Chapter 257: #3, Birth of the Godly Beast!

Zhu Yanan got up and shouted full of energy, “I call 100 million!”


Suddenly, there was an uproar in the audience. The citizens of Star Lord city were all working towards the title of star lord, but even if they went through the hardwork and dedication to finally obtain the star lord’s title, that was still just the lowest level of membership of the All Gods Cooperation.

So at this Star Lord City, points were still very valuable. But Zhu Yanan just stood up and shouted out 100 million, appearing as though he was willing to accompany whoever wanted to continue raising the price. Such determination caused the four big beast tamer clans to all shake their head in sadness, no longer willing to call out even higher prices. After all, these points were all earned by the brothers in the clan through hardwork, it’s not worth competing with a rich second-generation like Zhu Yanan.

Zhu Yanan’s eyes swept past the audiences rows, enjoying the way people were looking at him right now. Then he took a look at Mr. Shui, seeing that he was also slightly nodding. The Jian Jia on the side just tiled his head and looked at him, with an ambiguous expression. But Zhu Yanan just assumed it was admiration, and lifted his chest even higher.

“100 million points going once!”

“100 million points going twice!”

“Deal! Congratulation to the #1 Room’s gentleman for winning this number-series genetic beast!”

Zhu Yanan triumphantly sat down and then said to Jian Jia’s father, “Uncle Shui, just treat this as my gift to you.”

Jian Jia’s father faintly smiled, “Yanan, isn’t this gift a bit too expensive?”

Zhu Yanan hurriedly said, “Not expensive at all, it’s just a little share of my mind. If Uncle Shui can make any discoveries from this genetic beast, it will be beneficial for the entire corporation. A few points is worth it.”

Jian Jia’s father slightly nodded, “Good! Such great intentions and ambition at such a young age is admirable. Yannan, you can be called the role model of the younger generation in the Cooperation.”

Even Jian Jia’s father complimented him, Zhu Yanan suddenly felt that this 100 million points was definitely worth it!

Of course, if he knew that the #2 was actually Han’s work and the high price he offered was equivalent to giving points to Han, then he for sure wouldn’t be as happy as now.

Zhu Yanan took a peak at Jian Jia and noticed that he was still sulking. Jian Jia was born into such an influential family and was trained to be patient and magnanimous. He was not angered by other people easily, yet Han really did make him angry just now.

But such a feeling was also very strange. People like Zhu Yanan would think of thousands of ways to try to make him happy. Jian Jia had seen too many, so he didn’t care at all.

But this Han character, without a servile attitude towards him, actually interested him a lot more.

Suddenly at that moment, the auction center became boiled up! Tens of thousands of people at the scene were hustling and bustling, it was deafening.

Zhu Yanan immediately turned around and looked, and saw that tonight’s finale, the genetic beast #3, has appeared!

It was a slightly large golden flying python . Among the people around Han, Han most admires Ke Lake for being able to fly, so aside from creating claw beasts, he also liked to create genetic beasts that could fly.

This golden python could of course fly, but its wings were very short and small, and after a closer look, these wings actually turned out to be a second layer of scales.

Everyone was surprised at this whimsical design. The golden scale quivers and the python flies, Han’s train of thought when designing the beasts could be regarded as very unique.

Without a question, when the golden flying python were in the air, it was like a quick missile. When it was on the ground with its wings withdrawn, it was still incredibly fast!

Right after appearing, the entire auction centre’s temperature was instantly lowered by a dozen degrees, and whoever met the gaze by that pair of golden eyeballs couldn’t help but shiver.

It was just like a statue. Despite the environment, it just stood there fixed, with its lower body coiled up, upper body raised in the air, emulating a king on a throne.

The beast tamers all became dumbfounded, along with the soldiers. Zhu Yanan, Mr. Shui, and even Jian Jia completely forgot what was troubling him.

“What a strong arrogant force. Dad, I like this genetic beast.” Jian Jia said to his father.

Mr. Shui lightly smiled and nodded.

The father and son’s actions were all observed by Zhu Yanan, and an uncontrollable urge surfaced. These years, Zhu Yanan gifted Jian Jia countless treasures but they were all thrown aside by him. This was still the first time Zhu Yanan heard it from Jian Jia’s mouth that he liked something.

Well, who wouldn’t like it?

Anyone could see Han’s advancement in skill. From #1 to #3, Han’s grasp on the Boundless Ten Thousand Beast was maturing at an uncontrollable rate. When Han was working on the third one, he already completely grasped this technology and also added in a few design elements of his own.

Such a design was quite bold. Even if #3 didn’t have an incredible compatibility rating of 96%, it would still give everyone a refreshing feeling with its shocking aura.

The auctioneer said excitedly, “Everyone look! This is tonight’s finale, the third one in the number-series genetic beasts!”

“Without further introduction, I believe that all the experts in the audiences can already see how unique this #3 is. What I want to tell everyone is, aside from a 6-star battle strength and a godly 96% compatibility rate, #3 also has the temper of a general!”

“Just now, I described the genetic beast #2 as a cold-blooded killer, but this #3 is the five star general among beasts!”

“In the warehouse of the auction house, the moment #3 appeared, all the genetic beasts lowered their heads without any resistance. As for #3, he was acting just like right now, not moving an inch.”

“We purposely borrowed a genetic beast that was at the 7 star level to scare #3 a bit. And guess what? When the 7 star genetic beast saw #3, it started roaring and showing off its fangs towards #3, but #3 just slightly tilted its head, coldly glanced at it and then turned its head back and remained motionless! Doesn’t matter how the 7-star beast provoked it, #3 just completely ignored him! That arrogance, that calmness, it’s something I haven’t witnessed in my life! “

“I swear to Heaven and Earth, #3 is simply godlike!”

“As we all know, only combat type monsters with 7 stars of combat strength or above can be recognized as godly combat beasts. Today, I dare to call #3 as a godly combat beast! Although it doesn’t have the level, but it has the temperament that exceeds godly combat beasts!”

“Now, let us auction this godlike combat type genetic beast #3. Starting price, 50 million!”


There was an uproar in the auction center again. Oh boy, #2’s starting price was just 5 million, but #3 actually rose 10 times!

After such a reserved price came out, everyone at the scene had a premonition. Today would probably create history in all of the Star Lord City’s auctions!