Chapter 133: Starship Battle!

Chapter 133: Starship Battle!

After a night of practice, Han read books for a few hours and went to find Wuyun.

“Little Flower!”

The moment he entered Wuyun’s cave, Han was immediately shocked by the familiar figure, he swore it was Little Flower standing at the center of the hall.

“You didn’t die??”

“Han almost couldn’t believe his eyes, quickly walked over, and Little Flower also used two of her legs and picked up Han. In the past, although she also listens to Han’s commands and also likes to follow Han around like a little kid, she appeared to be more friendly today, it seemed like Little Flower changed a bit after the resurrection.

“Not only Little Flower didn’t die, even your Demon Claw didn’t die, it’s really strange.” Wuyun tiredly got up from the couch, rubbed his face and said.

“To be honest it’s all your fault, originally I had no habit of resurrecting fusion beasts, after all, the resurrection process is a lot more troublesome than creating a new beast from scratch. But I couldn’t forget your attitude yesterday, Little Flower followed me for so many years, there were quite some emotion invested too now that I think about it.”

Han sat down in front of Wuyun and asked in curiosity, “Reviving fusion beasts? How did you do it? Yesterday I clearly saw the enemy shoving their blade into Little Flower’s brain, the memory and personality would have been completely destroyed.”

Wuyun smiled, and a little proudly said, “I use an occult, Cell Division Law.”

“Even if there’s only one cell left in Little Flower’s brain, I can still use this method to recreate a brand new brain. Of course, the memory can also be recreated with the physical structure. But this time, of safety reasons, I scattered Little Flower’s consciousness throughout her entire body.”

“In simple terms, Little Flower’s past consciousness and memory are stored in the brain’s cells, and now every cell in her body is equipped with memory and thinking functions. From now, unless someone throws Little Flower into an incinerator and burned every last cell, otherwise no matter how much damage Little Flower takes, I can revive her again.”

Wuyun’s explanation greatly surprised Han, using the cells in the entire body to replace the function of brain? This is no doubt a very complex gene recombinant!

No wonder Wuyun looked very tired, so after Han left, Wuyun did that much work.

Wuyun smiled, and said to Han, “Us people that work with fusion beasts, it’s not enough to just have talent. We also need to be caring, to really deal with these little guys by heart. I saw these little guys all really like you, so it means you are actually pretty good with the beasts. Do you want to learn some more skills with me?”

Han nodded, “Then I will appreciate in advance!”

Wuyun thought for a second and said, “We will first start with this Demon Claw. This guy looks a little dumber than the other fusion beasts, but its vitality is quite good, it has actually lived up to now and has yet to show any signs of aging.”

After a day and night observation, Han already realized, this Demon Claw is pretty dumb, or just lazy.

When Han was training, it just stayed there motionlessly and waited; when Han was reading, it also just waited there quietly; when Han took it onto the ship, this little guy just laid there in the cockpit.

It was completely different from its battle mode. The Demon Claw yesterday exerted unprecedented domineering force. It charged against three enemies! When he couldn’t reach them as the eagles soared into the air, he just jumped and reached for them again!

All in all, when Demon Claw’s in battle, it’s quite similar to Han, all very aggressive indomitable, and Han really like that about it.

Demon Claw Is quite unlucky, it was just born yesterday, and today it got taken apart in the lab again. Han and Wuyun all wanted to know why Demon Claw doesn’t need to hibernate, and how much vitality is left.

“This,” Wuyun puzzled and asked, “Why are the perception nerves so thick?”

Han replied, “It’s to strengthen the vitality of Demon Claw.”

“How did you deal with the explosive power structure?”

“Durability and vitality enhancement treatment.”

“You also dealt with the bounce ligaments?”

“Yep, it’s also treated with durability and vitality enhancements. Teacher, you don’t have to ask more. Every cell on Demon Claw were specially treated. I want him to have more tenacious vitality. As for the treatment method, they are mostly pharmaceutical formulations and recipes I got from Night Walker.” Han answered again.

Wuyun couldn’t help but smiled, “This is the first time I see someone so concerned about the vitality of Earth Claw. Usually, we care more about the explosive power and how to let Earth Claw unleash stronger instantaneous attacks.”

“I have a thing; it can test how tenacious its vitality is. I will go grab it right now.”

“Wait, I remember you said that you installed a strange rock in Demon Claw’s body?”

“Yep, it’s that one left behind by my last Earth Claw.”

“Now the rock is gone.” Wuyun sad in disbelief.

After a few minutes, Wuyun and Han were speechless, that gold inlaid black egg is really gone, the neurons that connected to the egg is now connected to each other, it seemed like the gold inlaid black egg was melted into Demon Claw’s body.

“Ah, there are strange things every year, and this year there’s exceptionally more.”

Wuyun muttered, went next door and brought a very heavy machine. It’s a bit like a pyramid, there are many lattices on it, and what level the vitality reached it will light up the same number of lights.

Wuyun pointed at the pyramid shaped machine and said, “This thing is very precious, it’s used by the prehistoric domain to specifically test beasts’ vitality. Usually, Earth Claw’s vitality is the lowest level among fusion beasts, because it has the most excessive pursuit of power which lowers its life span.”

