Chapter 215: #1 Communication Station

Chapter 215: #1 Communication Station

On a certain communication station in the Path of All Gods.

Here was gathered many elite individuals, and everyone’s goal was the same, to acquire the Star Lord title as soon as possible.

A communication station was like a world. Here, people could learn, trade, as well as drink and fight; everything that they could want.

In the remote mountain forest, a few warriors from the God race were discussing, maybe planning some unspeakable things. At the same time as they talked, they looked around with vigilance.

“These damn humans, they are really hard to deal with, really quick, clean, and vicious. They made us waste that many tracking scrolls and we still couldn’t kill many humans.”

“Yes, the order we received was to kill as many humans as possible to prevent the people among them from acquiring the star lord title. Looks like we won’t be able to complete this mission anymore.”

“Then what should we do? With the current result, we will be severely punished for sure.”

The God race’s soldiers were all very puzzled and depressed. The humans suddenly sent about ten thousand people to the Path of All Gods, the God race detected this situation and decided to kill a portion of them.

But that plan didn’t progress in their favor, because this time, all the humans that came were freaks. Cruel techniques, cunning, and ruthless, these were all very common characteristics among them.

In short, Sansheng got the crazy idea to bring in the “special” ones among humans, or they could even be called the worst kind of humans. These people have dwelled in the darkest corner of the galaxy for many years, none of them were easy to deal with. They were the prime cause for the God race’s severe headaches.

There was a god-race soldier with a goatee who seems to be the leader of these people. After everyone finished complaining, they became silent and all looked at him.

“Looks like this is the only way.” The goatee guy deepened his voice and said, “Temporarily give up on the idea of killing the elites of the human race soldiers. We need to first pick the weakest profession among them, and then focus on annihilating them first.”

“You are saying, we find out their professions, and then use both pin-point teleportation scroll and group teleport scrolls to clear out one profession first?”

“Yes.” The goatee man nodded, “Otherwise, we really can’t report to our commander. If we do it my way, at least when we report we can say that on Path of All Gods, we eliminated all of the human’s pharmacists, resulting in none of their pharmacists being able to obtain the star lord qualification.”

“This kind of report will sound better, maybe the higher-ups won’t hold our responsibility anymore.”

Everyone nodded, the plan basically was to create a family slaughter tragedy, killing all the humans of one profession.

“I’m afraid that we can’t target pharmacists. As far as I know, this time the humans sent about 50 to 60 pharmacists, they are all elites at using poison. Maybe we would be poisoned to death before we get to kill them all.”

“How about mechanical engineers? They certainly don’t have combat power.”

“Even more impossible. Engineers are never our threat. Besides, if the higher-ups knew that we used that many credits in exchange for large amount of teleportation scrolls, just to kill a bunch of mechanical engineers that have no means of fighting back, we would become jokes. We must target auxiliary combat professions that pose a threat to us.”

These god race soldiers began feeling troubled again, they for sure can’t snipe warriors, because there’s a high chance that they won’t win. When a group of fighters who all used evil means were gathered, there’s really no telling of who the winner will be if the god race warriors decided to fight them. As for the other quasi-combat professions that posed a threat to the god race, they were also hard to deal with.

“Oh I know; we can kill off all of the human’s beast tamers! From what I know, this time it’s the beast tamer population that had the lowest number of new comers. There are only ten people. Although they have fusion beasts to aid them in battle, but they are few in numbers, just ten of them! We completely have the power to get rid of these beast tamers.”

“Yep, it’s also easier for us to report if we annihilate all human beast tamers on Path of All Gods. After all, beast tamers were also one of the relatively more threatening auxiliary combat professions that’s ranked just below pharmacists.”

“Good idea, although those beast tamers’ fusion beasts are powerful, but it will only count if they have the time to let out those tools from their storage. We can carefully plan out a massacre, win in speed, and kill them all before they let out their beasts!”

“Good, we will split up, get those scrolls we need, then find those human tamers, and then send them to hell!” The goatee said.

Han finally came to the starting point of Path of All Gods, Communication Station #1.

The setting of the Path of All Gods was like this, first there is a 72-hour survival test. Pass the test, enter #1 Communication Station, then over there Han can accept quests, and also freely socialize and trade with other people.

If Han completes enough quests, he will then go to #2 Communication Station, all so on until #9.

#9 is the final destination of the first phase of Path of All Gods, and if he successfully arrives there he will then need to work hard to acquire the star lord title.

Once Han acquires that title, the next time he logs in to Path of All Gods he will be promoted to second phase, where he will be working to acquire the Galaxy title.

Why would someone keep on walking down this seemingly endless path?

Very simple. Benefits, irresistible ultimate benefits!

With the star lord title, Han could then exchange more high level technology and martial arts which he can bring back to Earth to arm the Earth and robot army.

The further Han walks on the Path of All Gods, the more benefits will come. This was the Path of All Gods’ temptation.

Of course, there were also people with strong curiosity that wanted to know what lied at the end of the road. No matter what it was, there are many reason that will keep pushing people forward to walk on this path.


Light flashed, the ultra-long distance teleportation completed. Han opened his particle module, and saw the appearance of the #1 Communication Station.

It was just a stone forest, the black rocks were the height of a person, and there were countless of them.

Every rock had a palm-like mark, and the moment someone puts their hand close to that mark, the mission will start immediately.

The Path of All Gods seems to have rules, but seemingly doesn’t as well. No one will know what kind of mission they will get, as if all missions were all generated randomly. Maybe it all depends on the mood of the Path of All Gods.

It was said that some soldiers have received missions to make drugs, some pharmacists have received the mission to forge, and some black smiths have received missions to make fusion beasts.

According to Sansheng’s words, there’s a pair of invisible eyes always looking at you, and the owner of these eyes have giant mood-swings. If he doesn’t like you or he’s not happy, he will arrange difficult missions for you, and complaining would be useless too.

At the moment, there were quite a few people at the communication station, and a considerable amount of them were humans and gods.

The setting of the Path of All Gods was like this, when trying to get the star lord title, you will run into opponents from dozens of nearby galaxies. When fighting for the galaxy level title, you will encounter opponents from hundreds of nearby galaxies, then a few thousand for constellation level.

This was the so-called principle of proximity. Han has reason to believe, when the final competition begins, it will be the top elites of the entire universe that were filtered after rounds and rounds of brutal trials.

Han stepped into the stone forest and noticed that the inside of the communication station was already divided, where humans will only hang out with humans and so on.

There weren’t many humans here, because it has already been two months since the Path of All Gods opened, the majority of people have already reached communication stations further away, and the people that stayed here were all due to lack of skills or luck.

Han naturally walked towards the group of humans, and from afar some one already greeted him, “New brother, what’s your name?”

“Han Lang.” Han slightly smiled and replied.


When Han was just about to get together with the humans, he found a familiar face from the group of other intelligent races.

“Hey, how are you here too?” Han waved towards that direction and shouted.

The human fellows were all very puzzled, although everyone was at the same communication station, but people of different races didn’t talk at all. The moment Han came, he already broke the barrier.