Chapter 406: Golden Tome

Chapter 406: Golden Tome

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Han was shocked, Howling Forest’s blood was half red, half golden.

This was very obviously not the blood color of humans. According to what Han knew, golden blood belonged to beasts because humans only had two types of bloodlines, red and dark.

And dark bloodline wasn’t exactly that the blood was black. To be very correct, it was a dark red. It was just that the color was super dark so it seemed black. Lu Yao and Luo Ying were both of the dark bloodline.

Under certain circumstances, dark and red bloodlines could be mixed. For example, if one person from each bloodline got married, their offspring may be of the red bloodline, or dark bloodline, or maybe in between the two.

If there were some genetic mutation, then a pure black bloodline could happen.

All in all, regardless of whether it was red, or black, they were all normal bloodlines of humans, but gold was definitely not.

"Maybe Howling Forest is a mixed baby between humans and beasts? Is this possible? Not according to genetics?" Han thought to himself.

Howling Forest didn’t recognize anything wrong with Han’s face. He dropped three droplets of blood and then immediately closed his cut with medicine.


He heard heavy sounds of machinery under the floor, almost like an ancient padlock was slowly being opened step by step.

"We have to wait a couple of minutes. My great-great granduncle’s trap mechanism is extremely complicated." Howling Forest explained to Han.

Han nodded. He decided that he should keep this secret to himself before figuring it out fully. He could not tell anyone else because he trusts Howling Forest, regardless of his bloodline he would still trust him. He was extremely kind, there is no way he would want to hurt anyone.

A couple minutes later, a bookcase that looked like a shrine rose up.

Just like its surroundings, the bookcase was gold as well. There were some old patterns on its cover, it looked like a lot of wolves. It looked extremely well made.

The shapes of the wolves were all different, but they all had one similarity, that their eyes sparkled lights of intelligence. A group of wolves were sleeping under the tree. There was someone on the lookout, a mother wolf was scratching a small wolf, and a father wolf brought a wild hen from afar and placed it on the campfire.

Han had seen a wolf from the golden bloodline before. It was a white wolf that possessed immense battle power. Even though Han was able to defeat it in the end, it still brought much trouble to him.

And the wolves in these patterns, they were grey. The sculptor used some clever methods to carve out shadows on the back of these wolves.

"Look, this is my great uncle’s book, the Golden Tome." Howling Forest said to Han.

He took the book from the bookcase while Han was in a daze and handed the book to Han.

Howling Forest was really naive, if this was anyone else, they would hide this golden tome like a treasure, but Howling Forest gave it straight to an outsider like Han.

Han took this golden tome and was initially shocked by its weight. It was really heavy, perhaps approaching 1 ton in weight. If someone just looked at it, they wouldn’t think it was any more than 100 kg.

The golden tome was like a bigger version of the encyclopedia, there were patterns and photos on every page, but these patterns weren’t wolves but rather the back of a person. The face wasn’t shown, but the body looked very slim.

Han flipped through a couple of pages. He noticed that the language that was used was very weird, they were like planets that were structured differently. Some planets had rings, some had rivers, and some had mountains.

These planet-like words made up each of the paragraphs and chapters. Each chapter was like an unknown star system.

Star text was extremely different from any language that was known to men. Even though Han was very intelligent, he also couldn’t decrypt the true meanings of these Star Text.

"You like reading this?" Howling Forest was amused at how concentrated Han was in the book.

Han nodded and smiled, "Yeah, my curiosity is pretty insane."

Howling Forest shrugged, "I am not that interested, I get headaches if I look at it for too long."

"Since you are so interested, then you can keep it, just don’t lose it."


Han was shocked, his jaw almost dropped to the ground.

Howling Forest added, "It’s okay, I read it in my family diary that you can’t really learn the words in this tome, which means if you should be able to understand it then you will, but if it wasn’t meant to be then you can’t teach him anyway."

"If you want to read it then go ahead. If you can understand it then tell me about it, I am pretty interested too. But just don’t lose it, even though thieves won’t be able to understand it either, but it would be kind of sad to lose it."

Han nodded and put it away in his Lunar Mark.

Han was surprised to see that there were weird books like this in the world. In comparison, those traditional books and book disks were so average. This golden tome had its own defense system.

After taking the golden tome, Han and Howling Forest returned to the fortress. Lance and the others had already gathered up most of the Fission Metal. They were ready to pack everything up and bring it back to base camp.

Howling Forest was someone that worshipped nature. In his eyes, Fission Metal was no different from plants. He even thought that there shouldn’t be any buildings in the world. It would probably be better if the world returned to its original primeval chaos state.

In addition to the fact that his great uncle was now just crumbs, the castle no longer had anything that was worth him missing.

