Chapter 467: Penta Dragon Soul

Chapter 467: Penta Dragon Soul

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Before Old Ruin’s terrifying mental attacks, the dragons were collapsing. The mental storm was invading their brains, that were not that smart to begin with. It caused them to see a huge terrifying Old Ruin, and then a scenario that was like the end of the world.

But the mental storm was just a hallucination after all. In Han’s eyes, nothing was happening, but Old Ruin was approaching him slowly.

"I am already old, I can’t continue for a long time using the mental storm, so I need to shorten my speech." Old Ruin’s voice was low, "The dragon race developed into the situation today due to our pride. I just understood the truth about the universe from Black Egg’s memories, and I also know you are from the future."

"Regardless, the universe needs to retain the normal balance, this responsibility should’ve been on us the dragon race, but you saw today, that the dragon race today does not have the ability to take on such a responsibility, so, our only hope is on you."

Han shook his head bitterly, he didn’t even know when he could live till, the dragon soul was currently destroying his own soul, this kind of pain could not be described with words.

Old Ruin said, "As the last living Fantasy Dragon, I could help you, but I want you to swear to me that you will use everything in your power to save this universe, and fight against that Universe Insect."

"I swear." Han said seriously, "I also have friends, I have a home, I will try my best to save the universe from destruction!"

"Very well!" Old Ruin nodded and said, "I believe you."

Han controlled his pain and asked, "Now can you clear out the dragon soul of the four dragons?"

"Clear out?" Old Ruin laughed and said, "How can dragon souls be cleared out."

"Then why did you say you can help me?" Han asked.

"I could." Old Ruin said, "I just need to give you my dragon soul, and then you can surpress those four smaller dragons and complete the blood contract."

"And, you can be the only person to have the power of a Penta-dragon soul!"


When he stopped talking, Old Ruin’s skinny claw was placed on Han’s forehead, and then a huge force entered Han’s zero-degree brain region, mixing into all of Han’s complex energies.

Light came from Old Ruin’s body and moved into Han’s body. Slowly Old Ruin fell and lost all signs of life, and was just a small, dried, old dragon.

Only the dragon race could kill the dragon race. Only the dragon race themselves could kill the dragon race themselves. The eternal life of dragons actually came from the eternal life of the dragon soul. The Old Ruin without a dragon soul died, his life ending.

At this time, the dragons escaped from the hallucinations, they were all gasping for air. The scene of the universe ending made them scared. In the hallucination, Dragon Valley was completely consumed, the divine and proud dragon race were howling like homeless dogs, and ultimately got swallowed by darkness.

They raised their head and they saw Han holding Old Ruin’s corpse, and Black Egg was standing on his shoulders having returned to health, determined sparkles reappeared in his golden eyes.

"This is all true?"

"Our dragon race will become extinct too?"

"I don’t want this all to happen! Old Ruin’s warning was terrifying!"

Most of dragon race felt pain, they found it hard to face the fact that the dragon race will be wiped out in the future. There was also another portion of the dragon race that didn’t believe in the prediction of Old Ruin and continued to glare at Han coldly.

"You stupid human! You tempted Old Ruin!"

"The dragon race would turn into what it is now is all your fault!" The dragons howled.

And Han, he stood on the top of this bare mountain without moving, his eyes were cold while glancing over these dragons.


Suddenly, the Godly Flying Feather Bow appeared in Han’s hands, Flying Feather Bow did not have any arrows but it reflected five layers of Godly light.

Black, represented the dragon soul of the devil system!

Gold, represented the dragon soul of the divine system!

Purple, represented the dragon soul of the mystic system!

Blood-red, represented the dragon soul of the destruction system!

White, represented the dragon soul of the spirit system!

Flying Feather arrows of five colors combined the force of five levels of dragon soul!

In the blink of an eye, Han, as a human, received the strongest soul power of the dragon race!

The dragons were stunned, they couldn’t believe that Han could have the power of so many dragon souls at the same time, and it was so complex.


Before his voice got to fade away, the divine dragon who kept on provoking Han fell under Han’s Flying Feather arrow. The penta-colored Flying Feather arrow shot through his chest, ending his life.

Only the dragon race could kill the dragon race. Even though Han was human, but his powers have completely surpassed all dragons!

Old Ruin’s sacrifice allowed Han to have the power of slaying dragons!

Now under this situation, it wouldn’t be very accurate to call Han a Dragon Knight, now he was a Dragon Slaying Dragon Knight!

"Open your stupid eyes and look clearly! Your so-called immortal and divine existence was just a humorous farce!" Han said loudly, "Me, as a human, can kill your whole race! What I can do, the insect race can also do!"

"In the universe, nobody was born divine and immortal, the so-called divinity and immortality must be fought for by you guys, go fight! It isn’t something that you guys are born into!"

