Chapter 358: Flying Feather's Heavenly Strike

Chapter 358: Flying Feather\'s Heavenly Strike

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Within the blink of an eye, the prison guards were flipped onto the ground by Han and his friends. These people who had experienced hundreds of battles were not inconvenienced in the slightest by a dozen of guards.

"Old rules, watch my hand gestures for instructions!" Han pushed away the corpses of the guards with one swift movement and said.

These warriors had all fought alongside Han on the battlefield, so they were very used to Han’s strategy. Whenever the enemy was at an advantage, Han would use his super powers to get rid of the enemies’ super powers, and when they panicked, Han would stop his power and let everyone else to use their superpowers to attack.

Everyone’s eyes turned red. They all understood, this was the definition of a rebellion, they either escaped alive, or they all died here. There was no other alternative. But more often than not, not having an alternative could provoke a lot of warriors to fight better, and that was exactly what was happening here.

Han led everyone to the upper levels of the prison quickly. At the same time, he released Yuan Yuan. After whispering a couple words to him, he hid Yuan Yuan back into his Lunar Mark. Since Yuan Yuan did not have any battle power, he was just Han’s little helper.


All the weapons inside the Lunar Mark were dumped out. From the consecutive tough battles before, Han had almost used up all of his battle reserves. So, before he came back, he took more from 9527, and even though he didn’t have enough for everybody, it was definitely better than nothing.

As for Han himself, he changed into the God King’s Armor, put on his Gloves of Darkness, held onto his Flying Feather bow with his left hand, and a black diamond crystal in his right, radiating cold energy.


As he walked, Han shattered the last darkness crystal with his bare hands without a second thought, and then allowed the black powder to freely enter his body, almost lighting up a very hot fire inside of him.

And now the darkness combined, the Dark King Lu Yao’s lifetime worth of practice and power were all absorbed by Han.



"This is great! These stupid people, who don’t understand death, really did have the guts to try breaking out of the prison! Pass down my command, gather every guard in the city! Let’s capture them all in one go!" Tanding yelled in a loud voice as he saw what was going on in the prison.

By the time he looked up at the LED screen again, he saw that Han and his friends had arrived before the first Dragon-Breaking Rock.

The so-called Dragon-Breaking Rock was actually just a heavy piece of alloy like the metal that was used to construct walls. It could absorb the energy of espers, causing them to not be able to break it with their special powers.

At this moment, the Dragon-Breaking Rock had blocked off the only entrance. People from the inside could not go outside, and people from the outside could not come in.

The weirdest thing was that the leader of the riot, Han, collapsed instead. Nightwalker and Ye Weiwei were currently taking care of him.

"We must destroy the Dragon-Breaking Rock!" Boya yelled, "If we cannot go outside, then they can release poison gas into the chambers and suffocate us and use destructive lasers to burn our cells. This is an underground prison! They definitely have it all prepared!"

"Let me try!"

They heard a loud noise behind them. Everyone was slightly shocked and made a clearing for him. They saw the strongest man in the Milky Way, Sima Hunfeng, take huge strides towards the front. Within this crowd of people, there were two iconic characters. One was Han, who was born a leader. He was the only reason everyone here was gathered.

The other one was Sima Hunfeng. This odd one, without any external help, had reached the warlord level. Not only in the Milky Way, if he was put within the All Gods Corporation, he would be talented enough to be a five-star admiral.


Sima Hunfeng roared and threw his fist against the Dragon-Breaking Rock that was at least 3 meters in thickness, using all of his attack power as a warlord.


It wasn’t that Sima Hunfeng’s attack wasn’t strong enough, but the Dragon-Breaking Rock somehow came out unscratched. There wasn’t even a dent in it. Seeing a situation like this, a lot of people’s faces turned pale. If Sima Hunfeng couldn’t even do anything about it, then does that mean all these people had no choice but to wait to die?

"Cloud of Devastation!" Sima Hunfeng yelled, "Wait for me, I will become a cloud and get to the other side through these cracks!"

The mood of the crowd suddenly lit up. Indeed, Sima Hunfeng was not only powerful, but he had a very rare ability of turning into a wisp of smoke, and no matter how small the gaps were, Sima Hunfeng could pass through without a problem. It wouldn’t be too late to think of a solution by the time he gets to the other side.

Even though most people seemed excited, but the smartest warriors knew in their hearts that regardless of the fact that Sima Hunfeng could cross the Dragon-Breaking Rock, it would be impossible for him to lift it up so everyone can pass by. Because of the special composition of this Dragon-Breaking Rock, no energy could be exerted against it.

Unless Sima Hunfeng could pass through the three Dragon-Breaking Rocks, get into the central control room, and destroy the machines that controlled these Dragon-Breaking Rocks. But this was extremely difficult. Not only would he get attacked by the enemies, there wasn’t even enough time. As soon as the guards decided to release the poison gas, it would be too late – and that would probably be something that could be done within minutes.


Just as Sima Hunfeng turned half his body into smoke, behind him rose a black spiral, an energy vortex!

Shoosh ~

Han, flipped around and jumped up!

After absorbing the last bit of the darkness crystals, Han’s body went through some special changes. Within a dozen of seconds, Han seemed to have lost all his power. All of his powers of Darkness, even his source energy, everything was taken away by this last crystal.

And then all those energies, the two different kinds, started spinning and working within Han’s body, with such a high intensity that even the people near Han could feel it.

As the energy vortex spun faster and faster, source energy and the power of darkness were integrated into each other completely, both returning to Han’s zero-degree brain region!

This was why Han suddenly jumped up. It was because all of his energy came back, in a new form!

Han didn’t have time to experiment with what kind of special powers he really got from this complete integration, but he slowly felt like his zero-degree brain region had expanded in size significantly.

He lifted up his Flying Feather bow and shouted, "Everyone move!"


Han already got into the formation and began pulling Flying Feather.

The God Tier bow Flying Feather had no arrows nor bowstring, but as soon as Han pulled the air, two bowstrings appeared out of thin air, one black and one white, as well as two black and white arrows.

Even though these were black and white arrows, the black was more prominent than white. After all, as the Dark King of the previous generation, the Mass Demon Corporation’s Super Warlord Lu Yao’s powers greatly exceeded Han’s!

And the seven darkness crystals were the pure energy crystals from when super warlord Lu Yao’s physical body got destroyed. Even though these energies were converted, some were probably lost, but he was a Super Warlord! And since Han received all of Lu Yao’s powers, his power also skyrocketed dramatically over the past few seconds.

Han lifted the head of the arrow, pulled his bowstring, and was ready to strike down heaven!

"Everyone move!"