Chapter 307: Loss for Both Sides

Chapter 307: Loss for Both Sides

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The two black crystals were both crushed by Han, and finally, Han activated his combat berserker mode. The power of darkness quickly flooded his body, making Han’s combat power instantly pass the pinnacle state!

At the same time, Sima Hunfeng also used a rather tragic way to trigger his most powerful combat strength.

Yes, it was burning his own life.

It’s difficult to imagine a super warlord that reached he pinnacle 8-star state, who’s not only the strongest in the Milky Way but also earned a reputation in front of the powerful All Gods Corporation and Mass Demon Corporation, would also use this method to continue to fight.

After all, it wasn’t easy to reach this stage. First of all, Sima Hunfeng’s talent was incredible, and he also spent an incredible amount of effort in order to achieve everything he had today. Normally, the higher the elite warrior, the less willing they were to burn their zero degree brain region due to fear of any lifetime side effects.

Sima Hunfeng completely could escape, his power was special and was not a physical matter, and his level was also slightly above the Executioner Squad members. If he chooses to escape from the battlefield, the Executioner Squad would be afraid that there was no way to stop him.

But after all he was a man with guts!

Running away from the battlefield was completely not his style!


Suddenly Han and Sima Hunfeng launched an attack together, and it became unusually painful for the Executioners. This battle was extremely tragic. Both sides resorted to their full strength and were barely able to achieve a stalemate.

And a stalemate means that no one could put in any more extra power in that state into the battlefield, and at this moment Sima Hunfeng and Han’s sudden boost in strength became extremely valuable.

"Path of Yao!"

Han’s body became surrounded by a mass of black mist, and he returned to the fight with the strongest path out of the Six Paths of Void.

Path of Yao was completely different from the previous paths’ ultimate attacks. The Path of Yao was very complicated. It was truly a complete set of martial techniques, fundamentally subverting all martial arts and paths from before.

When the world evaluates the movements of the Void, the most common description was agility. But after learning the movements of the Path of Yao, Han’s body movements became strange and unpredictable, like a yao (TL: similar to a goblin, but has the power of god or/and demon and is a lot more handsome) appearing at places no enemies would expect, a place that he should be appearing.

At the same time, Han’s ultimate skill also had a rare unruly and sharp character added into it, and in simple terms, everything became devilishly strange.

For example, you would see Han charging towards you, but in fact he wanted to deal with the one behind you. You see Han waving his Triple-Edged blade to others, but at the end it would land on your head.

Impermanence, strange, ruthless, that was the Path of Yao!

Both were sharp melee attacks, but due to the addition of this Yao’s character, Han’s combat effectiveness doubled!

There were usually synergy between elites, because they could predict their allies movements and synergize with them. Faced with such powerful executioners, everyone was already giving their all, and with only some strength left, Han and Sima Hunfeng suddenly started cooperating.

Sima Hunfeng shape shifted into a stream of grey smoke, formlessly passing by the snake-mask Executor, and the extremely corrosive smoke immediately made the Executioner very dizzy.

He was yet to recover from Sima Hunfeng’s attack, and he saw Han waving a scary-looking triple-edged blade and was already slicing down towards him. Taking full advantage of someone who was vulnerable, the snake-masked executioner that was corroded to being only half alive by Sima Hunfeng’s mist, was of course Han’s primary target.

"Be careful!" The mouse-masked executioner beside him suddenly hesitated for second, immediately dropped his giant blade for faster speed and ran out to the front to defend the snake-masked executioner.

But what he didn’t expect was, Han’s triple-edged blade suddenly tilted its angle and actually flew towards him instead!


Under the critical situation, the mouse-mask executioner had no choice but to raise his two arms to block!

The executioner was at the 8-star level. Even if Han used all his strength, he could only slice through the armor but not deliver a fatal blow.

Sure enough, Han’s triple-edged blade only got the mouse-masked executioner’s left arm. The blade went into the bone, but due to the enemy’s powerful source energy that was protecting the body, Han’s blade couldn’t make further advancement to chop the entire arm off.

The mouse-masked executioner was furious. Han didn’t kill him, so now it was his turn to fight back! This damn brat!

But just at that moment, Han made a surprising move. He let go of the triple edge blade and started striking towards the snake-masked executioner!

But the moment Han’s hands left the triple edge blade, another pair of big hands grabbed onto this strange blade. It was Sima Hunfeng. He took over Han’s weapon and then continued slashing downward!


Now the mouse-face executioner couldn’t smile anymore. Sima Hunfeng’s level was way higher than Han, and the moment he used his strength, the mouse-face executioner’s arm immediately fell off. Sima Hunfeng retrieved the triple edge blade and then gave the second strike!

Also at this time, Han who left behind the triple edge blade already arrived in front of the snake-face executioner who was still disabled by the smoke attack from earlier, and delivered a wave of punches!

Han’s triple edge blade was very powerful, but his fists were just as destructive. Since he was wearing the gloves of darkness, he could concentrate the powerful dark energy onto his fists!


Sima Hunfeng finished off the mouse-mask executioner, then threw the triple-edge blade back to Han. Han first landed several punches on the snake-mask executioner, but was unable to deal any fatal blows since they were all eight star elites with steel-like bodies.

But the triple edge blade came at the perfect time, Han caught the blade and sliced down right away!


Other executioners wanted to come up to help out but were tightly suppressed by the Three Addicts and the others. They had no choice but to see Han and Sima Hunfeng making one move after another to kill the snake-mask and mouse-mask executioner.

However, Han and Sima Hunfeng didn’t feel the slightest joy. The snake-mask executioner was already three-quarters dead after being focused by Sima Hunfeng’s attacks, and the mouse-mask executioner was also severely injured. Dealing with an executioner that was almost dead and one that was severely injured already took that much effort from Han and Sima Hunfeng, the difficulty of killing more executioners became very clear.

And just when Han and Sima Hunfeng successfully finished the two executioners, the other executioners also killed many elites from the Milky Way. The casualties were heavily done for both sides, and both sides’ combat strength were weakening.

If this goes on, Han feared that it would be a rhythm of a loss-loss situation.

Han took in a breath of cold air, and he then saw Man Yidan’s body getting torn and sent flying. He was a friend of the Three Addicts, a mercenary that once feared by the Milky Way, yet just a slight loss of focus caused him to be killed by the eagle-mask executioner on the spot.

Based on Han’s calculation, the level of tragedy of this war would reach an unprecedented degree, and any party would have to pay a significant price to win, or it was also very possible that both sides would die together in the fierce fight.


When Han was very worried, a miracle took place!

A reinforcement army appeared on the battlefield!

It was those rich nobles’ kids that ran away earlier! Half of them came back with Carmen in the lead!

With an iron face Carmen shouted, "Charge! Brothers! No more hesitation! Are we even more scared than a woman like Lu Shui Jian Jia?! (TL: Lu Shui is Jian Jia’s full last name) You guys can be shameless, but I can’t!"

"So Jian Jia’s last name is Lu Shui, what an odd last name." Han secretly thought.

Due to a lack of knowledge on the last name Lu Shui, Han didn’t think too much.

However, among the executioners, the reaction was significantly different.

There was a characteristic among this group of executioners, and the higher the authority of an executioner corresponds to a less willingness to talk. It was usually the snake-masked and mouse-masked the lower ranked ones that talks a lot more.

The executioners that were still alive suddenly heard the lion-mask executioner’s source energy voice. This is the first time he spoke during this fight, and previously he just communicated with his teammates with eyes.

"Find Lu Shui Jian Jia, capture her. Need to be alive. Her value is higher than the Traitor!" The lion-mask executioner said secretly.