Chapter 359: Tanding’s Reinforcement

Chapter 359: Tanding’s Reinforcement

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Han signaled a warning with his hand and then drew his godly Bow!

The black and white lights swirled together like two dragons, producing harsh roar, and bursted out! It flew right towards the middle of the Dragon-Breaking Rock!


A loud boom erupted. It was like a thousand claps of thunder had sounded at once!

The Dragon-Breaking Rock that was said to be indestructible was completely shattered!

It was like a god-like giant had used a hammer and smashed it to bits! Bits and pieces!

It absorbs source energy?

Han’s powers were never simple!

He was the only one who had both dark and source energy!

The Dragon-Breaking Rock could withstand the powers of source energy but could not resist the Power of Darkness!

Everyone was in shock. A single arrow from the Flying feather bow could pierce the heavens! Was this still the Han they knew?

One must know that the Dragon-Breaking-Rock was so hard that not even Sima Hunfeng could destroy it!

Even though everyone was in disbelief, but, this was the true representation of Han’s current strength!

In the past, even though Han could strip the superpowers of other people, he himself had no superpowers. This filled Han with regret.

But now, Han could still strip the superpowers of enemies, and at the same time, he possessed a true Godly Weapon!

A single arrow of the Flying Feather bow sent the world into shock!

Who dared to say that their superpower was stronger than Han’s Flying Feather? They should try and feel the wrath of Han’s arrow!

"Let’s go!"

Han shouted. His voice brought everyone back from their shock. When they looked at Han, he had already taken the lead and sprinted towards the second Dragon-Breaking Rock.

"Blast it!" Han yelled. He drew another arrow using the Flying Feather bow with all his might.


The second Dragon-Breaking Rock had exploded!

Nearly 500 men who were brothers of Han, swept forward like a flood. Nothing could stop them!

Under Han’s leadership, in the blink of an eye, they had reached the last Dragon-Breaking Rock!

"Blast it again!" Han shouted again, and his voice was filled with pent-up emotions!

Han did not understand the dispute between the All Gods Corporation and 9527, and he had no desire to understand.

The only thought on his mind now was that he must not let these brothers who were loyal to him face any more harm!


The last Dragon-Breaking Rock was still not a match for Han’s powers. Under the brute force of Flying Feather, it split into pieces and turned into a pile of ugly black metal pieces.

Even though the Flying Feather was just a long bow, it had amazing power!

Linda, the female Soul Beast, had tricked Han in the past and Han strongly disliked her. But she had not lied to Han about one thing -- the power of the Flying Feather bow depended on its user.

Usually, when Han drew the Flying Feather arrows, they had dangerously high penetration power, and could pierce anything that got into its way!

But today, when Han’s heart was filled with flames of anger, the Flying Feather\'s arrows became incredibly violent! A single arrow had the power of a cannon! It completely obliterated everything in its path!

They actually made it out! Under the protection of Han’s Flying Feather, it look less than 10 seconds for them to make it out of the prison and into Judgement City!

This was a dark world, and Judgement City was a dark city filled with a bleak scent.

Han saw they were surrounded. The fortress was indeed the most secure fortress of All Gods Corporation; the courtyard outside the prison was filled with thousands of guards. They all wore a hard armor with the crest of the Corporation printed on it. Their weapon was the specially manufactured Cobra-shaped hoko yari. In the distance, more warriors were making their way to the courtyard.

There were three regular-sized stationed in the City, which also meant that there were 30,000 warriors. Furthermore, there was a general guarding the City. Tanding who had just appeared in front of Han was a super warlord!

The situation was not optimistic. Even though Han and the others had escaped from the prison, they were surrounded by armies of warriors. There were only 500 men on Han’s side and they were surrounded by 30x the men. There was nearly a manpower difference of thirty-fold.

Faced with Han and the other warriors who had escaped the prison, Tanding was calm, and even slightly proud, "I admit that I was surprised that your strange Bow and Arrow could break through the Dragon-Breaking Rock. But now, look around you, you are surrounded by my most loyal warriors of the City with nowhere to go!"

"I have heard that you treat your friends very well. If you don’t want your friends to die in vain, put down your weapons and surrender."

Han shook his head, "Never. A warrior can only die in battle. There is no other way for a soldier to die."

Taning smiled slightly, "You are young but your words are deep. It is a pity that you must die. You only have your luck to blame. The All Gods Corporation has more than 10,000 transit stations, but you somehow chose 9527. Or perhaps 9527 chose you. No matter what, you have to face the consequences."

"Don’t think that just because Sima Hunfeng is with you and you have the Void End ability that you can escape from here. Don’t forget that Sima Hunfeng was greatly injured from the last battle with the Executioners and has not fully recovered."

"As for your Void End, you must have realized that when facing those executioners at the super warlord level, that when faced with a warrior who was of much higher level than you, Void End does not work that well. Even if my superpowers were stripped, a super warlord like me could still inflict mortal wounds on you."

"Look, they are here. Those are the Executioners of the All Gods Corporation. There are three whole legions. Including me there are three super warlords... Do you think you can escape?"

