Chapter 54: War Approaching

Chapter 54: War Approaching

“You mentioned Ares-class equipment earlier, what’s that?” Han asked in curiosity.

Old Mo said, “You probably know, in Milky Way, any espers at 6-star level are called quasi-god of war, also known as quasi-warlord. When they get to 7-star, then they became the real god of war or warlord, and those so-called Ares-class equipment are equipment used by those warlords.”

“Due to the fact that 7-star espers will have at least over 10 million units of Power Source Index, even the powerful tritanium in the hands can be easily broken like plastic. So, the warlords all use special equipment and they are all unique models.”

“Ever since I was young, I loved playing with machinery and metal. Now that I have robots, if I can collect one set of Ares-class equipment, then my life can be considered not lived in vain.”

Han slightly nodded, 7-star espers were obviously powerful existences and they were basically legends in the Milky Way. Want to collect a used set of Ares-class equipment from those warlords? Old Mo’s ambition was really not small.

Slightly smiling, Han said to Mo, “Anyways, I wish you to be successful, and then come early to Earth for to spend your pension plan here.”

Old Mo laughed, he let his robot find a thick notebook and handed it to Han, saying, “Accepting your hospitality, I don’t really have anything to give you in return. I might as well give you the notebook that holds all my research on robots in the past few years. These are all my years of research experience, so you can’t even buy it with money.”

“Of course, you have to be careful because robotics is illegal after all, be care that people might send you to jail after knowing about it.”

Han waved the notebook, “Thank you then! Such a precious gift, I will take good care of it for sure!”



The old industrial ship took off and left Earth in a sketchy and shaky manner. Han watched Old Mo leave and had some strong feelings. He was a little envious of Old Mo’s lifestyle, leading a group of loyal robots, digging around ancient battlefields and being able to see different landscapes every day.

“Someday, I want to become a galactic adventurer.” Han thought in silence.

Everyone needed a dream, but Han’s only goal right now was to make it to the Galactic Meet’s main competition and avoid having his home become the colony of another empire. Otherwise, if Han comes back from an adventure in Milky Way and oh shit, his home is gone, that would be a really sad thing.

With the communicator, Han called the long waiting transport troops on the periphery, and they took all the equipment back to the Nazca base to distribute it to the troops.

Despite being second-hand goods from the dark net, all the soldiers were very happy. After all, they now finally have their own equipment. With the perennial lack of funding, espers on Earth are actually very easy to satisfy.

The routine life continued, training, studying, practicing tactics, and one and a half month passed in the blink of an eye. During that time, the problem with galactic pirates and raiders became even more severe.

Due to the powerful Atlantic Cruiser that was guarding Earth, the galactic raiders did not dare to openly loot, but instead, they always rushed to a small city to grab whatever valuables they could before fleeing.

Han and the soldiers in the 1st Legion were very angry but they couldn’t do anything. The raiders steal quickly and left quickly as well, making it very tough to prepare for these raids. Within just one and a half month, Earth was actually attacked more than 100 times, averaging to about 3 times a day.

On the worst day, 9 attacks were recorded in one day which really brought panic to Earth. Now people didn’t even dare to live in small cities with insufficient defense, desperately swarming into big cities with better defense, causing all major cities to be overcrowded. On the streets, more and more homeless people appeared, and they are all lacking food and clothing.

Han knew, the raiders and pirates are that rampant because Thorn Bird’s achievement was spread: one raiding group, looting the same planet multiple times and almost blew up Earth’s C-class Extinction Domain.

After hearing it, other raiders and pirates naturally perceived Earth as a good bullying target, and they all began to target Earth.

Good people get bullied, obedient horses get ridden, the Galactic Meet haven’t even started, and Earth’s situation is already worsening.

Like usual, Han conducted several pharmacological tests and headed towards the training center, where there were a series of pools of cold water constructed specifically for Han.

Before even entering the door, Han already saw the depressed Cheng Zhong.

“My mom just called me, the city that my 2nd Aunt lived in were attacked by a group of galactic pirates, my 2nd uncle was hit by a stray bullet and had to get his leg amputated. He’s going to live the rest of his life in a wheel chair… And my two little cousins, just 8 or 9 years old little girls, they were so scared that their face turned blue, aside from crying, they couldn’t even speak a whole sentence.”

