Chapter 461: The Brutal Truth of World-Destroying Dragon Riders

Chapter 461: The Brutal Truth of World-Destroying Dragon Riders

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The Giant Star Beast carried everyone and was flying in the transition tunnel. To people who were used to riding starships, this was an all new experience.

 The Giant Star Beast released his own energy of the beast race, creating an energy barrier that covered his whole body. Han\'s group was under the protection of this layer of energy barrier.

From theory, there was no difference between the beast’s energy barrier and the barrier from the starship. The Energy barrier was developed because back in the days, people realized that the Giant Star Beast would use energy to protect himself while flying.

As for the Giant Star Beast’s propulsion, it came from the activation of energy molecules, the Giant Star Beast who had great energy controlling power, could allow his own energy to cycle outside his body quickly, allowing the energy molecules to continue moving. At the same time, they would create friction with all sorts of other molecules in the universe, creating a natural propulsion.

And the opening of the space rift was just the nature of the Giant Star Beast, until today, people only knew that the Giant Star Beast used energy attacks to rip space apart, but nobody knew how he could recognize the directions in the vast universe.

It was like how old horses knew its way. The Giant Star Beast was like naturally the host of the universe, it was like the star map of the universe was installed in their memory since their birth. Even if it was somewhere far that they’ve never been before, the Giant Star Beast would never lose direction.

The Giant Star Beast’s spirituality and their grand abilities made people respect them, but now, the person everyone worried about the most was Pluto, under his lead, everyone went on a very abnormal route.

Over a thousand people crowded around Pluto, including Jin Dragon Gate and his subordinates under him.

Now, it was almost as if the Dragon Gate Flying Feather forgot that they were a bunch of pirates, and they were in the west to raid stuff. But now, they were all paying attention to Pluto’s speech, trying to understand the truth about this universe and time.

Pluto knew, if he didn’t give everyone an explanation, it wouldn’t be reasonable.

So Pluto used his sharp gaze and glanced over everyone and said, "The universe is like a nut, it has a thick outer shell that protects the balance of creatures inside the universe, and it also protects the lives of everyone living in the universe from outside chaos."


"Life begun from a spore, a spore that accidentally stumbled into the universe. This spore split and became the four big races, humans, beasts, plants, and insects."

"And then the human spore continued to split and change. It created red genes and dark genes. The beast spore created red genes, dark genes, and golden genes. The plant sport created white genes and green genes. The white genes were intelligent lives, the so called spiritual plants, and green genes didn’t have intelligence. The insect spore created white genes and dark genes, of which the dark genes don’t have intelligence."

"As you can see, the most important thing in the universe is not race, it is spores. If there were no spores, then all the races wouldn’t exist."

"But maybe we forgot, the universe has five races. The last is that initial spore, itself."

"This spore was called the Spore of God. When the Spore of God split for the first time. The four races that recently appeared received crazy changes, so humans, beasts, plants, and insects were born."

"While the Spore of God itself was a being that is changing and developing slowly. Don’t just look at the fact that the number of humans and insects are uncountable, but the Spore of God only created the dragon race, only one race."

"You guys have probably realized by now, Spore of God created life, but it itself isn’t even very powerful. Humans and insects have evolved through numerous generations. The genetics pool became richer, with the blue bloodline like Boya, and the very rare pink bloodline. Numerous races were created from the same spore."

"According to the universe’s original design, the Spore of God must suppress the other 4 big races, relying on their godly powers. The representative of the Spore of God in the universe is the dragon race, the only creatures that were evolved directly from the Spore of God."

"Except there was a huge flaw in the dragon race, they were too arrogant. They didn’t put anything in their eyes. The insect race who had the most creatures had a violent war with humans who were ranked second, but the dragon race didn’t do anything about it."


"From the dragon’s perspective, the lowly insects were fighting with humans, why did it matter? It didn’t really threaten the dragon race. If they joined this battle, they would dirty their own hands."

"But the dragon race forgot, creatures could evolve. When the insect race defeated the joint army of humans who are ranked second and beasts who are ranked third, they became the strongest creatures in the universe, and sometimes even surpassing the dragon race."

"Then at that time, the dragon race felt like they were in danger, but unfortunately it was too late, the ultimate insect race had evolved the power to swallow the whole universe, a huge universe-tier insect that had never existed before!"