Han followed Tanding’s gaze. He saw two warriors with silver armor walking out of the Particle Module. They must be Tanding’s reinforcements-- a pair of brothers who were both super warlords.

After a slight pause, Tanding smiled and said, "Very interesting. I’m talking with you but you are quiet. With your intelligence, you should know that I’m buying time. After all, your combat strength was witnessed by all the generals of the All Gods Corporation. The power of your Void End combined with a close group melee combat is still very shocking. Even though I am confident that I can bring you down with my subordinates, there will be great amount of sacrifices."

"But now, my reinforcements have arrived. With the three of us combined, there is no way that you…"

Suddenly, Tanding stopped his words. His face grew pale and he said, "No! You are quiet because you are also stalling for time!"

Tanding looked at Han and his brothers. Han had the Gloves of Darkness and the Flying Feather. The others more or less also have some weapons. Most of the weapons were brought in by Han using the Lunar Mark, some were grabbed from the guards guarding the prison.

If Han could bring Flying Feather into the prison, he could also bring in a communication device!

Tanding was stalling for time to wait for his reinforcements, maybe Han was also stalling time and waiting for his reinforcements!

Who would be Han’s reinforcements?


At this thought, Tanding felt a pang of panic. No. 9527 transit station and that man were eternal thorns in the heart of the All Gods Corporation!

No one liked an opponent who was strong and had a deep understanding of them.

9527 happened to be such an opponent that was powerful and knowledgeable, and he was even involved in the creation of All Gods Corporation.

Han was expressionless and was in no hurry to fight or flee. It must be because he knew 9527 the old monster would come and save him!

"Kill him! Kill them!" Tanding shouted with some fear.

But right as he gave the command, he saw Han’s right hand had unclenched!

"Void End! Void Domain!"


The entire City was instantaneously covered by Han’s Void Domain, and everyone was stripped of their super powers!

At the same time, Han finally joined the battle and led his 500 brothers straight into battle!

Without superpowers, the only strategy was melee combat and that was what Han specialized in! It was also what these group of men had practiced more than once!

More than half a year ago, Han had led a group of men who were temporarily brought together to fight in the battle by the border. They broke through all of the enemy\'s resistance and entered a state where no opposition could stand up to them!

Now, Han was extremely familiar with the techniques of such a battle. According to Han’s understanding, the only goal of the Wolf Fang Tactic was to move forward! The only strategy was to fight till their death!


In the blink of an eye, Han and his group had started battling with the guards of the City! They were fighting in a ferocious manner that had never been seen before!

Everyone was livid after being imprisoned for so long. After witnessing Ke Lake, Lance, and Boya being humiliated and beaten up by the guards today, everyone’s anger was at its peak!

It was already a battle to the death. The anger and repression in the hearts of everyone turned their eyes red and their punches fiercer!


The two super warlords started accelerating. Even though Han and the others could strike hard at the enemy, the super warlords also had their imposing powers!

In the previous battle, even though the super warlords on the executioners team died in the hands of Han and the others, it was at the cost of the lives of about two thirds of Han’s brothers!

But now, Han was not only faced with a large scale mob attack, there were also three super warlords among the enemy! It was truly a difficult ordeal!

"Why is there only two of you?"

"Doesn’t matter! Let us unite our forces! We can kill Sima Hunfeng first, then kill Han!" Tanding said to the two super warlords who had rushed to his side.

He had just finished his words, and Sima Hunfeng already rushed out of the Wolf Fang formation and ran towards them!

Everyone was stunned. Sima Hunfeng had guts! No wonder he was known as the strongest man in Milky Way.

Tanding had already called his name and was plotting to unite the power of three super warlords to kill him, but Sima Hunfeng still had the courage to rush over and battle them!

However, everyone was nervous. Han’s strategy depended on the power of the group and the cooperation between its members. Because the group had little areas of contact with the enemy, even though Han and the others were faced with a huge number of enemies, they could still cooperate with each other to make progress. That was the biggest strength of Wolf Fang Tactic.

But once Sima Hunfeng left the group, he became a lone man. No matter how strong he was, how can he go solo against three super warlords?!

Only Han understood why Sima Hunfeng suddenly ran forward. Han’s Wolf Fang Tactic depended on cooperation and teamwork. But once there were enemies who were exceedingly strong in the opponents, it was very likely that strategy would not work and may even fail.

The worst thing that could happen when fighting with this strategy was the group getting dispersed, and only the three super warlords on the battlefield had the ability to cause the dispersal of Han’s group.

Thus, Sima Hunfeng went all out. He was not crazy. He was only pulling away the attention of the strongest opponents to protect Han and the others!

This was a man with real balls!

Sima Hunfeng was not considering his own life or death. He was trying his best to protect Han and the other brothers!

If this situation happened in the past, Han could have done nothing but witnessed the sacrifice of Sima Hunfeng.

But the circumstances were different now. Han not only have the Flying Feather, he also had another trump card. A trump card that could change the tide of battle!

"Get out of the way! Sima Hunfeng!" Han shouted.

The Lunar Mark in his hand moved slightly, and a flash of black light erupted!

A slightly chubby body and a pair of short wings appeared.

Twin-Golden-Pupils shined!