Chapter 258: The Angry Zhu Yanan

Chapter 258: The Angry Zhu Yanan

Translator: Cucumber Strips Editor: Jacky

“50 million!”

“60 million!”

“70 million!”

“75 million!”

“80 million!”

“90 million!”

“100 million! I will bid 100 million points!”

The bidding process was very crazy, in the blink of an eye it already passed the 100 million mark. Especially the four-big beast tamer clans, they were going all out since they couldn’t get the first one, and they placed all the resources and attention on the finale #3. As a result, the price was skyrocketing.

“110 million!” Ma Wanli shouted. He was also just going all out. Originally, the highest budget for the clan was just 100 million, but seeing #3’s extraordinary strength, he decided to gamble once.

“120 million!”

“125 million!”

“130 million!”

All the representatives of the four major clans all stood up, face all red, raising the auction center’s historic record over and over.

If the 100 million price for #2 was astronomical, then what was happening with #3 was just madness. When the price reached past 100 million, these crazy people didn’t even blink.

“150 million!”

“160 million!”

“180 million! Come at me!”

“190 million! It’s mine!”

“200 million!”


The audiences felt dizzy. 200 million, it’s past the 200 million mark! Are these people even planning to live after this auction?

Looking back at #3, it was still calm and motionless, completely without a care about these humans crazily bidding over it.

“210 million!” Ma Wanli darkened his face and shouted. This price was already twice his original budget.

Unfortunately, Wanli budget was smaller than other people’s. The 210 million bid didn’t hold for more than a few seconds and it was already pressed down by the Genetic Beast Research Institute’s offer of 215 million.


Ma Wanli sat down helplessly. He knew, he really couldn’t raise the price anymore… This crazy auction was no longer a game for someone at his level to participate.

Ma Wanli gritted his teeth. Since he couldn’t lay his hands on the genetic beasts, then he was only left with one last path to go, and that was to bear the risk of being trialed for violating rules and lay his hand on Han!

“Han, you did not offend me, but you are just too unlucky!” Ma Wanli closed his eyes and muttered silently.

Inside guest room #1, Jian Jia glanced as his father. At this moment, the bid competition was approaching an end, leaving only two parties left that still had the resources to compete. One was the Pegasus Institute, and the other one was the Genetic Beast Research Institute. As for Beast Speaker Hall and Soul Beast Hall, they both no longer had the strength to compete anymore.

The overlord for Pegasus Institute was an old researcher with no expression on his face. He indicated his bid with hand gestures. As for the Genetic Beast Research Institute, the overlord was a middle-aged man with triangular eyes. His voice was hoarse, carrying hints of insidiousness.

The two continued to raise the price, and when the number reached 265 million, the old researcher from Pegasus Institute finally let out a long sigh, smiled bitterly and shook his head. At this point, Pegasus Institute also didn’t have the financial resources to continue competing anymore.

“Dad!” Jian Jia suddenly whispered beside his father’s ear.

Uncle Shui slightly nodded, indicating that he understood what Jian Jia meant. He was about to raise his right hand.

At this moment, Zhu Yanan who was observing on the side suddenly jumped up and then shouted again, “300 million points!”

After all, it was 300 million points! Zhu Yanan’s voice was clearly shivering a little, but he still tried to suppress the excitement in his heart and make himself look calm.


“What? 300 million?!”

“Why is it this kid again? Who is he?”

“Sitting at the most noble Room #1, I think he probably comes from a big background.”

When everyone’s attention fell on Zhu Yanan once again, the pain he felt from bringing out such a large sum of money dissipated. Now he felt like he was floating again and became arrogant.

“Yanan, what’s the meaning of this?” Uncle Shui slightly frowned and asked.

Zhu Yanan straightened his back and said, “Nothing, since Jian Jia likes this genetic beast, then I will buy it and give it to him as a gift.”

“Humph, who needs you to gift it. It’s not like I can’t buy it myself, right dad?” Jian Jia said with a little temper.

Mr. Shui thought for a second, smiled and said, “It’s okay, he means well anyways. Since it’s a gift for you, then you take it.”

Jian Jia bit his lips a bit, then a little reluctantly nodded his head.

300 million points, that was a bit too crazy. Even the triangular eyed overlord from the Genetic Beast Research Institute finally became silent. With his fists tightly clenched, like a defeated cock, a strange light flashed across his eyes.

