Chapter 52: Operation Divine Sword

Chapter 52: Operation Divine Sword

The training camp was completely silent, even the sound of a pin drop could be heard. Everyone couldn’t believe it, the team led by Han was able to neatly execute the battle in seconds, stomping the higher level Xin Beige team in one breath!

When Han and his team got out of the virtual pod room, the crowd burst into noise and quickly gathered around Han’s squad. They all wanted to know how Han won, and how he came up with this fearsome Tactic Wolf Fang.

Xin Beige was still somewhat angry, but his teammates were all very convinced of the loss. An Beibei energetically ran to Han and tapped him on the shoulder, she acted depressed and said, “Han, you are so mean, I’m the only girl and you still took care of me first. Hurry and talk about that Tactic Wolf Fang, how did you come up with it?”

Xin Beige felt embarrassed, but he wanted to know Han’s secret too so he hid behind the crowd and straightened his ears to listen.

Han paused a second to organize his thoughts, and then he said, “Tactic Wolf Fang is something I thought of in the shower. When I activate my void domain, everyone will charge at once, and the enemies will of course be rattled when they lose their power, and my team will know how to fight without powerful through long-term cooperation.”

“As a result, it will be us who are prepared, against the completely unprepared enemy. That way, one bit from the fangs will either kill them or make them semi-disabled, so that’s why this tactic is called Wolf Fang, which means to deliver a ruthless bite whenever there’s an opportunity.”

“Void domains can’t be seen, other than me, no one knows when it’s active and when it’s deactivated. If we take advantage of this and let me deliver signals to my teammates, then we can suddenly deactivate the void domain and let everyone release powerful super ability attacks at once. Then, we can summon the domain again right when they want to use their power, and take advantage of their vulnerability and go up and deliver merciless bites. Every bite will let the enemy bleed heavily and after a few rounds, I don’t believe that I can’t bite him to death.”

Everyone was attracted by the Tactic Wolf Fang described by Han, and they all felt that if they could join the Wolf Fang Squad and strike enemies together with Han, it would be very satisfying!

Han saw the depression on the face of Xin Beige and other 4-star geniuses, he walked up to them and patted Xin Beige’s shoulder and said to everyone, “Whether Tactic Wolf Fang can be successful, it’s fully reliant on everyone’s support and needs everyone’s effort. Like Xin Beige, when we were in simulated combat, this guy was the toughest to deal with, it required all five of us to cooperate to take him down, which shows that his foundation is really solid.”

“That’s why, I hope Xin Beige can join our Wolf Fang squad, and strike enemies with us in the future!”

Seeing how easily Han can let go of the past and bury the hatchet, everyone was really surprised, after all, Xin Beige’s attitude towards Han earlier wasn’t that friendly.

Han paused for a second and continued, “With so many foreign enemies targeting us, it is not an easy thing for Earth to keep its spot in the Milky Way, that’s why we must remember. The people of Earth should never fight other people of Earth! You can’t prove anything to others through factions! If you are strong then point all of our guns against the hostile foreign and go find our real enemies!”


In Long Chuan’s office, he quietly lit a cigarette, and remained silent for a long time.

Li Yu was very happy for Han. After all he was not just a member of the 1st Legion, but also a subordinate of the Extinction Site Administration. Seeing how Han stomped the students that Long Chuan was so proud of, Li Yu could feel the glory on his face too!

Long Chuan blew a smoke ring, smiled and said, “It’s truly unbelievable. Han isn’t just a powerful soldier, but also a tactical genius?! Take advantage of the nature of Void End, establish a special tactic squad to strike with Void Domain, it shouldn’t be something a boy at this age can think of.”

Li Yu proudly said, “After this New Year Han will only be 17 years old. His battle spirit, will, understanding and adaptability of tactics, are all very developed and sophisticated now. For someone like it, the sky could be the only limit.”

Long Chuan’s eyes lit up suddenly, and he asked in a deep voice, “Suppose I send Han to the battlefield right now, would you think that I’m crazy?”


Li Yu was very shocked, “Could it be 1st Legion got its first mission that quickly?”

Long Chuan quickly took out a battle plan with the printed words “Top Secret” on top and said in a deep voice, “I’m planning to launch a surprise attack on the Thorn Bird Raiding Group after 2 months, it’s that group that attacked Shanghai, almost blew up the South Pole base, and caused Han to be unconscious for a month!”

“Our current problem is that we only have one starship, but based on our intelligence, the Thorn Birds have up to 4 destroyers, 11 frigates, 2 industrial ships and an electronic reconnaissance ship.”

