Chapter 309: The Space Rift, the Mysterious Woman

Chapter 309: The Space Rift, the Mysterious Woman

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If Han knew his brothers Riley, Lesa and even Cerberus Arthur were still alive, he would be so happy.

But now, the only goal of Han was to survive.

He had to survive. The war initiated by the Three Eye Race towards Earth has begun. Han was concerned about the Galaxy and even more worried about his hometown.

The immigration plan on Earth had started less than a year ago and only a quarter of the population have successfully migrated to the Twin Horse Galaxy. What about the rest? Were they able to escape the disaster and leave before the arrival of the Three Eye race? Would the Earth troops and the Robot troops led by Long Chuan fight against the Three Eye Race?

All of these concerns bothered Han a lot. However, it required a lot of concentration on the battlefield. Han then hid all of his concerns, and fought back hard for survival.

The noble soldiers led by Carmen were also fighting hard on the battlefield. They became the last straw that tipped the balance of the battlefield.

After Han and Sima Hunfeng fought with their full strength, the battle finally reached a stalemate again. After a while, some external assistance suddenly came to Han’s team, which immediately turned the tide of the battlefield.

These noble troops were all born in extraordinary family backgrounds. They grew up in the most superior environment and were trained by the most famous instructors since young. They had the best advantage since the moment they were born.

The most exciting thing was, Carmen and his guys had Ares-class equipment!

As the next generation of the big families that run All Gods Corporation, who doesn’t own a few godly battle tools for protection and attack. When they brought out their priceless Ares-classes, the Executioners were all frightened.


Numerous Ares-class level equipment began flying around again on the battlefield.

The ones who felt most frustrated would undoubtedly be those executioners. Although they were large and strong, they were still soldiers. But look at Han’s team, there were killers, there were poison developers, there were genetic scientists, and there were even firearm makers and all kinds of people.

Therefore, when the Execution Squad got involved in this battle, they found that they were receiving attacks here and there. Even though they tried their best to avoid the traps from the Genetic Beasts, they still couldn’t escape from the enormous poisonous vapours emerging from the corner.

The noble troops, Sima Hunfeng and Han’s team were not only a large group of people, but they also owned tremendous tricks and gadgets that could almost destroy everything!

Besides, morale was a really crucial thing on the battlefield. Once one side had high morale, their performance could exceed their normal limit; and once the other side loses their morale, they would lose half of their combat effectiveness.

The morale was unpredictably strong!

Han’s team saw the hope of success. Imagining that they might have the possibility to destroy a whole squad of Eight-Star enemies, they all became extremely excited.

If they really killed all of them, it would be a proud accomplishment that would stay with them throughout their whole life. After all, not everyone could become a super Warlord. Seeing an Eight-Star Level Warlord would even be an exceptional legend for most of the warriors.

However, it seemed like they might be able to win against, and even kill these legendary enemies today!


The morale of the troops was getting stronger and stronger, Han and Sima Hunfeng were also becoming more and more hopeful. Han had eaten two of the dark crystals and felt his body surge with energy. He felt like a volcano that was about to explode, and dark energy was almost flowing out of his body. At this moment, his strength kept boosting up like a rocket.

On the other side, Sima Hunfeng was already stronger than the Executions, yet he was also burning his zero degree brain region. Han and Sima Hunfeng combining together had really become a nightmare to the Execution Squad.


The battle lasted for ten more minutes, the Snake-mask executioner, the Rat-mask executioner, the Eagle-mask executioner, and the Ape-mask executioner were all dead.

The rest of the other executioners knew they had lost their advantage. The leader, the Lion-mask executioner, secretly gave an eye signal to his companions, sending some insidious signals.


The executioners suddenly gathered together. The Leopard-mask executioner, the Tiger-mask executioner and Wolf-mask executioner exited the battlefield, and set up a stable triangular array.

At the mean time, the rest of the two executioners paired up as a team and kept fighting hard against Han and Jian Jia.

Han could understand the executioners were trying to kill or capture him, but he didn’t get why they still tried to do the same thing to Jian Jia. Is it because she’s also a very powerful esper?

Speaking of Jian Jia’ battle level, Han liked to describe it as special. She was actually a complete-water-type esper.

