Chapter 313: About Soul Beasts

Chapter 313: About Soul Beasts

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A brand new grave…

Luo Jin and Lu Yao were buried together inside the vortex beehive in this fashion. Since Lu Yao had no remains left, Han took out a piece of rosewood, and carved his name onto it before placing it near Luo Jin’s corpse.

"Lu Yao was a rebel. He does not belong to this anywhere of this universe, perhaps the two of them being buried here is the best choice." Han sighed and said.

Luo Ying was lying in Jian Jia’s bosom, wiping her tears, "Sister is really silly. For love, she was willing to die. I hate love! It took away my sister!"

Han Lang did not say anything. Luo Ying at the moment was extremely depressed. It was better for her to vent. Anyways, this girl was already pitiful enough. Her sister died, and she was also wanted by the Mass Demon Corp, so she can never return home.

Han Lang was suddenly very interested in the old man of the Mass Demon Corp that the executioners spoke of. How did this outcome happen? Luo Jin and Luo Ying were his own daughters, yet when he heard that they were together with that traitor Lu Yao, he ordered for their capture right away, and even wanted the honor of ordering the hunt and killing them himself.

Han Lang did not feel that killing his daughters will make the old man proud. If he is a normal person, he should be ashamed and heartbroken.

Jian Jia whispered to Han, "What do we do next?"

Girls naturally had a sense of dependence on boys. Now in this chaotic place, Luo Ying and Jian Jia were instinctively relying on Han.

Han looked at the battle suit that he left on the ground and frowned, "Since we need to think of a way to get out of here, let’s each check what we still have that we can use. The hive is so strange, I have a hunch that it would not be easy to get out of here."

Jian Jia nodded and the two started to check inside their dimensional rings.

The result of the search was very disappointing, there was basically nothing. The brutal campaign had exhausted all of their battle supplies. Silver fox, Ghost claw, Demon claw, the three foremost Gene Beasts that Han had could not keep up, and were left in the mystic valley.

In regard to Demon claw and the rest, Han Lang was not worried because Wuyun was there. He will certainly be able to restore those three guys and take care of them.

Han’s combat suit was worn out. Originally that was a set that Han reluctantly used. The level was not high enough to rely on the energy coating to make up for. The saddest part was that on the blade of the Star Strangling Boa also appeared lots of dents. This was the only one that could be called a masterpiece of equipment and now it was also nearing its breaking point.

Jian Jia was not better off. There was nothing left of her battle equipment, but she still had many snacks. In addition, Han also found a lot of toys. It seems that although Jian Jia was disguised as a boy throughout the entire year, underneath she was still a little girl.

"Do you even know when to stop?" Han annoyingly pulled out the black egg.

This guy was acting up ever since they entered the Hive. While Han was desperately fighting, it was howling like crazy. Even when Han was paying his respects to Luo Jin and Lu Yao, it was still howling like crazy.

"Show it to me." Luo Ying reached out her small hand, beckoning Han to show her the egg.

Han Lang passed the black egg to her. Luo Ying shook it a bit and gave her evaluation, "This is a soul beast. That’s strange, he obviously should have broken out of the shell a long time ago, how is it still stuck inside the egg?"

Han embarrassingly grinned. He explained to Luo Ying that he had not only absorbed energy from the black egg, but he had also threatened it before. From that day on, the egg’s temperament changed to the point where even if it was going to die, it wouldn’t leave the egg.


Han’s manner of speech was very humorous. Luo Ying covered her small mouth and chuckled. Jian Jia at the side also couldn’t help laughing. The sad atmosphere relaxed a bit because of Han’s excuses.

Luo Ying continued, "There is a big difference between soul beasts and star beasts. Although they both are very prideful species, the star beast or genetically modified beast once recognizes an owner, will follow them for a lifetime. To become the master of a soul beast is a lot harder however. They are rebellious and are difficult to tame. But once they recognize a master, they will be more loyal than the star beast."

Luo Jin also mentioned this about soul beasts before she died but she did not have time to speak clearly. So Han had to turn to Luo Ying to inquire about soul beasts.

Luo Ying said, "Everything in the universe has both positive and negative aspects. In the universe, there is intelligent life with good thoughts as well as those with bad thoughts. As well, there are both black holes and white holes. Continuing with this analogy, there are of course star beasts as well as dark beasts."

"And the Soul Beast leans more towards the dark beast lineage. They are famous for their ability to kill souls. This soul killing can completely destroy one’s consciousness. There are some strong people in the universe, and once they reach certain level their consciousness is immortal, just like Lu Yao, whose soul can still kill two of the eight-star executioners."

"Thus, the soul beasts are meant to be titan killers, for killing the strong!"

"So, no matter in which world, soul beasts that specifically kills elites are a sought-after commodity. If the soul beast is trained successfully and recognizes a master, even if the enemy is stronger than the master of the soul beast, they will still feel pressured."

"But generally speaking, becoming the master of a soul beast is not really realistic because of their strong pride. Normally, they are treated more like companions and friends than pets."

Han was stumped for words. So, the black egg has the potential to become an expert killing beast!? And it was also especially effective for fighting people who were stronger!?

"The black egg was this strong?! I should have let him out of the eggshell to deal with those damned executioners if I knew!" Han repented.

Luo Ying blinked her eyes and said, "This soul beast is hiding in the eggshell to the point where it won’t leave even if it’s going to die. This is all because you hurt its feelings. The issue is not whether you would let it out, but rather that it doesn’t want to come out."

Han suddenly thought that this situation was hilarious. In the beginning, Han was scared that the soul beast would come out because he was not certain that he could beat it.

And now, Han was extremely hopeful for it to come out of the black egg, but it suddenly doesn’t want to leave!

What the f*ck is this?

"Is there any good way to get the black egg out?" Han asked.

Luo Ying shook her head, "No, now even if Black Egg comes out, it will not be your companion, because you hurt his feelings. The only way is that you get him to recognize you as its master. This is difficult as you have to fully overwhelm him, so that he has no choice but to acknowledge you and sign the soul-binding contract."

Han had no choice but to put the egg away, and then said to Luo Ying and Jian Jia, "Anyhow, we all want to leave here as soon as possible, do you know what’s going on with this hive?"

Unexpectedly Jian Jia and Luo Ying nodded at the same time. Jian Jia said, "I might not know much about soul beasts, but about this, I don’t think anyone knows more than I do. Basically, this is the opposite side of the Milky way, the node of time and space."

"In the normal universe, the world unfolds in the form of space, whereas this place unfolds in a pattern. You see these honeycomb-like channels, they seem like human capillaries. we are now walking within the universe."

Han thought that this all was magical. He curiously asked, "Then can we return to the normal universe?"

Jian Jia said, "Theoretically, yes. As long as we can find a node connecting the two universes. But even if we can find the node, we do not know where we will end up."

"It doesn\'t matter, we can use the particle module," said Han.

Jian Jia nodded, "The particle module can indeed take us back to the dark net. The prerequisite is that we can stay alive to find the node. As far as I know, this side of the universe is still completely unknown and savage, with many strange creatures living here."

"And these strange creatures like to loiter in the nodes. Even if we find a node, we must first deal with the strange creatures."

Luo Ying added, "For example, the soul beasts. The black egg was born here but was somehow brought to the normal universe. We should be careful, because we are very likely to encounter an adult soul beast, or worse: soul beast hunters. They gather in a pack and are specialized in hunting soul beasts and are definitely more ferocious."

Han thought for a moment and said, "We have to leave anyways. Let’s just try to see how far we can get."