Chapter 466: Battle Dragon - Old Ruins

Chapter 466: Battle Dragon - Old Ruins

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So Black Egg had dragons who liked him too? Han was very happy, but the sharp pain from his soul being ripped apart made Han not have any extra attention to think about anything else, so he fell into silence again.

He wasn’t sure how long had passed, but Black Egg and Han were taken to a big black mountain deep in the Dragon Valley. She put down Han at the top of the mountain, and Han saw that this was a bare black mountain. There were no green hills, everything seemed very bare.

"Grandpa Old Ruins!"

"Grandpa Old Ruins!" The female silver dragon yelled loudly.

After a long time, Han finally heard an old voice.


Han looked up to the sky, but he didn’t see any huge dragon coming, this time, a round of coughing sounds came from below him.

Old Ruins was very old, his wings were covered in holes. One of his horns fell out and he didn’t even have any fangs, only a mouth.

He didn’t have pupils. Both eyes were white, but it seemed like he had a sharp hearing, he immediately recognized the female silver dragon.

"It is you again, you are the only person that remembers me in the dragon race, and you often visit me, sigh." Old Ruins sighed and said.

"Grandpa Old Ruins, you must save them!" The female silver dragon said urgently.

"Who are they? I seem to have smelled the smell of a dragon knight." Old Ruins used his blind eyes to look around. He, of course, wouldn’t be able to see, but he breathed in really deeply through his nose, trying to recognize by smell, "Oh, and the smell of those four little guys, they came back? Why didn’t they come see me?"

"They died already. Only dragons can kill dragons, and the four of them were surrounded and killed, so in the outside world they have all turned into a new dragon, it is him."

Old Ruins sat down sadly and said to himself, "Yes, they already died, those interesting creatures."

And then Old Ruins started to reminisce about the four traitors while they were young.

Between the dragon races, they didn’t usually have any interactions with each other. They each lived in their own mountain and display a feeling that they cannot be bothered by anything. A standard dragon life was always just that, to portray that they were strong, and then worshipped by the whole world.

But those four traitors were the weirdos of the dragon race, they didn’t like being alone. They liked freedom, so they became good friends. Every day they would get together, eat a kind of alcoholic berry, and get drunk.

The other dragons didn’t like them. They thought they were vulgar like humans. The life of dragons must be unique and worshipped, but they were not very tasteful, their actions were weird, and they even gave their group a name, called the Four Dragon club.

Slowly, the four traitors grew older, became stronger and became more and more interested in the world outside. This time, when they were hanging out and having fun in the Dragon Valley they met Old Ruins.

Old Ruins was the oldest dragon in the dragon race. The Dragon Valley was created by Old Ruins who was part of the first generation of dragons. Before him, all of the dragons were living in the universe, until Dragon Valley was created, the dragon race all moved here.

So Old Ruins was the only dragon that lived in Dragon Valley that had seen the outside world. The dragons that were taken away by World Destroying Dragon Knights didn’t count because the dragon race proudly believed that dragons that constructed life contracts with humans were unworthy of being called the dragon race.

The four traitors really liked listening to stories from the outside, they always came to find Old Ruins, bringing delicious berries to him, and to return the favor, Old Ruins would tell them about stories from the days before Dragon Valley.

The four traitors really wanted to go to the universe. Era by era passed, and they finally couldn’t control their desire for freedom and decided that they should take an almost certainly a death risk, and leave Dragon Valley.

Speaking of here, Old Ruins sighed and said, "The night before they left here, the four little b*stards came to find me, and asked me to talk about my feelings towards the Dragon Valley."

"I said, if I had a choice, I would really hope that I didn’t construct this Dragon Valley. From my point of view, this wasn’t the heaven for the dragon race, but rather a cage for the dragon race. Back in the days when there wasn’t a Dragon Valley, that was living a real life."

"I didn’t think that after they heard it, they really decided to leave."

"It would’ve been better if I didn’t say that to them, they wouldn’t have died."

The female silver dragon said urgently, "What is the point in saying that now? We must hurry to figure out a way to save the dragon soul of them four, because of their reincarnation, the four dragon souls became one, and now Han signed a life contract with them which means he activated the four dormant dragon souls at the same time."

"If you don’t do something, they cannot take each other and they will all die."

Old Ruins nodded lightly, after ages of winding down, this old dragon had seen everything and developed a habit of a leisurely personality.

"Interesting, four little naughty b*stards were reincarnated into one dragon and wants to sign a blood contract with a human, come, let me pet your head."

Old Ruins extended his skimpy claw and put it on Black Egg’s fat head.

Immediately, the old and young dragon’s dragon souls connected together, Old Ruins saw all of Black Egg’s memories in his life.

From Black Egg’s reincarnation, till his encounter with Han, to getting to understand each other, and everything that had happened so far, was all on replay in Old Ruins’s head.

Old Ruins couldn’t believe that Han’s young life had been so exciting, and what he couldn’t believe even more was that Black Egg’s loyalty for Han had surpassed the power of the contract, it was a friendship that was constructed through battles again and again, through the edge of life and death again and again.

Han’s personality was there. He never thought about who was the master, Silver Fox, Black Egg, Blue Star, they were all his friends, very very close friends.

Black Egg willingly wanted to recognize Han as his master. If there wasn’t Han, Black Egg would rather die. A human and a dragon, they had a relationship that was this deep? This wasn’t something that Old Ruins could imagine.

Old Ruins also felt a familiar smell on Black Egg. It was those four rebellious guys, they had accompanied Old Ruins for many many nights, it was definitely not wrong.

