Chapter 407: About the Golden Bloodline Family

Chapter 407: About the Golden Bloodline Family

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Han was shocked at how aggressively 9527 had reacted upon hearing about a human family from the golden bloodline.

Han decided that he should lie, he locked his eyebrows and said, "Oh I am just thinking randomly and thought about the Ice Sealed wolf and Linda. Linda is a soul beast turned human, and the wolf is a beast of the golden bloodline. Is there a possibility that there are other beings like Linda, who has a golden bloodline and can turn into a human?"

9527 let out a sigh of relief, and said, "I thought you saw someone with a golden bloodline. You are correct, there are people in the world of the golden bloodline, but they aren’t human. Rather they are beasts."

"Even in the beast race, the golden bloodline is very special. It is not that scary for soul beasts to turn human, but if they also have a golden bloodline, then that would be pretty terrifying."

"Everyone who has the golden bloodline belongs to the Golden Family. They were the original occupants of the dark side of the universe. They are the true leaders of the Dark Net."

"You are from the universe. My ancestors were from the universe too, and the original occupants of the Cursed Zone, their ancestors also came from the universe. Even Luo Ying and Lu Yao who both have black bloodlines, their ancestors are still from the universe."

"As you can see, every humanoid intelligent species comes from the regular side of the universe, but the Golden Family, they were born in the Dark Net, also known as the reverse side of the universe."

9527 continued after a slight pause, ‘It is a big coincidence that humans were able to discover the Dark Net. A long time ago, scientists found that there were certain frequencies of wireless signals that could penetrate through the barriers of the universe and can transfer data without a trace."

"And humans, we like to research and develop but in our bones, we love money the most. The Dark Net was never something high end, but rather it was a private transaction network, where people traded."

Han nodded, "I’ve sold things on the Dark Net before. Didn’t make a lot of money but it was really tiring."

9527 smiled, "That is normal, the Dark Net was just a weird thing. Up till today, there are still a lot of people who use the unique data connection structure to do business without knowing that it is an actual place."

"Through continuous discovery, scientists found that the Dark Net was connected to the reverse side of the universe, so they found a way to send the first set of explorers to this place. They were the first round of immigrants from the human race."

"After that, the number of humans who entered into the Dark Net steadily increased, and they finally met the Golden Family who controlled the Dark Net. At that time, the Golden Family was immensely powerful. They had a huge army and a lot of destructive space ships. The humans and other intelligent species were no match for them, so a lot of them were killed brutally. "

"But human-like intelligent species were better than the Golden Family in one aspect, and that was our ability to reproduce. Even though we lost terribly during that war, but there were still numerous warriors who continued to come to the Dark Net."

"After that, the number of humans greatly exceeded the Golden Family, so regardless of how strong and powerful they were, they couldn’t do anything about us. And luckily for us, there were some internal fights within the Golden Family, so that was when humans were able to settle into the Dark Net."

"I came into the Dark Net then. When I first came, we didn’t have anything."

"The reason was very simple. If you grow something big, then you would be discovered by the Golden Family, and if they find you, they would send troops after you."

"During that period of time, we weren’t as brave as the Big Five today. We would secretly get some resources from the Dark Net, capture some rare beast, even if we were to construct a base, it would just be a couple of tents because we never knew when they would get destroyed by the Golden Family."

After hearing about this, Han locked his eyebrows, "So…. the Golden Family is more powerful than the human-like intelligent species?"

"Of course!" 9527 said immediately, "The Golden Family includes soul beasts, star beasts, and numerous other beasts. They were the original occupants of here, take the ice sealed wolf, for example, he is possibly the lowest leveled beast, but his attacks far exceeded a human warlord."

"And soul beasts, your Black Egg is more powerful than Sima Hunfeng! He is ranked first in our base camp!"

"And the Golden Family is the strongest of the beast race! No questions asked!"

"So it is different from the golden bloodline, everyone in the Golden Family look like humans. But the Ice Sealed wolf also has golden blood, and he is a classic beast and cannot turn into a human. Do you understand the difference now?"

Han nodded and shrugged, "The Golden Family is made up of beast humans, the other people with a golden bloodline are all of the beast race. I think that is what you mean?"

9527 said, "Yep, none of the Big Five had fought with the Golden Family before. Anyone who opposed the family had been destroyed without exception."

"When the Golden Family populated this area, they were the kings and destroyers. The Big Five were constructed after they had left. What the Big Five fear the most is that one day, the Golden Family would appear again and control the land and the people again."

Han felt like 9527 was saying that because the tiger wasn’t home, monkeys had claimed the throne. Even though Han had never met any Golden Family members, he believed that 9527 wouldn’t lie to him.

Han thought about it and asked curiously, "When the Golden Family existed, where did they live? Why did they leave?"

9527 said, "Apparently it was because of some internal fights, they were fighting over the possession of some powerful existence. People of the same race fought amongst themselves, causing the whole family to collapse."

