Chapter 464: Declaring War Against the Entire Dragon Race!

Chapter 464: Declaring War Against the Entire Dragon Race!

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Black Egg fighting without regard of his life made the Dragon Clan amazed, but it also made Han heartbroken.

Black Egg was still the stubborn kid as always. In the past, he didn’t accept Han to be his owner and always looked down upon him, but now, he treated Han as his everything and would exchange everything Han wanted with his life.



Black Egg rushed up again and again towards the Hell Fire Dragon at almost the speed of light. The Hell Fire Dragon kept being hit harshly by Black Egg so he only focused on fighting against this little speedy troublemaker and completely forgot Han was behind his back.

Han already caught onto the Hell Fire Dragon. He held it tight so that he wouldn’t be able to use Dragon Breath nor Dragon Prestige which could be fatal attacks to Black Egg.

Unfortunately, this was all what Han could offer. He wasn’t able to offer more help to Black Egg.

Besides, Black Egg rejected Han’s offer the entire time. It was his first time to complete missions with Han since he took Han seriously. In the past, Black Egg often saw Han as a pest. He couldn’t refuse to help this human being because of his three-year contract.

There was a drastic difference between passive and active help. Black Egg was no longer arrogant or lazy anymore. Instead he fought with all of his energy and power!

The example was like when a wasp was facing a human. Although the human was big compared to a wasp, the tiny wasp could still sting the human regardless of the fatal consequence. The wasp knew it would eventually die, yet it wouldn’t scare for that.

Black Egg kept flying forward and hitting hard on the Hell Fire Dragon persistently. Although the Hell Fire Dragon had a strong fighting ability, he couldn’t do anything to Black Egg’s extraordinary speed.

Black Egg was as fast as light. The Hell Fire Dragon couldn’t catch him even with when he was entirely focused. If this persists, then the headbutting would never end!

The dragons felt an unprecedented shock. They were all shocked about the speed and persistence of Black Egg. Was it worth it just for a human?

Han called out Black Egg and hoped that he could stop sacrificing himself in this way. But Black Egg didn’t listen. He still believed that he must die for Han if he has chosen him!

Within these three whole days, the powerful Hell Fire Dragon couldn’t even spread out his wings!

Black Egg would hit him rigorously whenever the Hell Fire Dragon tried to fly.

Blood on the Hell Fire Dragon’s head was already dried. The Dragon race had a powerful healing power that could heal wounds quickly, but new wounds constantly appeared since Black Egg didn’t stop attacking the Hell Fire Dragon for these three days.

The Hell Fire Dragon had become insane from being angry. He didn’t lose for Black Egg’s power but his persistence! This strong sense of persistence had driven Black Egg mad!

The Hell Fire Dragon was covered with injuries all over his body and he could no longer endure such torture. Apparently, Black Egg would keep hitting him until he died unless he gave in.

This was both a physical and mental torture!

Although the Hell Fire Dragon was powerful, he didn’t have any beliefs. He had no mental support to keep him fighting!

Yet, Black Egg does. He had a persistent and immortal belief!


The Hell Fire Dragon finally bowed down his head which surprised the dragons. This fiercest dragon in the Dragon Clan throughout history was finally conquered?

He was conquered by a young dragon knight and the baby dragon Black Egg?!

How was that possible!?

It was such a miracle!


Black Egg fell from the sky and rapidly shrank his body. He had finished his mission and turned back to a little guy that was even smaller than Han’s palm.


Before Black Egg fell on the ground, Han caught him carefully right on the back of the Hell Fire Dragon with his tearing eyes.


Black Egg closed his eyes after looking at Han into his eyes. He finally made it without breaking his promise. Now, he just wanted to take a break.

Han was extremely heartbroken. He was shivering his voice and said, "Take a nap, I’ll take you away from here and never let anything hurt you from now on."

"You can’t take him away."

"You can take away the Hell Fire Dragon, but he has to stay in the Dragon Valley!"

All the sudden, Han heard a giant dragon‘s voice. As a member of an intelligent species, they had actually learned the common language, but they only spoke their dragon language instead for the tribe’s honor. They only spoke the common language when they really had to.

"Why?" Han frowned and asked.

"Human, this is our business, you don’t need to know!" A gigantic golden Divine Dragon said. Although Han was going to become the master of the Hell Fire Dragon, the Dragon Clan still looked down on him.

"What if I’m still going to take him away with me?" Han stood up and stared at them coldly.

The Giant Divine Dragon shook his head and said, "Then don’t even think about leaving here, either. Let me tell you the truth now since you have a close lineage with our tribe."

"We, dragons, are the holiest and powerful existence in the universe. All the other intelligent species including human beings like you are all inferior. You don’t have the right to stay at the same place nor even breath under the same sky with us!"

"We have been staying at our own territory and refused to live with you inferior species throughout so many ages. However, there were four that trampled the dignity of the Dragon Clan and hoped that they could leave the Dragon Valley for the territory where you, inferior species, lived."

"They shamelessly called it curiosity. They said that the universe was too big not to explore and they didn’t want to stay at the Dragon Valley for the rest of their life."

"Four shameless betrayers!" The Giant Divine Dragon’s voice became increasingly more emotional. He shouted out loud, "Their thought was a huge betrayal to the Dragon Clan and our honor!"

"We couldn’t let this happen in our Dragon Clan! Therefore, our entire Dragon Clan attacked those four betrayers and deprived their right to live forever!"

"Those four betrayers escaped the Dragon Valley with their scarred bodies. They did make it but they wouldn’t be able to live much longer!"