Now, the four dragons with the strongest personalities of the dragon race want to sign a contract of life and death with Han. There could only be one reason, and that was the fact that Han’s personality and charm completely conquered them.

Unfortunately, the law of life could not allow Han to accept such a complex dragon soul, Black Egg was a special dragon race that was equipped with four dragon souls. As a human, Han couldn’t take the impact the quadruple dragon soul had on his human soul. This was like a really weak person who had eaten too many vitamins, and instead of getting stronger, it caused his body to malfunction in every way.

And at the same time, Black Egg, who was made up of the four independent dragons, would die too, because it was a contract of life and dance, without Han, Black Egg could not live alone either.

The situation was indeed dangerous, and what was even worse was that the group of dragons was approaching.

This was the pettiest group in the dragon race. It was them that killed the previous lives of Black Egg, the four dragons that wanted to fight for their freedom.

Now, they want to unleash all their anger onto Han. They thought Han caused the break between the dragon race and that this human deserved to die more than the rest of the humans combined.

"Grandpa Old Ruins! Grandpa Old Ruins!" The kind female silver dragon called out his name loudly.

"Don’t worry, I ain’t died yet." Old Ruins answered with his abnormal air.


The group of dragons surrounded this empty mountain, and stared at Old Ruins and the female silver dragon with anger.

"Give us that stupid human!"

"Yes! Give it to us!"

"For the fact that you are the oldest dragon in the dragon race, don’t force us to do it ourselves!" The dragons howled.

Old Ruins was still calm, he shook his body that was full of scars and said coldly, "So you guys do know that I am the oldest dragon in the dragon race. If I don’t give this human to you guys, would you guys really kill me?"

"Don’t think that we are afraid to do that!"

"You are already old! Dragon Valley is no longer your Dragon Valley! It belongs to us!"

"Old guy, you better look at who we are!"


Old Ruins said carelessly, "I am blind, I can’t see, but I can recognize you guys through your smell, not just you guys, I also know who your ancestors are."

"So what?"

"What you said can only prove that you are too old to think!" The dragons continued to howl.

Old Ruins said, "I am old, but I am not senile. If you guys don’t believe me you guys should look at Black Egg’s memories, and understand what he had experienced outside the Dragon Valley, then you would understand why he had established such a deep relationship with this human."

"We don’t want to understand!"

"The thoughts of a traitor must be rebellious too!"

"As the proud dragon race, to establish a friendship with a human is shameful!"

"Give us the human! Let us kill him!" The dragons yelled loudly.

Old Ruins shook his head and frowned, "Even if we are the dragon race, we must be reasonable."

"The Dragon race doesn’t care about being reasonable!"

"Our words are the ultimate truth!" The dragon race continued to howl crazily.

Old Ruins said, "You guys have never left Dragon Valley, why would you think what you guys are saying is true?"

"Because we are the dragon race! The universe’s most divine beings!" The dragons said.


Old Ruins smiled bitterly.

"Old Ruins, what are you smiling about?" The dragons asked.

Old Ruins said, "I am laughing at myself, I spent so much effort constructing this Dragon Valley back in the days, but it ended up hurting you guys, allowing you guys to become a group of brainless, stubborn creatures. If I knew about this before, I would have never constructed Dragon Valley back in the days!"

"Old Ruins! This is no longer your era! Regardless of what you say, you must give us the human!"

"Or we will kill you stupid old dragon!" The dragons were angry.


The old and small Old Ruins suddenly laughed out loud. His voice became more and more majestic. This scared the group of dragons. None of the dragons thought that this old man could have such a strong force.

"Apparently back in the days, before Dragon Valley was constructed, Old Ruins was a battle dragon?"

"I heard that too, when he was young. He could really fight."

"Yeah, look at the scars on his body, even his wings are broken."

"To take care of an old warrior dragon, there shouldn’t be a problem right?"

"What are you afraid of, we have so many dragons." The dragons started discussing.

Old Ruins suddenly opened his broken wings and said loudly, "Not bad! I was a battle dragon back in the days, because before Dragon Valley, the dragon race had to fight too!"

"The only reason why the dragon race is superior to everything us, it wasn’t because our blood was divine, it was because back in the days, battle dragons like us fought for our honor!"

"We fought and conquered the whole universe! Until there was no other race who would challenge our dragon race, that was when we chose to settle down in the Dragon Valley."

"And now, you guys want to kill me?"

"Not bad, the dragon race shouldn’t have constructed the Dragon Valley! The superior environment here made you guys slack off, and too proud!"

"Since I constructed this Dragon Valley back in the days, today I will destroy it with my own hands!"


Old Ruins let out a huge howl, his body expanded at a rapid rate, his broken wings, his body full of scars, these were all the pride of this old warrior dragon.

"I forgot to tell you guys!" Old Ruins said coldly, "Back in the days, I wasn’t just a battle dragon, I was also the last Fantasy Dragon."

In the blink of an eye, Old Ruins’s body broke the sky. No dragon could imagine that there were dragons in the dragon race that could be this big. Old Ruins\' body mass was unimaginable, even if he clawed slightly, he could destroy a star system, those dragons who were extremely proud just now were just small guys in Old Ruins’s eyes.

"F*ck! Old Ruins is a Fantasy Battle Dragon! The only spiritual-type dragon race! We have already entered his hallucinations!"

"What do we do? Didn’t the Fantasy Dragons go extinct? Why is Old Ruins still alive?" The dragons are now in chaos, their thoughts were collapsing under the terrifying attack on their consciousness.