Chapter 210: Han’s Caused Trouble Again

Chapter 210: Han’s Caused Trouble Again

Han’s source energy level broke past a million points, and the ballooning sense of power surprised him.

“Is this the feeling of having power? No wonder every soldier desperately wants to improve themselves to achieve higher levels. Power is a feeling like being above the world.” Han finished his training, and he sat on the floor thinking.

At that moment of leveling up, Han felt unprecedentedly strong, and even felt as though he was able to crush a planet and have the entire world beneath his feet.

This was the confidence brought by absolute power, and having a sufficiently high level will not only boost the combat side of strength, but also Han’s spirit and personal qualities. The true masters were always calm and relaxed, coming from their unshakable pride and confidence.

Han glanced at the numbers on the wall, the 2900 credits were actually all used up! After this final hour, Han’s credits will be back to zero.

Without question, credits were important. If Han had enough credits, he could activate the insane mode in the practice room, or even the higher Nightmare mode, and that will allow Han’s leveling speed to increase even faster.

Han looked at his credits disappear bit by bit, and he felt really sad. After all, he did have to do a lot of work to obtain all those points.

“Can’t afford to waste any.” Han mumbled to himself as he opened the Lunar Mark and let out the Demon Claw, Ghost Claw, and also Silver Fox. He even let out robot Yuan Yuan.

“Come, come, come, you guys should experience it too, this rich feeling of source energy.” Han smiled and said to them, “Absorb as much as you can. After all, it has been paid for.”

The Ghost Claw arrogantly raised his head, but his body was slightly trembling, as if feeling excited due to the rich energy.

Demon Claw was still looking ugly and silly. It started blanking out again, scratching his head with his claws from time to time, as if thinking about life.

Now that he thought about it, the Demon Claw will go together pretty well with Lan Feng, they both had the look of a philosopher. Unfortunately, Han hasn’t seen Lan Feng in awhile now. Ever since that naïve little sister of Han Feng’s posted the video of Han using fusion beasts onto a video website and exposed Han for going against the rules, Lan Feng never contacted Han again, maybe because of the feeling of guilt.

The most excited one was the Silver Fox. Ever since that little thing was released, he had been going crazy!

First he sprinted around the practice room lap after lap, then he immediately started rolling around and jumping up and down.

“Master, look, Silver Fox is really cute!” Yuan Yuan sat down beside Han and watched the little thing run and roll.


Silver Fox, as if knowing Yuan Yuan was talking about him, jumped onto Yuan Yuan and started playing with him. Silver Fox was very quick, whereas Yuan Yuan was a slow robot, so he couldn’t catch Silver Fox no matter what.

Han watched everything in front of him and felt really happy. This was his team. The Ghost Claw was like a master with hidden strength, the Demon Claw was like a dull but loyal guard, whereas Silver Fox was playful. Everyone had different characteristics, but they were all very loyal towards him.

Silver Fox and the others were very excited, and that suddenly reminded Han of the strange black egg that was still inside the Lunar Mark. That thing loved energy even more.

It was just that last time the creature inside the black egg tried to wake up, it was met with Han’s brutal snipe and was slapped by him using the Star-Strangling Boa.

Ever since then, that creature inside the egg became quiet and depressed, and began its second hibernation phase, and Han couldn’t wake it up no matter what.

“Maybe let him absorb some energy too? After all the energy inside this training room seems to have an endless supply.” Han thought.

Sometimes, Han’s thoughts were simply illogical!

No matter how much energy was inside the training room, that’s still for helping Han level up, not for him to let his fusion beasts have a good time, nor for developing some unknown monster!

Han didn’t say anything and really just let out the egg.

The egg was just placed on the floor, but it didn’t move at all, nor did it start absorbing the energy inside the training room.

Han felt that ever since last time the creature inside the egg was threatened by him, this fellow, as if becoming an upset child, curled himself up in the corner and lost his playfulness.

This was bad. With an overwhelming curiosity inside him, Han still wanted to see what’s really inside the egg.

“Okay, I know you like absorbing energy. Let’s write off all the conflicts we had, now just take advantage and absorb energy, we don’t have much time left.” Han knocked on the black egg twice and said.


The black egg as if understood what Han said, it suddenly brightened up once and then immediately dimmed down again.

“Just absorb when I let you absorb, stop sulking. I’m a man of my words.” Han said a bit angrily.

Stopping for a few seconds, the life inside the black egg suddenly began to erupt and began taking in all the surrounding source energy into itself. The Demon Claw, the Ghost Claw and Silver Fox all curiously came around to look.

