Chapter 213: New Attempt

Chapter 213: New Attempt

Boundless Ten-Thousand Beasts?

Han hesitated. He gently opened the first page of this ancient book and started reading it carefully.

Han wasn’t worried about not being able to read the contents on the book, because he already knew that the so-called Milky Way Universal language wasn’t some god-race language but was something the god race learned from the dark net. Han even went as far as guessing, the majority of the universe’s high level civilizations all used this language.

This kind of language’s biggest feature is its precision. Everything all had their most precise description, and if a contract was written in the universal language, no one will have to worry about there being any loopholes, because the universal language was created for the purpose of preventing language and text loopholes.

In general, the Boundless Ten-Thousand Beasts was a manual on multi-gene compression fusion technology.

The fusion beasts were called fusion beasts because they were a combination of all sorts of different genetic beasts.

With the currently known technology by Han, being able to combine five different genes could already be called a top-tier masterpiece.

Take Han himself for example, the Ghost Claw is the fusion between the queen bug and dark apostle. Although it used up dozens of different species’ genes, it still couldn’t reach the completely synchronized state and can only be counted as a fusion beast that was cobbled-together. As for the Demon Claw, due to the lack of perfect synchronization, there’s a significant defect, and that was how stayed it gets.

This shows that although fusion beasts could be easily assembled like building blocks, as long as the skills are sufficient and even the subtlest neurons are connected, it can be considered a success.

But not all fusion beasts could reach the degree of perfect synchronization.

According to the principle, if the product reached perfect synchronization, a new species will be produced. For Demon Claw, any experienced individual can take one glance at it and know that it uses Demonic Star-Chasing crabs’ claws, and that won’t work. A perfectly synchronized genetic fusion beast wouldn’t have any traces of gene combination.

This Boundless Ten-Thousand Beasts manual talks about one principle, synchronization.

If one really grasps this technology, then he can limitlessly fuse beasts forever, and finally come up with a product of ten-thousand beasts, a godlike existence.

Godlike fusion beast?

When Han read this on the first page, he was stunned, and his heart began racing.

What a crazy goal, Boundless Ten-Thousand Beasts’ goal was actually to create a godly beast

How can someone forge a godly beast?

The only direction was to keep on combining, and combine, nonstop fusion!

Each beast has its own strength. Monkeys can climb trees, tiger could bite, and even fleas have incredible jumping abilities.

If a fusion beast merged ten unique strengths, it will become extremely terrifying. And what if a beast merged a hundred genes and their strengths? A thousand? Ten thousand?

Han could not imagine. If he captures all the beast types in the universe, let them be star beasts, wild beasts, dark beasts, and then merge them into a single species, what kind of power will this species have?

The person that wrote this book must definitely be a madman!

But this mad idea, Han loved it!

In the blink of an eye it was time for 9527 to get up. This ball-shaped old man’s life was very fixed, Han had never seen him eat or drink anything, but everyday he would spend a long time sleeping.

On average, besides the 6-8 hours of time 9527 spends on work, he would always be sleeping.

Han reluctantly put down the book. Although it was impossible to make it look untouched, since 9527’s most important job everyday is to check these hidden items. He for sure would see that Han had touched this book, so Han didn’t want to hide anything, and if 9527 asks, he will just answer truthfully.

Sure enough, not much longer later, 9527 walked out from the depth of the passage. It was said his bedroom was there, and there’s an energy barrier that prevented anyone from entering.

He checked over the things inside the lobby like usual, and then he took Yuan Yuan and Silver Fox out to play. As for the work of repairing the transition station, he handed it all to Han, at most, he would just come over to give a few pointers when Han ran into any problem.

Han doesn’t feel anything after he was done work, but 9527 would look exhausted and then go back to sleep. When Han snuck back into the hall again, the strange thing was, that Boundless Ten-Thousand Beasts book was actually still outside of the energy protection shield, as if 9572 deliberately left it out for Han.

Han finally understood, so this was actually the prize for his hard work these days. Of course, a bigger reason why 9572 suddenly became this generous was because of Silver Fox and Yuan Yuan.

Even fools could see that 9527 really liked these two little guys too much, spending all day with them. When Yuan Yuan called him grandpa, smiles will bloom on his face; when Silver Fox gets naughty and actually goes to pull 9572’s beard, 9527 didn’t get frustrated as well.

Han often observe 9527’s smile. That warm smile wass clearly like an old man hanging out with his two grandsons.

In any case, an opportunity to learn the top tier fusion technique was not something Han will miss. 9527 and him were all quiet about it, no one mentioned that book.

In the blink of an eye, it has been two months since Han was last trapped here. Repair of the damaged parts were done and it was finally time for Han to leave.

Han actually didn’t have time to come in contact with devices and technologies of a deeper level in the transition station, the damaged part was only the energy system, but this task still allowed Han to learn a lot, and improve his mechanical skills through practice.

Not to mention the Boundless Ten-Thousand Beast manual, the top level genetic fusion beast technology book, now Han couldn’t wait to go back and give it a try and see really just how powerful the fusion beasts were after the genes are perfectly synchronized.

“Bye bye grandpa.” Yuan Yuan’s warm words almost had 9527 drop tears. The fat man turned around and didn’t look at Han and the others.

Han and 9572 actually had many opportunities to meet again, the moment Han enters the transition station, it would be like entering 9572’s territory. The moment Han gets enough credits, he will for sure come back here to train.

Inside the genetic biology lab that Han spent enormous effort renovated, he threw himself back to work the moment he came back, trying to make his first genetically synchronized work.

Han’s interest in genetic synchronization exceeded everything, he just briefly reported to Pathless about his recent situation, and then briefly listened to Long Chuan about Earth’s current situation, and then he dove right into his lab.

Sometimes the surgical laser scalpel drew perfect arcs in the air.

Sometimes Han would carefully carve as if working on an art piece.

The Demon Claw, Ghost Claw, Yuan Yuan, and Silver Fox all silently laid outside of the sterile room’s glass, and they all became a bit stunned and overwhelmed from watching Han’s work.

Without a question, Han was very serious when he worked, and the fully devoted him was like an artist working on his proudest artwork, his movements were fast and clean, and his eyes were completely fixed on the corpses he was working on.


The laser scalpel was consistently adjusting power in Han’s hand, sometimes it will even reach the level of microns.

Everyone wasn’t talking, it was just the Silver Fox that kept on finger-pointing, and this little guy’s as if saying, “look, our master’s so focused, he’s so awesome!”

Han’s work efficiency had always been very high, and it wasn’t long until he completed his fusion beast sample.

To genetic fusion beasts, the most important part wasn’t about putting the parts together, but the activation process.

In the past fusion beast technology, activation was also an important task, but it was no where as close to how important it was today.

In simple words, now Han needed to use his genetic power to completely activate all the cells in this body, and then push the cells to perform division and integration.

This process can be described as rebirth.

According to the book, the founder of this technology himself didn’t even figure out how to control the outcome of the synchronization. Sometimes he wanted to a snake-like beast, and then a lizard came out. Sometimes he wanted a high-speed aquatic beast, but the outcome was a big clumsy dumb bear.

All in all, don’t look at how Han’s sample has four legs right now and was a typical land beast type, but the outcome after synchronization might be a shark.

Faced with a completely unpredictable outcome, Han has a sudden urge inside his heart, this was like a guessing game where no one knew the result. It was getting really exciting.

Han folded his hands and placed it on the sample, and then he started channeling his source energy.