Chapter 409: Journey in the Golden Tome

Chapter 409: Journey in the Golden Tome

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Han entered a strange world as everyone else was worried about him. The world was made out of gold! The earth was gold, trees were good, streams were flooded with golden liquid, and even the pebbles in the riverbed were gold!

Han squatted down and grabbed a handful of golden sand, and flickered into the golden stream.

"The whole world is full of gold but no other life forms. It feels like a dead world." Han shook his head and thought to himself. Compared to these golden forests, Han much preferred lush green plants.

Han walked along the golden path and saw a carved golden tablet. The writings on the tablet described the Golden Tomb wasn’t an actual book but a training dimension instead.

Unlike other training dimensions, the Golden Tome does not train the body but targeted the mind power, otherwise known as a man’s soul.

The Golden Tome was like a computer program, and the star-shaped text was the code that initiated the start sequence. The program ran once all the codes were downloaded into Han’s brain, and everything Han saw was illusions from his head.

The problem now was that the illusions restricted Han’s thoughts and he did not know how to let his mind go back.

Black Egg’s soul kill was a power attack that was directed at the deepest part of one’s soul. Han finally experienced the horror of not able to command his soul, as it put a middle Warlord like himself into a vegetative state.

This was only the Golden Tome’s temporary restriction on Han’s soul, had it been Black Egg’s attack then it would have been a hundred folds worse. His body would be perfectly in place but soulless.

Since this was only a mind power training dimension, then there must be opportunities for Han to exit. According to the engravings, Han must learn to control this dimension, fully control the Golden Tome. Otherwise, he would be judged as someone with no potential and his soul would be wiped away in eternity to prevent Han from leaking the secret of the Book.

Han realized that curiosity came at a price, as this one-sided clause has forced him into a dead end, giving him no choice but to become the Tome’s owner.

Han continued forward and saw a huge golden Chess Board. The chess pieces crisscrossed like the stars of Milky Way, far more complex than Chinese Chess or Go.

This was the Galactic Chess, Han’s only way to obtain the ownership of the Book was to win a game on this board. Han must win one round in three tries, otherwise, his soul would perish.

Han stood on a golden cliff and surveyed the board, as it measured 10 kilometers by 10 kilometers. The pieces cannot be moved physically, and according to the rules, Han must control the pieces telepathically. Han’s pieces were marked with a cross and his opponent’s had a marking of a twin-headed eagle.

Han sat on the edge of the cliff and rubbed against his chin as he began his thought process.

Galactic Chess was completely different from regular chess, the board was filled with pieces and not a single space. The goal was to remove each piece from the board.

The game could be won by spirit. Spirit could be viewed as an influence, the force of power and the domineering feeling a piece has over others, like the last surviving member on the battlefield, wounded but still standing tall and defending his flag.

Whether strong spirit when battling as a mighty army or the strong spirit shown in individual combat, that’s the spirit the game was seeking. Han understood Galactic Chess’s ultimate goal was to seek a never give up, fight to death spirit bearer.

The state of the game reflected the mastermind behind the movements.

Han smiled and gently pointed at the board as one of his pieces disappeared into thin air. His opponent also made a move and removed a piece diagonally across from Han’s move. It bared a similar resemblance to the beginning of a Go game. Han’s opponent countered every one of his moves.

A game of chess was a smokeless battlefield. Those who understood the game saw the fighting and bloodshed, while others viewed the game as two bored guys wasting time.

Han and his opponent knew the game well. Even though Han was not accustomed to the elimination mode chess, but he quickly learned with his never give up mentality. He was known as the tough bone Han, and the nickname came from his never-back-down mentality in his numerous death-match encounters!

Coincidentally, Galactic Chess sought the same thing that Han excelled most at.

Han lost the first match convincingly, he waved his hand as if nothing happened and said, "Again."

It appeared that Han did not waste much time while trying to beat the Golden Tome in a game of Galactic Chess, however it was a mirage and almost a month has passed in the outside world.

Silver Fox traveled to the Tree God Tribe via space transporter. He learned the method rather quickly and had a few others ponder if someone had taught Silver Fox how to drive the dark spaceship, he would also master it. It goes to show the superiority of Silver Fox’s intelligence amongst the beasts.

Silver Fox entered the underground garden via Tree God. This was where Feng Taiji lived, and he was here avidly attempting to research the third generation of genetically mutated battle plants.

"How was Han today?" Feng Taiji asked Silver Fox.


Silver Fox shrugged his shoulders and presented a very vivid but helpless expression.

"Sigh, still nothing. He really has the patience. You go play by yourself, I have work to do. Let me know if anything comes up." Feng Taiji said to Silver Fox.