While Wuyun spoke, he placed the test cable to Demon Claw’s back and turned on the machine.


After several tweets, suddenly 7 lights lit up.

“Seven?! This guy’s vitality level is actually at 7?!” Wuyun shouted in surprise.

“Teacher, what does level 7 represent?” Han curiously asked.

Wuyun froze for a long time to collect himself, with a face of disbelief he said, “It should be very strong. In my life time, I haven’t created a fusion beast that has a level 7 vitality so I don’t know either.”

Han was very surprised, and he hurriedly asked, “That means, Demon Claw won’t just die after 24 hours right?”

“Die?” Wuyun shook his head and said, “Are you kidding me? This is a life with level 7 vitality, this thing you created is even stronger than a cockroach! Even if everyone dies it still won’t die!”

Too happy! Han’s too happy today.

Little Flower was resurrected, Demon Claw won’t die, overnight, life has become filled with joy.


The Falcon Class frigate flew along the fixed course to return from Wuyun’s cave to Pathless’ house. The trip is pretty short, only need five minutes. During the mean time the automatic navigation system pilots the frigate, Han doesn’t need to intervene at all.

After taking off, Han went to the small café inside the frigate and poured himself a cup of hot chocolate like usual, and sat down comfortably.

Han’s not just a robot that only works and takes no breaks, he just enjoys taking full advantage of the time he has and uses it wisely. For example, during the time travelling between Pathless and Wuyun’s places, Han would always enjoy a cup of hot chocolate, stare out of the porthole to enjoy the scenery outside, and enjoy a moment of leisure.

As people that shoulder great responsibility, a life of leisure is a luxury. To Han, it’s already very satisfying to have this relaxing moment every day. He’s more willing to invest the majority of his time into hard practice and learning.

Han came from the weak Earth; he understands the truth better than anyone: power is the fundamental element that allows a man to settle down. So Han’s goal has been very clear, to become stronger at all cost.

Although Oblivion Realm has no good man and is a place that specifically shelters the outlaws, it does have a great scenery. Han sipped his sweet hot chocolate whiled enjoyed the beautiful scenery outside of the window.

Suddenly, a red light lit up in the cockpit, soon followed by piercing alarm sound.

“Warning! Frigate locked on!”

“Warning! Frigate locked on!”

“Detected energy attack!”

“Detected energy attack!”

Han suddenly hesitated, the ship is under attack? This is the first time since he sailed on his own. He didn’t run into any trouble when crossing the Milky Way to come to Oblivion Realm, and he was actually attacked in the relatively safe environment within Oblivion Realm?

Dropped half drank cup of hot chocolate, Han rushed into the control room.

“Dammit! I told them I should’ve killed him earlier!”

Don’t need to look at the radar system, Han could directly see from the observation window the other ship’s appearance. Isn’t that the well-equipped silver frigate!


Han just finished his sentence, Falcon Class frigate was hit, and the ship suddenly started shaking.

“Warning! Hit by Stagnation Beam!”

“Warning! Enemy’s Stagnation Beam activated again, hitting after 5 seconds!”

Han heard the warning system and his face turned ashen completely. Stall Beam is a controlled energy beam that’s used for capturing, like a giant net, and ships that are hit will be slowed down to 40% of its original speed.

Losing speed to any starships can be lethal!

Can’t even run, then the ship is now a sitting duck!

What’s more frightening is, Wang Qin’s special Silver Frigate is clearly modified with significant investment, it actually has two sets of stagnation beam equipment?!

Then, even if Han flips all of his afterburners, he still won’t be able to escape the enemy’s attack range!

“Reverse target lock! Overload energy shield engine! Turn off all power system!”

“All weapon systems ready!”

Han’s not a professional starship operator, he just scanned the instruction manual into his brain. Aside from memorizing the instruction manual, real operators also need long-term practical experience.

And it’s also because Han’s a novice, his decisions were very unconventional and crazy!

Since the ship is already locked on by two stagnation beams and won’t be able to run, then we simply won’t run!

We will just focus all the power and energy into the defensive shield and weapon system and exchange blows with the enemies!


There was another shake for the ship, the second stagnation beam hit Han’s frigate again, it’s just like putting two heavy chains on someone. From now on, Han’s not going anywhere, he will fight the enemies until the end!

“Warning! Enemy Spitfire Missile launched! Five seconds until hit!”

“Warning! Enemy Spitfire Missile launched! Four seconds until hit!”

“Warning! Enemy Particle Rapid Canon locked on!


Immediately after the enemy’s modified silver frigate fired, Han sat inside the cockpit felt like he was sitting on top of a volcano! The whole world was shaking!

“Defensive Shield Energy dropping rapidly! 75% Defense!”

“60% Defense!”

“40% Defense!”

“Warning! Energy Shield depleted soon!”

This isn’t a fair battle, Han’s Falcon Class Frigate is a second-hand version looted from the raiders, and the enemy has a specially modified elite glass frigate.

Whether in terms of defense, fire, electronics, propulsion, the gap is simply too big!

“Target locked!” Just then, Han’s Falcon Class Frigate also had that silver ship locked.

“Fire! Fire all weapons!” Han shouted.