Chapter 408: Memory Capsule Mutation

Chapter 408: Memory Capsule Mutation

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"Does it mean the Golden Tome cannot be read with eyes, but with the power of the soul!?" Han said to himself, shocked.

This discovery made Han extremely excited. It might be because Han possessed both the dark and source energy, two different energy compositions that Han had yet to fully understand. Yet right now, all that mattered was that Han had found a way to read the Golden Tome!

According to Howling Forest’s words, Howling Sky Wolf was the only person who could read this book. After his death, the Golden Tome still existed, but it was for the most part abandoned.

If Han was capable of reading this book, then he was the second legendary warrior after Howling Sky Wolf to master the Golden Tome!

With this in mind, Han used the power of the soul to touch the golden memory capsule in his zero-degree brain region. Unfortunately, he did not succeed.

The content inside the Golden Tome was not like the memories left by Lu Yao but was fully guarded with a powerful layer of protection. Han’s soul could not read it.

Han’s brain processed the information and he mumbled to himself, "The memory of Lu Yao is fragmented, but the Golden Tome is a complete book, so perhaps I need to have the capability to read it all at once."

With this in mind, Han withdrew his spirit energy from his brain region and tried once more to read the Golden Tome.

He gradually found the trick. For him to have the Golden Tome transform to the form of memory capsules in his zero-brain domain, he needed to memorize all of the strange star text.

The more text Han memorized, the more complete the Golden memory capsule that was in his zero-degree brain region became.

Thus, Han’s spirit energy shuttled between the external world and the zero-degree brain region like a kind of memory transportation. He would memorize complex star text and await the capsules in the zero-brain region to be interpreted.

As Han focused and worked hard, more and more golden capsules gathered in Han’s Zero-degree brain region.

The sizes of this golden capsules varied and were mixed together with Lu Yao’s transparent capsule. The large size capsules indicated that Han had memorized and transferred more of specific star text and less on the smaller one.

This process must be flawless. Even if Han missed any punctuation mark in the chapter, it would not form that magical golden memory drop.

Han worked selflessly for three days straight without leaving his room. With each increase in the number of memory capsules, another issue appeared that gave Han a headache. How can you separate the memory of the Golden Tome and Lu Yao that are mixed together?

Whatever, I will memorize this book first!

Finally, on the fifth day, Han closed the encyclopedia-like thick Golden Tome. He had memorized all the paragraphs flawlessly without missing any punctuation.

Han discovered that as his reading volume increased, the symptoms of constant headaches seemed to ease. This might be due to his ability to adapt or the side effects of the Golden memory capsules being gathered in the brain.

Although it had been a full 120 hours without sleep, Han did not feel tired. His spirit energy entered into the zero-degree brain domain and he was satisfied with his masterpiece.

All of this was data. Transparent and golden memory capsules were all full of valuable data. If Han was given enough time, he could interpret all this data and transform it into valuable wealth.

Without further delay, Han decided to act right away. First, he tried to gather the golden memory capsules so they weren’t mixed up with Lu Yao’s memory.

Swish ~

A strange reaction occurred when his soul touched the first golden memory capsule.

Those golden droplets emitted bright light and gathered quickly to fuse. Finally, it formed a huge golden sphere. The Golden Tome’s complete data had taken form and was far faster than Han had imagined after that the slow collection process.

"Next is the decryption!" Han was excited. "In no time, I will become the only one in this world that has mastered the Golden Tome! "

There was a good old saying, extreme joy begets sorrow.

Just as Han began to get carried away in his sense of grandeur, thinking that he inherited some ultimate technique…

An accident happened.

The huge golden memory capsule exploded!

Boom ~

In an instant, countless data traveled the complex neural link into Han’s brain, invading his brain cells.

The influx of countless data was like the flood in the Bible, completely turning Han’s mind into chaos.


With his mind completely overwhelmed, Han uttered a terrible scream and then fell heavily onto the ground.

The news of what had happened to Han shocked the entire base and everyone came to see him. The ones who were more emotional like Ye Weiwei, Luo Ying, Xiao Bao and Yuan Yuan already had tears in their eyes before they even saw him.

