Chapter 413: Silver Fox - Genetic Evolution!

Chapter 413: Silver Fox - Genetic Evolution!

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The situation that Silver Fox was currently in was very urgent. He was running away at full speed, but was surrounded by soul beasts, and they kept on attacking him left and right.

Luckily, Silver Fox was very small boned and he could run at an amazing speed. In addition to the fact that his flexibility was way higher than those of beasts, all the soul beasts got a headache from trying to capture him. It was common sense that the smaller the target, the harder it was to catch them.

But even though Silver Fox had these advantages, he still couldn’t run far away enough from danger. His most important skill of invisibility had become useless, and his body was covered in a terrible smell that was designed for enemies who can become invisible.

At this moment, the little bean sprout that was with Silver Fox became extraordinarily useful.

The little bean sprout kept on giving the Silver Fox directions while at the same time, it was able to control some of the plants around them.

This secret base of the Golden Family had been abandoned for a long time. It wasn’t very well defended or taken care of, so there were a lot of wild weeds in these tunnels.

Under the control of the little bean sprout, these weeds grew uncontrollably.


Silver Fox ran through these weeds with lightning speed, and the soul beasts that chased after him began getting tripped by these weeds.

"What a magical bean sprout!" Silver Fox thought excitedly. He increased his speed and rushed outside the base by avoiding a couple of soul monsters. At the most dangerous times, one of the wild boars came within a couple of centimeters away from his face, but Silver Fox avoided him cleverly.

"I did it!" Silver Fox thought to himself excitedly.

After leaving the narrow base, it became even harder to capture Silver Fox. Silver Fox thought he was very lucky to have escaped from the base.


Right when Silver Fox was feeling proud, he felt a pain in his leg.

It was an ant!

Silver Fox looked down and saw a black ant crawling onto him and biting him with its sharp mouth.

Silver Fox suddenly jumped up to dust off the ant, but almost immediately after, a second ant came.

Silver Fox suddenly noticed that there were so many ants on the ground, and they were all spread out so Silver Fox could not escape!

The only reason Silver Fox was able to escape from the base was that he was petite and very flexible.

Now the enemy was using ants, that were even smaller and more flexible, to capture Silver Fox!

The situation became more difficult.

Within moments, Silver Fox was scarred all over his body. His majestic silver fur kept on falling off. Especially his tail, there were more than a dozen of ants biting his tail.

Invisibility was out of the question. As long as Silver Fox was running on the ground, he would encounter these annoying ants. Unless he could fly, but he didn’t have that ability. His specialty was his wits and invisibility.

The little bean sprout grew quickly and turned into a duster for Silver Fox. He swung himself to hit the ants off Silver Fox’s body.

Unfortunately, his abilities were limited and could not stop so many ants at the same time. If he wasn’t careful, he would get bitten too.

"Master! For my Master!"

Silver Fox ran for his life, trying to get out of this ant-filled zone before he was bitten to death.

His loyalty to Han kept him alive. He wasn’t scared of all the injuries, he was scared that he couldn’t bring this unfortunate news back to Han!

Unfortunately, Silver Fox slowed down. Every time another ant appeared on his body, he would be in more pain.

Gradually, Silver Fox turned from running to galloping, and finally fell to the ground covered in blood, but he was still making tsh tsh tsh sounds.

If one was to translate what he was saying, they would understand that he was saying master, master…

The little bean sprout was doing his best to protect Silver Fox who had lost his ability to fight. As a plant, he is doing all that he can, he didn’t have muscles or a strong nervous system after all. He was just a small purple plant!

At this moment, he had grown to almost half a meter tall, and he was also wounded from the ants biting him. After Silver Fox had fallen, the little bean sprout became the main target of the ants.

Shoo them away!

Shoo them away!

The little bean sprout fought with his life. If anyone who knew anything about fighting could see this, they would think he was very weak. He lacked strength and speed. In reality, the best course of action for the little bean sprout was to grow as fast as possible and grab the attention of the ants who were attacking Silver Fox.

Clap clap.

Suddenly, two sounds of clapping came from afar and the ants stopped attacking.

