Chapter 310: Luoying and Luojin

Chapter 310: Luoying and Luojin

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Path of Yao!

No matter what, they couldn’t let the enemies get what they wanted!

Han held the determination in his heart and swung his fist as hard as possible at the enemy’s back.

But when Han’s fist struck, both the Lion-masked and Bear-masked executioners just stepped into the space rift.


Han’s fist hardly marked the Bear-mask executioner’s broad back. The strong Dark Power completely knocked away the unexpected Bear-mask.

At the same time, Han’s attack also created some chain reactions, which started to crack down the Space Rift. The whole world was now spinning as if it was thrown into a washing machine, plus the colorful ripples, and it turned into a huge mess.

Han, the two executioners, and Jian Jia dropped into a chaotic transitional space and continued falling rapidly.

During the mess, Han suddenly grabbed Jian Jia’s hand. No matter how hard the world was spinning, Han didn’t let go of her hand.

Speaking of this, since Han began to practice Path of Yao, he started acting a little out of his mind. He knew that the space rift was really unstable but he still insisted using the Dark Power to attack the enemies. The consequences which were caused by him was inevitable.

This way, the lion-mask executioner and the bear-mask executioner both freaked out. They had never seen such a bold and reckless person that even intended to smash the Space Rift. Both of the executioners thought Han was going to die with them.

"It’s you! Why are you here!" Luyao suddenly yelled out in the chaos.

Han frowned, as he thought Luyao was talking to hims. Luyao was inside him right now, of course Han was here, why was Luyao was making such a fuss? Did Luyao lose his mind?

But very soon, Han suddenly lost his consciousness.

After a long while, Han finally woke up. When he opened his eyes, he saw Jian Jia was crying a river. Her hair was all spread down not caring to dress like a guy anymore.

In the past, Jian Jia always stuffed a board on her chest to flatten them. Now that she removed the board, Han suddenly found out that she’s got game. Her chest was like two mountains which didn’t really match with her age.

Maybe Jian Jia thought Han was dead. She was holding Han tight and kept shaking him firmly. Han’s head suddenly bumped into Jian Jia’s chest, which gave him mixed feelings.

"It’s okay, I’m not dead yet, stop shaking me," Han said.

"Ahh!" Jian Jia was freaking out by Han as he suddenly spoke. Her eyes were wide open, and she said, "You are finally awake! Stupid, why does it matter if I was taken away, why did you come to save me?! Why?!"

Han sat up and murmured, "Don\'t think too much, who wants to save you? I just couldn’t control my mind at that moment. Anyways, where are we right now?"

Han looked around and found that he came to a mystical place. It looked like a bee hive with its dense circular entrances coming across each other.


Han yelled out surprisedly, as he found two girls sitting right behind him. Compared to Jian Jia, these two girls were way more feminine, and they also looked strange. Round big eyes with the tip of their eyes slightly raised up and a flattened mouth that showed an angle of a natural smile.

According to the Face Psychic Master on Earth, these two girls whose ears pushed up with their seductive and exotic characteristics might be the little elves from legend.

Han has seen so many beautiful girls, but these two girls could be the most exquisite in his mind. However, beautiful girls in the world would always have their own characteristic. Ye Weiwei had skin that was fair as snow and smooth as water. In terms of these two girls, they both had fair, smooth skin, as well as a seductive charm.

"Are they that good-looking?" Jian Jia seemed jealous and she murmured, "They are Luoying and Luojin, they saved us when the Space Rift crashed."

Han was shocked. He gestured and said, "Thank you so much. I don’t know where we are right now. How did you save us? How did I go unconscious?

Their attitude made Han feel weird. The younger girl Luoying looked at Han, seemed really interested. Unlike Luojin, she looked at Han hazily as if she was looking at her husband coming back after a long while. Her gaze made Han uncomfortable.

The younger girl Luoying flatten her mouth and said, "Who was trying to save you, my sister was trying to save that guy. That’s why she risked herself and rushed into the Space Rift."

"That guy?" Han was so confused, but then he suddenly hesitated and realized that the person Luojin mentioned was probably Luyao!

"Did Luyao’s wife come to find him? This dude is lucky! Wait, no way. If Luyao has a wife, why has he never mentioned it before?" Han wondered in his heart.

At the moment, Luojin said quietly, "Mr. Han, our main intention was not really to save you and Ms. Jian Jia."

Han nodded his head. Normally people wouldn’t be this straight forward. Han could guess the story between Luoying and Luojin now. They might be the same level of existence as Luyao, because Luyao spoke as straight as these two girls without considering the other’s feeling.

Luoying explained, "The reason why you were knocked out before was because you are a human who received excessive power that didn’t belong to you. Plus, your excitement and the environmental changes also led to your mind going out of control and went into shut-down mode. Luckily, we followed you here and balanced your inner energy conflicts with our spiritual power."

"As for where we are, it’s the Space Node. Time and Space come across here and created a huge invisible net, which is where we are right now. This is the most I can explain, since no one can yet explain why the time and space coming across will exist in a shape of bee hive."

"The third thing is, please, let me talk to Luyao."

"I knew she came for that dude." Han murmured in his mind. Luyao had an ordinary look, so Han couldn’t believe he knew these two beautiful girls.

Han frowned, "Luojin, even though Luyao became a soul and lives inside my Zero Degree Brain Region, I am not sure how you can talk to him."

Luojin seemed somewhat embarrassed, "I know, but since Luyao refused to talk to me, I wonder whether you could persuade him not to ignore me, seeing how hard it was for me to be here right now."

Han nodded his head, "Alright, I will try my best."

Han closed his eyes and entered his consciousness. He saw the familiar scene. In the damaged planet, Luyao lowered down his head, and sat in the corner silently.

"I mean, the girl has come here from far away and even saved our lives. Isn’t it unfair that you didn’t even want to say a word to her?" Han murmured.

"You don’t understand, she is my shackle, I don’t want to see her." Luyao said unreasonably.

Han asked, "Shackle? How did Luojin tie you down? Did she force you to marry her? Or did she try to rip off your pants?"

Luyao shivered as he waved and said impatiently, "You are being unreasonable."

Han replied immediately, "You are being unreasonable. As what I know, the so-called shackle is only what’s inside your mind. If you couldn’t overcome it then it is your own concerns, at least it has nothing to do with the girl."

"Besides, regardless who Luojin is, even if she was a dog, she saved your life, it doesn’t hurt to say thank you, right?"

"You are at least a man, if you want to embrace the world, first, you can’t be ungrateful. It wouldn’t kill you to just say a few words."

How is this trying to persuade Luyao, this is basically criticizing the crap out of him. Funny enough, Luyao actually bought it. After staying together for a while, Han has come to know Luyao’s personality pretty well.

"Okay, I am going to see her. But I have to state clearly in advance, It’s impossible for me to give her any promises." Luyao said.

Han smiled mildly, "You sound like as if she needs your promises or something. She didn’t even ask you to promise anything, what are you worrying about?"

Luyao’s face turned pale. Han was such a pest sometimes. It was rare to see someone that could be this straight with his words. Is it also because of the Path of Yao that Han was practicing?

After a while, Han smiled and said to Luojin, "Luojin, he agreed to talk to you. Don’t blame him, you know he is a nice guy, but just sometimes he exhibits male chauvinism and thinks too much."

"Really? Thank you so much!" Luojin stood up, said excitedly.

Afterwards, she came slowly beside Han, held his head and attached her forehead to his.


At that moment, Han could clearly feel a spiritual power coming from Luojin that entered his brain.