In fact, the base had a full range of no-blind-spot monitoring. Han’s activity should have been fully known to super computer Queen and Robot Yuan Yuan.

They had known Han was in the room studying the Golden Tome and no one felt odd about it because Han’s behavior had always been strange.

When he practiced, he would often be in a state of madness for a few days or even a whole month without leaving the practice room. When he tried to learn a skill, it was always the same. These were the symptoms of Han’s focus.

However, this time Han had collapsed during the learning process and it was hard to understand for everyone. Han was already an intermediate Warlord with two unique energy sources, how could he fall onto the ground from studying?

"Could it be that because the Golden Tome is some martial art technique, and Han lost control during the practice?" Sima Hunfeng guessed with a frown.

9527 shook his head, "Not likely, Queen has full monitoring capabilities, including Han’s body parameters. Assuming he was practicing, there should have been energy fluctuations, right? However, according to the Queen\'s data, Han’s energy parameters, heartbeat, and blood pressure had all been very stable. His mind was in high concentration, so I could conclude that he was not practicing but just reading this book. "

Howling Forest took on a ghastly expression and explained, "Han was interested in the book left by my uncle Grandpa. So I let him take a look at it. Who would have thought it would unexpectedly hurt him? This is my fault."

Pathless Origin shook his head lightly, "How can this be your fault? If you are willing to lend Han this precious book, it indicates that you are a good brother of his. As for Han fainting, it is a separate matter. Perhaps he is just not careful when studying."

At the same time, Night Walker finished Han’s body test and stood up. Everyone was anxious and hurriedly asked him about Han’s condition. Night Walker had the highest medical skill in the team. After all, a toxicologist needed to study the human body thoroughly to ensure that the toxins were able to penetrate the physiological defense and enter the cells to kill the opponent.

Thus, the truth is that the best toxicologist is often the best physician.

"How is he?"

"What\'s the matter with Han?"

Night Walker shook his head, "I have never encountered such a strange thing in my life. Although Han is unconscious, all of his physiological indicators are accelerating, almost as if he has entered a state of intense training."

"How can this be possible? Han is not even moving, how can he train?" Ke Lake asked with a puzzled mind.

The Night Walker shrugged his shoulders and said, "I can\'t explain it. However, the physiological indicators of Han, especially the hormone levels are rising rapidly. The only explanation is that Han has entered a state of a dream training."

"Is it life threatening?" Wu Yun asked.

Night Walker shook his head, "No, although Han has a large consumption of energy now, warriors in our level do not rely on food to refill energy. With Han’s current zero-degree brain region’s energy storage level, it will take a couple of years before his energy becomes fully depleted. Which means he can maintain this status for a few years without dying. However, we will not be able to communicate with him or know what he is doing in his dream, which is what’s worrisome."

"Get out of the way, Pluto is here! Pluto is here! "

A brother on the outside of the crowd shouted. Everyone immediately made way for Pluto to pass.

Pluto’s special status was unspeakable among the group. Although often he was nowhere to be found and unlikely to speak, his extraordinary experience had been discovered long ago by everyone in battle. These experiences could only be acquired through years of battle and practice. He had far more experience than everyone else.

"How long has it been?" Pluto looked at Han and then frowned.

"Not long, Han fell down approximately 40 minutes ago." "9527 said.

Pluto did not ask more questions. He squatted down, stretched out his right hand and placed it on Han’s forehead.

Swish ~

White lights appeared, it was Pluto’s soul, also known as absolute spiritual energy. Pluto was the only one that could control spiritual energy freely. This solidified spirit energy could be used as a battle weapon when needed!




There was a wonderful resonance between Pluto and Han. It was as if Pluto had used his soul to awaken Han’s soul.

This feeling came about due to the fact that their souls were in tune and were on the same frequency.


A faint golden light emerged from his body and surrounded him. Under this gold light, there seemed to be a white light and a black light. The two lights were temporarily unable to shine through the golden rays of the siege as if surrounded by the enemy.