Luo Ying and Ye Weiwei took Xiao Bao into their arms and kept on telling him that they will never let him get kidnapped again. They made it seem like Xiao Bao was in a lot of pain, but in reality, Han was the one who was hurt all over. Maybe they didn’t come over to soothe him because they were embarrassed.

After they returned to the base camp, Han secretly found 9527 and asked him some things.

"We are on the east side of the Dark Net?" Han asked.

"Dark Net is like the universe, it has no end. Who knows where the directions are. East is just something that the Big Five made up. It isn’t exactly scientific."

"Some people think the Dark Net is not 3D like the universe, but rather it is like a 2D net. The Big Five and the Cursed Zone are on the east side of this. To be fair, a lot of people believe this baseless rumor." 9527 said while taking care of his things.

"Then do you know the Eastern Dark Net Ranking Board of Elites?" Han asked again.

"Yes, it’s those bored people who took every strong warrior from the Big Five Corporations and ranked them based on their battle power. There is a total of 100 people on the list. Jian Jia’s grandfather Lu Shui Qiulin is on it, and Luo Ying’s father Luo Shui Han is on it too. He is fourth." 9527 said.

"Luo Ying’s father is fourth? Then who is first?" Han asked again.

9527 smiled and put down his work, "Of course it is the God of All Gods Jacquet, the creator of the All Gods Corporation, he used to be my boss too. You are being weird today, why are you asking about this?"

"Luo Shui Han, Lu Shui Qiulin, and Jacquet are all people who are very far from us. Same goes for this ranking system. Even our Sima Hunfeng, who is the strongest here, won’t even qualify for this list."

Han nodded and told 9527 about the things that happened today with Wai Late Dao.

But 9527 started laughing, "Oh I see, so you met that clown. Yes, Wai Late Dao does appear on this list, but that was because he begged someone to add his name, he is ranked 101st!"

"Because of this, the Big Five made fun of him for a very long time. There were even people suspicious of the fact that he added his own name on there. Unfortunately, we couldn’t find the person who made the list so we couldn’t prove anything."

"All in all, the clown Wai Late Dao is a joke, but he was very well liked by the Big Five. A lot of people enjoyed listening to him brag because he is always so animated, sometimes even more entertaining than plays. Plus, he has a great imagination and superb creativity, he can often come up with a lot of interesting stories."

9527 then proceeded to tell a lot of other stories about Wai Late Dao. 9527 seemed happy talking about him. As far as he could tell, nobody really took Wai Late Dao seriously. In everyone’s eyes, he was just someone who talked really big and bragged.

But Wai Late Dao had a lot of benefits from this. Usually, the Big Fives regarded each other as enemies and often close their borders with very strict controls. However, regardless of where Wai Late Dao went, everyone treated him like a VIP and listened to him talk. He also never got angry when people made fun of him, instead of coming up with stories that were even more bizarre.

"Humm, mentioning Wai Late Dao made me remember a lot of things from the past. During the battle era, when the Big Five didn’t exist, everyone belonged to smaller forces and were all very friendly upon encounter."

"And then that didn’t work. The Big Five were established and territory was divided amongst them. People who were friends before became enemies. I never really found out why the creators started fighting, I heard it was because they were fighting for something? Who knows, I don’t work for them anymore, why do I still have to care." 9527 said happily.

Han was confused, "Aren’t you the creator?"

9527 shook his head, "I was the chief designer, I was in charge of a lot of the technical aspects of things. I was still far, far away from Luo Shui Han, Jacquet, and the core people like that. Perhaps even Lu Shui Qiulin knows more than me."

"Thinking about it now, I focused too much on figuring out technology and making plans, I didn’t know what they were doing in the back. Maybe they never wanted me to know."

9527 remembered sad memories, so he looked kind of depressed.

The All Gods Corporation was structured by him, but it was too bad it took a route that he didn’t like. 9527 had always thought that creating the All Gods Corporation could help restore the peace that once was among all the corporations.

But then it didn’t work out like that. The Big Five all went on fighting to be the fittest. The number of people who had died from war didn’t decrease but had increased instead.

Plus, the internal fighting and deals under the table, there were a lot of things that made the 9527 realize how terrible the situation really was. So he finally gave up on the All Gods Corporation that he structured himself.

Han didn’t want 9527 to be too sad, so he immediately changed the topic, "Oh yeah, I have another question, do you know anything about the golden bloodline?"

9527 said, "Oh, only beasts have a golden bloodline, like that ice wolf you found. Beasts with a golden bloodline are like that, they are super powerful. I predict that even Black Egg is a soul monster with a golden bloodline."

"What about humans with a golden bloodline?" Han asked again.

Once Han asked the question, 9527’s face completely changed.

He grabbed onto Han with one hand and his face turned dark. He held Han’s arms tightly and asked in an urgent voice, "Who did you hear this from? Have you seen someone with a golden bloodline? Did they come back? Did they?"