Chapter 357: Han’s Rebellion (2 chaps in 1)

Chapter 357: Han’s Rebellion (2 chaps in 1)

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"Release!?" A chill flashed by Stephen’s eyes. He said in a strange tone, "Are you kidding me? Whoever is related to 9527, we have to kill them all!"

Tanding was shocked, frowning his brow, "But you just said that we don’t have enough evidence. Also, Han is special. He had fought along side the border legion before becoming an official member of the corporation. Lots of superiors of the corporation know his name and think highly of him."

"Plus, the battle in the Mystic Valley that Han and Sima Hunfeng fought also amazed many top executives."

"Without any evidence, how can we kill him?"

Stephen sneered and said coldly, "Tanding, I know you just took over Judgement City not too long ago and are not familiar with a lot of things. This is actually pretty easy to deal with."

"The prison looks easy to escape, right?"

Tanding nodded his head, "Right, it’s so free there. Han could freely access all the cells."

Stephen said, "Han thought the guards in the Judgement City are very relaxed and careless. At this point, if you give them some pressure and even send some weapons to their room, what do you think they would do?"

Tanding swallowed, "If they are pressed too hard, they might find a way to escape."

Stephen sneered, "This is how you kill them. Go do it."

"Them? Only Han himself is not enough?" Tanding was shocked again and asked.

Stephen shook his head, "Not enough. These people, we can’t leave even one of them alive."

Han laid down in the room, thinking about the current situation. Ye Weiwei came beside Han with a glass of juice and put it on the desk by the bed.

Speaking of that, the prison was indeed very loosely controlled, and the inmates could even cook for themselves.

"I don’t know why but the guards in the prison have become more aggressive. They took Boya away and questioned him. Before that, its been ten days since they’ve questioned anyone." Ye Weiwei said worriedly.

Han nodded and said, "I know, I heard about what happened outside."

Ye Weiwei nodded her head and was going to leave. This girl seemed so sensible that she knew not to disturb Han when he was thinking.

Han asked suddenly, "Do you hate me?"

Ye Weiwei was a little shocked, and then she said hastily, "Why do you ask that?"

Han said, "I dragged you into this, don’t you blame me?"

Ye Weiwei shook her head, "No, I believe that what you did is right. Not only me, everyone does. Boya always repeated that he would be dead on the battlefield without you, so he would never doubt you."

Han sighed lightly. In fact, the more loyal these brothers are to him, the more stress Han was under.

Boya, Ke Lake, these were all brothers that he shared strong bonds with, even Sima Hunfeng didn’t say a word. The strongest man in the universe was waiting patiently, like everyone else.

Soon, they heard a roar from the outside. Han and Ye Weiwei went out to check hurriedly and saw Boya was covered in blood and was being carried back by the guard.


They tortured Boya!

Han’s brain started to rumble as if he was going to explode.

Boya was not a typical good brother to Han. He was the most loyal one to Han out of all the others since Han came to the All Gods Corporation.

Han enjoyed working with two people especially. One was the invisible Lance that came from an assassin aristocratic family. He was a top scout with all the qualities a top killer should have. Another one was Boya. Everyone called him the righteous ardour Boya. He was always full of ardours, encouraging everyone’s morale and running to the front whenever there was a battle.

Boya was a blue-blood guy. Now, blue blood was spilling out of the wounds on his face. His mouth and eyes were all swollen and his forehead was scratched. He was absolutely bit hard.

Everyone was furious. Pathless Origin grabbed the guard’s collar, stared at him and yelled loudly, "What the f*ck is this? Why did you hurt him?!"

While everyone was getting madder and madder and was about to strip the skin of the guards, Boya suddenly stood up, rushed up and held back Pathless Origin’s hand. He blocked everyone behind him.

"Don’t be rude to these guards. I tripped myself, it has nothing to do with them." Boya said.

"Are you insane?! How can tripping turn yourself into this?!" Wuyun rolled up his sleeves and revealed a few red bugs that were ready to strike.