"To the insect race, there were two steps to controlling the universe, the first step was to destroy the dragon race, the second step was to eat the Spore of God."

"As long as they could complete the two steps, then they will be above all else and successfully become the only intelligent life in the universe that cannot be surpassed and beat by anything else."

"The evil insect race started executing their first step in the plan, the Universe-tier Giant Insect was evolved and swallowed half the universe, locking all of the dragon race inside its body."

"Now in the time that we are in now, early-stage Nirvana, which is one part of the evil plan, the huge insect that swallowed planets was the predecessor of the Universe-tier Giant Insect. Through eating more planets and more intelligent life, he is gathering energy to destroy the dragon race."

"In the next phase, the Universe-tier Giant Insect would be born, swallowing half the universe in one gulp, locking the dragon race inside its body and using the next millions of years to completely digest the dragon race, turning it into energy for itself."

"They ultimately succeeded, but they also had to sacrifice a lot. Who here had seen the insect race from whichever time and space you come from?"

Everyone was shaking their heads. Faced with Pluto’s stories that were filled with vicissitudes, even if it was the cruelest person, they would listen like an elementary school child.

Pluto said, "You guys of course won’t see the insect race, because that was the sacrifice that they must make for sealing the dragon race. Other than the one insect troop that is responsible for chasing the Spore of God, all of the insects were sealed by the Universe-tier Giant Insect, and the body of the Universe-tier Giant Insect was the Dark Net that we used to battle in, also known as the dark universe."

Jin Dragon Gate suddenly jumped up and said loudly, "If we travelled back in time and came to the Nirvana era, then we should stop these stupid insects!"

Jin Dragon Gate, as the head of a group of pirates, was more emotional than anyone else. His eyes were red.

"This is useless." Pluto said in a low voice, "As I said before, we can travel back in time but we can’t change anything. The strongest humans, the King Kong clan all died in battle. Half the universe was swallowed by the Universe-tier Giant Insect. This is all history that we cannot change. Even though we traveled back in time, we can’t do anything about what happened in the past."

"Having said so much, I must talk about the name that was respected the most by humans, the World Destroying Dragon Knight."

"The World Destroying Dragon Knight was not a race, but a family clan. A family with very little members. But, everyone in this family had the strongest genes of humans, and it was the greatest group of warriors in human history, without a doubt."

"Other than the World Destroying Dragon Knight’s combat effectiveness, there was a distinct difference between them and most humans, and that was that the World Destroying Dragon Knights family had the highest natural affinity with humans. Beasts liked them, spiritual plants loved them, even the proud dragons were willing to become friends with them,"

"It was because of this unexplainable affinity that during the whole life of a dragon rider, they were able to conquer a dragon, letting this dragon become their mount, their battle partner."

"Hard to imagine right? Yes, when the strongest humans and the dragon race that came from the Spore of God integrated together, this kind of battle power could surpass anything."

"Unfortunately, the World Destroying Dragon Knights family had too little people in the family. Even in their peak period, the family never had over 100 people, when they were faced with the crazy insects, regardless of how great they were, they were still powerless against the insects."

"Near the end of the war between the joint troop of humans and beasts against the insect race, humans realized that they were going to lose for sure, so they thought of another solution. They selected the strongest humans during that time to create a secret mission group, to protect the Spore of God, until the spore created a second generation of Godly lives that were as strong as the dragon race, or even stronger than the dragon race! And then, this brand new Godly life will avoid the destiny of being sealed by the insect race, and ultimately defeat them!"


"Nobody knew how long this plan was going to take, because even though the Spore of God was powerful, its development speed was too slow. It took them so many eras to create the dragon race, and during the same period, humans already divided into two main bloodlines, and created numerous intelligent lives! And as for the insect race that was ranked first in the universe, it was even worse!"

"So, the little group that was responsible for protecting the Spore of God was created, it was made up of the 11 strongest humans at that time, as well as the youngest and most talented warrior in the World Destroying Dragon Knight family, Solomon!"

"Solomon joined this group by chance. At that time, it was near the ending of the war between the insect race and humans, but Solomon was too young and hadn’t found his Dragon Spirit Grass yet, thus he didn’t have his own dragon partner."

