Chapter 411: 3 Kings 8 Gods and 1 Dragon Rider

Chapter 411: 3 Kings 8 Gods and 1 Dragon Rider

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Han was completing a chess problem within the Golden Tome. Silver Fox was having a lot of fun in the old nest of the Golden Family. While at the same time, there was another person in Han’s basecamp, he was talking to a shadow. It seemed like a normal exchange but the conversation was full of extraordinary topics.

This was Pluto, a special person in the basecamp. He wasn’t even a full person, just a bunch of fibers that could walk.

When this shadow first found Pluto, he was pretty frustrated, because he didn’t believe a single thing the shadow said.

But as time passed, this shadow came to find him every day, and slowly it seemed like Pluto remembered something in his heart and became close with the shadow.

This shadow had a very cold and dark face, didn’t move much and often stared at Pluto.

Pluto murmured to himself, "Duo Sun, Early Moon, Sky Fire, Sage Wood, Black Gold, Crimson Earth, Nightfall, Azure, King Uranus, King Neptune, King Pluto...I am Pluto?"

"Yes, you are Pluto! Now guess who I am?"

Pluto shook his head, "Even though these names all sound familiar, but I really don’t know who you are."

"I am Black Gold, we took on this difficult mission as the three kings and eight Gods, and we especially invited the world’s last Dragon Rider to come. You forgot everything?"

The conversation was difficult. The shadow that called himself Black Gold named a long list of names that seemed familiar to Pluto, but Pluto just couldn’t remember who they were or what they looked like.

According to Black Gold, Pluto belongs to a very mysterious group in the universe, they were currently on a very long and difficult mission. Eons of time had passed, but this mission never stopped.

"Okay, let’s stop talking about me, I am more worried about Han, how is he doing?" Black Gold asked urgently.

Pluto said, "Same old. He has been surrounded by a golden aura, his soul cannot escape."


Black Gold let out a sigh, "You remember how to use your soul’s power, yet you have forgotten about us?"

"Of course, I guess this wasn’t your fault. To attract the attention of the enemy was like a suicidal mission, the fact that you can live till now is very lucky already. We originally agreed to let me go, but then you didn’t really listen and just went in yourself."

"It has been so many years, but your personality never changed."

Pluto was curious, he asked in a quiet voice, "What was my personality before?"

Black Gold laughed loudly, "You are Pluto, the King of Death! You were the fiercest of us, we often joked that you were super stubborn and always caused trouble."

Pluto scratched his head in embarrassment, "Wow, I had such a terrible reputation back then."

"You changed." Black Gold looked at Pluto, "In the past whenever someone called you stubborn, you would get really angry. I wish you could remember things from before, even though your personality was crazy, it was still better than now."

Black Gold grew quiet. You could tell that he really cared about Pluto, and that was why he told Pluto about his past again and again.

"I am afraid I cannot come and find you in the next while." Black Gold said.

"Why?" Pluto was confused.

"Because I have to run for my life again." Black Gold explained. "The seal we constructed was broken, so now after a way, our enemy would come find us, and whenever they do, we are forced to run."

"We get peace for 81 days before we have to move again, even though everyone remains optimistic for now, but who knows how long we can last."

Pluto was kind of sad and asked, "Why can’t you find another hiding place and re-establish the seal?"

Black Gold said, "You think we don’t want to? But the one we had before was made by the last Dragon Rider, so we don’t have the skills to do that anymore. The enemy is too powerful!"

Pluto asked urgently, "So you must run forever?"

"Yes." Black Gold nodded, "Forever running away, but you should be okay since you changed bodies, you don’t have too many cells inside you so they won’t be able to track you down."

Pluto smiled bitterly, "Apparently I kept my brain and this body has integrated into my brain too, 9527 said if he opens my head, my brain is fibrous as well."

Black Gold nodded, "Yeah, the young people of today are pretty incredible. This so called 9527 can give you such a complex implant, this means he is very skilled."

9527 was the chief designer of All Gods Corporation, one of the oldest founders of the corporation, but in Black Gold’s eyes, 9527 was just a young person?

Black Gold lowered his voice, "It is getting late, I need to go prepare our escape route. We lost you already, we can’t let any of our other brothers get hurt."

"Ok, be careful." Pluto said, "When you are safe, come visit me again."

Black Gold smiled and nodded, "Don’t worry, I will come again, but in this period of time, you have to take care of Han, our future is dependent on whether he could achieve the level we had hoped!"

"To be honest, I am not that optimistic on Han’s outlook, the route he has taken is kind of odd."

Pluto shrugged and said, "This is exactly what differentiates him from other people, it is why he is unique. Don’t worry, I felt really close to him when I first met him, so if I am here, as long as I am alive, he will stay alive."


