Chapter 462: Dragon's Valley

Chapter 462: Dragon\'s Valley

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After a round of exclamations, everyone’s eyes were on Han, and Han himself, was shocked beyond words as well. He was clearly just a normal guy from Earth, when did he become the offspring of the legendary warrior of the World Destroying Dragon Knights?

There were also a lot of people who believed what Pluto said. They all began to remember scenes of Han being a maverick in the past. For example, he was always surrounded by a lot of weird creatures, like Silver Fox, Blue Star, Xiao Bao, and even the prideful Black Egg would always be in Han’s arms these days. They were basically inseparable.

If we were only using the fact that Han liked animals as an explanation, it didn’t seem to explain anything. There were a lot of people who liked animals, and not all of them could conquer the dragon race.

Maybe this was the best proof that Han had the World Destroying Dragon Knight bloodline. By the examples you could see in his nature. Han was well-liked by everyone. Not only did little animals like him, but everyone gathered together because of Han. Even though Han was young, he was basically the glue for this loose group.

A battle group without a leader and management didn’t disband? Without a doubt, Han probably played a critical role in this.

And Han’s level was super warlord!

To be fair, Han was only a little bit over 20 years old! This wasn’t something that could be purely explained by talent and luck. If we speak to talent, nobody was more talented than Sima Hunfeng. Even the elites of the powerful All Gods Corporation were in awe when they met Sima Hunfeng.

But if you compare Sima Hunfeng with Han, Sima Hunfeng was still far below Han. He was a monster! He was a bug in a system!

Pluto said in a low voice, "Han, you can not believe in what I say, but you must respect the truth."

"Very soon, we will arrive at Dragon’s Valley. At that time, you will know that what I’ve been saying is true, because only you and Black Egg are able to enter the Dragon’s Valley. This is the power of the bloodline. Black Egg is the offspring of the dragon race, and you, you are the offspring of the Dragon Knights."

Han was stunned, and then he nodded lightly.

Reality was the most powerful proof. If only he was able to enter the Dragon’s Valley, then that could definitely prove that Han’s bloodline was different from everyone else’s.

"Han will enter Dragon’s Valley, what about us?" Jin Dragon Gate asked loudly.

This head of the pirates subconsciously thought of himself as a part of the Wolf Fang Corporation. He started to not care about raiding and started caring about humans and the destiny of the universe.

"Wait." Pluto said, "The only thing we can do is wait for Han to find a dragon from the Dragon’s Valley, and then we have to cross the Wall of the Nine Dragons, and go back to the time and space that we are from, bringing the dragon Han found from Dragon’s Valley with us."

"Even though the dragon race is sealed inside the body of the Universe Giant Insect, the dragon race hasn’t gone extinct yet. If we can take a dragon back to our time and space, then we can let this dragon persuade his brothers, and let the other dragons know that they are in danger."

Everyone was silent. Bringing back a dragon to persuade the other dragons, this was actually not a bad idea.

It was just that if this happened a huge fight would be unavoidable because even if Han could bring back a dragon, they will have to go to the place where the dragon race was sealed. That meant that they will be faced with obstacles set up by the insect race.

Everything was clear.

Pluto’s plan wasn’t actually hard to understand. Go back to in time, bring back proof, get the dragon race finally fight alongside humans.

As a World Destroying Dragon Knight, Han could share his life with a dragon. This way, even if the dragon followed him to go forward in time, he wouldn’t disappear due to the existence of time laws and once the dragon has traveled in time, it would be the strongest proof for the future.

"Got it, we will wait for Han!" Jin Dragon Gate said seriously with a straight face.

9527 frowned and said, "Didn’t you Dragon Gate Flying Feather come here to raid?"

"The universe is coming to an end! Who would still want to raid! And, I am also a human, and I have parents too!" Jin Dragon Gate yelled back emotionally, it made 9527 instantly speechless.

At this time, Pluto said in a low voice, "Us humans were always a race like this. We are always drifting apart, fighting against each other, and we only bond together when real danger and darkness come upon us. I hope we can succeed, and we need to do it fast.

"Because there are flaws in the time laws, for every one day we spend here, in our space and time, that would be a whole year!"



The Giant Star Beast rushed out of the space rift and landed on the surface of an empty planet.

Dust, pebbles, camel grass were dispersed on this whole planet.

The most prominent feature of this planet was a door, an immensely large door. Even if humans were still in space, they would still see the existence of this door on this planet.

It was over thousands of miles tall, the Star-Chasing Duo Dragon Gate!

The two dragons were carved lifelike, they weren’t the dragons that looked like flying snakes as said in the Chinese legends. It was closer to the dragons in the western myths, with their humongous wings were raised and their eyes staring into the sky, full of anger and pride.

And the thing that the two dragons were chasing after, it seemed like a spore...

Pluto patted the head of the Giant Star Beast, and said in a low voice, "Go, leave here."


Giant Star Beast flew up, stirring up a hurricane and flew towards the sky without looking back.

"If you let him go, how will we leave?" 9527 asked confused.

Pluto said in a low voice, "We are betting our lives on this, if Han can successfully bring back a dragon, then naturally we can leave, but if he can’t, then we will just stay here forever. The universe will be extinct anyway, we will have nowhere else to go."