"I said I tripped myself and that’s that! All of you, back off!" Boya was getting worried and said forcefully.

Everyone was doubting and kept looking at each other.

At this time, the guards organized his clothes and sneered, "You all heard what he said, he tripped himself, we have nothing to do with it."

"Lance, it’s your turn. Come with us."

"Alright." Lance shrugged his shoulders and walked out from the prison.

"Are you a fool? Don’t go with them!" Pathless Origin shouted.

Lance didn’t look back, smiled and said, "It’s okay, I am willing to go with them."


When the crooked door of the prison was shut, everyone was shocked.

Wuyun looked at Boya coldly and said, "Since when did you become such a coward?"

"Coward?!" Boya’s forehead popped up some blue veins. He then walked to the thick alloy wall and pointed at the black wall, said, "Look carefully, this is a special alloy that can absorbs powers!"

"For sure I can just kill a few guards and set myself free, but what next then? They probably will use this as an excuse to kill all of us!"

"If it means being a coward so that everyone won’t die, then I’m a coward."

Everyone went silent. Han felt sorrow in his heart. He knew Boya very well, he was a guy full of ardours. What he said the most to Han in the past was "Lets go f*ck the enemies!!"

A guy with such an intense ardour would actually blame his wounds on his own tripping, and it wasn’t for himself, but for hundreds of his brothers in the prison.

Han looked around at all his brothers in the prison, there was Ke Lake, who came with him from the Earth, the Three Addicts, infamous villains from the Oblivion Realm, Lance and his people from the Milky Way, and Boya, who later became friends with Han in the judgement trial of administered by the All Gods Corporation.

These people were from all around the universe. They had different personalities and were all tough warriors. Through both the Border and the Mystic Valley battle, they were all fighting with Han side by side. Today, the reason they were locked up in the prison was all because of Han.

Han frowned his brows and walked up to the black wall. He murmured to himself, "Alloy that absorbs powers."

Boya wiped the blue blood from his head, "Yes, I tested it. Nobody can break through this special alloy. This prison seems loosely controlled, but the guards outside are ready to fight against thousands of enemies. Even if we could escape this room, we wouldn’t escape the prison."

"So we must bear through it."

Night Walker frowned, "We can bear through it, but until when?"

Boya slightly hesitated, and then he shook his head.

He patted Boya’s shoulder and said lightly, "You are a good brother, thank you for doing this for everyone."

Boya laughed and said, "My dad always told me that he couldn’t protect me all the time, so when I’m outside, brothers and loyalty are the only things to rely on. I believe that you guys would do the same if you were me."

The more Boya talked, the more uncomfortable Han felt. He began calculating something in his brain rapidly.

Not long later, the prison door opened again. Lance was carried back. Two fingers on his left hand were snapped completely. As an assassin, he could unlock any doors with his flexible fingers and release weapons and so on. They were crucial to his abilities as an Assassin. Now, the guards broke his fingers, even though the fingers could be connected back, they wouldn’t be as flexible as before.

"Ke Lake, you’re next."

Throwing Lance down, the guards brought away Ke Lake again.

Night Walker ran ahead. He was a Poison Master as well as a physician. He bundled up Lance’s fingers in a simple way. Since everyone’s Space Ring were taken, they had no weapons, not even a first aid kit.

"I’m okay, I’m okay!" Lance was still smiling, even though his chin was crooked, "I’m actually very excited! Our family is the notorious Landis’s family. Everyone hates those whose last name is Landis. I swore to be different when I was younger, and now, I finally made it! This little wound doesn’t count anything, most importantly, not only do I kill people, but I also learned to protect others. From now on, I am different from all of the rest of my family."

Lance said as he laughed.

This kid did more than anyone else in order to wash away the notoriety of his family.

Every time when Han asked him to scout, he would do a better job than anyone else just to cause others to notice him and not dislike him.

