Chapter 259: Tracking and Ghost Transition Station

Chapter 259: Tracking and Ghost Transition Station

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Han didn’t know that his fusion beasts were being sold for such a shocking astronomical price. At the moment, he had muted all forms of contact with the outside world and concentrated on practicing his Path of Demon.

In Star Lord City, there were, of course, training rooms. But for some reason, the level of the training rooms here was not as high as the ones at 9527’s place. In 9527’s transition station, Han could use madness mode, or even nightmare mode, but at Star Lord City, the highest one was just the enhanced mode.

Not having the time to mind these details or to go find 9527 right now, Han just borrowed a training room inside the Star Lord City and began exploring the Path of Demons.

After all, it was the 5th path of the 6 Paths of Void, and its difficulty level was extremely high. Although Han understood what the Path of Demon was, but grasping it wasn’t something that could be done in a day.


Han completely released himself in the training room.

He was shouting again and again, trying to force out the brutal side of his heart, pushing his zero-degree brain region to the limit and releasing source energy.

But reality was always cruel. Dozens of hours passed and Han was already exhausted. He still couldn’t push his Path of Demon to the highest point, as if he was still not crazy enough to become a demon.

This was indeed something Han didn’t expect. One must know, his nickname was “Tough bone” Han. Whether it was combat or training, he was always desperately trying a lot harder than anyone else.

But this kind of desperation and hard work still could not awaken the Path of Demon, as if such an existence needed some special part within Han to activate.

When Han left the training room, he noticed that he received a lot of messages. Some were sent by Jian Jia, who wanted to arrange a meeting after a few days, complimenting how awesome Han’s fusion beasts were in between details. He also emphasized that his father really wanted to meet Han too.

Han thought for a second, felt that the Jia father and son were definitely some special people. As the old saying goes, more friends mean more paths. Besides, it was just one dinner together. Nothing can go wrong, so he accepted the invitation.

Then it was Lance’s message, telling Han to go to the mission center to accept a mission. Han was really close with Lance, so he directly dialed the number back.

“What were you doing? Why are you replying to me just now?” Lance immediately asked right after picking up.

Han didn’t hide anything from Lance and said, “I suddenly had some insight in my field of martial arts so I went to the training room.”

Lance hesitated. He knew how powerful Han’s forbidden techniques were, and if advancements could be made, it would be too great. So he asked in curiosity, “Did you succeed? Did it work?”

Han helplessly shook his head and replied, “I don’t know why, but I always felt that it was just one step away. Let’s talk about why you called me, what mission is that important?”

Lance got serious right away, “The mission center recently started giving out the Wind Forest Volcano quest! If you have time, go to the mission center and accept it as soon as possible!”

Han was a little puzzled, “Why do I have to take this mission?”

Lance began to feel a bit anxious for Han, “My brother! You should really understand how hard it is to get the Star Lord title. Not only do you have to have the capabilities, but also the luck, and the Wind Forest Volcano is the mission with the highest promotion rate in the history of Star Lord promotions! The highest! Not even one of the highest!”

“And the Star Lord city’s mission center is a bit odd, missions cannot be chosen but drawn randomly. Recently, a lot of people began receiving the Wind Forest Volcano mission, and I also heard that dozens of people already successful got their Star Lord title recently.”

“Hurry up and drop whatever you are doing and go to the mission center. Didn’t you run into some problem during training? Maybe after you get onto the battlefield, your problems would be solved naturally. In short, hurry up and go! The mission center is already flooded with people!”

Han nodded. Lance’s words made sense. One might not have insight just relying on training and thinking. Maybe after he get onto the battlefield and fought a few battles, all the problems would solve itself.

“Okay, once I get the chance I will go to the mission center right away.” Han said to Lance.

“Don’t forget man! Also, Wind Forest Volcano is a group quest, when you are in line to draw missions, remember to pay attention to those around you, because they will very possibly be teleported to the same mission. If you feel that the people around you are too weak, you should rather lineup again. These are all experiences you must remember.” Lance said.

“Don’t worry, I will pay attention when I’m there.”

Han smiled and turned off his communication with Lance. He didn’t feel that Lance was nagging a lot, but that only friends would keep on reminding him of this and that.

When he saw the third message, Han almost couldn’t help but jump in excitement!

It’s a message left by Du Yunli from the auction center saying that Han’s two fusion beasts were sold for 400 million points. 400 million points! Han didn’t even expect it in his dream that his fusion beasts could be that valuable.

And before, Jian Jia’s message only mentioned the fusion beasts, but didn’t talk about how much Han gained. Maybe because Jian Jia didn’t really care about things like points.

“400 million points?! I’m f*cking rich now!” Han said in excitement, “Yuan Yuan, let’s go.”

“Where are we going master? Didn’t master promise Lance that you would go to the quest center?”

“We are going to find 9527 to shop for stuff. As for the mission, it can wait.” Han said happily.