Silver Fox tilted its head, used its claw and scratched its crotch. Then, as if it was frightened, it fled into the corner, wrapped itself in its big tail, covered its eyes with its tiny claws and then peeked at Han and the black egg from its class.

As for the life inside the black egg, clearly it still needed Han to knock on it from time to time. When it wasn’t willing to absorb energy anymore, Han would knock on the shell a few times, and then it would obey and absorb as it was told by Han.

But very soon, Han’s face turned a bit awkward, because the entire training room began to shake at a rhythm, as if sitting on a nearly broken tractor, very bumpy.

At the same time, source energy crazily flew into the black egg, and the shell became more and more black, and then gradually became coated with a layer of white light.

Faster and faster, the training room seemed to collapse and Han couldn’t even stand still anymore.


When the count down finished and Han’s credits were emptied, the absorption for energy still didn’t finish.

The training room wanted to take back the source energy, but it was tightly held on by the black egg. Han was really surprise, where did the enormous amount of power come from in the egg? It’s actually fighting against the power of the dark net!


Finally, the tragedy happened, the training room stopped shaking but turned into darkness. The lights that were emitting source energy seemed to have collapsed or something, and everyone was completely surrounded by silence.

And that black egg, it went back to being “dead” again, just stayed motionlessly on the floor.

“Holy crap! What did you do?! I told you to absorb the energy, how did you break the system?! What if we get stuck?!” Han snapped.

Han’s face changed colors, and the poor life inside the black egg didn’t argue back but quickly went into hibernation again, as if it felt wronged.

Han also felt that he might’ve been too harsh on him, so he placed the black egg onto his hand and whispered, “You little guy, you have to learn to take it easy. If you eat it slowly, it can last for a long time. Look, now the system collapsed because of you, you don’t get to any now right?”

“So, it’s important for a person to learn to conquer their desires, and not let your brain get dominated by desire. From now on you should think more before you do things.”

Han was saying something really strange. He was teaching the life inside the black egg how to be a human. But clearly, the thing isn’t the egg was not a human because humans don’t come from eggs.

But Han didn’t feel like he was being strange, nor does Silver Fox, the Demon Claw, and Yuan Yuan, because that was how Han had always been. Not only does he try to teach the black egg how to be a good person, he even educates the Demon Claw, regardless of whether the Demon Claw understood or not.

All in all, in Han’s logic, human was just an abstract concept, a form of life. A life, as long as it has intelligence, love, and belief, could be referred to as a person.

So Han felt, being human was a psychological concept, not biological. You couldn’t just say someone was a human when it was in the skin of a person, because the things he or she does could make him an animal instead.

Han put the black egg back, and said to Yuan Yuan and the others, “It’s okay, the dark net system is really advanced, it will be fine after a reboot. I’m tired now, I will sleep for a bit. Wake me up once the system is back online.”

Then Han laid on the ground, and the moment his head touched the ground, he fell into a deep asleep.

He was indeed very tired, because Han was more hardworking than anyone. Normally Han barely slept, and endless training, studying, thinking, basically took over every second of Han’s life.

Now the Han that just leveled up finally couldn’t hold it anymore, and needed a deep sleep to relieve the fatigue. As for whether it was appropriate to sleep here, who cares.

When Han woke up again, he noticed that it was still pitch black around him. Silver Fox was laying on his neck with his belly and four limbs up, with the bushy tail over Han’s face, also asleep.

The Demon Claw and Ghost Claw firmly guarded the two sides of Han.

“You little fellow, your sleeping posture is really ugly.” Han threw Silver Fox to the side, and that little thing rolled a few times on the ground, and couldn’t even open its sleepy eyes.

“How long did I sleep for?” Han sat up, and rubbed his head and asked.

“Master, you have slept for almost 48 hours.” Yuan Yuan quickly replied.

“That long?!”

“Yep, looks like Master is really too tired. For the past few months, Master didn’t get the chance to rest, causing all the fatigue to build up.”

Han frowned and said, “What happened? The dark net system is still down after 48 hours?”

Yuan Yuan replied, “Maybe because the damage this time is pretty severe, or maybe because the dark net system is too big which causes longer reboot time.”

Han sat in the dark, and had a moment of silence. Him and Yuan Yuan all saw the dark net as a computer-like system, but they both seemed to have forgot, this is deep level dark net, it’s not just a system, but a physical existence.

Suddenly, Han felt something strange around him, as if something is in the vicinity but he couldn’t see it.

“Eye of Darkness, open!” For existences he couldn’t see, Han had the habit of relying on his dark vision.

“Eh, who are you?” Han was suddenly stunned and blurted out.