Chapter 314: Soul Hunter

Chapter 314: Soul Hunter

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Han was on his way along with Luo Ying and Jian Jia.

The nest behind the universe was just like an endless maze, there were many diverging paths. Not knowing where the paths led, Han and the others had no choice but to wander around.

Without the guidance of the Silver Fox, Han only made 5 Gene-Fusion Beasts with the materials he had left. These guys were not too bad in terms of power, but weren’t as intelligent as the Silver Fox. Each and everyone of them were even dumber than the Demon Claw. Without any other alternatives, this was all that was available to Han at the moment.

Jian Jia and Luo Ying were following Han.

Luo Ying asked, "Ms.Jian Jia, your last name is Lu Shui?"

"Yep" Jian Jia nodded.

Luo Ying, "Then you should be careful, after all you are from the Lu Shui family."

Jian Jia, "Aren’t you the same? Your last name is Luo, if people find out, you won’t be much better than me."


The two girls let out a sigh at the same time, coming from a famous family was not always lucky, sometimes it was a burden. Han could already guess that Jian Jia and Luo Ying came from prestigious families, but he never would have thought that these two girls were like 2 bombs that could explode at any minute.

Three days have gone passed, Han and the others were stocked with a variety of food and since their source energy indexes were very high, they didn’t feel tired at all.

Han was constantly checking his Zero-Degree Brain Region as he walked forward. Just before Lu Yao died, he said he put something in the Zero-Degree Brain Region as a fare well gift.

Unfortunately, Han did not find anything. According to logic, the Zero-Degree Brain Region was only a very small part of the brain, it does not necessarily have the ability to store memory. Since Lu Yao was a spirit, Han deduced that Lu Yao has left him some sort of message, maybe even the techniques of Lu Yao’s fighting style.

Even to just see the message Lu Yao left, it required a secret pass-code. As of right now, Han did not discover anything yet, the Zero-Degree Brain Region was filled with darkness energy, and impure source energy.

"Stop." As Han stopped the team.

"Eye of Darkness!"


Suddenly, Han’s right eye turned pitch black, activating the Eye of Darkness!

As Han already used the Eye of Darkness, he should be able to use the ability with both eyes. However, that was not the case. Han could only use the ability with his right eye, nothing else had improved with the darkness energy in his body, it was just more powerful and lively.

It could be due to the fact that Han was still missing the last crystal of Darkness.

According to legend, the crystal of Darkness was very unique, triangular, a very small piece of crystal. Its color was denser than the other 6 crystals, just like the infinitely dark galaxy.

Whether or not acquiring the crystal of Darkness will grant one any special abilities, Han was unclear. The message Lu Yao left for Han could not be opened, so Han could only struggle at the moment, continuing to use his single-eyed Eye of Darkness.

"What Happened?" Jian Jia felt a little bit nervous as she asked.

Han, "Nothing much, a person has been following us since the last corner."

Luo Ying hesitantly looked around, "Person? Could it be the soul hunter? They know the back side of the universe very well, it is very scary."

Han, "Don’t worry, he is alone, he wouldn’t even have the time to do anything harmful to us, he will be already dead by then.:

Jian Jia thought for a moment, "Why don’t we try him, I learned some soul hunter secret codes from my father, I will teach them to you."

After learning the codes from Jian Jia, Han shouted out a few codes. As for why Jian Jia’s father would know any of soul hunter’s codes, Han had no idea.

To Han’s surprise, the person did not answer or hide but instead walked towards Han and the others quickly arriving beside them.

"Who taught you these garbage codes? Even an idiot knows that you guys are fake. The real soul hunters does not use the word Wu Xi because that is the name of the Darklord’s son, using it would be disrespectful to the Darklord."

The man speaking was an elderly person. Although he looked very old, but still he looked sharp, with quick feet. His straight forwardness left Han very troubled, soul hunters lived on killing other soul beasts. Without being very careful, one could not be a soul hunter, but the old man did not seem to care at all.

Han did not think too much either, asking with confidence, "Very good eye, we are not soul hunters, but accidentally came to the backside of the universe and now we are stuck here. We heard that soul hunters are very scary, so that is why we wanted to blend in with them."

"Meeting you in person today, all the rumors are lies. You are very friendly yourself, may I ask your name?"

The old man replied, "My name is Feng Wanzhou, accidentally came here? Pff, you guys sure aren’t very careful, the people who told you soul hunters were scary weren’t lying, good people can not survive here. You guys are lucky to meet me."

Feng Wanzhou took a glance at Jian Jia and Luo Ying, "Do you two want to be raped first then murdered, or murdered first then raped?"

Luo Ying and Jian Jia were shocked with their faces red, Jian Jia about to start a fight. These two ladies had never been insulted like this.

Han stopping the two girls gently and smiled, "It was a mistake, Mr. Feng is saying that for your own good, you two are too pretty around here, if we run into bad guys, there is no doubt they will perve on you girls. What Mr. Feng suggests is for your safeties, you guys should disguise a little."

Feng Wanzhou looked at Han, "You are pretty smart, women seldom come to places like this, the soul hunters that live here do not care about appearances, as long as it is a female they will take it."

"Not only are you two females, also very pretty. If you two don’t want any trouble, you should put on some disguise soon. If anything does happen, even your husband can’t protect you."

"We are friends." Han explained hesitantly.

Feng Wanzhou did not seem to care, "Whatever, without a good enough relationship who would follow you to a place like this? Of course, that is not my concern, I’m leaving, Bye."

It was such a rare opportunity to meet someone knowledgeable about the back side of the universe, how can Han let him go so easily.

After thinking for a moment, Han said, "Mr. Feng, we are just about to rest and eat, if you are not in a hurry, why not have a drink with us."

"A Drink?" Feng Wanzhou turned around with a surprised look.

Han replies, "Very decent alcohol."

Feng Wanzhou bursted out in laughter, "How can I deny a decent drink, take it out, let’s quickly drink a few, I still got things to do."

To stay completely sober, Han did not drink at all. Jian Jia on the other hand, always enjoyed a drink or two, so she would always steal a little bit from her dad’s collection. Han’s Lunar Scar had countless dishes from Earth, just heat it up and it turned into a feast.

Why did Han invite Feng Wanzhou to have a drink? It was very simple, this place doesn’t even have women, so it didn’t have anything good to eat either.

The feast from Earth plus Jian Jia’s drinks amused Feng Wanzhou and he ate 10 people’s servings of food and drinks.

Feng Wanzhou shamelessly sat on the ground and rubbed his round belly, "You guys can let me eat and drink like this, you must want something from me. It is not like I will live long, so whatever you guys need just tell me."

"Not live long?" Han was troubled, "I have learned to make medicine in the past, your body is solid, even another 1000 years wouldn’t be a problem."

Feng Wanzhou waved his hands, "My problem has nothing to do with you guys, whatever you guys need, just tell me."

Han not knowing what to reply, "We just want to leave the nest."

Feng Wanzhou sneered, "Everything else I can accommodate, but leaving here is beyond my capabilities."

"To tell you the truth, all of the nest’s normal nodes are being blocked by an asshole, no one can leave this place. Now that this asshole wants to organize an expeditionary force, I am going to fight him to my death."


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