Chapter 468: War of the Entire Universe

Chapter 468: War of the Entire Universe

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When Black Egg led everyone across the Wall of Nine Dragons, everyone was nervous. It’s been 17 years, who knew after 17 years what kind of changes there would be in the universe.

When they saw the universe clearly, everyone almost yelled at the same time.

How was this the universe? It was a bare cemetery!

The remains of battleships covered the whole sky. Everything was dark grey in color. Those pretty colorful star clouds were like they were ripped apart by monsters, becoming fragmented.

The pebble field that was created after a star system explodes appeared in front of everyone. It was like a black star ring, surrounding a couple of huge star fleets that were destroyed.

"There had been some very strong magnetic field distortions in the universe!" Yuan Yuan used her portable electronic device to test the skies and reported back loudly.

"I just scanned the spaces within 12 jumping distance, and I found no less than 67300 remains of battleships, they are almost all ours, from the robot corps of the Earth Corps!

"It is our remains!" Yuan Yuan said surprisingly.

The nearest spaces within 12 jumping distances had more than 60,000 remains of battleships from the Earth Corps?

Han’s heart made a sound, as if it fell into the bottom of an ice-cold lake.

"Let’s go to Twin Horse Galaxy immediately!" Han ordered loudly.


Black Egg opened his wings and entered the super jumping state that only the dragon race has, but because at this time they were still too far from the Twin Horse Galaxy, even though Black Egg had amazing abilities, he still needed at least three days.

9527 and Yuan Yuan were busy conducting all sorts of scientific testing. More and more sad news came.

Because of the magnetic field distortion, Han could not communicate with the Earth Corps that was currently located in the Twin Horse Galaxy, their communication region was within 12 jumping zones.

Magnetic field distortion was a very scary supernatural phenomenon. To put it simply, it was that the rules of the universe had collapsed. In the past, all the star bodies, even if it was a black hole or a white hole, still operated within laws and rules.

But now, all the rules from before were all broken, black holes, star bodies, galaxies, were all reversed!

As to reasons, without a question it was because of wars. As Han and them came closer and closer to the Twin Horse Galaxy, they saw more and more star fleets that were destroyed. Each of them was like a dried up corpse, floating around in the infinite universe with infinite loneliness.

Other than the fleets from the Earth Corps, there were also fleets from the insect race, the loss from both sides were pretty equal, within a couple of hours. Yuan Yuan had already scanned over 3,620,000 remains of fleets.

From a numbers perspective, there were less remains of the Earth Corps, but of course, the Earth Corps had always been operating based on Han’s tactic of elite quality over quantity. Whatever they construct, would be the strongest fleet, so the Earth Corps had the best fleet that was not seen anywhere else in the universe.

In the corps, other than some necessary specialized fleets such as the detection fleet, the interception fleet, the scout fleets, etc, the others were all flagships!

So on these battlegrounds, the remains that belonged to the Earth Corps were all huge remains without any exception. Even if it was the smallest flagship, it would still be the size of the moon.

In this way, even though there were fewer remains of the Earth Corps, the damages might be more severe than the insect race, because what the Earth Corps had used were all flagships!

Pluto also brought negative news. He currently could not come in touch with the human special forces that was headed by Duo Sun, and had no idea whether the last spore of the universe was protected or not.

So everyone carried their worries and sped towards the Twin Horse Galaxy. That was the basecamp of the Earth Corps, if they were still alive, then they would still be there.

Through the second day of rushing towards the galaxy, information from 9527 made everyone even sadder.


The Dark Net no longer existed. This meant that Universe Insect had been revived, disallowing other kinds of creatures from entering his body.

This conclusion perfectly explained why there were so many star fleets from the insect race appearing, the number had far exceed the special forces fleet that was chasing after the last spore, but rather it was the force of the entire insect race.

Universe Insect’s ultimate goal was to swallow the entire universe, digest it, and kill every other kind of creature that was not of the insect race. Now, he was still in the process of swallowing the universe. It was just that Han and them haven’t seen the original body of the Universe Insect.

When Han and the others were 6 hours away from the Twin Horse Galaxy, remains of Death Stars appeared in Yuan Yuan’s scanner. That was the ultimate fleet that Han gave to Long Chuan before he left, every single one of them was the size of the solar system. It was supposed to be the invincible being of the universe.

It seemed that Long Chuan and the Robot Corps had successfully created Death Star, but even Death Stars could not stop the attacks of the insect race, and they were destroyed in the starry night.

And as for the other types of fleets that were destroyed, it was uncountable. Unfortunately, at this moment, the remains of star fleets were probably spread across the whole universe. The size of this battle had exceeded any kind of historical evidence and had also exceeded the maximum of human’s imaginations.

During the whole way, Han had never spoke. Everyone seemed depressed. It was just Yuan Yuan and 9527 who kept on reporting unfavorable news from scanning the battleground.