In the dimension that was filled with golden lava.

A person in a cloak walked from the tunnel. He came in front of the elder that was guarding the storage unit, "Master wants me to bring that spiritual cactus to him."

The elder nodded, "Master wants to change the direction of evolution towards plants next?"

That guy shook his head, "Not yet, master hasn’t decided yet. He just wants me to conduct a gene matching experiment."


The elder let out a sigh and said, "If that thing doesn’t succeed, then we can’t negotiate with the Big Five Corporations. I hope our master can hurry. This is our territory, how can we let a bunch of shameless humans take it over?"

The other man said in a low voice, "We must try to understand our master, using our current abilities, we won’t be much of a challenge to the Big Five. Humans were once weak but now they are not, that is why our master has been so indecisive."

The elder didn’t respond. He opened the storage unit and took the guy into a corner, he pointed at something and said, "This is the cactus that our master wants."

That guy was stunned slightly, he turned around to look at the elder with weird eyes.

"Don’t joke with me, this is something that our master wants."

The elder was offended, "I never jo…"

The elder paused mid sentence because when he looked closely, the cactus that was originally in the corner had disappeared!

Instead of the cactus, what appeared there was some stuff that was originally from another part of the storage unit, as well as a jade green cucumber.

"Cucumber? How did it turn into a cucumber?" The elder was shocked.

He immediately went to check around the storage unit, and he found a bunch of weird things.

"Acorns? Who put acorns there?"

"What is this? Is this the legendary cherry?" People who came with him picked up a couple of cherries.

A half bitten pear, a ball shaped chocolate, and the most magical things they found were two meat buns that were air tight sealed. They opened it and it smelled really good.


The elder smashed the meat buns onto the ground and looked at this storage area depressingly. This used to be a place where they stored treasures from all over the world, but now, there were meat buns on the shelves! The ones that had spice and pepper in it! After he smashed them on the ground, the whole room was filled with the smell of meat buns.

If Han was here, he would disagree with what the elder had done. To Han, meat buns were treasures. He sometimes doesn’t even want to eat them because he can’t go back to earth now, so the more he eats, the less he has. Things like hot chocolate powder were much easier to replenish.

The elder hung his head with sadness in his eyes.

"Find people to come investigate the storage, I will find our master personally and ask to be punished." The elder said.


The spirited bean sprout took Silver Fox further and further into the air vents, after a series of complicated turns, there appeared a square exit.

"You want me to be careful?" Silver Fox asked the little bean sprout.

The bean sprout nodded.

"Okay, I have no idea where you are taking me, but I will trust you."

Silver Fox murmured. Of course, no humans could understand his language, it was a series of TSH TSH TSH sounds.

But because he had the Book of Nature’s Spirit, the plants could understand the sounds Silver Fox made. This was something that even Han cannot do.

Silver Fox crawled towards it carefully, through the mesh window, he saw something he couldn’t believe and his eyes opened up wide.

He saw a lobby, there were a weird octopus and two people standing under the octopus. One of them was Linda who had once tricked Han, the other one was the one who kidnapped Lion Flying Eagle, the black man that was shot by Han.

At this moment, the black man pulled down his hood, Silver Fox could see the tattoo on the back of his head clearly. It was weird, who would draw on the back of their own heads?

And when Silver Fox looked carefully again, his jaw almost dropped to the ground, Lion Flying Eagle was there too!

The weird octopus had used its tentacles to penetrate into the body of the Lion Flying Eagle through the mouth.

Lion Flying Eagle was now a walking dead. His eyes were white, the veins on his body were showing, he wasn’t breathing, wasn’t conscious, but it seemed like he was still alive.

The other 7 tentacles of the octopus were holding onto 7 other things, and the same scenario was apparent, the octopus was controlling them through inserting his tentacles into their bodies.

Those people that were like Lion Flying Eagle. They carried a strange smell that Silver Fox didn’t really like.

And the octopus looked like Xiao Bao’s parents, the only difference being he was black while Xiao Bao’s parents were a really pretty blue, and radiated dim lights like fireflies.

As Silver Fox was exploding with questions in his head, the elder that guards the storage unit came over and kneeled beside the black man and told him about how the storage got broken into.

"So you are saying, everything is gone?" The black man asked coldly.

"Yes master, all of the things we stored from the plant system, they are all gone." The elder answered shakily.

The black guy appeared to be thinking in silence for a bit, and then he started laughing loudly, "This is God’s will, I was pretty hesitant on which genetic system’s direction to evolve our new species into, and someone picked for me!"

"Okay! I have decided, bring me everything we have prepared for evolving towards the insect system’s direction!"