The mad auction finally ended, and manager Katyn hurried to room #1 because she heard that the noble Mr. Shui wanted to talk to her.

Pushing the door open, Katyn stood on the side respectfully.

Mr. Shui said in a deep voice, “You are doing a great job here. I’ve looked at the past record of this auction house, the profit has been growing. When I go back, I will report everything I saw to the higherups.”

“Thank you, sir.” Katyn said in a tone that was neither servile nor overbearing

Nodding, Mr. Shui continued, “These two numbered genetic beasts are a bit interesting, can you make some arrangement to let me meet its creator before I depart?”

Katyn hesitated for a second, then replied, “Sir, didn’t you already meet him?”

Mr. Shui was completely confused, “Who did I meet?”

Katyn replied, “Han, the number-series genetic beasts all came from his hands.”

Katyn’s words silenced the whole room.

Zhu Yanan’s face became completely pale, “You said the number-series genetic beasts are all made by that brat Han?”

Katyn replied, “That’s right, I saw you buying Han’s work at such a high price. I even thought you guys were friends and you were helping him out, could it be that you don’t know about this?”

Zhu Yanan shouted with no demeanor at all, “How the f*ck did I know! If I knew it was made by Han, then I would rather throw that money away instead of buying his sh*t!”

Mr. Shui slightly frowned on the side, and Zhu Yanan suddenly felt a chill in his heart. He was way too gaffe. After pretending to be a nice person for too long, he still couldn’t help but expose his true nature.

Zhu Yanan really wanted to find a crack on the floor and crawl into it. His points was only enough to buy the genetic beast #2, and he had to borrow from his family clan to buy the third one.

This was clearly borrowing money for Han to spend! He was feeling so triumphant just a few minutes ago, and didn’t expect retribution to come this fast.

What was even more exasperating was, now Zhu Yanan’s heavily in debt, and he didn’t even get a good impression in front of Jian Jia and Mr. Shui. This really crushed his heart and made him want to cry.

“Huh? It’s actually made by Han?! I didn’t know he also has that kind of skill!” Jian Jia said with a little fox face. At this moment, he forgot that he just had an argument with Han, and the expression on his face was clearly admiration for Han.

Zhu Yanan severely bit his tongue, secretly scolding himself for being an idiot. Borrowing money to buy Han’s genetic beasts to gift to Jian Jia, there’s really nothing that can measure this level of stupidity.

But who knew that the following words from Jian Jia was even more hurtful. He just squinted his eyes and said, “If I knew it was made by him, I can just ask him to make one or two for me for free. Oh right, dad, you said Han looked familiar, and do you know why?”

Mr. Shui asked in curiosity, “Why?”

“Because he is the guy that fought off the insects with me and saved the Border Legion! At that time, he was the commander on the battlefield. I told you before, and you actually forgot!”

Mr. Shui was shocked and said with a surprised expression, “Oh it was him! No wonder I thought he looked so familiar!”

Jian Jia spoke again, “I was just fighting alongside him and was heavily rewarded by you, but Han was the commander at the time, shouldn’t you show some gratitude as well?”

“Yes.” Mr. Shui heavily nodded, “You are very right, although Han is not officially a member of the Corporation yet, but there’s an exception for everything. Don’t worry, you dad is always very clear with rewards. Talents like Han who are also responsible, I will not let him be treated badly.”

Zhu Yanan’s face became even darker. Gritting his teeth, his heart was full of endless anger.

“Go now, I have something else to do. I will meet Han again before I leave.” Mr. Shui said to Jian Jia.


Zhu Yanan was just like a mindless zombie following behind Mr. Shui and Jian Jia. After Jian Jia knew that Han created those popular genetic beasts, his mood clearly drastically improved, and he just kept on complimenting Han in front of his father.

Mr. Shui kept nodding nonstop. At that time when Han led the nameless army and fought their way in and out of the insect tsunami, and saved the Border Legion and the entire defense line, there was no higher-up in the All Gods Corporation that didn’t hear about it.

Mr. Shui originally had a very good impression of Han, and after today, learning that Han was not just a genius commander and fighter, but also a talented beast tamer, his impression of Han became even better.

But those words were just like knives stabbing Zhu Yanan in the chest, not allowing him to breath.

When passing through the atrium, Zhu Yanan waved secretly, and then a dark guard from his family came over.

“Find Han, I want his life!” Zhu Yanan whispered bitterly.