The little bean sprout tried to protect Silver Fox with his body, using the transparent liquid from his body to soak through Silver Fox’s whole body.

"No wonder this is a super level spiritual plant." Linda said while walking over, "To be honest, plants should be on the same side as beasts, did you know? The squirrel you are protecting right now is a genetically modified beast, he is not a real one."

"Furthermore, he is loyal to humans. He is betraying our beast race. Why are you protecting a traitor?"

The little bean sprout kept on shaking his head. There was no way he would let Linda hurt Silver Fox. And the negotiating tone Linda was using with this bean sprout was very confusing. He was just a bean sprout after all, how could he be called a high-level spiritual plant by Linda?

Linda sneered and moved her fingers, the ants surrounded them again.

Linda said coldly, "Well, you are no use to master anyway. I will give you two options, one you leave him and come back to master to become one of us, or you can die with this traitor to beasts."

"In nature, there are three major races, beasts, insects, and spiritual plants. Even if you guys don’t join us in our journey to fight off humans, at least you should keep a neutral stance. If you lose your life to a traitor, isn’t that just too bad?"

Little bean sprout was still shaking his head, hugging Silver Fox tighter and tighter with his body. Then he heard Silver Fox’s sounds.


Tsh tsh~

Tsh tsh~

That was Silver Fox telling little bean sprout to give him up and to not die with him. If he had the opportunity to see Han, then he can tell Han that Silver Fox had died or else Han would be looking for him everywhere.


If the little bean sprout could cry, he would definitely be doing it now.

Loyalty, bravery, these characteristics were written in Silver Fox’s DNA. He was on the verge of death, but yet all he could think about was little bean sprout and Han!




Little bean sprout kept on shaking his head, letting out magical lights from his purple body. The lights were slowly healing the wounds on Silver Fox’s body.


Linda’s eyes lit up and said in a serious tone, "You are a spiritual plant and he is a beast, you want to cross the boundary and betray your own race?"

"When this world was created in the beginning, you guys promised you guys would stay neutral regardless of what happened."

Little bean sprout ignored her. He didn’t want Silver Fox to die, so he continued to heal him using his magical light.


Linda said, "I would like to see if you heal faster, or these ants attack faster!"

"I am going to kill him right in front of you!"

Linda waved her wrist.


Millions of black ants rushed up, showing their sharp teeth.

There were so many ants and they would eat Silver Fox alive!


The first ant bit on the leg of Silver Fox. He let out a small wail. He was too weak right now to yell loudly.

Tsh tsh~

Tsh tsh~

Silver Fox used all of his might to make sounds, letting the little bean sprout know to abandon him, and he kept on calling Han’s name.

Regardless of whether it was a person, a beast, or a plant, they all had one similarity. It was called logic.

Logic was intelligence. If you only had intelligence and no logic, then the person would be crazy.

Finally, right before Silver Fox was about to lose his life, the little bean sprout’s logic collapsed!

He hung his head low and went into Silver Fox’s body through one of his wounds. He turned into a small cell and went into Silver Fox’s body.

The next second, everything changed!

A strong aura of energy exploded from inside Silver Fox, flipping over all the ants around him.

A ray of white energy shot up into the sky and became a whirlpool a couple of thousand meters high! No other ants could approach Silver Fox.

This special energy did not have any violent components. It was completely unlike the energy from an angry warrior. This was very pure, and clear. It was just a form of pure energy.

Boom Boom Boom~

The white energy whirlpool was increasing in strength. Silver Fox was originally dying but now he had stood up!

No, he jumped up!

With one swift jump, he came back to life fully healthy!


Silver Fox let out a deep howl. The sound wrapped up the air and flipped over numerous soul beasts. Even Linda had a hard time standing up, and those ants were blown away.


Sharp claws appeared on Silver Fox’s paws, they were like mini machetes.

Even though Silver Fox looked scary, no one could detect any force of anger on him. It was a pure energy that surpassed Silver Fox’s own power. Even though he had the power to kill but he didn’t expose any related feelings.