"Even though Solomon was extremely talented, he didn’t have a dragon, and there was no time. He didn’t get the chance to conquer a dragon that would belong to him, so he joined the special mission group."

"The special mission group took the Spore of God and drifted in the universe for very many eras. They were always fighting against the only insect race troop that was left, the one that was supposed to chase down the Spore of God."

"The insect race actually had two plans. The first plan was to swallow twice. First swallow the dragon race, and then swallow the Spore of God. The second plan was to not swallow the Spore of God, but completely destroy it. Regardless of which one succeeded, the insect race would become the strongest race in the universe, taking over the whole universe."


"The special mission team ran for very many eras. At the end, they used an ancient method to disguise themselves as a star system, other than Solomon from the World Destroying Dragon Knight family, everyone began to hibernate."


"This way, the insect troop that was supposed to chase after the Spore of God would never be able to find them, and without any accidents, they would hide it very well. In addition, Solomon had a special bloodline, so he couldn’t be recognized by insects, and he could safely patrol the star system."

"Like this, the special mission group continued to hide, until the Spore of God splits again, and welcome the birth of a new race that is divine, and is stronger than the dragon race, to stop the ultimate evil plan of the insect race from swallowing the whole universe."

"This plan looked perfect, but at the same time, they ignored the biggest flaw on Solomon."

"The World Destroying Dragon Knight family did not have eternal life because they weren’t divine. Since they had a divine level of attack power, mother nature deprived them of their right to live an eternal life. Previously, the World Destroying Dragon Knight family used their life contract with the dragon race to cleverly bypass this restriction."


"But Solomon was a Dragon Knight that did not have a dragon!" Luo Ying yelled excitedly, her eyes were wide open and she kept on covering her mouth with her hands, she looked very scared.


Pluto glanced at her and said lightly, "Yes, Solomon was a dragon-less Dragon Knight, so he didn’t have eternal life. Even though he was the most talented of all of the World Destroying Dragon Knights, because he didn’t have a dragon, he would continue to age."

"Solomon did very well, he continued to practice, and lived for longer than any of his ancestors, but he wasn’t able to live until the Spore of God created a new life."

"During this time, the star system that the special mission team was hidden in, life was born. It was a group of late arrivers but extremely tough humans."

"During the beginning of these human’s lives, Solomon often walked among them, like every human that was just born, they were oblivious. They fought amongst themselves, like beasts that craved blood."


"Solomon decided to create religion, and help these new humans find their own beliefs."


"So, he preached between the different people, giving them hints. Once when he was angry, he initiated a flood and killed numerous barbarians."

"Slowly, these new humans evolved, and had culture. And Solomon had many names on this planet, in some areas, they call him Jesus Christ, in other areas, people called him Sun God Apollo, or the Buddha, etc. But these evolved humans didn’t know the real identity of Solomon and the fact that he was the last World Destroying Dragon Knight."

"Time continued to pass, and Solomon aged, and was about the enter the final stages of his life."

"Because the World Destroying Dragon Knight family was too powerful, mother nature restricted their reproductive abilities, so it was very difficult for them to have an offspring."

"Solomon’s life was like that too, but right before his death, the God of Fortune descended upon him. Solomon found out that he had a child with a normal human! When Solomon finished the last part of his life journey and closed his eyes, he left the world with a smile on his face."

"And then, an unexpected tragedy happened, an arrogant mutated human race, exposed the disguise of the special mission group, forcing them to flee once again, and they continued to be chased by the insect race."

"And the offspring of Solomon, grew in the universe at an incredible speed. He became stronger and stronger. And because he only had half the bloodline of the World Destroying Dragon Knights, he was completely different from all the previous Dragon Knights. He used his unique ways to treat this world and the universe."

"To be completely transparent with you, I was one member of that special mission group, and the boy who has half of the World Destroying Dragon Knight bloodline that was left behind by Solomon, is here today."

"I am taking him to travel back in history just to accomplish what his father wasn’t able to, to go to the Dragon’s Valley and conquer a dragon, so he can become a real World Destroying Dragon Knight!"

"Back in the days, the star system we hid in, was called the Solar System."

"And the last offspring of the World Destroying Dragon Knight, his name is Han!"