"Good Brother!" Han patted Lance’s shoulder.

Han turned back and walked in a room—the prison of Sima Hunfeng.

Whatever was going on outside, Sima Hunfeng just slightly walked out and checked. He then took a long sigh, frowned and returned back to his room.

"You are here." Sima Hunfeng took a glance at Han, said, "Sit down."

Han sat beside Sima Hunfeng and whispered, "We have to find a way out."

Sima Hunfeng lifted his brows, said, "What is your plan?"

Han said, "I know you see rules above than anything, but sometimes, some rules are meant to be broken."

Sima Hunfeng nodded his head and smiled bitterly, "If you said this to me in the past, I would definitely have slapped you right away. Now, I realize that rules are made by man, but not every single man is good."

Han was shocked. It was so unusual to see Sima Hunfeng have such a mindset since he was known to be a stubborn man. He seemed to be more open now compared to in the past.

Sima Hunfeng said slowly, "If you have something in your head that you want to do, go for it. I’ll definitely support you."

Right after, Sima Hunfeng looked out to the prison. Boya and Lance were still surrounded by their people. He whispered at Han, "But, you have to be fast, don’t let your brothers down. I’m stubborn but I’m still a human. I can tell that they are truly trying their best to protect you."

Han’s gaze sharpened. He nodded hard and said, "I have something to tell you."

"What is it?"

"The Milky Way is saved. Other than the leader the Three Eye king, the rest of the Three Eye Race were all killed!"

Sima Hunfeng’s face gradually turned red, he almost yelled out excitedly.

As the top elite and the strongest man of the Milky Way, the reason why he conformed to be locked in the jail was just because that he knew he couldn’t die at that moment. He had to return to the Milky Way alive and protect his hometown.


Sima Hunfeng finally couldn’t hold his laughter. A stream of bright light shot out form his eyes and swept away the haze.

"Good, good, good. Now, I have no more worries. I have to adjust what I just said. Go do it! From now on, my life will be in your hands!" Sima Hunfeng said in a deep voice.

Han nodded his head and stepped away from Sima Hunfeng’s room. Everyone could tell, Han’s emotion had an obvious change. His morale was once again lit up.

He stood beside the entrance of the prison door, slightly separating his legs, he held his arms and stared at that sealed door.

"What are you looking at?" Ye Weiwei came to Han’s side and asked curiously.


Seeming like he had detected the change in his owner, Silver Fox crawled up onto Han’s shoulder and wrapped his long tail around Han’s neck with the same serious look as Han.

Han stroked Silver Fox’s fluffy tail and said in a deep voice, "I’m waiting for Ke Lake."

"Waiting for him?" Ye Weiwei asked confusingly.

"Yes, my people, I’m not leaving a single one behind."

Ye Weiwei suddenly felt like Han’s words were full of power. Looking at Han’s sharp gaze, she was shocked. Ye Weiwei seemed to have noticed something, bit her lips and stood behind Han.

Fran, the head of the Head Hunter Clan, looked like a barbarian, yet his instinct was as sensitive as a wild animal. He also noticed the difference in Han and came to his side. He looked at Han’s eyes, then started to grin, pulling out two belts from his boots and tied up his arms. This was his habit before a fight.

All the sudden, there were less and less conversations in the jail room, and the atmosphere also started to become heavier.

They were all brothers fighting with Han before, and they all remembered his gaze. Han was a very special man; he was pretty relaxed and nice to people in real life.

However, he would turn from a relaxed, smiling and friendly person to a hard-core fighter once he gets onto the battlefield. There were not as many people that could drastically changed their characters as Han. Therefore, whoever fought with him would remember that gaze.

Hundreds of people stayed behind Han and blocked the entrance of the jail door.

No matter what Han was planning, he would wait for Ke Lake to come back first. He wouldn’t leave any of his brothers behind.

Judgement City, Command and Monitor Centre.

