Chapter 101: The Mysterious Egg

Chapter 101: The Mysterious Egg

(P.s. guys read last chapter carefully, Kunlun’s actually just acting)

Kunlun said in a pleading tone, “Your Majesty, your power of darkness is boundless. Helping this little dark beast hatch is as easy as raising a hand, so please help me.”

“As for the incubation process, it’s very simple, you only need to summon your power of darkness, put your fingers on the surface of this egg, and the little guy will naturally start absorbing your power of darkness. When the energy charge is sufficient, the little guy will hatch.”

Han nodded since he did not have much choice. If he denied Kunlun’s request, his real identity might be exposed on the spot which will inevitably lead to a tough battle. With Han’s current strength, it would be completely impossible for him to escape this metal city alive.

“In any case, I will try to survive first.” Han thought.

He chose to compromise and secretly began summoning the Heart of Darkness’s power.

His arm quickly became the pitch black color, and then he attempted to place his fingers on this unidentified egg.


Suddenly, a magical force of attraction appeared. The egg was like a monster that tightly bit onto Han and didn’t want to let go, trying its best to suck out the dark energy from Han.

Han was suddenly shocked, because the egg was violently absorbing his power, which gave Han the feeling that his body was being quickly sucked empty.

He hastily started swinging his arm, trying to get his fingers off the strange egg, but Han’s fingers were stuck to the egg like strong magnets, making it impossible to move at all.


Every second, large amounts of dark energy were being sucked away by this egg. Little drops of sweat gradually formed on Han’s forehead. He felt his whole body becoming sore and numb, and an unprecedented sense of exhaustion washed over him.

This situation had never happened before. As a 4 star esper solider, an existence that possessed the power of darkness, Han actually got all his energy absorbed by an egg that was the size of a large fist. This was definitely unthinkable.


Finally, when Han felt extremely exhausted and was unable to cope anymore, this egg just stopped sucking out Han’s energy. The spherical egg looked a bit less transparent and darker in color, but gradually, some faint light began being emitted by the egg.

Han recalled his memory for the last few minutes, as if he was tightly bitten by a devil. His whole body shuddered and he felt a chill down his spine.

There was no doubt, although Han was not clear about what kind of creature was actually in the egg, that thing was definitely not something good and it possessed an incredibly strong power!

“Your Majesty, you worked hard. Let me help you get in and take a rest.”

Kunlun helped Han who looked like he was going to crumble any second, led him to a room, put him down onto the bed, and also carefully removed his shoes for him, then covered him with a blanket.

Soldiers with source energy had very strong spiritual strength, and even if they didn’t sleep for a month there wouldn’t be any problem. But at this moment, don’t know what happened, the moment Han’s head touched the pillow, an irresistible sense of sleepiness immediately swarmed in, and his eye lids were struggling to keep open.

“I can’t sleep, can’t sleep!” Han strongly pinched his arm, being this deep in an unfamiliar and dangerous situation, sleep could mean death.

But unfortunately, the sense of exhaustion and sleepiness overwhelmed everything, even the willpower that Han was so proud of collapsed, and soon, Han closed his eyes and became sound asleep.


That inexplicable strange smile appeared again on Kunlun’s face. He smiled as he took a look at Han who’s trapped in deep sleep, and whispered, “Go to sleep, Your Majesty, for our little baby.”

Turned around, Kunlun left the room, locked the door from the outside and sped away.


Han had a dream, a terrifying dream.

In the dream, a creature strong enough to destroy the universe came out of the black spherical egg, opened its giant mouth filled with large fangs and swallowed Han.


The nightmare caused Han to sit straight up, sweating profusely.

Looked around, he was inside a bedroom. There was no window, and all 4 sides were solid alloy walls, black, cold, silent.

Han laid in bed, resting his fingers on his dimensional ring and tried to remember everything that happened. He remembered that strange egg, and also the feeling of having his dark energy sucked empty. That feeling was way too awful, as if he lost something very important.

By now, Han actually had some kind of regret, regret that he didn’t do more research on the dark net. There were probably a lot of resources he could access to know more about the extinction domain and he didn’t even touch them.

Now that he’s stuck in such a dangerous situation, Han realized that the dark net was honestly the largest treasure in the Milky Way Galaxy. When encountering danger, those Milky Way conventional weapons and martial arts were not enough at all. If it wasn’t for Night Walker and Pathless Origin who prepared those illegal little gadgets, he would’ve died shortly after entering A-19.

