Chapter 414: A Promise with Wai Late Dao

Chapter 414: A Promise with Wai Late Dao

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Silver Fox woke up with cold sweat. He only remembered that he was mid-battle with that guy from the Golden Family, and there was a trap!



Silver Fox made sounds randomly, clawing everything around him.

"Calm down, you are very safe now."

He heard a voice. Silver Fox opened his eyes to look around him. He saw that he was in someone’s room and lying on a jade bed. There was nothing else in the room other than another person, everything was quiet.

Silver Fox had seen this person before. It was the teacher of Howling Forest, Wai Late Dao, whose nickname was Clown.

In Silver Fox’s memory, Wai Late Dao liked to talk big. His Master, everyone else, even Wai Late Dao’s own disciple Howling Forest kind of looked down on him. But now, Wai Late Dao was calmly sitting in front of a wooden table, carefully drawing something. It was very different from what Silver Fox had remembered.

Silver Fox saw the injury on Wai Late Dao’s left arm, and then he remembered that when the fight was really intense, just as he was about to get beat, this arm pulled him away from the danger zone. And then Silver Fox fainted from using too much energy.

Oh yeah!

Little bean sprout!

Silver Fox suddenly remembered the little bean sprout that protected him and gave him incredible power. He started looking for him but he couldn’t find anything, and then he felt numbness on his tail.


Silver Fox moved his furry tail to in front of himself, and not knowing when but the little bean sprout was on his tail, mixed with his silver fur. If you don’t look closely, you wouldn’t be able to tell.

It seemed like he was smiling at Silver Fox, he was glad that Silver Fox was okay.

Silver Fox heard a little voice in his head after he had merged with the little bean sprout, he could now talk to Silver Fox! There was even a shadow of the bean spout in his brain!

"Are you okay?" Silver Fox asked excitedly.

"I am okay, thanks to this grandpa that saved us!" Little bean sprout said thankfully.

"Yes, he is my Master’s friend. My Master is named Han, he is super great and has tons of friends! Where we are at we have a couple of hundreds of brothers, and where Master is from, there are even more!"

Silver Fox complemented Han to the max and then turned around and asked, "Oh, my name is Silver Fox, my Master gave me this name, isn’t it interesting? My original form was a squirrel, but Master said I was slyer than a fox, so he gave me this name."

"What about you? What are you called?"

"My name is Night Purple Horizon." Little bean sprout said nervously.

Silver Fox shook his head and said, "This name is okay, but not as good as the name Master had given me. When you meet him, let him give you a better name!"

"Eh.. that is unnecessary….." Little bean sprout said awkwardly.

"You are afraid that he won’t agree? Don’t worry! He is super great!" Silver Fox said confidently. He basically worshipped Han, regardless of what it was, he would think Han could do it better, regardless of what anyone else thought.

Silver Fox asked again, "I didn’t ask you yet, how did you come inside my body? And this strong force of energy, what is it?"

Little bean sprout said, "It was really urgent at that time, so I merged with your genes. That energy used to belong to me, but now it belongs to the both of us. Of course, I can share your energy too."

Silver Fox was shocked. He touched his chin like a little fox and said, "Oh, I’ve never heard about this from my Master, we can merge genes across races?"

"Of course." The little bean sprout explained, "You have spiritual plant energy on you, we are naturally friends."

"Oh, so that book allowed me to communicate with plants, and all the plants in the garden listened to me for that reason." Silver Fox finally understood.

He thought about it and asked again, "But, you are so powerful, definitely not below my Master, Black Egg, or Sima Hunfeng. Why didn’t you fight back but chose to merge with me?"

Little bean sprout said, "Because I am a plant, a plant cannot fight."

Silver Fox was confused, "What if someone attacks you?"

"Avoid them!"

"What if you can’t?"

"Then… accept our fate."

What the little bean sprout had said irritated Silver Fox. He kept on shaking his head like a big brother and said, ‘No No, Master had said, you have to fight for your own freedom, how can you listen to fate? If anyone hits you, you have to fight back!"

"But I am a plant!" The bean sprout said.

"So what?" Silver Fox said arrogantly, "Master had said, even if God blocks his way, he would still try his best to defeat him, this has nothing to do with being plants or not."

The conversation between the two of them was very interesting. Wai Late Dao stopped working and watched them communicate even though he couldn’t understand anything. Silver Fox always made tsh tsh sounds, and the little bean sprout communicated to him mentally.


Silver Fox hit himself on the head and said, "Oh I almost forgot, the most important thing right now is to immediately return to our Master and tell him everything! We can discuss us later."

"Sure." Little bean sprout nodded obediently.

Silver Fox ran to Wai Late Dao and kept on making hand gestures, gesturing that he needs to go home soon.

