name was Didis, a member of the wisest ancient human family, the Long Ear clan. The giant ear was very disproportionate to their body, and they were known for their wisdom which had always led them to be a deputy to the King Kong clan, to assist these wonky guys. At least that’s what Didis claimed.

"We are going to the Dragon Valley." Pluto let his intentions be known.

Didis paced back and forth with his hands behind his back, he frowned, "You come from the other side of the Wall of Sorrow. Even though you rescued Qumo and we are grateful for that, but in the end, you are still a bunch of strangers."

"Today the war between Humans and the bugs is reaching its peak, but you want to go to Dragon Valley? Humans should be grateful that Dragons did not participate in the battles. Please be known that although the Dragons are arrogant, their lineage is still closer to the bugs. In the entire universe only the spirit plant family have close ties with Human family. "

"So what is your intention? What if you anger the Dragon family upon entering the Dragon Valley? The consequences will be dire if Dragons also become our enemies."

Pluto replied, "We must enter the Dragon Valley, but not everyone, just him."

"Him? Why him?" Didis stroke his beard.

Pluto looked at Han, "Stand up, let them have a closer look at you."

Han was baffled but he stood up as instructed.

Didis narrowed his eyes and ran to Han’s side to carefully examine him.

Suddenly Didis jerked back and bowed his head in front of Han, then he bowed with a humble posture and slowly retreated. It appeared that he was afraid to provoke Han, and this left Han even more confused.

Didis whispered into Quqing’s ears, his whole body trembled as his eyes widened with bright lights.


Quqing jumped up and gave Han a huge bear hug, then sincerely said, "Welcome back, Giant Star Beast, Dragon Valley, Right away!"

Then Quqing dashed outside the Fort of Black Iron, and screamed at his people with a strange language, a language very similar to Xiao Bao’s.


The Fort of Black Iron built on the back of Giant Star Beast and its millions of King Kong warriors erupted in a strange cheer. It was like the primitive folks celebrating victory. The cheers were so deafening that the grand hall was shaking.


The Giant Star Beast that had been laying on the ground the whole time also let out an unimaginable battle howl. Han and his group could no longer sit in the grand hall as they were shaken out of their seats.


A small size Giant Star Beast heard the summoning and flew across the sky like a meteoroid. As it got bigger Han finally saw the Giant Star Beast had a length of several hundred kilometers. This demon appeared to be the child of the one carrying Fort of Black Iron. They had similar cougar-like bodies and wings, and it also carried a steel city on its back, just of a much smaller size.

The King Kong clan ushered Han to board this smaller Giant Star Beast. Everyone wanted to reach out to tap Han’s shoulder and they were very excited as if they saw their king.

Pluto did not utter a single word of explanation this entire time, so Han was in a state of confusion and was very much unaccustomed to these cheers.

As he climbed the spiral stairs that led to the Giant Star Beast, he saw a flutter of shadows in the distance. A number of giant insects flew from the sky, each measuring over hundreds of kilometers in size. They followed the coastline which caused a black tsunami to follow.

No, it was not a number of them, it was countless numbers of insects!

"Enemy incoming! The bugs are here!" Han screamed in alert.

Pluto pushed Han and did not let him turn around, he said deeply, "Time and space are a one-way path. Quqing, Qumo, all the King Kong warriors, and the Giant Star Beasts were all dead a long time ago, you cannot save them."

To Pluto’s hustle, everyone including Jin Dragon Gate’s people all boarded the Gaint Star Beast’s back inexplicably.

The King Kong warriors waved to them and then charged towards the swarm of insects.

"Let’s get out of here!"

Pluto roared and smashed the ground made out of Black Iron. Boom! The Black Iron City shook violently and the Giant Star Beast received the signal, expanded its long wings and soared towards the Galaxy.

From high above, everything was ever clear. The insect army almost covered the entire planet! Endless black clouds were like shadows from hell, slowly devouring the planet and its inhabitants.

The King Kong clan was brave and wonky. They fearlessly battled against enemies that greatly outnumbered them, from high above the King Kong clan were just a few dots on the black planet.

A spark could start a prairie fire, but the King Kong family were not able to burst out the final spark of their life and were engulfed by the darkness eventually.

This tragic scene reminded Han of a childhood memory, in which he saw ants devour a mantis in the garden.

The green mantis was trapped by hundreds and thousands of ants, one bite at a time and was finally killed. Its corpse was separated and dragged into the ant hole as a food reserve for the ants.

"Look!" Pluto pointed to the distant stars.

A huge space rift appeared in the direction that Pluto pointed at. The rift was so big that it ripped open a space that could contain a few hundred Suns.

A strange yet ugly insect head appeared from the space rift, it opened its mouth and swallowed down the entire planet that the Zhai family bravely defended.

The huge gap in level was astonishing. It was like human eating a grain of millet. These planets were so small in the eyes of the giant insect, not to mention the humans that lived on the planet.


The astonishing scene stunned everyone. Their elated moods were sunken quickly and everyone was in complete dead silence.


The Giant Star Beast mourned the sacrifice of his father, its mouth sprayed a huge light beam that ripped open space and then carried Han into the dark yet chaotic space jump tunnel.

Everyone was heartbroken as the giant beast continued to moan in mourning, with tears in its eyes but the Giant Star Beast continued to transport Han to the Dragon Valley because it was its mission.

Pluto said, "At one point in history, the Giant Star Beasts were allies of the Human family, but the Human family was too weak to protect them which led to their extinction."

No one spoke a word, it was an unbelievable day as everyone was hit by intense and huge shock.

Everyone was thinking the same thing, what is the universe? What is time? Who are we?

Pluto spoke more under the very heavy atmosphere, "If we cannot succeed, then history will repeat the scene you just witnessed in our own realm."

"The world did not contain a Dark Net. It was created by the bugs."

"You all should know we call it the Dark Net. The dark portion of the universe. It felt like a tunnel made out of veins. Yes those are indeed veins, of an ancient Giant Insect."

"During the battle of Nirvana, the Bugs created this monstrous insect that was able to swallow half of the entire universe. He then entered a sleeping state that lasted trillions of years. Where we are in the universe, was the part that was swallowed."

"And now, that giant insect is about to wake up, because the Bug’s scouts were able to discover the last spore in the universe. The bugs have continuously followed the spore and attempted to obtain it."

"If these insects find the spore then they will awaken the giant insect, and the giant insect will then swallow the rest of the universe. If that happened then there will be no real universe, only the dark universe. All living beings will have to live and reproduce inside the insect’s body under the bug’s control."

"The insect you just saw that swallowed the planet, was an earlier form of the giant insect that swallowed half of the universe."

Had Pluto said these a few hours earlier, no one would have believed him. But now everyone must accept there really existed the Star Swallowing Insect and Giant Star Beasts.

"Then what are doing here? We should go and stop those damn insects!" Jin Dragon Gate loudly yelled.

Pluto calmly replied, "We traveled across time to get here and our goal is to find the Dragons!"