Among all types of superpower, Water-element was a pretty common power. In terms of Ice-type, it was the advanced level of Water-type. Ice-crystal, Ice-thorn, and Ice-cast were again the advanced level of the Ice-type power.

What made Jian Jia special was that she was a complete-water-type esper. Any super power that was related to water, she owned them all.

Without exaggerating, Jian Jia’s superpower was even rarer than Ye Weiwei’s. Although her Thunder-Storm was detrimental, it was at least a power marked down in the superpower booklet. However, Jian Jia’s complete-water-type superpower was something Han had never heard of.


In an instant, the Hound-mask executioner and the Elephant-mask executioner had reached right in front of Han, and Han also approached ahead. Han was pretty good at fighting closely with the enemy, pairing up with Sima Hunfeng who had turned into thick fog gave them a similar combat strength with the two executioners. Therefore, Han wasn’t worried about anything. If the executioners really wanted to take Han down, it will take at least 4 of them.


Suddenly, a loud scream from the distance tensed Han up. The two strongest Executioners from the Squad, the Lion-mask executioner and the Bear-mask executioner, actually rushed into the troops, grabbing Jian Jia and dragged her behind them.

This situation shocked Han. Obviously, the executioners weren’t trying to kill Jian Jia, but to capture her.

The other three executioners who intended to leave threw a small pyramid-shaped thing out, which created a space rift.

Space rift, this thing was too familiar to Han. He fell into the rift before and was directly teleported across two star systems to the outer region of other wild planets.

Riley and Lesa also fell into the space rift. It’s been two years already, nobody had received any contact from them.

The space rift that the executioners opened was apparently not the one that the Riley brothers fell into. It was more stable, like a Micro-space-time channel. If nothing goes wrong, it should be controlled by the executioners.

In other words, the executioners wanted to bring Jian Jia back to their territory!

Han also found that the executioner valued Jian Jia more than himself. That’s why they let the strongest Lion-mask executioner and Bear-mask executioner kidnap Jian Jia, and let the weaker ones fight against Han. It would be better if they could also capture Han, but it wouldn’t matter as much if they failed.

Everything suddenly changed tremendously on the battlefield that nobody knew how to react to the situation.

While the chaos continued, Han suddenly began sprinting. He decided not to fight with Sima Hunfeng anymore. Instead, he left Sima Hunfeng to fight against the two executioners alone, and rushed out to stop the Lion-mask executioner and the Bear-mask executioner.

Han wasn’t sure why the executioner suddenly switched the main target to Jian Jia, but it didn’t matter. According to Han’s battle logic, as long as it was something the enemies tried to accomplish, it was the thing Han will try to prevent!

He cannot let the enemies have their way!

"Path of Yao!"

Although Han reacted fast enough, he was still a pace slower than the Lion-mask executioner and the Bear-mask executioner. His oblique acceleration was not enough to get in front of the executioners, but just a few steps behind them.

Therefore, Han relied on the Dark Power and used the Path of Yao to hit both executioners hard on their backs.


Within a second, the Lion-mask executioner and the Bear-mask executioner jumped into the Space Rift. Han didn’t stop and kept hitting the Space Rift!


Everything turned into a chaos, and even Han disappeared into the rift!

Since Han had gathered the Dark Power for the Path of Yao, the Space Rift started to crash rapidly and became unstable.

"It’s going to crash, leave!" The Leopard-mask executioner yelled out loud.

Unfortunately, the human troops wouldn’t let them go as simply. Even if they couldn’t stop the two strongest ones, they would have to stop the rest of the others.

All of the Sudden, two light figures appeared like phantoms on the chaotic field. Ye Weiwei was very worried about Han, she also tried to follow into the Space Rift for him. Even if it would risk her life, she still wanted to be with Han.

However, Ye Weiwei wasn’t fast enough. While she was almost several meters away from the Space Rift, she was passed by those two phantom-like figures.

When passing by, Ye Weiwei saw their two faces. Very pretty and seductive. They didn’t look human, but they were still very exquisite-looking.


The Space Rift finally crashed due to instability. Ye Weiwei missed the entrance. Those two strange girls that suddenly appeared on the battlefield also disappeared.