Wai Late Dao smiled slightly, "I know you want to go back. Don’t worry, your base camp is very safe. You have received the power of Night Purple Horizon and became a top notch fighter in this world, yet you are still loyal to Han. He is very lucky."

"Be honest, have you ever considered leaving Han and be by yourself for a while?"

Silver Fox looked at Wai Late Dao with curiosity. He didn’t understand why he would ever leave Han. If he left Han, where will he find another Master that was as kind to him?

"Only stupid people would want to leave Master!" Silver Fox hated Wai Late Dao’s suggestion and thought to himself.

"Ok, ok." Wai Late Dao shook his head and said, "I won’t say it anymore, I can send you back but you must agree to one condition."

"You can’t tell Han that I saved you."

Silver Fox was weirded out. He didn’t understand why he couldn’t tell Han that he did something kind. With Han’s personality, he would be extremely grateful for Wai Late Dao, but he didn’t want him to tell Han?

Even though Silver Fox didn’t understand, he still nodded.

So Wai Late Dao called someone here, someone who Silver Fox wanted to kill upon sight.

Lion Six, Lion Flying Eagle’s son, the person who partnered with Three-Eyed King to target his Master. When it came to enemies, Silver Fox never showed mercy. Because of Han’s personality, he even thought that enemies existed just to be killed.

But Wai Late Dao stopped Silver Fox.

"Don’t be impulsive, Lion Six is no longer a threat. I can’t leave right now but he can take you back." Wai Late Dao said while pointing to Lion Six.

Silver Fox found that Lion Six had changed. He was now like a robot. He didn’t talk and didn’t smile.

Silver Fox circled to the back of Lion Six, and he suddenly noticed that there was a strange parasite on Lion Six’s neck. It was black, like a centipede, with all of its limbs inserted into Lion Six’s vertebrae and veins. It seemed like this was what Wai Late Dao was using to control Lion Six.

Silver Fox and the little bean sprout left. Lion Six took them onto a small space ship.

Wai Late Dao was courteous, he came to see them off.

Silver Fox waved his claws to say bye to Wai Late Dao. He suddenly felt like this old man whose nickname was Clown was actually a hidden Master.

He was able to save him from the mysterious black man’s hand of the Golden Family, this indicated that he was very powerful and very righteous. Or why would anyone take such risks to save a silver squirrel that had nothing to do with him.

"What a weird old grandpa!" Silver Fox was confused and thought to himself.

"Remember what you promised me." Wai Late Dao said with a mysterious look on his face.


Lion Six left to send Silver Fox back, so Wai Late Dao went back to his room and continued to draw on the white piece of paper.

What he was drawing was a bug, that looked exactly like the one on Lion Six’s neck.

Very quickly, he finished drawing a parasite, and then he folded the piece of paper into a small triangle and hid it in his sleeve. This was a very complex mechanism, through controls by the nervous system, as soon as Wai Late Dao created a command in his mind, then this triangle would explode and shoot out of his sleeve.

Wai Late Dao continued to draw like this, his pen was made from some type of beast’s white bone, and the ink was a golden liquid.

Soon, all the golden liquid from the ink bottle was used, Wai Late Dao frowned and opened the bandage on his arm.

He attached a soft tube to his wound, the tube was directly connected to his veins.

He opened the tube and golden blood started pouring out, into the ink bottle.

Wai Late Dao was drawing using his blood!

When the ink bottle was refilled, Wai Late Dao looked thinner than before, and his face became paler. However, he still looked like he was full of energy and used more passion towards this weird picture he was drawing and kept on murmuring to himself.

"Came back, you finally came back.."


Within the Golden Tome.

Han was in the third game of chess, without much surprise, Han lost the previous two rounds. Even though he didn’t lose that badly like the first round, but it seemed like he was still quite far away from winning the next game.

These Galactic chess games were much more difficult than it seemed. Even though Han had super intelligence and gifts, it was still difficult for him to grasp such complete chess games.

They each had less than 100 chess pieces. Every move was critical to the result of the game.

There were two chess pieces that made it difficult for Han to decide. One was on the left-hand side, the other on the right-hand side.

If he took the piece on the left, then he would bring great pressure to the opponent in the next short period of time, forcing him to take off the chess piece on the top right corner.

But if he took the piece on the right, then Han may have to go into defense in the next short period of time, but there is also a possibility that it will work in Han’s favor during end game.

Han’s finger was sometimes on the left side, sometimes on the right, he couldn’t make a final decision for a long period of time.

According to the rules of the Galactic Chess, the last chess piece was the most important. It controlled 50% of the power of the board. Han thought about it for a long time and decided to take off the chess piece on the right-hand side. He hoped that at the end, he could bring back the disadvantage he was about to be in now.

But right when he was about to make a decision, the necklace that his mother had left him that was hidden in the Lunar Mark suddenly appeared, radiating strong light for the second time, and constructing a complex star map.


Han was shocked!