When they were leaving the training center, Han felt a weak presence watching him. Han turned and looked around but didn’t notice anything odd, so he went into the subway system and traveled to the boarding area outside of the city.

Star Lord city’s design was very cumbersome. Every time, one must leave the city to go to the outskirts to travel to somewhere else, which annoyed Han every time. Using the particle module inside the city wouldn’t cause any damage anyways, so Han really didn’t get why the All Gods Corporation was being this careful.


Han’s particle module disappeared. In the forests on the periphery of the boarding area, two people came out. Both of them had similar facial features, looking like a pair of brothers, with the older one keeping a short beard.

“This kid was pretty cautious ah, he stopped several times to investigate the situation around him. I don’t know how he noticed us.”

“Maybe because his sensory skills are a bit developed. How is it? Can it detect where Han went?”

“The signal showed that he went to the transition station.”

“What’s the number?”


In this pair of brothers, the little one is responsible for the technology. After he finished saying Han’s destination, he was immediately stunned and his face became very pale.

“What happened?” The big brother with short beard asked, “Why’s your face so ugly right now?”

The younger brother swallowed a mouthful of spittle and said, “Brother, on the transition station list, there’s no #9527 transition station.”

“Impossible. Is it because something went wrong with your system? This time we are taking the Zhu Family’s order, we must not piss off that Zhu Yanan guy. Although Zhu Yanan himself is nothing special, but the Zhu Family is not something we can fight.” The big brother frowned.

“Brother, there’s really no #9527 transition station. This system set was given to me by Zhu Yanan’s personal guard. With their family’s power, the system definitely cannot be flawed.” The technology expert little brother said.

“Could it be…”

“Brother, did you think of something?”

“Yep, do you still remember, the legend of the ghost transition station?”

“You are referring to the transition station that actually doesn’t exist? It can’t be? The legend says that this non-existent transition station is also connected to the dark net system. It is exactly identical to a real transition station but it wanders around in the deep level of the dark net like a ghost. If anyone unfortunately logs onto that transition station then he or she’s never coming back. Brother, this thing is important, should we immediately report to Mr. Zhu?”

“No! With Zhu Yanan’s character, he won’t trust us. Let’s just wait and see. If Han doesn’t appear again, then it means that he really went onto the ghost transition station. If he can still come back, then it means that the system in our hand is flawed.”

“Okay, big brother’s idea is safer, let’s do that.”

Han rushed to 9527 in excitement, and right after jumping out of the particle module, he shouted, “Old man! Old man! I’m rich! Hurry and give me that energy coating blueprint, my brothers at home are waiting to use it!”

After a bit, 9527 indeed came out. He smiled and said, “Okay, okay, stop shouting. Look at that excited look on your face, as if you are afraid that no one knows that you are rich.”

Han hesitated and asked in curiosity, “That means, old man you know about it too now?”

The way 9527 smiled was a bit creepy, and he mumbled, “Whatever happened on the second layer of the dark net, there’s nothing I don’t know.”

He looked at Han and asked, “Other than the energy coating blueprint, what else do you want?”

Han laughed and said, “Since I’m loaded with cash now, give me some advices, whatever for me, for my brothers, for the fleet, or for the robot legion, everything sorted by the highest level.

9527 slightly nodded, mumbled something about how Han loses all his cool after getting some money.

“Speaking of the robot legion, there’s indeed something you can use. Follow me.”

9527 took Han into an electronics-related hall, found a nail-sized chip from the shelf. This chip is embedded in a valuable white crystal, and it also has an outer layer of energy protection device.

“What is this?” Han asked in curiosity.

“This chip’s code name is Prime Minister.” 9527 said.

“Chips can still have a code name?” Han asked in confusion.


“What’s it used for?”

“There’s no use for you right now, but it might become useful later on. You can install it onto Yuan Yuan.”

“And then?”

“Then I will tell Yuan Yuan the functions of this chip, and when needed, Yuan Yuan will naturally activate it. But before he activates it, you won’t know.”


“No reason, I just don’t want you to know.”

“You are being unreasonable.” Han frowned and looked at this odd fat old man.

9527 slightly smiled and said, “You are right, I’m unreasonable, but this is the only chance. If you want it then give me 100 million points, or else you will never come across this kind of opportunity again.”

Han gritted his teeth, looked at 9527 very seriously.

“Okay, just tell the function of this chip to Yuan Yuan, I just won’t ask.” Han nodded and said.

This time it’s 9527 who suddenly hesitated and looked back at Han, “You little brat, you can even accept this kind of condition?”

Han slightly smiled, “Both you and Yuan Yuan are people I trust. Things suggested by you and controlled by Yuan Yuan, why wouldn’t I accept it?”

9527 suddenly got a very strange feeling in his heart. “Han trusts me this much, he doesn’t even know who I am, and he actually trusts me.”