Everyone was stunned.

Pluto summoned Han’s soul? Han’s soul had more than one color? What could be the reasons?

Pluto retracted back his soul slowly. Han’s spirit energy quickly disappeared as well. Lance was curious and mimicked Pluto’s action. He placed his hands onto Han’s forehead and scratched, but nothing appeared. It is clear, no one other than Pluto knew the method to utilize spirit energy.

Pluto stood up without a word and turned away, his face silent and expressionless.

One of Han’s masters Night Walker could not help but say, "Pluto! Everyone is worried. You have to say something! "

Pluto stopped and said without looking back, "Han is fine, but you guys have to be careful. After losing Han’s Void End, the result is that your combat effectiveness will be significantly weakened. Hopefully, we don’t encounter a strong enemy during this time."

Then, there is no then!

Pluto was cold to the extreme, and he left the room in silence.

"Pluto is a strange man."

"He does not seem to care much about Han, but instead he reminded us to be careful?"

9527 shook his head, "It’s not likely. Pluto was rescued by Han and I. I know him, and I know that he is actually more concerned about Han than we are. Yet due to his cold character, he just does not show it. We have to believe in him."

The crowd reluctantly nodded.

Most of the people turned to leave and left the room. They finally recognized the importance of Han when Han was not around. After all, this group was most powerful with group battles and it had not met its match!

However, with careful analysis, wasn’t the so-called strength in group battles mainly dependent on Han’s power?

His exceptional command and judgment ability, along with his unstoppable Void End power led the group to steal every limelight in battle.

Back in the old days, when Han had first joined the All Gods Corporation, his talents shocked Military God Kabri. If it wasn’t for the rule and ranking system, Kabri would have assigned Han to his army long ago. He was talent-hungry for someone like Han that could increase the combat effectiveness of the whole legion.

Other powerful individuals were usually strong in individual strength, but Han was a monster. He was strong, but he could also empower his teammates as well! It was this ability that set Han apart from the rest.

Ye Weiwei and Luo Ying stayed in the room to take care of Han. There was nothing much for them to do except to wipe Han’s body and speak to him. Whether Han was able to hear or not they could not know, but the act itself comforted themselves more than anything.

Time passed by and without Han, everyone suddenly felt a sense of crisis and doubled their efforts to work and train. This was the only way to for them to survive without Han.

Meanwhile, Ye Weiwei and Luo Ying had gained subtle feelings towards Han after all of the days spent together by Han’s side.

When they washed Han’s body, they discovered that he had a very sexy physique. He had just the right amount of muscles, unlike those excessive bodybuilding athletes with bulky muscles.

Han\'s muscle was in its natural form, curving smoothly without too much extra definition.

As for Han’s skin, the countless injuries sustained in battles had left him with indelible scars. These scars were not ugly but were trophies that displayed his masculinity. It clearly indicated Han was not the little sugar baby type of man, but a man of iron.

It was often forgotten the fact that not only men appreciate women’s beauty, but that women often secretly appreciate men as well.

Although Ye Weiwei and Luo Ying would not admit it, as they spent more time with Han the intimacy increased. They even rejected Yuan Yuan and Silver Fox’s request to take care of their master with the made-up reason that they were too clumsy and might further injure Han. And so, they were the only ones who cleaned Han’s body.

Everyday 9527 came to visit Han. He had used the fission metal drones to scout the five major groups’ territory more than once a day.

As more and more intelligence was collected, it made 9527 worried. The rumor of war between the five groups had not been heard. On the contrary, the border was quiet and even most of the garrison regiment had withdrawn.

This indicated that the five groups had ceased their current confrontations with each other in preparation for a more difficult battle ahead. It seemed that the battle had nothing to do with the five corporations internally, but the defense against powerful external forces was their main concern.

With all of this intelligence in mind, 9527 became silent. He was well aware that the force that stopped confrontation among the five groups was likely to be the one spoken of in the rumor.

Han was still asleep, but there was a storm on its way in the outside world.