"And their territory, well, it was here."

9527 pointed to the ground, Han was surprised, "Here? They lived in the Cursed Zone?"

"Yes." 9527 sighed, "Now do you understand why the All Gods Corporation became more careful after chasing us into the Cursed Zone? And the Vein Tunnel, the only reason we want to go through that tunnel is that we don’t want to stay here, so regardless of where we go, it would be less dangerous than where the Golden Family had lived."

"Don’t worry, we’ve acquired a lot of Fission Metal. We will soon be able to construct a more suitable spaceship, if more danger comes our way, we can leave here using the tunnel."

Han left 9527’s central control room.

From a certain perspective, Howling Forest’s existence proved what 9527 had said. He only had half of the golden bloodline and he had the power to teleport. If he was a full golden bloodline, then he would be so much more powerful.

After returning to his room, Han closed the door and pulled out the Golden Tome. He poured himself a cup of hot chocolate, heated up two meat buns using the microwave, and started reading this weird book.

When Han read the dictionary again, his emotions towards this book had changed. Because he now understood that Howling Forest had half of a golden bloodline, and Howling Sky Wolf probably had at least half of the golden bloodline as well, so they were all related to the legendary Golden Family.

This Golden Tome was placed in the golden lobby, on a golden bookcase. Perhaps this contained the secrets to the Golden Family. Han was very curious in nature, he would definitely leverage this opportunity to research and learn more.

After not too long, Han felt like his eyes were sore. His head started buzzing after a couple of hours, almost as if someone was drumming inside his head. This made Han very frustrated and gave him a heavy headache.

"Maybe this is another self-defense mechanism too." Han murmured to himself after closing his eyes.

Han usually had no problems focusing on tasks, whether it was reading, practicing, or making chimeras, he could focus way better than an average person.

But today, his head felt like exploding after a couple hours of reading. This couldn’t be Han’s problem, but probably a problem of the Golden Tome.

Howling Forest said so too, he hated reading the Golden Tome because when he read it, his head would hurt.

"The Golden Tome contains an energy that I don’t understand, and this energy and force can hurt my brain and nervous system. I cannot continue like this." Han lit a cigarette and said to himself.

He suddenly remembered Lu Yao, the warrior from Mass Demons Corporation with a dark bloodline. He has left a lot of information in Han’s brain, data, and books that he had collected over the years.

There was way too much data. Even though Han had super human intelligence, he still could not grasp even 1% of what Lu Yao had left behind. Of course, this could also have something to do with how busy Han was usually.

So, he calmed himself and let his consciousness slowly enter his zero-degree brain region.

Warlord level warriors had very strong souls. Even though Han could not completely control his soul, he still felt that it existed. It was like his energy was sucked outside of his body and became a wisp of smoke, a ray of light, floating everywhere.

His mental power entered the brain through his blood stream and reached the zero-degree brain region. This was a region that was narrower than a needle.

Han first observed his zero-degree brain region, he noticed that his brain region had increased in size. This was Han’s secret, he didn’t even know when it happened, his brain region had the ability to grow. Perhaps it was because of some sort of fight, or maybe he ate something.

But Han started noticing that his zero-degree brain region was different from everyone else’s. Any other person’s brain region was set in size, but his was continuously growing and expanding slowly. Even though it wasn’t at a rapid rate, it was still expanding like a big tree.

It was really a magical experience for him to go into his brain region. Han saw a lot of transparent water droplet-shaped things, those were all left for Han after Lu Yao had died. Before he died, he used a special kind of power to seal all of his memory into these things, so Han could decrypt them some day.

Whenever Han finished reading one of those memory droplets, it would disappear and go into Han’s brain.

All these memories would take forever to read, and these memory droplets weren’t like books. You couldn’t guess what it was about based on the cover. All memory droplets were the same. Han could open any one of them and not know what it contained.

What gave Han a worse headache was that Lu Yao really loved Luo Jin, so there were a lot of memories that were about how much he loved Luo Jin.

There could be problems if you read too many love novels, especially if they were the vivid memories of Lu Yao.

Recently, Luo Ying was starting to grow on Han because of Lu Yao’s memory. Lu Yao really loved Luo Jin, and now his memory became a part of Han and Luo Ying was the sister of Luo Jin.

"Completely a misunderstanding." Han thought to himself: "Hopefully this won’t be another memory of love, the more I read about that, the more I want to throw up."

Han lifted his hand and was ready to open another memory droplet.

Suddenly, from Han’s hand that had touched the Golden Tome, a new memory droplet appeared, except this droplet wasn’t transparent, it was gold!

The golden memory droplet was amongst all the transparent memory droplets, radiating bright light. It was so odd and stood out from the rest.

"Maybe, in order to understand the Golden Tome you can’t use your eyes, but need to use your soul?" Han was stunned slightly and then murmured to himself.