The closer they got to the Twin Horse Galaxy, the more fleets that belonged to other forces, this meant that even though this huge battle was led by the Earth Corps, other forces also helped. Maybe this proved that proverb that said that creatures like humans would only unite together when there is a crisis. When the universe was faced with extinction, it allowed all the humans to fight together.

After one last super jump, Han and them finally arrived at Twin Horse Galaxy.

The universe was split into two. Half of it was bright with star light and the other half was completely dark.

In the half that was bright, there were hundreds of billions of fleets forming a wall, using violent shooting to attempt to stop the darkness from progressing.

While the other half of the dark universe, it was like an unavoidable descent of dark night, with a stable yet steady pace, progressing forward closer and closer.

Wherever the darkness had arrived, the star fleets from humans would be destroyed, becoming bright stars in the universe.

The explosion of star fleets completely lit up the universe alongside hundreds of billions of star fleets that were opening fire. The universe here was no longer dark, it was bright, like a blinker light, constantly shooting out bright light.

"Got in touch with Long Chuan! They are still alive!" Yuan Yuan yelled excitedly.

"Go find him immediately!" Han said loudly.


Earth Corps, Flagship, the Death Star named Blue Planet.

Han’s return initiated a huge commotion within the Earth Corps. As an iconic character, his return was like giving these warriors from Earth another surge of hope.

And Black Egg this dragon, excited the warriors even more.Tthis was a top tier creature that only existed in legends after all, they never thought that it would be a real being.

"Did you hear? Han returned!"


"Why would I lie, he didn’t return by himself, he brought a group of elites from all over the universe, and even a dragon!"

"Dragon? What does it look it?"

"You would know if you went on the personal communication network, our brothers from the Blue Planet fleet sent photos and videos, the entire corps is in an uproar now. The information is spreading rapidly like a huge explosion!"

"Great, I will go look at it now, all in all though, Han came back, we will be saved!" A lot of the warriors had the same excitement.

But at the highest conference room in the Earth Corps, it was still very depressive, Han didn’t even have time to catch up with Long Chuan and them, battle reports immediately began.

17 years of time was enough to change a lot of things. For example, Long Chuan, Li Yu, Ta Lin, these top executives of Earth Corps aged a lot in Han’s eyes. They had so much responsibility on them after all, it really wasn’t easy.

"Let’s begin immediately." Han said in a hurry.

"We still have to wait for a couple of people." Long Chuan said lightly.

After a while, a group of different warriors walked in from outside the door, they saw Pluto and hugged him, from their talks Han found out that these were the members of the special mission team. The tallest one who had a reddish face was Duo Sun, the controller of the sun.

"Duo Sun, this is Han." Pluto patted Han’s shoulder and said.

There weren’t a lot of words, Han nodded at these warriors from an ancient time and space, and that was that.

Long Chuan said in a low voice, "To make it short, this war has continued for 16 years time, if it wasn’t for Duo Sun and them finding me, I would never know the truth about the Solar System."

Duo Sun said, "At that time, we had no other choice from being chased by the special forces fleet of the insect race, and at the same time we received news that the Earth Corps constructed 38 Death Stars in the Twin Horse Galaxy within one year, so we came here."

Long Chuan continued and said, "Exactly, that was how things began. All in all, after we met up with Duo Sun, the fleets from the insect race found us within 3 days, and started this huge war of the universe."

"That battle was brutal, the 38 Death Stars that were just created were all destroyed, and as well, we also sacrificed over 30,000 other types of flagships."

"But the insect race didn’t get anything either. Their special forces fleet was completelydestroyed."

"While this war was going on, I found the executives of the robot corps that were under Earth Corps, they took orders and activated the maximum product power of the robot corps, and devoted themselves to manufacturing robots and Death Stars."

"Within one week of the 38 Death Stars being sunk, we constructed another 50! Two weeks later, 270, three month, we had over 100,000 Death Stars, and over 25,000,000 flagships!"

"And then Universe War officially began. The Dark Net suddenly stopped working one day, which was the awakening of the Universe Insect and it continued to come closer and closer to the Twin Horse Galaxy at a rate of 60 galaxies a day.

"As for the fleets of the insect race, they were infinite, we could not finish killing them all!"

"For the first 5 years, we were no challenge at all to the insect race, we kept on falling back."

"As the number of robot corps increased, and the number of Death Stars and flagships increased, we finally were able to push back on the pressure! And started to defend and fight back!"

"But, we still cannot stop the crazy growth of the Universe Insect, he is still growing at a speed of devouring 60 galaxies a day."

After Han heard everything, he nodded lightly and asked Long Chuan, "How many starships do we have now, we need to defeat the Universe Insect from the inside, and the star fleet of the insect race can only be dealt with our fleets, so the stronger our fleet, the better."

Long Chuan said in a deep voice, "As of right now, the Earth Corps manufactures 10,500,000 death stars every 24 hours! In order to find the needed materials, in the whole universe, we have already emptied 3,890,000 galaxies!"