“My mom asked me, aren’t you a soldier? Where were you when your 2nd aunt’s house was attacked? Why weren’t you on the battle field? I didn’t even know how to f**king answer!”

“I’m so pissed! What the f**k is Long Chuan doing? Why didn’t he dispatch us to defend Earth? Why form 1st Legion if all we do is training and more training? If we can’t even protect the city our family lives in, then what the f**k are we training for?! Han, you tell me, don’t you agree with me?”

Cheng Zhong was very loud and the whole training center heard it, the An Beibei with two beautiful thin legs also pinched his waist and said, “Cheng Zhong’s right, last month my dad went on a business trip to a small town and that city also got attacked. He almost didn’t make it home! Now I told my dad to quit his job since my government bonus is good enough to feed my family, I’m never putting my family under risk again.”

The impatient Parker cried, “One and a half month and there are 139 attacks! Did the pirates really think of Earth as a soft punching bag?! Han, let’s go together and protest against Long Chuan! What are we still training for? It’s more urgent to assign everyone to defense to prevent more attacks!”

Since the last time Han stomped the group of 4-stars led by Xin Beige, he naturally became the leader of the group. Plus, they have all been practicing the Wolf Fang tactic and it was led by Han, so everyone formed the habit of discussing things with Han first.

The recent series of attacks on Earth angered everyone.

Han lowered his forehead, came to the glass window and looked out at the open, and he said in a deep voice, “Look.”

“Look at what? It’s just snowing. I’ve seen it multiple times back at home.” Nicholas from Siberia said in a careless tone.

Han shook his head, he pointed and whispered, “Look, 1st Legion’s practicing in the snow again, and Long Chuan is personally leading the team. These large-scale trainings went from once every three days to now daily.”

“And each soldier are training with a full set of equipment on, all commanders were present at the training, even Chief Talin of United Government flies to Nazca base every few days, do you guys not feel that tense atmosphere of an approaching war?”

After listening to Han, everyone was shocked.

Cheng Zhong scratched his big head and said, “Speaking about that, I have a friend that manages logistics on Atlantic Cruiser, he’s currently super busy loading large number of supplies and he didn’t even have time to answer my phone.”

Xin Beige stroked his chin and said, “That also reminds me, my cousin’s on the maintenance team on Atlantic Cruiser, and they are all busy doing first-class maintenance for the cruiser, all the equipment including the toilets were completely checked. Maybe it’s really like what you said, we are not making any moves because we are preparing for something big?”

Han slightly nodded and said, “We will wait and see. When I was doing experiments I occasionally observe what’s happening outside. From what I saw, the atmosphere in the base is getting more and more intense. Long Chuan’s office light hasn’t been off for a long time, every day he was in the office working until dawn.”

“If I were Long Chuan, I won’t assign the soldiers of the legion to small cities for defense. Earth has a hundred and fifty million people, tens of thousands of small cities, what’s the use of scattering our small legion?”

“There’s a good old saying, deal with thieves you deal with their chief. If we want those space pirates and raiders to never dare setting a foot on Earth, then we have to fight a war that can prove that Earth’s not a soft punching bag! We must let them know the price they pay for harassing Earth!”

“Is that true?”

“Great, we have all been waiting for this day!”

“Han, when do you think this battle is going to be? Who’s our target?”

The crowd surrounded Han and they all asked.

Han thought about it and said, “It should be within the next two days. After all, the training frequency of the 1st Legion has brought the soldiers close to their limit. Right now, we will just patiently wait and not cause any trouble.”

“Got it!” Xin Beige nodded heavily, and he strode toward the training center.

“Where you going? Aren’t we going for bubble tea?” An Beibei yelled at Xin Beige.

“Not going, you go yourself.”

Xin Beige got into the training room, and there came immediately sounds of weapon slicing through air. Looks like Xin Beige is taking the initiative to increase his training load.

Han looked out the window in silence, the snow is coming down heavier, the whole world outside is covered in white. 1st Legion’s high intensity training is still going, the soldiers’ figure gradually turned into a bunch of black specks in the distance.