Chapter 135: Han vs. Quasi-warlord(Part Two)

During critical moments, Han’s more daring than anyone to put his life on the line to fight!

A soldier’s blood, is always passionate and boiling!

A soldier’s life, is for the purpose of getting put on the line to fight the enemy until death!

Han is about to take his combat power to another level, and use his lifespan to battle!

Suddenly, during the two’s fierce battle, no one has noticed, a shadow is approaching at an alarming rate!


The speed is too fast, the shadow used incredible agility and directly inserted into Han and Wang Yue’s battle!

One must know, this is the most stressful time of the battle, Han is even about to start burning his life, without powerful level and extraordinary experience, it’s impossible to jump into this fight to the death!

The next moment is even more unbelievable!

Not only did this shadow easily entered the battle, he also waved his arm, and a slap landed right on Wang Yue’s face, directly sending him flying!


Wang Yue’s face immediately deformed, teeth flew out like bullets!


Wang Yue flew for hundreds of meters and landed in the mud in the posture of dog eating sh*t, and he couldn’t get up for awhile.

“You are actually f**king around on my watch! Not to mention you, even your father Wang Mian must die!”

What a domineering roar!

Han was immediately shocked, because this man that sent Wang Yue flying with one slap is no other but Pathless!


Han finally saw the shadow clearly and shouted in surprise.

This is the first time Han see Pathless really making a move, such sharp agility, the quasi-warlord Wang Yue couldn’t even take one hit from Pathless!

Pathless didn’t mind the half-dead Wang Yue, looked at Han and said, “You alright?”

Han shook his head and said, “I’m fine, got attacked by these bastards, I was just angry that I didn’t clean up the roots! To be honest, if you are late for a few seconds, I will have no choice but to start burning my life.”

Pathless looked solemnly and said, “To be able to fight a quasi-warlord to this degree, it’s clear how hard you practiced. But people like him are definitely not worth burning life for. He surprised attacked you, and that’s slapping my face! Today, not only he has to die, even his dad can’t dream about living anymore!”

“You, you are Martial Art addict, Pathless?!” In the distance, Wang Yue just got up, he heard the relentless words Pathless said about his father and he said in a very shocked face.

His voice was hardly over, and then he heard an even more vicious voice coming.

“Open your eyes, look clearly at who I am?!”


Accompanied by shaking roar, Wuyun sat on Little Flower’s back, sullenly came with murderous wind.

Han almost couldn’t believe that it’s actually Wuyun!

Normally, Pathless’s attitude is the worst, his face is always straight from morning to night, it’s like someone owe him money or something.

But now, in comparison to the enraged Wuyun, Pathless’s face could not be more kind!

When mad, Wuyun and the normal Wuyun are two different people, his eyes stood out, eyebrows turn vertical, roared with a wide open mouth, as if a devil revisiting the world!

“You are Beast Addict Wuyun?!”

Wang Yue really hope that he can choke himself to death right now. It seems like he’s really scared, so scared that he’s trembling with fear and so close to wetting his pants.

Han tilted his head and looked over at Wuyun, if you say Pathless is scary, Han admits it. But isn’t Wuyun just someone that does fusion beast research? What’s so scary about him?


Just when Wang Yue was about be scared to death, suddenly a shuttle hit the ground!

It’s not like the shuttle crashed or something, but the pilot of that shuttle is extremely crazy!

“Who did it! Which bastard that has lived enough want to die!!!!” Night Walker jumped off the shuttle and immediately started shouting.

This time Han is thoroughly confused. In comparison to Wuyun, the normally most vicious Pathless is like a good man! And in comparison to the current Night Walker, the ferocious and devil-looking Wuyun now looks like the good man!

Holy sh*t?!

The Night Walker that normally wears glasses and was so peacefully looking now looks even more evil than the devil itself!

Disheveled, with no glasses, when he speaks, the fierce voice is enough to hurt everyone’s eardrums!

“Don’t stop me! Let me kill him!”

What a weird situation, it’s actually Wuyun and Pathless that are trying to stop Night Walker right now, stopping him from going mad on the stop.

“Ah! Poison Addict Night Ruin! (TL: Night Walker’s real name)”


Wang Yue saw Night Walker, with a tearful voice he shouted once, then a mouthful of blood surged out of his mouth, and he immediately fainted!

Martial Art Addict Pathless, Beast Addict Wuyun, Poison Addict Night Ruin! Han fought for that long and couldn’t finish off Wang Yue, and those three just showed up and scared Wang Yue to death?!

These three, who are they really?!

“Let’s go!” Night Walker stared his eyes and roared, “Injustice has a head, debt has a source! (TL: it means there’s somewhere to get justice and collect debt) Thunder Wang Mian, you wait for me!”