"Now, I must leave, go back to the time and space I live in, and then, we will meet again, I hope at that time, you can consider clearly whether you will stand with the humans that you look down upon so much, to fight against the stupid insects!"

"Good bye!"

After Han had shot through the dragon, he took Black Egg and left Dragon Valley without looking back.

The blood contract was complete, Black Egg became a unique five colored huge dragon!


Outside the Dragon Valley, everyone was extremely worried, half a month had passed, it was equal to 15 years in their time, nobody knows what would happen in these 15 years in the universe and Milky Way.

But what worried everyone the most was that suddenly a portion of dragons rushing out of Dragon Valley, loudly calling out that they wanted to chase after their own freedom, each of them was more excited than the last.

After these dragons who sought freedom left Dragon Valley, they actually displayed an extreme affinity with humans, they continued to praise Han for waking up their slumbering heart, some dragons even picked up some humans to hug them. After all this, it really scared the people who were waiting for Han and them.

Until the dragons had flown away, they still haven’t snapped out of what just happened, they even forgot to ask what Han even did in Dragon Valley that made the dragon race so divided.

And then it was a long wait, every minute felt like a year, especially Ye Weiwei and Jian Jia, the two girls loved Han in different ways.

Their reason for love?

There were too many, If a man who led such an exciting life and yet wasn’t liked by girls, then that would be the most abnormal thing in the universe.

It was just that their personalities were different, their ways of expressing themselves were different too, Ye Weiwei liked to hide everything in her heart, and Jian Jia never hid her thoughts, she was brave and hot-headed.

Finally, right before everyone was about to lose their patience, Han and Black Egg appeared surprisingly, they descended from the sky in a pose that was never seen before.


Black Egg waved his humongous wings, it was like a tall mountain that could not be climbed. The weird five colors on his body and that complex yet mysterious energy wave, made people not believe that this was the little chubby guy that stayed with Han through life and death.

Black Egg changed,.Han changed too, high-level warriors had sharp observations, and after they saw Han, 9527, Sima Hunfeng, Lu Shui Jing Tai, these top-notch masters in the Wolf Fang Corporation realized that they were no longer match for Han.

Han had changed from a human to a real dragon knight. He had received Black Egg’s energy and will go through life and death with him.

And Black Egg was a unique being in the whole dragon race. A penta-dragon soul, the reincarnation of five dragons, even using the most basic mathematical skills, one could calculate that Black Egg’s power was equal to that of five dragons.

And when faced with such a unique life, it wasn’t enough to just add them all up, the great power of the dragon soul initiated changes. It allowed Black Egg to receive an exponential power upgrade, to call him the most powerful dragon race in the universe would be an underestimation of Black Egg’s real strength.

"Han, you finally came back!"

"This guy is Black Egg? What the, so majestic!"

"What exactly did you experience in Dragon Valley?"

His crew all asked one after the other, Han grinned and his lips curved to his signature look, "There is no time, come up and then we can talk."

"To go where?"

"Wall of Nine Dragons."


The Wall of Nine Dragons was an inpassable crystal wall that stood in the universe. Above it was a statue of 9 dragons.

Apparently, these nine dragons were the ancestors of the dragon race. Now that the number of their offsprings have surpassed over 10,000, over 100 races, these 9 dragons of different colors will always be the strongest ancestors of the dragon race.

Time and space came together at the Wall of Nine Dragons. As long as you can cross this wall, then you can travel through time and go back to the time and space that Han and the others came from.

Everyone was shocked to see the Wall of Nine Dragons that divided the universe into two. Pluto said, "We must immediately return, because this time we have waited too long, there is something that I’ve never told you, and that was information regarding Earth."

"Earth!?" Han was suddenly shocked.

"Yes, the whole solar system is under the control of the special mission team, I am Pluto, I control the Pluto, the captain of the team is Duo-Sun, he controlled the sun, and Sage Wood controls Jupiter."

"Since the Triple-Eyed race caused the mission group to expose themselves, Duo-Sun and the others were currently being chased by the insect race. Their speed is increasing, now that 17 years had passed, I am worried whether they are still alive." Pluto said in simple words.

Han remembered the fleet that was chasing after Pluto, it was a weird, invincible fleet.

To protect and help the team leave, Pluto attracted their attention and almost sacrificed himself. Luckily he was saved by Han and 9527.

So that fleet was what the insect race left behind and was responsible for chasing down the last spore in the universe.

"Let’s go!" Han yelled and ordered Black Egg.


Black Egg sped up in the universe, drawing a perfect curve and rushed towards the Wall of Nine Dragons.

It has been 17 years, what did our universe look like?

Everyone was kind of worried.