It turned out, the only way to fight evil, was to be more evil!

And where can you find existences that were more evil?

On the dark net!

But to be honest, Han couldn’t be blamed for not spending more time to do research on the dark net. After all he was way too busy, problems and businesses one after another, Han was like the ocean wave (TL: Han Lang’s second word means wave), there were a lot of things that were not up to him. He was just forced to move on by so many things and unknowingly got himself into the situation he’s in today.

Just after Han had some random thoughts, the bedroom door was pushed open, and the Kunlun that looked like a man-sized dark beast walked in with a humble face. He saluted and said, “Your Majesty, you are awake. I saw you were very tired, so I prepared some food that can help replenish your dark energy. Please come with me to dine.”

Han touched his belly and realized that he was indeed very hungry, so he nodded, got off the bed and followed Kunlun to the hall.

He saw many strange black paste blocks on the table, much like Poria Cream. Black, sliced into little squares, surmounted with fine little silver forks.

Han sat in front of the table, used the silver fork and picked up a piece. He put it in front of his nose and sniffed. It had a very odd medicine odor. Han was considered to have studied medicine after Night Walker for two and a half days, but with his knowledge, he couldn’t tell what this black paste was at all.

“Your Majesty, this was your favorite food in the past. Perhaps because of the long storage time, it tastes a little less rich, but my resources are limited, so I could only offer you this much.” Kunlun seemed to want to explain something.

Han nodded.

For someone that studied pharmacology, Han was very clear that humans have physiological instincts. For example, energetic young man will get excited when seeing young and beautiful girls, or guys, and people might really crave for meat for a period of time when other times they feel nauseated when they see meat and only want to eat fruit and vegetables. These were due to physiological instinct.

At the moment, when Han saw the black odd paste, he actually felt an appetite for it, and that meant at this moment, his body needed some substances or nutrients inside the paste, even though Han didn’t really know what these things actually were.

Han placed one of those black paste blocks into his mouth. It melted immediately and Han immediately felt an increase in energy.

This feeling was kind of like taking high level source energy medicine pills, but those pills refilled source energy while this black paste replenished dark energy.

One couldn’t think too much about whether it was safe to eat anymore. Han ate a whole plate of the black paste blocks in one breath, and the feeling of replenishing power was a comfortably running through his body.

“Another one.” Han pointed at the empty plate and said.

Kunlun was suddenly shocked, looked at Han unbelievably, and also had a look that he wanted to say something but couldn’t.

“Is there a problem?” Han slightly frowned and asked.

“No, no problem, I will go get some more right now.” Kunlun forced a smile and said.

Soon, another plate of black paste blocks was served.

“Another plate.”

“It’s… Well, wait a moment please. “

“Another plate.”

“You still want to eat?

Just like that, Han didn’t stop until having 5 plates. Looking at Kunlun’s face, he looked really sad, like Han ate something really precious to him.

Seeing how Han didn’t say another plate, Kunlun let out a long breath. He finally relaxed, went to that mysterious room and took out that mysterious black egg and put it on the table.

“Your Majesty, I see that you are in a good mood today, whether or not this little guy can hatch early, it will depend on you.” Kunlun said to Han.

Every time he took out the egg, Kunlun’s attitude was like a request, but it also looked like he was not going to take no for an answer.

Han thought for a bit, started channeling his power of darkness and placed his fingers on the shell of the spherical egg.


That feeling struck again. At that moment, Han felt that the dark energy in him had never been that full, but the little guy inside the egg was even more merciless. Han’s dark energy storage was nowhere as much as the amount that the egg wanted to absorb.

After only a few minutes, Han felt dizzy again, and his physical energy was completely depleted.

Then, that greedy little thing inside the egg reluctantly let go of Han, and like yesterday, Kunlun helped Han to get back to the bedroom again. The moment Han’s head touched the pillow, the exhausted him went into deep sleep again.

Turning around and leaving the bedroom, Kunlun locked the door again and also told two dark raptors to watch outside of the bedroom.

“That was the precious pure dark energy, he actually ate that much at once? Sigh, it really breaks my heart.”

“Sigh, whatever, in order for the little guy to hatch quickly, I will just let him eat. After all, the more he eats, the faster he dies, the poison of darkness is not a joke.” Kunlun mumbled for himself.

But Kunlun didn’t know, Han never only had one card in hand. Aside from Void End and the Power of Darkness, Han also has an unparalleled level of toxin resistance!