Chapter 312: Farewell

Chapter 312: Farewell

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Han suddenly had an urge to strangle Lu Yao to death. He clenched his fist.

At the same time, Luo Jin also clenched her fists. Her face turned pale, she summoned all her courage and said to Lu Yao in a trembling voice, "I can leave, but I just want one answer from you. Do you love me or not?"

Han saw Lu Yao’s struggle and hesitation. He turned around painfully with his back towards Luo Jin. He didn’t dare to meet her eyes which were so warm and full of expectation, and his body kept on shivering.

"As soon as I answer this question, you are willing to leave, and never come back?" Lu Yao asked hoarsely.

"Yes," Luo Jin nodded lightly.

"Well, I will tell you." Lu Yao’s voice began trembling, "I…"

Lu Yao stuttered, the word "I" could not be continued in any way from Lu Yao’s mouth. Maybe he doesn’t have an answer, or maybe he really didn’t want to say the real answer.

Han was so concentrated on what was happening, that he almost suffocated to death from Lu Yao’s stutter.

"This lady traveled this far risking her life to see you. She doesn’t want anything but just a sentence from you, hurry the f*ck up!" Han shouted in his subconscious world.

Finally, Lu Yao heaved a sigh of relief and was ready to say the answer.

Just at that moment, the atmosphere changed immediately!

Luo Jin shouted right away, "Lu Yao, be careful!"

Immediately after, Han felt a power pushing himself out of the spiritual world, and what he then saw with his eyes made his face lose color.

The lion-mask executioner uncloaked himself from stealth mode and appeared only a few meters away from him.

To be precise, he didn’t uncloak intentionally, but was forced to show himself by a magical light ray that shot out from Luo Jin’s body.

Very clearly, Luo Jin had some kind of power unknown to Han which could actively defend her against harm, preventing someone from stealthily approaching her.

"Traitor, go die!" The lion-mask executioner shouted.

The already exposed lion face charged towards Han, with his 8-star super warlord speed.


During the movement, the lion-mask executioner shined his two claws.

With a transformation, the lion-masked executioner’s two hands became like two giant iron hooks.

"Path of Yao!"

Han also charged up. As someone that didn’t learn any defensive techniques, Han would always fight back when the enemy struck!

Unfortunately, although Han was brave enough, but the gap in level between the two was just too much. His reflex was slower by a tempo, and that didn’t give him enough time to completely play out his demonic attack. Before Han could even activate the Path of Yao, the lion-face executioner was already only a meter away from Han.

The situation was extremely dangerous, and if there’s no accident, this surprise attack would cost Han severe injury or even death. After all, during an exchange of blows, being one step behind is often fatal.

Just at that moment, a figure suddenly appeared in front of Han and blocked off the lion-executioner’s attacking direction with its body.

It was Luo Jin. Of course, she wasn’t trying to protect Han, but was trying to protect the Lu Yao she loved.

Anyone would know, the one wanted by the executioners was never a small figure like Han, but Lu Yao, the traitor of Mass Demon Corporation.


It happened instantly yet it seemed like things took place frame by frame, the two giant iron hooks pierced through Luo Jin’s chest, and the warm blood splashed onto Han’s face.

Han was stunned, this brave woman actually gave up her life to protect someone she loves.

Just before the penetration, the lion-mask executioner tried to withdrawal, yet the distance was so close and the lion-mask charged that fast, the tragedy could not be avoided.


Luo Jin fell into Han’s arms. This beautiful yet stubborn woman, with blood coming down her mouth, she looked warmly at Han. No, she was looking at Lu Yao.

Luojin tried to maintain a smile, as someone who’s about to die, she still looked as beautiful as always.

"You still didn’t tell me your answer." Luo Jin whispered.


Lu Yao didn’t know what to do, his voice sounded very miserable. He just uttered a word, and Luo Jin’s head dropped to the side as she stopped breathing. There was still a smile on her face that people can’t forget .

"Miss! Miss!" The lion-face executioner who retreated to the sideline also shouted.

Apparently, the lion-face executioner also knew Luo Jin. Seeing her die also disturbed him.

"I love you!" Lu Yao suddenly broke out and shouted.

Too late, Luo Jin already paid the price of her life to hear these words, and the most painful thing in the world was probably this.

Han surprisingly realized, Lu Yao’s voice was no longer limited to his zero-degree brain region, but echoed in this beehive-like world.

A miraculous scene was happening, a powerful energy walked out of Han’s zero-degree brain region and slowly turned into human shape.

A sad man, a person with a broken heart.

The shadow-like Lu Yao’s face was covered in ice-cold tears, and his eyes were bloodshot, his body was shivering.

"Why, why?" Lu Yao asked.