"There was a Skeletal Dragon in one of them. That bloody thing jumped out of the death cycle with his Reincarnation technique and became a dragon with no identity, which is the Black Egg you are holding now."

"As a betrayed reincarnation, he must stay here and never step out of the Dragon Valley! This is the rule!"

Han was extremely mad, to the point where he was shivering after hearing what the dragon said. Black Egg, yet, was holding Han frighteningly.

He finally knew what was the frightening feelings around him when he entered the Dragon valley.

It must not be death since the Dragon Clan would never be afraid of death. Separation, instead, was what scared Black Egg the most. He wouldn’t be able to leave the Dragon Valley once he stepped in and would have to separate with Han forever, this was what Black Egg couldn’t accept.

Han lifted up his head slowly and said to the the Giant Divine Dragon word by word with his bloodshot eyes, "Fuck your rules!"

"Human! Dare you say it again!?" The Giant Divine Dragon suddenly fell into a great rage and started yelling!

Han looked up and said heavily with his faint smile, "I said, fuck you rules!"

"Fuck you, Dragon Clan!"

"Fuck your betrayer accusation!"

"Fuck everything!"

"You got it now!?"

The whole Dragon Clan was shocked by Han. This weak human actually dared to say such things to the Dragon Clan which were on the highest rank!




Han cut his wrist with an ox horn dagger before the Dragon Clan had any reaction. His blood kept dripping and covered all over Black Egg.

Blood Pact!

The Blood Pact of life that would bond the life of Han and Black Egg together.

Black Egg lives?

Han Lives!

Black Egg dies?

Han dies!

No one in the Dragon Clan would believe that Han actually chose to stay with the dying Black Egg instead of conquering the Hell Fire Dragon!

What a foolish decision!

Dragon Clan wouldn’t let Black Egg be taken away from the Valley and might even kill Han!

But Han actually sacrificed everything just to keep Black Egg with him. He could give up anything for Black Egg!

It was indeed emotional!

It was indeed touching!

As an member of the honoured Dragon Clan, Black Egg couldn’t control himself but cried out loud in Han’s arms.

Right, he did nothing wrong!

Although Han wasn’t a holy being, he was far greater than the holy Dragon Clan. He finally kept his word as he said he would never give up his brothers and friends!


Han drew back the arrow at the anchor point from the Flying Feather Bow and aimed at the arrogant golden The Giant Divine Dragon!

"I’m going to take Black Egg with me now, whoever is going to stop me, I’ll kill all of them!" Han yelled out loud.

"What if, we, the Dragons, are going to stop you!?" All the dragons asked at the same time, staring at Han fiercely.

"Then, I’ll slay all of you!" Han replied.

"Puny human!" The Giant Divine Dragon opened his eyes wide and yelled at Han, "You are declaring a war against the whole Dragon Clan!"


A Shot from the Flying Feather Bow!

Han really released the arrow. He aimed his arrow at the Giant Divine Dragon‘s gigantic golden head and shot right at his face!

"Today, I’m declaring a war, Dragon Clan! What you are going to do?!" Han shouted.

Impulsiveness never seemed to be something that Han, this kind of intelligent warrior, had. But the Dragon Clan forgot that Han was a warrior with a hardcore spirit!

The more the Dragon Clan tried to push Han, the more intense Han would be!

Things had become unpredictable. Not only did Han not bring back a dragon like Pluto expected, he was starting a battle with the whole Dragon Clan for Black Egg!

This outcome has turned drastically different!

The Horrifying Dragon Clan!

Although The Giant Divine Dragon‘s face was burnt because of Han’s Flying Feather Arrow. He was still alive and was screaming hysterically.

"Kill them!" The Giant Divine Dragon yelled out loud.

Right before he finished, he felt his neck was tilting and heard a loud snap sound.

The Hell Fire Dragon that was just beaten by Black Egg and was lowering his head on the ground suddenly jumped up and started to bite the Giant Divine Dragon‘s neck insanely!

"Leave now!" The Hell Fire Dragon yelled at them with his only one available eye.

The Hell Fire Dragon was also born with an unknown background and was always looked down by the clan like Black Egg. He fought so hard for everything he had today!

However, the Dragon Clan has never stopped sneering at him. All the aggressions of the Hell Fire Dragon came from all the stress he was borne with.

Until today, he finally realized what a dragon could actually live like after he saw Black Egg and Han.

So dragons didn’t have to be as lonely and could be friends with humans and even little plants!

On the contrary, the dragons in the clan that were supposed to be his family were such disgusting creatures! They called humans inferior yet they were the most inferior species!

The Hell Fire Dragon fought for his whole life! He fought for his dignity!

Yet, fighting wouldn’t heal his pains but left more damages to him!

After biting off the neck of the Giant Divine Dragon, the Hell Fire Dragon put down another fierce-looking Skeletal Dragon.

"Leave now! Take Black Egg away and leave this!" The Hell Fire Dragon said heavily with determination in his eyes, "Don’t let him live with loneliness for the rest of his life like me. I have never been proud of myself as being a member of the Dragon Clan. Instead, it was very painful!"

"If I could choose again, I would rather be free instead of being in this clan! I want freedom, freedom, freedom!"

"I wouldn’t have the chance anymore, but at least he does! He has a person that is willing to die for him!"

"Dragon, this stupid creature, shouldn’t even exist!"

"Let me end all of this now!"

"All the holy and pride you want, I will give them all to you!"


The Hell Fire Dragon went berserk, knocking down several dragons that were approaching him, and he let out a roar that trembled the whole universe!