Linda couldn’t believe her eyes. At the very last moment, the spiritual plant chose to integrate with Silver Fox in order to protect him. Even within the beast race, Silver Fox and Blue Star were genetic beasts so they had the lowest status because they were artificially created by humans.

But now and never before, a sense of elegance and royalty appeared on Silver Fox, and at the same time, he was ready to attack. The contrast was shocking.



The two soul beasts that rushed towards Silver Fox were flipped onto the ground under Silver Fox’s claws. They were no longer a threat to Silver Fox.

Come again, killed again!

Whoever came close to Silver Fox, they would be brutally murdered.

He was a very low-key master, he didn’t carry any murderous air with him but he had killed numerous people.

After merging with a spiritual plant, Silver Fox had become stronger!

If Black Egg who had twin-golden-pupils saw Silver Fox today, he might even show a little fear towards Silver Fox’s might.

Because right now, not very many people can compete with Silver Fox!

"This is impossible! Impossible!" Linda yelled as she backed up.

Cross-race integration was not simple, the prince with golden bloodlines spent so much effort and resources on merging the undead race and Insect race.

How could Silver Fox and little bean sprout merge so easily?


A majestic voice sounded from behind Linda. It was her master, the mysterious black man from the Golden Family.

He appeared quietly.

When the soul beasts saw him, it was like rats seeing a cat. They didn’t dare disobey him and backed up immediately. The black man walked forward and stared into Silver Fox’s eyes.


Silver Fox howled at the black man.

Even though the merge was complete, this greatly affected Silver Fox. Right now, Silver Fox was radiating a murderous intent because he forgot the fact that he had to leave this place. Even when faced with the mysterious character from the Golden Family, he still wouldn’t back up.


The black man pressed his lips together and leveled up his energy index, but Silver Fox wasn’t scared, he increased his energy level as well.

Two strong whirlwinds started fighting on this black ground, both ruthlessly trying to kill the other.

"I understand now!" The black man pointed to Silver Fox: "You have the thing I want! You smart thing, you got that book! No wonder you can communicate with spiritual plants and even merge with them, I understand everything now!"

"If so, there is no way I can let you leave now, come! Show me how powerful you are after merging with the Night Purple Horizon!"

"With the name of the Golden Family! I swear you will not escape from my hands today!"

The mysterious black man’s fighting spirit started burning after finding out Silver Fox’s secret, he wanted the book Silver Fox had.

Without a question, this black man had the power and the ultimate confidence.

Even though he had just completed a complex gene evolution and made a strong fusion beast, he was still coming closer and closer to Silver Fox.

Silver Fox had been overwhelmed with so much energy. It took a lot of skills to control energy, and Silver Fox was not like Black Egg who specialized in energy. He was known for his scouting abilities and invisibility. His judgment had now been clouded by all this energy, thinking that there was no one that could defeat him.

Boom Boom Boom

Silver Fox and that black man, their energy increasing in strength, the two waves of energy fighting more and more fierce with each other.


Silver Fox let out a huge howl and showed his sharp claws and rushed towards the black man.

"He’s been tricked! This little thing indeed lacks battle experience!" The man happily thought.

He knew very well the power of the Night Blue Horizon. After Silver Fox received that little bean sprout’s energy, if anyone wanted to defeat him they would need to sacrifice something. So the black man used a trick.

Right when the Silver Fox moved, the ground started shaking, on the route that Silver Fox was taking, a strong arm appeared.

It was the Eight-Claw Flying Nether! The beast that was just created, it was about to sneak attack Silver Fox!

Silver Fox, the mysterious black man, and the Eight-Claw Flying Nether!

The three forces collided.


The ground cracked, and the forces were swinging and breaking. Everyone felt like it was the end of the world!

Within moments, the dust all settled and Eight-Claw Flying Nether appeared behind the black man, one of its strong arms was ripped off by someone, and it let out howls of anger.

And the black man was confused walked into the black earth and observed carefully. "Who is this? Who?" He murmured to himself.

"Master look!" Linda pointed to the ground.

The black man walked over and looked down.

He saw there was a drop of blood on the ground, golden blood...