Silver Fox nodded and took off to wander in the garden. He had a simple purpose, to collect some fresh flowers and place it into Han’s room. Even though he knew it would not help to awaken Han, but he still felt that something needed to be done. Anyhow, Ye Weiwei and Luo Ying liked these plants very much and they would place them in a nice crystal vase.

Silver Fox changed drastically since obtaining the Spiritual Book of Plants. It appeared that he had the ability to communicate with plants. When he took a nap on the tree branches, the leaves would cover over him automatically. When he walked by the pond, the lotus would display its core at him.

Silver Fox was the plants’ best friend and he was very satisfied. Too bad he did not have time to show off to Han before Han passed out. Silver Fox was not dull like Blue Star, nor arrogant and ruthless like Black Egg. Silver Fox was very clever, he was kind to both human and plants. Maybe it was meant to be for him to obtain the Book of Nature’s Spirit due to his personality.

Silver Fox would not touch the precious plants, he only took the wild flowers grown in the underground garden. Even then, he would not dare to damage the roots of the flowers as they can regrow after been collected by him. He took a few pretty flowers and placed them in a plant preservation box, then placed the box in the dimension ring that Han gave him.

Yes, Silver Fox was clever enough to use dimension rings, the ring was attached to a beautiful yet flashy silver necklace around his neck. Silver Fox would take off and hide the necklace in a place no one could find when he was on missions, he would then retrieve the necklace afterward.

Han did not know what Silver Fox hid in his ring as he was always hoarding something for himself. Silver Fox’s behavior to hoard small things was understandable, consider that even squirrels liked to store food before winter

Silver Fox jumped in front of the giant plant master Tian Zang’s chair. This was Silver Fox’s lucky place as he got lucky and beat out Han to receive the Book of Nature’s Spirit here.

Silver Fox has always been proud of it, he would sit on the giant chair and reminiscent the moment when he beat out Han. Oh, what a wonderful feeling that is, to beat my own master in something!


Suddenly, Silver Fox’s ears popped up alarmingly and his whole body of silver hair stood up and entered invisibility mode. He darted into a patch of grass beside the chair and stared across the field with his two tiny eyes.

Shortly after Silver Fox hid, a space rift was created and two people wearing black capes walked out. One of them held out a black hexagon and tossed it into the air.


A space barrier was created immediately to cover the chair and the square.

Beep Beep Beep~

Alarms sharply filled the entire underground garden and reached directly to the base and 9527.

For the base, the underground garden was invaluable. Feng Taiji’s research on the third generation of genetically mutated battle plants, Night Walkers new generation toxins all relied on the products of this garden. Therefore 9527 installed the most advanced alarm and defense system.

Feng Taiji did not know fear as he was a plant maniac. He arrived at the scene first and taunted at the two black caped men inside the barrier. At most two minutes was the time needed for everyone to gather here!

"So much trouble, the master did not want us to confront the Wolf Fang group. Otherwise, we would have kill him for the stuff this old man is saying!" One of the black caped men said.

"Let’s just get to business okay? We have less than two minutes. The Wolf Fang group did a nice job on defense, the alarm went off as we arrived here." The other guy said, "As for Han, we’ll kill him eventually."



Silver Fox was stunned. He was beside the square as the space barrier was created, so coincidentally he overheard everything those two men said.

"They mean to harm master!? Baddies! They are the people who took Lion Flying Eagle away! I can recognize their scent with my eyes closed!" Silver Fox alarmingly thought to himself.

One of the black caped men took out a golden compass and after a few spins, he frowned.

"Crap, the stuff Master was looking for is not here anymore."

"What? Master could be mistaken?"

"It’s hard to say, he was injured after all… Anyways, this is Wolf Fang’s territory now and they do have several tricks up their sleeves. Especially that Han dude, he shot our master with the Flying Feather Bow."

"Then how will we report back?"

"Of course, tell the truth. Just tell the Master that the stuff he sought after was taken by Wolf Fang first. Anyways Master had planned to take care of them and Han, this result will only give him an additional reason to carry forward with that plan."

"I guess so, then let’s head back. The Wolf Fang members will arrive momentarily."


They began to walk towards the space rift.

Silver Fox was worried as his eyes became bloodshot!

They kept on mentioning Han, clearly with ill intentions!

What to do?

What to do?

No time to think, Silver Fox was not dull like Blue Star; he was the cleverest amongst Han’s followers. Silver Fox was well aware of the risks ahead, however, at this moment his memories of Han gave him the courage to make the bravest decision of his life.

Silver Fox discreetly followed the two men just as the space rift closed.

With absolutely no backup, no clue where the space rift led to, and without even knowing if he could survive to see Han alive again…

Silver Fox’s loyalty to Han and concern for Han’s safety made Silver Fox abandon everything and bravely charged into the rift alone.