“If we use the Atlantic to attack their base, it will likely set off star wars. Although our Atlantic Cruiser is stronger than any of their battleships, but our number’s at a disadvantage and it would be difficult to kill them all. The most likely outcome is lose-lose!”

That’s why, we need a more audacious plan that can annihilate these guys but also preserve our fighting strength at the same time, so I came up with this Operation Divine Sword. Without Han and his Wolf Fang Tactic, we have only 50% chance of succeeding. But now, we have 80%!

“Old Yu, you should understand what this Tactic Wolf Fang means when it’s against a large battalion scale battle right?”

Li Yu was completely shocked by Long Chuan’s adventure operation. Earth had always been the one getting bullied by others, and it’s completely unheard of that Earth would take the initiative to attack others!

Li Yu listened as he quickly read through Long Chuan’s battle plan.

“Of course I know, if Han’s Wolf Fang tactic is successful, then it’s like as if a soldier that was fighting barehanded now had weapons! It’s like a rabbit grew sharp teeth, and it can bite people now!”

“Essentially, Han’s Wolf Fang tactic was like a battlefield metronome plus compass, used to adjust the whole campaign’s attacking rhythm. Wherever needed, the Wolf Fang would be there to bite. The Wolf Fang squad can lead the entire assault force’s attacking direction, and at the same time protect the vulnerable spots of our battalion. It’s not excessive to call it the versatile tactic on the battlefield.” Li Yu expressed his opinion on the Wolf Fang tactic.

Long Chuan kept on nodding, and his eyes kept on getting brighter.

“We are all aware, the hateful Thorn Bird Raiders are just a pawn of our real enemy. If we can’t even take care of the pawn, then the manipulating hands behind the curtain will become more unscrupulous.

“It’s time for Earth to shine its sword and let those hands behind the curtain know, it won’t be so easy to swallow Earth! Within all of the espers on Earth, there is no coward!” Long Chuan said in excitement, but then he started coughing immediately.

Li Yu was very clear, as the current number 1 esper on Earth, Long Chuan’s body was getting worse. That’s why he’s very anxious to shine the sword, his time was running out.

Li Yu laid down Long Chuan’s battle plan, considered briefly and said, “The only problem is, if we want to win this war, we must take the risk and send the members of the genius camp and Han onto the battlefield, while Han and them still shoulder the heavy responsibility of competing in the Galactic Meet. We can’t afford to have any loss of these talents.”

Long Chuan laughed bitterly twice, looked out into the pitch black night, the wind of the Nazca plateau is strong, also cold, like someone screaming.

“Of course I know it’s very risky, but we are already out of time. The Galactic Meet is next year, you think if the youth of Earth can get a high score, the Milky Way Alliance will reject the proposal of colonizing Earth again?”

“I’m afraid it’s not that simple. All these years, I have always wondered, Ke Lake loved Earth so much, he’s even willing to sacrifice his life for Earth. Such a determined and patriotic soldier, why did he leave without saying goodbye after the Galactic Meet? Is there really no hidden reason? No conspiracy?”

“Pinning the hope on others is the greatest tragedy of Earth. Of course, we need to fight in the Galactic Meet, but we also need to fight at the Milky Way federal level! If we want others to think highly of us, we must first do things to make us think highly of ourselves!”

Li Yu was suddenly stunned. About Ke Lake, everyone had doubts in there heart, but only a few will speak up like Long Chuan.

Ke Lake really just left without saying goodbye that year? Could it be Sally Empire, or some other enemies that want to colonize Earth had secretly laid their hands on Ke Lake?

No one knew the truth, and people didn’t want to think towards the tragedy side.

If Ke Lake was assassinated by an enemy that year, then even if Han and others can get a good score during Galactic Meet, it’s very possible that the enemy will strike again!

The Earth that was in possession of B-Class Extinction Domain, has been the ideal land that several nearby empires want to colonize.




The old-fashioned clock tower at the base rang, it was the New Year bells.

But there was no celebration, no joy, only pressure.

Because this year is when the Galactic Meet takes place and also the judgement day that decide whether Earth will be colonized!

Long Chuan rubbed his temples with his fingers, and said to himself, “In any case, the year that decides our fate still showed up at our door, leaving us only a few months left.”


Li Yu slammed Long Chuan’s desk, and said in a deep voice, “Let’s go find Talin together. Don’t let the information about Operation Divine Sword leak out, not even to Han and the others.”

“There’s still some time, we have to look closely to see to what extent can Han perform his Wolf Fang tactic. If he can really perfect Tactic Wolf Fang, then we will go and get rid of those damned raiders! We will let that bastard Sally Empire see, although Earth is small, but no one here’s a coward!”