Han felt that he was asking himself rather than asking others.

The stupid lion-face executioner didn’t realize that Lu Yao was at the verge of a break down, he gritted his teeth and said, "Isn’t it because of you?! You traitor, you betrayed everyone and also seduced our Lady, her death is all your fault! If it wasn’t for you, Miss would still be alive!"

"I already sent a message back regarding the two Ladies, the Old Man won’t blame me! With his temper, he would only blame the two Ladies! And then kill them for glory!"

Lu Yao suddenly hesitated, this sentence deeply provoked him. And at this moment, in the distance, the elephant-mask executioner also appeared.

This was a big and tall man that carried a ghost head reaper blade. His back got punched by Han so there was an opening with fleshed ripped and bones exposed. But, he was still alive.

"I’m taking your life!" Lu Yao cried out of grief!

Regret, love, sadness, all emotions finally fused together, depriving Lu Yao of his rationality. He became not able to speak, because words could no longer describe the despair he was feeling. He just kept on mumbling the same words, "I’m taking your life."

You killed someone I love, then repay it with yours!


The Luyao that broke out from the soul-state charged up, grabbed the lion-mask executioner by the neck, lifted him up, and then smashed him right into the ground.

Han had never seen someone feeling this level of despair, nor saw anyone this fierce.

He saw Lu Yao just lifting the lion-mask’s head up, smashing down, lifting up, and smashing down, as if try to smash open a coconut.



"I’m taking your life!" Lu Yao continued shouting.

"Give it back to me!"

"Give it back to me!"

Han still didn’t know Lu Yao’s level, but he felt that Lu Yao’s level should be really high, because even the pinnacle 8 star level Sima Hunfeng could not stomp the executioners.

One must know, Lu Yao’s physical body has already disappeared, and there was only his soul left.

The elephant-mask executioner hurried and charged towards Lu Yao in an attempt to save his teammate, yet Han stopped him.

The anger also burned in Han’s heart. He admired everyone that had love and dared to love, and hated those that destroyed happiness.

Luo Jin’s death also enraged Han, those executioners, who gave them the power to destroy other people’s beautiful love?

Han thought about Earth, thought about those comrades back at home.

It’s these executioners, they helped the Three-Eyed race attack the Milky Way, causing Han’s beloved home to be at the verge of destruction!


Why does the vulnerable planet Earth always have to face such a cruel fate!

This was something Han could never accept!

"Void End, activate!" Han also shouted, launching rounds after rounds of attack towards the elephant-mask executioner with his demonic strike!

Lu Yao doesn’t have a physical entity, so even if Han activated his Void Domain, Lu Yao’s attack wouldn’t be affected. With the despair and sadness he’s feeling right now, there’s really nothing left that could stop him.

Jian Jia and Luo Yin were really shocked, seeing Lu Yao and Han, two powerful mad men, smashing their enemies into the ground repeatedly.

Lu Yao was like a god of killing, with one arm dragging the already-dead lion-mask, with despair on his face, he came to Han’s side.

Han was not stronger than the elephant-masked executioner. Even though he had the Void Domain, he still couldn’t beat the executioner. But, the fighting spirit triggered by his indignation kept Han going with his attacks, even though he was clearly at a disadvantage.



Lu Yao grabbed the Elephant-mask, pinched his head, with a hollowed look in his eyes, he said with a hoarse voice, "Gone, it’s all gone, you took everything from me, and I will do the same to you!"

"But you took god form (TL: when a super warlord’s soul materializes temporarily at the cost of death), you will die too!" The elephant-mask executioner strugged.

Lu Yao smiled bitterly, "Do you think, I still want to live?"

The elephant-mask executioner was terrified, he fiercely moved his giant legs trying to escape, nothing was more terrifying than facing someone who already lost the will to live.


Lu Yao crushed his head.

Then, he began to slowly dissipate. He staggered to Luo Jin’s side, placed his head against hers, and didn’t say a word.

Han fell down on his butt. It was a very tragic finale, Han couldn’t accept it and he desperately grasped his hair.

Luo Ying laid in Jian Jia’s bosom and cried like a baby, with red eyes she looked like a little rabbit.

The situation awkwardly continued, one second, one minute, was all a torment for everyone.

Lu Yao was slowly dissipating, his figure became more and more bleak. The Elephant-mask said before, this was called taking god form. After using this form, Lu Yao wouldn’t be able to live on as well.

When Lu Yao’s figure was about to disappear completely, Han heard this traitor’s voice for the last time.

"Han, it’s very lucky meeting you. You are right, I’m not a real man, I can’t face my feelings. Unfortunately, I understood too late, too late."

"Farewell, in your zero-degree brain region, I left something, it will be a parting gift."