Chapter 211: My Name is 9527 (Part two)

Chapter 211: My Name is 9527 (Part two)

Looking from the outside, the dark net transition station was very tall big and upscaled, the clean walls didn’t have any extra things on them. But here, it was like the sewer under the city. People usually only saw the sky-scrapers, but they don’t know that below their feet, there’s still a dark, dank world full of insects and mice.

Taking a few steps along the passage, Han saw the fat old man that he was talking to. He was like a barrel, the lack of activity for a long time lead to an out-of-shape figure, and the numbers 9527 were carved on his forehead.

At that moment, the fat old man was trying hard to pull on a hyper-light cable, and the cable was completely burned.

“What are you still waiting for? You wanted to help yourself.” The fat man yelled at Han.

“Yes, you can take a break on the side now, I got it!”

“Yuan Yuan, what are you waiting for? Hurry up and help the elderly sit down!”

Then, Han immediately began removing the cables, and his work speed was not something the fat old man can compare to.

And Yuan Yuan just quickly helped the fat man sit down the side, and the clever Silver Fox immediately picked out a cotton handkerchief and delivered it to the old man’s hand. Then, it jumped onto his shoulders, and began massaging with its two little claws.

As for Demon Claw and Ghost Claw, they don’t know how to suck up to someone at all, so they just quietly sat on the side guarding.

Must say, the little thing Silver Fox was way too clever, it knew that Han was trying to please this old man, so it tried its best and had the old fat man speechless.

“You little brat has a lot of good stuffs. Artificial intelligent robots, I haven’t seen them in a long time.” The fat old man checked out Yuan Yuan and said.

At this moment, Silver Fox ran up to the fat old man’s front, pointed finger at itself, as if saying, “And me, don’t forget about me.”

The fat old man laughed, held up the little thing and said, “Not bad, you are also a very clever one, it should be developed from experience, I’m guessing you already existed for several eras now.”

Seeing that the fat old man relaxed, Han asked, “Old man, what do I call you?”

“I’m 9527.”

“9527 is just a code name.”

“My name is the code name.”

“Where are we right now in the transition station?”

“The interlayer. Every room is separated by interlayers, and the systems, cables and everything you can’t see are all installed in the interlayer. Even I live in the interlayer. In accordance with the rules, I should not meet and talk with you, but this time I’m making an exception.”

“Exceptions are normal in life. Old man, you previously said it’s been very long since you last seen robots like Yuan Yuan, why’s that? I know the robotics technology came from the dark net.”

“That’s the past, and now the robotics technology is off the shelf. The early comers have acquired this technology, and anyone that comes later can’t get it anymore.”

“Why did it get removed from the shelf?”

“Because it did! Why are you asking so many questions? If you keep up, I will just send you back to wait for death.”

Han immediately closed his mouth, and Yuan Yuan and Silver Fox quickly tried to distract 9527’s attention, massaging legs and back, making it hard for 9527 to even get angry.

Soon, Demon Claw and Ghost Claw also joined in on the job. They don’t have too many other skills, but their destruction power is still top tier. With their help, this long channel had all of its cables removed very quickly.

Now Han faced a spherical mechanical system that he has never seen before, and all the cables were all connected to this spherical machine.

“Old man, I don’t really know about this machine?” Han’s eyes were widely open and he said, “Is this is the light speed inverter system?”

9527 laughed and said proudly, “It’s natural that you don’t understand. This is called source power core, a system that imitates espers’ source energy.”

Han said, “Then that’s bad, I don’t know about this system so I can’t help you with the repair, looks like you will still have to personally repair it. How many of this kind of systems are there?”

9527 hesitated for a second, his face became blue and he mumbled, “There are a total of 128 of this kind of system. Having to open them all up and diagnose them all, that’s going to kill me…”

“Oh well, it’s already a very tiring day for me, I’m going to rest now, see you tomorrow.”

Han thought, this 9527’s athletic ability is way too horrible, the work today was obviously done by Han, but 9527’s the one feeling exhausted… yet Han didn’t say anything.

Thinking for a second, Han said gently, “Old man, do you have any books on the source power core? You go take a rest, I will do some studying, maybe tomorrow when we work I can help you out a little too.”

9527 said in disbelief, “Impossible, this thing is even more complicated than a black hole, you won’t learn crap from one night.”

Han smiled bitterly and said, “Just let me give it a shot, you have nothing to lose anyways, and if in the rare case that I actually learn something, you can save yourself a lot of trouble too.”

Silver Fox and Yuan Yuan quickly came up to suck up to 9527, and they perfectly synchronized their cute features to place 9527 in a very good mood.

“Fine, come with me.”

Han followed 9527 through the complicated passages, and soon the front became open. Han just saw that this was a room that showcased many items. There were scrolls, armors, blueprints, weapons, and these things never appeared on the list of exchangeable prizes in transition station.

“These are?” Han was a bit curious, he frowned and asked.

“These are hidden prizes that only shows up when you achieve specific level of scores, otherwise you can only use your points to exchange for those ones you saw on the list.”

“Take this, don’t break it.” 9527 retrieved a data disc, didn’t give to Han but gave Yuan Yuan instead, because only robots can directly read the information inside the disc.

“Thank you, grandpa!” Yuan Yuan held the disc in his arms and gave a sweet smile.

In the past he always called Old Mo grandpa, now 9527 also enjoyed this name, patted Yuan Yuan on the head. 9527 happily said, “Uhm, very nice.”


Yuan Yuan actually started laughing shyly.

9527 went to sleep, but Han didn’t have the intention to sleep at all.

He let Yuan Yuan cast out a holographic projection of the data inside the disc.

“Holy crap.” Han saw clearly the structure diagram of the source power core, and he couldn’t help but let out a deep breath and swallow a mouthful of saliva.