Tanding saw this from the monitor video, he took a long sigh and said to his people, "It’s almost time. It seems like Han is ready to get into trouble with the guards. Send more guards there this time, especially the one that swears a lot."

"No matter what you do, you must trigger them and provoke them to start the fight! Once they start the fight, we then have the excuse to kill them all."

"It must be fast, I heard Kabri is coming to the Judgement City to visit Han, we have to do it before he arrives."

"Yes, sir!"

"Let us handle this!" Tanding’s minions responded.

One of the minions was more alert, he frowned his brows and said, "Do we need to send some Super Warlords in too? After all, Sima Hunfeng is an Eight-Star-Level warrior. Also, we shouldn’t underestimate Han and the others. Under Han’s lead, the team destroyed the Execution Squad from the Mass Demon Corporation, and those executioners were the top warrior elites that worried even the senior executives of the corporation."

Tanding shook his head without thinking twice, "No need, the Alloy Wall can absorb their powers. No matter how powerful Sima Hunfeng and Han are, they wouldn’t be able to come out. They would then be locked in the prison and killed by us anyway!"

"If Kabri knew that we called in super warlords from outside, he would definitely doubt us. The councils already had some disputes with Kabri because of Han, this little character. Also, we can’t not keep our eyes off of Lu Shui’s family either.

"So we can only do it secretly, and we must not let Kabri hear about this at all. With the Space Law, once they get the intel, their troops could get to our Judgement City within ten seconds.

When Ke Lake was escorted back to the prison, he heard a loud noise from behind.


Ke Lake looked back, he saw the three-meter thick Dragon-Breaking Rock was released and fell, blocking the way out. It was made by a special alloy that absorbed powerss.

"What are you looking at?!"


The aggressive guard slapped Ke Lake on his face and knocked out two teeth.

Ke Lake’s face was swollen, but he knew he had to bear it, otherwise Han and his other brothers would all get into trouble. That’s why Ke Lake was willing to endure all this humiliation.


Another Dragon-Breaking Rock was put down. Three Dragon-Breaking Rock had completely blocked the whole prison.

Ke Lake was confused. He didn’t understand why the guards would do this. Since the guards wouldn’t be able to leave either once the Dragon-Breaking Rockwas down. Except...

While he was thinking, Ke Lake suddenly saw the sharp gaze of Han and his other brothers from the other side of the fence.

Ke Lake certainly knew what it meant when Han had this facial expression.

He tried to stop Han from doing something out of his mind. The guards that put down the Dragon-Breaking Rock were definitely prepared. If Han really failed to hold his temper, the consequence would be severe.

"Don’t do anything crazy! Please don’t! They are all ready!" Ke Lake yelled in his heart, meanwhile, he kept hinting at Han with his gaze.

Han was a smart guy. It was impossible for him not to understand what Ke Lake was trying to say, but Han ignored him. His gaze was getting sharper and sharper and his body started to exude black smoke.

The guards opened the door swaggeringly, yelling out loud at Han and the others, "Why are you all gathering here? You want to break the rules?!"

The order they received was forcing Han to rebel, regardless of any means. At this moment, the owner of the Judgement City, Tanding, was watching them on the monitor. These guards all tried to behave well in front of him, so they were all being very aggressive.

A guy with black hair and was exuding an offensive odor sneered and came up to Han. He pointed at Han’s nose and yelled, "I’m warning you! Behave well! Or else...."

Before he finished his words, Han pulled out his hand and choked his fat neck, which created some cracking sounds.


The sound was like a battle horn. The warriors behind Han all rushed ahead crazily and killed all of those arrogant guards in a flash. Without any weapons, they simply choked them to death!

Tanding was watching it on the scene in the monitor room. He found it unbelievable. It was very different than what he expected.

He thought he would have to keep provoking, beating and humiliating these people to force them to rebel.

Unfortunately, Tanding didn’t know Han well.

If Han wanted to rebel, nothing would be needed. He would act immediately.


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