Chapter 308: The Ancestors Return to the Galaxy

Chapter 308: The Ancestors Return to the Galaxy

Translator: Noodletown Translation Editor:

Just as Han was fighting with his life on the line, something with huge significance was also taking place at the outskirts of the Galaxy.

The massive Three-eyed Race fleet was moving towards the core of the Galaxy.

Besides battleships, there were many other supplementary vessels; engineering ones, mining ones, smelting ones, and ones that were in charge of logistics etc.

After all, the entire Three-eyed Race battled and lived together, and everything that the clan required had to be produced throughout their journey; whether they were items as major as docks or other mechanical parts, or things that were minor items like a small piece of chocolate, a roll of toilet paper, or a tube of toothpaste.

Since the prestigious Three-eyed Race found it demeaning to take on this type of work themselves, and they did not trust the highly intelligent robots, work that was hard and that no Race members were willing to take on fell on humans.

Yes, the Three-eyed Race had lied when they said they killed all humans. After killing the defiant, stronger, humans, they captured some of the weaker ones and made them their slaves.

During the three eras that the fleet toured around the Galaxy, the humans lived in the dark dungeons of the ships; cleaning toilets, or producing commodities that the Three Eye race wanted. All in all, humans existed in the fleet, but only partook in things that had nothing to do with science and technology.

Yz1579, an industrial ship which produces daily chemical products—

In the basement, Rose Scent Wave factory.

Hundreds of humans were working diligently, they sorted the Scent Waves into different boxes, labelling each with the recipients’ names.

Every two hours, small logistics spaceships came to the factory, and, utilizing the time between shift rotations, these spaceships delivered the items that each fleet needed to them.


After packing and while waiting for the ships to arrive was the only time humans got to take breaks. Every day they worked twelve hours, as a child until they die, without any days off; this was the ill fate of human slaves.

Most slaves seemed exhausted. Non-stop working intensely not only brought about exhaustion of the body, but also on the spirit. Living without hope was unbearable for too many people, and people committed suicide almost every week.

The ruler of the Three-eyed Race even implemented a rule that dictates that whenever someone from a work group killed themselves, someone from that group would have to be picked out to be executed.

This rule did decrease the suicidal rate by a lot, but only because the humans had nothing much except their friendships with each other, and since they did not want to sacrifice their colleagues and friends in the work groups, they remained suffering day after day.

Each work group was formed by twelve diligent humans, who spent every minute with each other. Two members stopped in front of a narrow porthole, staring at somewhere faraway in the Galaxy, teary.

They were two old men, twins. Despite their age, they were the most competent workers in the whole work group, even the entire carriage; they could even spare time and energy to help out the supposedly stronger younger workers.

On top of that, they barely slept. Whenever a work day ended and the drained workers lied on their beds, people would always see them communicating with each other. Strangely, nobody could hear what they were saying.

The workers would not be able to hear, of course, because the twins communicated through Source Energy Telepathic Voice which could only be accessed by warlord-level warriors.

These two old men who did not seem to be tired are precisely the Lesa and Riley Brothers, twins who had lost contact with Han years ago. The fact that these two warlords lived undercover among the Three-eyed Race did not occur to anybody within the Race.

Two years ago, when the brave explorer squad disappeared in the ruins, the Lesa and Riley Brothers were caught in the space dislocation, and found themselves lying next to the ruins of a fallen mining ship.

That ship had the Three-eyed Race’s mark. It had fallen during a mining mission and most of the workers who had died were humans.

The Lesa and Riley Brothers knew that they did not have the power to fight against the Three-eyed Race, so they changed into the human workers’ uniform and hid amongst them, concealing everything that hinted at their identity.

But time has proven that the last part was not necessary.

The Three-eyed Race looked down on humans and did not think they would ever rebel. The more gifted babies were all killed immediately after birth, and those who lived were all the dumbest, thickest, least gifted ones.

As for managing those humans, they maintained a careless approach; as if a careless rancher who had a herd of sheep and knew where they ate, but not the number of sheep he had, or whether there were any wolves that hid amongst the herd.

And so the Brothers became slaves to the Three-eyed Race, their most hated enemy.

Having suffered for two years with great perseverance, the Lesa and Riley Brothers finally lived to see the Milky Way again, its spiral arms still as beautiful, and the Galaxy rotating slowly as if it was a silver whirlpool.

"It’s been two years and we finally see the Milky Way again! I wonder how our families have been, and whether our kids are taller." Riley said through Source Energy Telepathic Voice.

Staring into a far space, Lesa said in a low voice, "I am more curious as to how well the Galaxy has prepared itself, and whether it is ready to fight against the Three-eyed Race; the longer time I spend here, the more I am coming to realize how powerful and insurmountable the Race is."

Riley clenched his teeth and replied, "We have to relay information we’ve gathered these two years to the Galaxy."

Lesa said, "It’s hard, unless we take over the ship with force, and even then the Three-eyed Race’s communication system is strictly monitored."

"Not to mention that once we start fighting, our identities will be exposed, and there aren’t a lot of valuable resources on the ship, since it mainly carries slaves . Judging by the Three-eyed Race’s brutal nature they will just sink this ship, by then not only will we die, so will our human companions."

Riley let out a long sigh, "It is hard, but we must make a decision, the Galaxy needs us."

As the Lesa and Riley Brothers struggled to come to a conclusion, the Three-eyed Race supervisors suddenly gathered all the slaves.

Soon enough, the factory’s new supervisor was introduced. Because of the impending war, the Three-eyed Race decided to use all the capable people on board, which was why the old supervisor was enlisted.


As soon as they saw the new supervisor, Lesa and Riley were stunned because they knew that person—it’s Arthur! Arthur the Cerberus, the best scout in the whole Galaxy, Arthur the Undead!

Indeed he was still alive, even recognized by the Three-eyed race as one of their own, and now he was the supervisor for this factory!

Arthur the Cerberus now looked very different; he had several prominent scars on his face, one of them on his forehead, as if it was from a failed attempt to open a third eye.

Arthur was also missing two fingers on his left hand and was limping; it was clear that this old hound was scarred but not killed. He was indeed the undead!

Lesa and Riley starred at Arthur excitedly, but Arthur ignored them while sternly instructing the human slaves to work hard. Riley couldn’t help but cough, but was promptly lashed on the face by laser beam and started bleeding instantly.

"You lowly humans, working hard for the God Race is your biggest glory! Now resume work! I am now declaring that you work for four more hours!" Just like a cruel slave master, Arthur extends the working hours. With the impending war, the Three-eyed Race was giving it its all.

The human slaves realized that the new supervisor was likely even more hostile than the former one, but they were numb to it already.

Riley returned to his position, hurt because of Arthur’s laser beam; he and his brother had suffered in silence for two whole years, not only for their own safety but for the Galaxy, their beloved home!

Arthur’s lash had brought them abruptly back to reality.

"Did Arthur lose his memory?" Riley whispered using Source Energy Telepathic Voice.

Lesa could only sigh; he had no idea at all.

Arthur the Cerberus assumed his new position and punished several workers, but it was as if he meant to avoid Lesa and Riley.

Lesa said, "We have to believe in Arthur, the reason why he survived is not because of good combat skills, but his sense of the surroundings. There must be a special reason why he’s not coming clean to us."