Everyone gasped, especially the pirates of Dragon Gate Flying Feather. They were just trying to figure out how they were going to raid excitedly, and now they had to take on such a task on their shoulders, this was a huge contrast.

Black Egg stood on the shoulders of Han and stared at the Star-Chasing Duo Dragon Gate. According to the natural abilities of the dragon race, Black Egg felt like this place was very familiar, but at the same time he had a bad feeling, he felt like he shouldn’t have come here.

And he glanced at Han, Black Egg decided to accept his fate. To leave Han again? Black Egg would never want to do that, didn’t he give up the pride of the dragon race in order to stay with Han long term?

Now Han wanted to go conquer one of his own, Black Egg must help him, even if it meant giving up his life.

Pluto came to Han’s side and said in a low voice, "According to the legends, you are the offspring of World Destroying Dragon Knights, and you also have the protection of Dragon Spirit Grass. The dragon race won’t attack you, and as for Black Egg, he is one of the dragon race, so only you two can go through this door. Nobody else can help you guys."

"After you enter, you will see a lot of members of the dragon race. Dragons are proud creatures. Every dragon has its own mountain. At that time, you must pick a target to conquer."

"Of course, I would hope that you can conquer a Divine Giant Dragon, or a Hell Dragon, but don’t stretch it, because if you fail, then we would lose our last hope…"

Pluto used a whole day to explain what Han must do after he enters Dragon’s Valley, including topics like how could he differentiate between the different types of dragons, how to conquer a dragon, and how to construct a contract of life and death.

All in all, the way to conquer a dragon was quite simple. Wait till they aren’t paying attention, rush onto them and ride on their back and grab the third dragon scale.

The third scale on the back of the dragons was like their balls. It was like a human’s zero degrees brain region. Once the reverse scale had been captured, then the dragon cannot use any destructive attacks and could only use physical attacks to try to swing Han off its back.

Han must hold onto the dragon with his life and let Black Egg attack from the sides, quickly depleting the dragon’s energy, when the dragon is weak and does not have much energy anymore then he will be forced to fall from the sky.

At that time, Han needed to be determined and construct a contract of life and death with him, it was the so-called blood contract.

Once the blood contract had been established, then they will have the same life and death, if the dragon lives, Han lives, if the dragon dies, Han dies. They start sharing energy, start sharing thoughts, and their lives will be bound together.

"Remember, you only have one chance!" Pluto said seriously, "Other than you and Black Egg, anyone else or physical things cannot help you. Even plants like Demonic Vines would make the dragons angry, to conquer the dragon you must only rely on the power of Black Egg and you."

Han nodded, and he wanted to call out to Black Egg and go into Dragon’s Valley.


At this time, Jin Dragon Gate walked over and patted Han’s shoulder and took off his Dragon Gate Armor.

"Boss, what are you doing?"

"But this is your baby!"

The subordinates of Jin Dragon Gate all started talking. This old man glared and said harshly, "Humans are about to become extinct, what is the point of having this baby?! If we can get the universe continue to exist, get humans to continue to live, then I am willing to give up even my life."

He turned around and said to Han seriously, "Dude, even though we don’t really know each other, but I believe what the guy who is made up of fiber said."

"Dragon Gate Armor and Flying Feather Bow were a set to begin with! Today I will gift you my Dragon Gate Armor! Don’t let me down."

Han paused momentarily, and nodded.

After putting on the Dragon Gate Armor, Han suddenly felt extremely refreshed, no wonder it was a Godly Armor, it didn’t even feel like he was wearing anything.

There were Star-Chasing Duo Dragons’ patterns on the Dragon Gate Armor as well. It was 90% similar to the huge carvings on the entrance to the Dragon’s Valley. He didn’t know what this was about.

He couldn’t think too much, even though life already came at him with its pants down, he knew he still had to do it.


Black Egg suddenly transformed, and turned into a weird dragon. His body was not anywhere close to a huge dragon, but he was still very majestic and at the same time he had the characteristics of the 4 dragon races.

"This…" Pluto was in shock and it seemed like he wanted to say something.

But before he could figure it out, Han had already jumped up, clenched his teeth and said, "Black Egg, let’s go!"


Black Egg roared like a dragon and soared into the horizon, taking a turn in the sky and rushed towards the entrance to Dragon’s Valley, his speed was like the speed of light!


The entrance to the Dragon’s Valley had a layer of energy barrier around it. Han and Black Egg crashed into it like a rock into a lake. The lake had ripples but Han and Black Egg disappeared completely.

Pluto was trying to think back painfully, right when Black Egg transformed, it was his first time seeing the real body of Black Egg. The memory that he lacked placed Pluto in pain. It was like he remembered something, he hugged his head and bent down.

"What happened to you?" 9527 asked out of curiosity.

"I think, I suddenly remembered." Pluto locked his eyebrows and said, "From ancient texts, there used to be 4 dragons that revolted against Dragon’s Valley, and all the characteristics of those four dragons had, Black Egg, he had them all!"

"It is very likely that Black Egg is the offspring of those four traitor dragons!"